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Making Matt Less Virginal

My mostly virgin freshman comes back for his next experience.
When I woke up in the morning, I laid in bed for a while.  I thought of my experience with Matt last night, cherishing the knowledge that I had given him his first blowjob.  As I relived the experience, I started stroking my cock slowly.  I was tempted to jack off to climax until I looked the clock.  I had less than two hours before I was supposed to meet Matt in the library, and I had some school work I needed to attend to before then.  I sighed and got out of bed.  I wrapped a towel around my waist, gathered up what I needed, and headed for the shower that I shared with the other guys in the suite.

Zech, one of my suite-mates startled me when he spoke.  "So, was that a freshman I saw leaving your room last night?"  For some reason, he was always inquiring about my sexual activities and partners.

"Yeah.  We met at the library.  I lent him one of my old textbooks."

"It amazes me how you can come up with some of the most unexpected lines to get fresh meat to come home with you."

I rolled my eyes.  "I'd say you're jealous, but we both know who the real man-slut in the suite is."  Zech was notorious for having not only a different girl in his room every night, but occasionally even had different girls on the same night.  The strange thing is, he always blushed whenever one of us pointed it out.  I never understood why he seemed to be embarrassed about his conquests.  This wasn't the time to contemplate or discuss it, however.  "Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get a shower."

After a shave and a long, hot shower, I went back to my room and got dressed.  I decided to give Matt a bit of a treat, so I slipped on my black fishnet bikini before putting on a pair of black jeans and a Pet Shop Boys tee shirt.  Then I grabbed my backpack and headed over to the library.

The table Matt had been sitting last night was free, so I sat there.  I pulled my books, papers, and notebook out of my backpack and started working.  I got so engrossed in taking notes from the book that I was reading that I jumped a little when someone gently placed a hand on my shoulder.  I spun around and Matt backed up, looking a bit embarrassed.  "I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to startle you."

"It's okay.  I just didn't hear you approach.  I was too engrossed in my studies.  I'm glad you're here, though."

He smiled and looked at his shoes for a bit.  "Yeah, me too.  Thanks again for last night.  I needed that."

"Any time.  After all, I enjoyed it, too."

"But you didn't get off."

"True.  But there's a certain pleasure that comes from knowing I gave you pleasure.  And besides, I'm hoping maybe I will get off the next time.  Assuming you want a next time."

"Well, yeah.  I mean, I thought that's why we agreed to meet this morning.  Or don't you have time?"

"I have time.  I just didn't want to presume.  Would you like to go back to my place, then?"

He blushed, but nodded.  "Yeah.  If we could."

"Let me just gather up my stuff here."  He helped to collect my papers as I stuffed my books back into my backpack.  Soon, we were ready.  I hefted the backpack over my right shoulder and we started the trek back to my room.

As we got outside, I decided a bit of conversation was in order.  "I understand my suite-mate, Zech, saw you leaving my room last night."

"Is that his name?  The guy with black hair and a Steelers shirt?"

"Yeah, that's him."

"Yeah, he was headed to the bathroom when I left.  He smirked at me.  He didn't say anything, though."

"That's almost unusual.  I should warn you, some of the guys do tend to talk about my...romantic activities.  They usually do it just to pick on me.  But they've occasionally teased the guys I'm with, too.  So you might want to prepare yourself."

"That's fine.  As long as it's just teasing."

I waited a few seconds.  "So, how are you feeling?"

"Honestly?  I'm not sure.  I feel kind of mixed up right now."

"That's pretty typical."

"All I really know is that I had a great time last night and I want to have more times like it."

I chuckled as we walked into Baylor Hall.  "Well, let's see what we can do about it."

We walked into the suite.  Zech was sitting in the common area.  He grinned as we walked through the door.  However, he choked back whatever comment he was going to make when I shot him a look.  I led Matt to my room.  As soon as we were inside, he pulled me in a tight embrace and kissed me.  His lips tugged and pulled at mine.  I began to caress his back and sides with my hands.  I grabbed onto his tee shirt and began to lift it up his torso.  He stepped back and allowed me to pull it over his head.  I took in his mostly hairless chest and abs, and then moved forward.  I began to lick and suck at one of his nipples and he gasped.  He ran his hands over my body and began to remove my tee shirt.  I helped him and then turned my attention to his jeans.  In seconds, they and his boxer shorts were around his ankles.  I pulled off his shoes and socks and he stepped out of his clothes, completely naked.  I played with his cock, getting it fully hard.  I kissed the head and licked the underside.

"God, that feels so good.  But let me get you naked," he said.  I stood and he fumbled with my belt buckle.  After a moment, he had my jeans around my ankles.  He saw the fishnet bikini and looked up at me with astonished eyes.

"I figured I'd wear something extra sexy for you.  Do you like?"

"Hell yeah!  Where can I get a pair?"

I chuckled.  "Online.  I'll show you later."  I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my jeans.  I lay on my back on the bed, wearing only the bikini and my socks.  He pulled off the latter and then lay on top of me, his body pressed against mine.  We kissed again, dueling each other with our tongues.   Then he began to kiss his way down my chest and abs.  When he reached the bikini, he began kissing my cock through it.  I moaned and ran my fingers through his red hair.

After a minute, he peeled back my bikini so my cock could spring free.  It stood fully erect at five and a half inches.  He stroked it with his hand and began to lick the head.  "That's good," I encouraged him.  "Now lick the underside of the shaft like it's a lollipop.  He did and I moaned.

He also licked my balls, which made me flinch a bit.  I was ticklish there.  After a couple minutes of licking and kissing my cock and balls, he took just the head of my cock into his mouth and began gently sucking.  I moaned and gently pushed on his head.  "Take more into your mouth.  That's it.  Now swirl your tongue around the shaft and head."

It wasn't the best blowjob I received, but he was doing pretty well for his first time.  He started fondling my balls and caressing my abdomen as he worked my prick with his lips and tongue.  After a while, I suggested, "Why don't you lay the other way beside me.  That way I can play with your body too.  He did and soon his cock was right next to my face.  I began playing with it as he went back to sucking me.  I fondled his balls and began to suck just the head of his cock.  This seemed to encourage him, as he started getting more into the blowjob he was giving me.

Soon I could feel my body tensing and the pressure building in my balls.  "I'm going to shoot," I warned Matt.  He pulled his mouth off my cock and stroked me.  Soon I exploded, covering my stomach in my own cum.  He watched in fascination.

"How was that?"

"Good.  Thank you."

"Are you upset I didn't swallow?"

"No.  That's okay.  I'm just glad you got me off."

"Okay."  He hesitated.  "Would you mind returning the favor?  I know I left you in the lurch last night..."

"Don't worry.  I plan to make sure you cum.  I just want us to do something else first."  With that, I rolled him onto his back and reached for the drawer in my bedside table.  I pulled out a condom and bottle of lube, then straddles his legs just below his dick.  His eyes widened just a bit.  "Relax.  The condom is for you."  I opened the package and removed the condom before rolling it down his throbbing cock.   Then covered it with plenty of lube.

"Oh god, I can't believe I'm going to do this."

"Would you rather not?"

"No.  I want it.  I just never thought it'd happen."

I smiled as I moved forward.  I positioned his cock at my hole and started lowering myself onto it.  It took a few seconds, but the head of his prick eventually pushed past my sphincter.  I moaned and he gasped.  "Lay still," I told him.  "I need time to get you all the way inside of me."  I knew I'd need to take control for the initial penetration.  With his lack of experience, Matt would likely go too quickly, causing me too much pain.

I played with his chest as I slowly lowered myself onto his prick.  It entered me half an inch at a time.  Matt groaned the entire time.  I sighed when I finny felt my ass cheeks resting against his pubic bone.  "How does it feel?" I asked.

"Fucking wonderful."

"Good."  I began to rock my hips, causing his cock to move around inside of me.  I moaned as his cock stimulated my prostate.  Then I leaned over so I could kiss him.  As our lips met, he began to gently rock his hips.  Soon, he was pumping his cock in and out of me very slowly.  This guy was a pretty fast learner.  My cock was getting hard again and Matt began playing with it.

After a few minutes of riding him, I decided I didn't want to do all the work.  So I pulled myself up off the cock.   Matt looked disappointed until I laid on my back and pulled my knees towards my chest and away from each other.  He smile and got behind me.  He slowly pushed his cock back inside of me.  He leaned over and we kissed again as he went back to fucking me.  His hand soon found my erection again.

Soon he started picking up speed.  His cock pistoned in and out of my ass.  I was moaning and gasping with each thrust.  He was panting.  His prick danced across my prostate with each thrust.  Soon my cock exploded for the second time in his hand.  I shuddered from the intensity of my orgasm.

"I'm gonna cum," Matt gasped.

"Cum on me," I begged.  He pulled out of me and ripped off the condom just in time.  His seed splashed all over my abs, cock, and balls.  He just knelt there letting his balls empty all over me.  When he was done, he collapsed on top of me, smearing our juices all over both of our stomachs.  He kissed me and I held him.

When he finally caught his breath, he said, "That was awesome."

"Thanks.  You're a pretty good fuck."


"Yeah.  You really got me hard."

"Thanks.  Think we can do it again?"

"Sure.  Just give me a half hour to rest."

"You don't have class?"

"Not until this evening."

"Oh, okay.  So, should I come back in half an hour?"

"Or you could just lay here and take a nap with me."

He smiled at that suggestion.  He rolled off me and laid beside me.  We put our arms around each other and fell asleep.

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