Love or Lust???

By locodriver

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“You’re still incredible,” Peter uttered as he looked deep into my eyes.
With some apprehension I slowly began to pack an overnight bag; for out of the blue I had received a phone call from Peter asking me to attend his graduation. I was truly flummoxed, for it must have been 6 months or more since we last made contact and I truly thought he had forgotten all about me.

All through my journey I kept wondering whether I should really be doing this; OK we had a great time when we first met but to renew and continue our relationship was a different matter, anyhow lust won through and before I knew it I had arrived at his address; thankfully Peter answered the door and quickly let me in.

Once the door was closed we went into a ‘father – son’ hug then as if nothing had happened he began kissing me on the lips I responded by kissing him back, slowly his hand moved down my back till it reached my arse then following a short stay he slid his hand towards my rapidly ‘tenting’ fly for his delicate touch was sending me mad; not to be out done I slipped my hand down the front of his trackers.

“I think we had better go upstairs,” Peter uttered as I slowly worked his foreskin back and forth.

As I followed him upstairs, I quickly worked out that each room had been converted into a bedsit with a common kitchen and bathroom etc; so this is ‘bedsit’ land I thought.

“Talk awhile whilst I make some coffee,” mumbled Peter as he busied himself in the upstairs kitchen; so over the singing of a noisy kettle then with mugs of hot coffee in hand we bombarded each other with questions. After a couple of minutes Peter gestured that we moved into his room; once inside I was first hit by the smell of stale seminal fluid, it wasn’t rank but it certainly brought back memoirs of my youthful days at uni. Stood beside the bed he removed his t-shirt followed by his trackers until he just stood there in tenting boxers, my cock hardened even more as I took in the sight before me for I had forgotten just how beautiful Peter’s body was. Without taking my eyes off his body I quickly followed suit, then with cocks bursting to escape we both climbed onto the bed where Peter slipped his arms around me and pulled me in close.

"Are you okay?" He asked, feeling me give a slight shiver.

"Yeah…just nervous…." I stuttered. It was hard to get the words out, for once again I suddenly felt old and decrepit pressed against his youthful body.

Peter pulled me closer until I could feel our cocks touching through the thin material of our skivvies, placing one hand behind my head he gently kissed me on the lips, kissing him back I immediately felt his other hand moved down my chest till it reached the waistband my pants, instantly my stomach contracted as his fingers slipped past the obstruction and on towards my cock, his light delicate touch was sending me mad as I impatiently put my hand down to his boxers so I could reciprocate motion.

“Glad to see you haven’t lost your touch,” I mumbled as Peter’s firm yet delicate strokes brought me to a hardness I had long forgotten.

“I’ve missed you so much!” Peter suddenly uttered.

A bit taken aback I slowly lowered myself onto the bed, as I was doing this Peter quickly removed his boxers; once on my back he then removed my pants and tossed them aside. Settling down beside me he brought his lips to mine and we kissed, not a quick kiss but one of those long firm French kisses we had got to love during our first meeting, next his lips travelled down my neck, licking and sucking he slowly made his way down my chest. When his lips met my nipples I gasp, for this was my weakness, my late wife once said that my nipples would be the envy of any woman. Using a combination of chewing, sucking and licking he began driving me nuts; as I moaned and squirmed under his teasing and torture, next I felt his hand move slowly towards my groin then I shook with anticipation as he moved down the bed, where suddenly he took my whole cock into his mouth.

I gasped and arched my back. He pulled back, licked my piss-hole then ran his tongue from tip to the base, next he ran his tongue over my balls, I reached down and rested my hand on his head as he sucked one between his lips. I thought his nipple attention was great, but this was better, in fact it was a lot better than I remembered. Sensing an urgency I tugged him up to me where we kissed, then having rolled Peter onto his back I slid down his naked body, running my tongue through his chest hair until my face pressed into his groin, his cock rubbed gently on my cheek as I reached for his balls which where small and soft, I licked them joyfully, tasting his sweat. I sucked his nuts into my mouth pulling them away from his body softly until they popped out of my mouth.

I stroked his cock with my fingers before taking it into my mouth, I took as much as I could before gagging, backing off I worked up as much drool as I could until his cock and sac becoming very slimily with my spittle. Fighting the ‘gag reflex’ I slowly feed his cock into my mouth for I desperately wanted to feel him cum, soon with his cock rubbing against the back of my mouth I felt his cock begin to twitch but to my surprise his hands pulled me away.

"No…I need to fuck you!" He urgently demanded as he quickly got up and reached towards a small bedside cabinet, laid as I was I next watched as he squirted lube all over my arse then his raging phallus; after a knowing glance he knelt between my legs, smiled then leant forward and kissed me.

With his somewhat slippery hands supporting the cheeks of my arse we slowly shuffled towards each other until I was lined up his cock head. Peter pushed forward then following a bit of re-alignment he ‘popped in’. I took a deep breath and looked up at him. His eyes stared into mine where in his eyes I could see the desire he felt for me. I locked my ankles then pressed hard against his arse forcing him yet closer then I hooked my arms about his neck, pulling him down I then kissed him. He returned the kiss then as he flexed his tongue about my mouth he first pushed deeper into me only to pull back before repeating the cycle. He did that move again and again, sliding over my prostate before sinking all the way into me. With closed eyes I willed myself to relax.

"Oh god, oh god," I whispered as his cock twitched and throbbed inside me. It felt so long and so hot. I opened my eyes and looked into his. He pulled back and pushed back in, slowly at first. I whimpered as he rubbed along my prostate before buried himself to the hilt.

"Fuck…it’s been so long," I groaned. "So fucking long..."

When he saw that I was okay, he started moving in a steady rhythm. He lowered himself on top of me, wrapping his arms around me. His hips pumped harder and faster into me; his hairy pelvis ground into my arse as he kissed and sucked on my neck and shoulders.

"Oh yes…oh yes..." I moaned clawing at his back, trying to pull him further into me.

He groaned and pulled back up onto his arms and rested his forehead on mine. He began thrusting faster and harder. His hips and balls were slapping hard against my arse. He was grunting and groaning loudly. I whimpered with each thrust, my hands on his arse pulling him into me. I pushed back against him, grinding my pulsing cock against his hairy belly, leaving a wet slime trail. I pushed against the slippery trail and the hair on his belly tickled its head. I was thrashing underneath him.

"Fuck, you're so... fucking... good," he grunted. "Yeah, let me know how much you love having me inside you!"

"Oh, fuck, you're going to... make me... come! I'm going to... oh god...Fuck!...Oh yeah…Oh shit…Yes …Grab my nipples and squeeze them hard as hard as you can," I groaned.

My back arched off the bed as I grabbed at his hips, my fingers digging into its firm flesh. My body tensed then as my ankles dug into his thrusting arse. I cried out then exploded. With warm liquid pulsing between our bodies I collapsed back onto the bed, all visions of Peter had disappeared as my body trembled and shook. I tried to focus on his face but all I saw was a spectrum of stars and strips, for as Peter slowly moved in and out of me trying to hold back his orgasm it felt as if my prostate was connected to some kind of pump. On and on flowed my seminal fluid until I heard Peter mumble.

"I'm about to cum!"…Should I pull out?"

"Don't even think about it!" I screamed, as I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him in tighter.

He groaned then pounded hard and rough into me for a few more seconds.

"Oh, fuck! I'm going to come…I'm coming!...FUCK!...,” cried Peter as he thrust into me one last time then grunted loudly. I could feel his cock jerk as it pulsed over and over, shooting hot cum deep inside me. Strong jerks gave way to weaker ones until finally he collapsed on top of me. I wrapped my arms around his back and shoulders and held on tight. As his penis slowly softened it felt as if something was being taken away from me until finally he slipped out of me. Then in utter bliss felt the rush of warm liquid escaping me.

He lightly kissed me all over my neck and my face. "Fuck that was the best…The fucking best..."

We rested locked face to face for a while then as I felt his cock hardening against my crack again Peter uttered with a chuckle "See what you do to me?”…”I was thinking about the look on your face while I fucked you. You looked so happy."

"What you just did brought back memoirs of our first meeting." I mumbled.

"Sorry…I got carried away...”

“No it wasn’t that, is just at the time I didn’t want you to return to ‘uni’ for I thought we had something special and I think you’ve just proved it.”

He peppered me with kisses then turned hearing a noise coming from another room suggested that we ‘couched-up’ and got some rest.

In a light stupor, soft delicate fingers slowly circled about my pubis then with a slow snaking action worked up my body until they gently rested upon my nipples, soon with the lightest of touches they slowing began teasing my nipples; each gentle stroke gave rise to a tingle, a tingle which subconsciously travelled through my body until it connected with my somewhat flaccid cock. Slowly, these delicate actions were causing my cock to become alive, for with every gentle touch a twinge slowly pumped more and more blood into my hardening cock.

I began to groan as these lithe fingers danced over my nipples then seeing they had achieved their desire a hand first gently rubbed up and down my shaft, before settling on my balls. Next fingers begin moving my foreskin up and down, exposing a large shiny-purple helmet and with each stroke clear sticky fluid begins to trickle from my throbbing cock, slowly it begins to coat my bell-end then those delicate fingers before its silvery thread begins its slow descent to my belly to form a small pool. It's an amazing, beautiful feeling. Holding the base of my cock with one hand, and continuing the divine movement up and down my shaft with the other, the hot breath from my lovers mouth hovers but inches above the tip of my swollen phallus; dribbles of saliva now slowly coat it as fingers continue to work my shaft in a slow delicious manner, further gobs of clear slimy precum to seep out of my ‘eye’ and down over the sides of my stiff member, coating those delicate hands with goo.

Then, finally with an arched and aching body I get what I have been aching for, the slow warm sensation of beautifully soft lips enveloping me, sucking gently but with an insistence that is heaven itself. I allow myself to drift, totally submitting to the sensations of pleasure being administered by this wonderful student of erotica.

My lover continues to bob up and down on my cock increasing their pace slightly; “Oh god” I utter as a thumb first invades my rectum followed quickly by the massaging of my balls. Soon I feel a familiar sensation deep in my groin. My whole body tightens in anticipation of the forthcoming explosion then as the first stream of hot white fluid erupts from my sac my lover immediately thrusts their hot mouth down onto my cock, taking my first loads straight into their gullet. Soon after perhaps four, five or six pulses of hot white spunk and with great sadness I stop cumming, however my lover continues to suck and ‘hoover’ up the last drops until finally they lift their face from my groin, bring their face to mine, kissing me they force their tongue deep into my mouth and share my cum with me. With duelling tongues I swallow it without thinking savouring the taste.

“Come on sleepyhead, I know you’re awake…” a distant voice utters.

Reluctantly I stir from my stupor.

"Tea or Coffee," Peter asked.

"Tea," I mumble as I wiggle and grunt, trying to register where I was. Finally smiling I utter, "God, I feel fucked!" Peter just laughed as he quickly slipped on a pair of trackers before making his way towards the kitchen.

Suddenly the sound of falling books or boxes along with the sharp cry of, ”Fuck it….Sorry,” came from the adjoining room.

“Who’s the noisy bastard next door?” I asked as Peter returned with a tea tray full of goodies.

“That’s Colin…you’ll like him,” then with total disregard for my nakedness Peter shouted for Colin to come and join us.

Following a rather meek “Give us a minute” and some more shuffling Colin finally made an appearance. To say he was the complete opposite to Peter would be untrue, but he did portray the typical image of a modern day student ie; long hair, a bit scruffy about the face but thankfully sweet smelling. After a brief and mutual eyeing up and down Colin quickly sat with us on the bed.

“Are you in the same year as Peter?” I enquired in a relaxed manner.

“Yes, we’re graduating together and can I thank you for all the help you’ve given Peter for without him I would never had got through,” Colin replied.

“So you and Peter spend a lot of time together?” I asked.

“Err…You could say that,” he replied having given Peter a quick glance.

Picking up on this I quickly expressed, “Oh… you two are partners then?

Almost in unison they replied “Yes.”

“Thank god for that, I’m dying for a piss and if you two don’t mind I’m going to take a shower as well,” so with not a care in the world and as naked as god intended I got out of bed, made my way over to my bag, collected my towel and toilet bag then made my way towards the bathroom.

“Fucking hell Pete…When you told me how big he was I thought you were joking,” uttered Colin.

I had fully expected one of them to join me in the shower but alas it was not to be. Walking back I began to hear noises coming from Peter’s room, pushing the door open I was greeted by Peter laying on the now duvet covered floor watching a gay porn DVD whilst Colin was laid alongside playing with both their cocks, neither were clothed; upon seeing me Peter signalled for me lie in such a way so we formed an eternal triangle, Peter’s hand then fed my cock into Colin’s mouth who proved to be a great cock sucker for it felt he was sucking me inside out, Peter then started to suck him off leaving me to feed Peter’s cock into my mouth.

Soon I felt Colin’s fingers rimming my arse then after some pressure a thumb penetrated me, luckily after I had showered I had already shoved some Vaseline up my arse so when the penetration came it easily slipped in. Feeling Colin’s penetration I moved some spittle towards Peter’s anus before penetrating him with a finger or two. Feeling the need for a change I broke off and suggested that Colin should show me how he and Peter usually made love.

After some scrambling Colin put Peters legs over his shoulders resting his cock along Peters crack rubbing it along stopping at its entrance, he then asked me to get the oil from the bedside cabinet and oil his cock, taking my time I coated his cock with oil noting that his felt slightly bigger than Peter’s, I then I lubed up Peter’s arse; slipping my fingers into Peter’s hole I stretched it before taking hold of Colin’s cock and feeding it into Peter’s arse, Peter moaned at first as it stretched him but soon his moans turned to pleasure. Not wishing to force myself upon anybody I sat and played with my cock as I watched Peter take Colin’s cock all in. With Peter’s legs over Colin’s shoulders his erect cock laid close to his stomach, soon dribbles of pre-cum came from Peter’s cock then like a string of pearls come to rest on his stomach.

“Bill, have you ever been in a threesome?” panted Peter as Colin continued to slowly pump away.

“Why do you ask?” I replied.

“Well Colin and I have always wanted try something and now you’re here, we’ll……..”

“Oh for fuck sake Peter: what Peter’s trying to say is, can we both try and fuck you at the same time?” Colin suddenly uttered.

Initially taken aback, I then made my decision and uttered “Only if I can take Colin’s arse first.”

Peter and Colin looked at each other then with the unlocking of bodies and some kind of mumbled agreement agreed to my proposition. Looking at Colin I reassured him that things would be ok.

"I’ll be okay," said Colin having first looked at Peter then standing he turned towards me, placed his hands on my shoulders and kissed me. His warm lips caress mine, slowly and carefully. I can't resist. My sweaty hand circles his head pulling his face to mine. Suddenly, I'm pulling into him, desperate to feel every part of him. I groaned as he cupped my arse and drew me in closer. His hand was so warm that it burnt into my arse. I felt his hot slimy cock brush against mine, sending jolts of heat and pleasure through my body. Our hips thrust and circled, rubbing our hard, leaking cocks together. I can't believe the fire I felt down there.

My lips are rampantly manipulating his, smearing hot spittle as my tongue plunges into his warm depths. Colin's mouth vibrated with each moan. He tasted so good, sort of salty, sweet and bitter at the same time. His tongue wraps around mine then flicks away; breaking my seal he traces warm, wet circles over my lips which instantly get cold as his searing muscle progresses. His nose now brushes my ear, his mouth lowers and draws the skin of my neck into his mouth and probes it with his tongue. I can only pull him closer in response, desperate to feel his body. He’s so different to Peter, there's a certain soft, squeezable, pudginess about him which is making me so horny "Fuck, this feels amazing," I groan.

Colin pulls away for a second and fixes me with those lovely blue eyes. "I've never done this before, not with an older man," he gasps. "I've thought about it for ages especially after Peter had told me about his experiences with you…Is it okay with you?" His red lips hang open and I just have to kiss them before I can answer.

"If Peter’s ok with it, then so am I,” I whisper. "It's kind of…"


"Yes in one way, I’ve never had an audience before," I mumbled having taken a quick look at Peter. We kiss again, clashing hard and fast, as our hands run ran across our bodies. I don't know where my body finishes and Colin's begins. We don't seem to need to tell each other what we wanted. He's pinching and rubbing my nipples, causing moans to rise out of my throat and vibrate against the warm skin that I'm suckling on his neck.

He groaned into my ear as I let him caress my bare cock. As he pulled and pushed on it, feeling its length and width in his hands or circling the head and caressing my balls gently murmurings such as “Wanting, ages and Peter,” permeated the air. We stood like that for a few minutes, him rubbing our cocks together while continuing to search the insides of my mouth with his tongue. Finally, he lowered himself to his knees and looked at my cock. Colin’s then licked his lips, bent forward to feed my cock into his mouth, I inched my hand down and over his back to his crack. I ran my finger up and down his crack as best I could, as I couldn't reach the full length of it while he sucked my cock in and out of his mouth.

He was very good at sucking cock and had me on the brink several times before slowing down to let me enjoy his mouth more and keep me from coming too soon. Over and over again he would bring me to the brink then slow down again, savouring what he was doing. All the while, my hands ran up and down his back.

“I’m ready now,” he said. “Fuck me now” he uttered as he first stood then lowered himself gently onto the bed.

I bent down and found his hole with my tongue, furling it I tongue fucked him, making him spread his cheeks wider and groan every time I touched his hole. After a few minutes, he again told me to fuck him.

This time I reached for the oil for in no way was I going to fuck Colin dry. I spent a lot of time lubing up and loosening up his anus before I gently pressed my hard cock into him.

“Jesus,” Colin cried as I slipped past his sphincter.

"Are you okay?" I asked, backing off slightly.

“Yeah I’m ok; I just didn’t think you were this big.”

“Do you want me to continue?” I asked.

“Yeah…Yeah, just take things easy,” came his strained reply.

Briefly I looked across at Peter who seemed to bear an indifferent kind of look, you know, not that of jealousy or of happiness. I stood quietly for a minute then inch by inch I started to move in and out of Colin’s arse until I found my balls resting against his thighs, slowly we began to fuck, with Colin being as tight as hell I fully extracted my cock several times so as to gob more lube into his hole. He groaned loudly as I fucked him, telling me to come inside him as he wanted to feel my hot cum. This spurred me on and soon I was fucking him harder and harder until I came inside him, just like he wanted with hot rivers of cum, spewing up into his canal as he pushed back against me, wanting every drop from me. Depleted I slowly slid my cock out of his slippery canal, leaving a trail of cum and oil, running from his crack.

“That was incredible, I can see why Peter goes on and on about you,” Colin uttered as he reached for the tissues Peter was offering him. “I’m a bit sore now but can we do it again?” he said having first taken a glance at Peter.

“Yes, but first we have a deal to settle, how do you want me?”

After a quick decision it was agreed that as Colin had the slightly longer cock I should lube use both up then squat facing him, while Peter wanked himself to full erection I did as told, lubing up Colin cock then having shoved some up my arse, I squatted over Colin, took hold of his cock then fed it into my arse, I rode Colin’s cock slowly at first, slowly working my arse lower and lower until I felt Colin’s pubes make their final contact. Colin’s eyes showed nothing but ecstasy as his cock twitched and throbbed deep inside my rectum; its amazing how just that extra inch or so felt so beckoning. Following a couple of thrusts Colin looked into my eyes then muttered, “Ready?” I just nodded then after a slight delay I felt Peter climb onto the bed.

“Lean forward,” said Peter as he gently pushed me onto Colin’s chest, soon I felt Peter’s slippery fingers probing my arse then the moment I had been waiting for as Peter’s cock first probed around then pushed its way into me, the pain made me gasp at first but as he pushed in further and further the pain gave way until all I could feel were the two cocks filling my arse. At first they both took it slow, occasionally one or the other would pop out where with slippery fingers it would be replaced with rather a forceful thrust. Once both of them had found their length, Peter went at me like a jack-rabbit whilst Colin moved at a more subtle pace; after a few minutes Peter’s hot and twitching cock exploded in my arse filling me with cum which not only added further lubricant but leaked onto Colin’s balls below me then as Peter stood holding his cock for me to suck, Colin emptied his balls into me, rolling off Colin I laid on the bed covered in sweat, my cock a-throbbing as rivers of cum leaked from my stretched anus.

“That was fucking incredible,” I gasped as I laid there with Colin’s cock hovering over me. “It’s turned me on so much I’m already to go a second round with someone” I continued.

“So I can see.” Peter said, looking at my cock which was now literally dripping; reaching forward he dragged a finger through the fluid that had collected on my stomach and brought it up to his lips.

“Go on…I know you want to,” I mumbled looking down at my cock

Suddenly Peter was there, licking the escaping rivulets of cum and groaning. Having coated my cock with his oral juices Peter straddled me, and slowly lowered himself onto my cock; his sphincter was still a very snug fit as inch by almost imperceptible inch Peter continued to lower himself, pausing briefly at times to get adjusted to my size, he would c then ontinue his slow decent onto my cock.

Once he had me fully within him, Peter began to slowly lift himself up and down. His eyes were closed, and his breaths were deep but sporadically, punctuated by intermittent bouts of moaning.

As Peter’s arse loosened up so his bouncing up and down became faster. Soon he was leaning backwards with his hands behind him and firmly resting on my knees for support, his arched back was forcing my cock to press harder and harder against his prostrate as his cock danced invitingly before my eyes. I watched in amusement at how his cock would slap down against my stomach then spring up and down it would jump like some perverted metronome.

By the look on his face Peter was at that point of erotic bliss and was literally jumping up and down on my cock with an ever more frenzied zeal trying vainly to orgasm.

If only I were flexible enough I could take him in my mouth. That's the ultimate, of course, to have another person suck on your cock while getting fucked in the arse. However, seeing that it was just the two of us for Colin had taken his leave of us and at my age no longer agile enough, I just gripped my hand about his member so that Peter's cock would be gently stroke on each of his strokes. It was all that was needed.

Peter's orgasm was not as forceful nor contained any volume, but it was no less pleasurable given his reaction, as he continued to slam into me hard while uttering a crescendo of moans and groans; then as the stream of cum subsided Peter slowly lowered himself, and came to rest upon my chest.

"Just like the old days, you never could wait for the old man to finish," I said with a chuckle.

“Just get on and fuck me!” Peter demanded as he felt my tempo increase.

Without losing contact I quickly rolled him onto his back then with his legs over my shoulders began to ‘fuck the arse off him’. He groaned loudly as I fucked him, telling me to come inside him as he wanted once again feel my hot cum surge into his rectum. This spurred me on and soon I was fucking him harder and harder until I came inside him, just like he wanted with a hot river of cum, spewing up into his canal as he pushed back against me, wanting every drop from me. Finished and with nothing more to give I slowly slid my cock out of his slippery canal, soon a trail of cum flowed then trickled from his crack.

“You’re still incredible,” Peter uttered as he looked deep into my eyes.

Suddenly a door burst open quickly followed by the cry of “Have I missed anything????”

That weekend and the events that followed soon led me to believe that a park-home was not for me, so after some searching I managed to find a new place. It still backed onto the woods but with my two lodgers I’m no longer seeking the pleasures I once sought.