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Lovely Words and Basketball Jerseys

Dakota doesn't expect the type of apology Scott has prepared.
It was a rough day of school. I hated senior year although I can honestly say it was better than sophomore. I would never like to revisit those days. 

I slammed the door behind me, threw my bag to the ground and collapsed on the couch. With my head in my hands, I started to sob. A million thoughts had gone racing through my mind, repeating the harsh words said to me that day. I wiped my tears and pushed my long, black fringe away from my eyes. "God dammit, Dakota! Why are you such a faggot!" I screamed at myself, burying my face in a pillow. 

After regrouping, I lay down and stretched. Sighing, I closed my eyes and I couldn't help but to think of Scott. He hates me. He harasses me. He wants me dead. To him I was just the "emo faggot" who he can rely on as a punching bag when needed. So why did I find him so attractive? Maybe his soft yet firm-structured face, blazing blue eyes, whispy blind hair, thin but muscular build. 

I reached down and slowly unbuckled my belt, biting my lower lip. I slid my hand into my boxers and closed my grip around my semi-hardened cock. I adjusted my body into a comfortable position and slowly started stroking my shaft. Back and forth, gentle at first. 

Suddenly, the door opened and a notebook was thrown at my face. Before I had time to jolt my hand out of my pants, Scott's figure appeared in the door. "There's your shit back that I ripped from you on the bus. Nothing there that's interesting." He looked around the entertainment room and his eyes soon met my hand, still motionless in my pants. Noticing where his gaze was, I immidiately pulled my hand out and put the pillow over my lap. Knowing Scott had seen what I was doing gave me a hard on, yet scared me at the same time. 

Scott stepped closer and sat on the arm of the couch near my feet. "So, gay boy likes to wank, huh?" I threw the pillow at him and sat on the chair farthest away, yet still too close.

"Why don't you leave, Scott? I didn't let you in. You weren't invited. I'm pretty sure this is illegal for you to just barge in and—" He cut me off with a loud cackle that echoed through the house. I licked my lips and tried to calm my breathing.

Scott got up and sighed, putting his hands on his head. "Alright, listen, gay boy—"

"Dakota," I corrected him.

"Right, listen... Dakota... I've been thinking, a lot actually. Uh... what I say, you know, in front of the other guys?" Scott sat down on the chair next to me, "I don't mean it." He tried to look me in the eyes but I looked away, uncomfortable.

"Okay," he started again, "I'm not the girl-crazed, sex-addicted, homophobe I present myself as... Everyday I just hate myself and I hide what I truly feel." He placed his hand on my knee and my heart began to pound. I had no idea where this was going and I honestly didnt want to find out.

"Listen, Scott," I interjected, "I accept your apology but you really should get going, I have homework and—"

My sentence was left at only a fragment as my words had been interrupted by soft, supple lips connecting with mine. I pulled back instantly and wiped my mouth on my sweathirt sleeve. Scott only cocked his head to the side. 

"I don't want to hurt you, I never did... Maybe I was jealous, I don't know. I just—"

This time I had been the one to interrupt. I had swung my leg around Scott's body, leaving me on top of him, practically sitting on his lap, our lips interlocking. He smiled and pushed his tongue past my lips as I closed my eyes. He pushed the fringe away from my face and traced his finger along my jaw bone. 

We pulled away, Scott mumbling something that sounded like, "I've always longed to do that." He removed his basketball jersey, revealing toned abs and slender hips. He pulled my sweatshirt off of me, directing me onto the ground on all fours. Scott unbottoned his pants and I heard them thrown to the side. I cooperated, dazed in my fantasy becoming actuality, and took off my clothes as well.

I heard foil crinkling and Scott's breathing begin to accelerate. I gasped and arched my back as the tip of Scott's cock was poking the opening of my anus. 

Scott bent over my body and kissed my boney shoulder as I bit my lip, feeling him slide inch by inch slowly into my ass. He grabbed my thigh with one hand and placed the other on my breastbone. My dick began to stiffen immensely and I reached down, rubbing my thumb against the tip. 

I worked my cock, running my hand up and down, tightening and loosening my grip as my former enemy continued penetrating my arse hole. Scott straightened his back and put both his hands on my hips, sliding out almost all the way. The tension of suspense was broken by Scott pounding into my anus, thrusting faster and harder each time. He slapped my ass cheek and I continued to jerk my cock faster than ever. I've never felt this stimulation before and with each thrust of Scott cramming his meat into my tight rear, I let out a short moan. 

Scott pulled out his dick from the depth of my ass and flipped me over onto my back. For the first time, I saw lust in his deep blue eyes. Pushing his rod back into me, we stayed there for a moment. Scott ran his muscular hand down my chest and stomach, then gently stroked my cock and caressed my balls, all while I squeezed my eyes shut, holding back a moan.

He pushed my legs apart and pounded my ass faster and faster. My hard cock was thunking against my stomach with each mighty thrust Scott rhythmically pushed his thick package into my ass with. 

I perched myself into a sitting position onto my elbows in a split second and grabbed Scott's neck. He kissed my neck as I groaned into his ear, "I'm gunna cum, I'm gunna cum..."

Scott pulled his dick out from my anus and slipped off the condom. Just as I was about to climax, I felt an unfamiliar hand on my dick. Scott rubbed me hard and fast while my hand was around his, doing the same. 

Both of us cumming onto my stomach, we let out a series of loud, continuous moans of each other's names. Then we lay there, breathing heavily, our hands intertwined, swirling our loads together on my stomach, starting our secretive relationship yet to come.

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