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Man I Hate Straight Guys III

Man I Hate Straight Guys III

A Jimmie Johnson Original (A James Johnson Story)
I claim this story as my own original work, and give all readers the right to repost it as they feel necessary and I ask to be credited if and when it is reproduced or copied

I awoke the next morning thinking that the series of events with Yosep and the mystery jock had been the best dream ever, but then I realized that I had dried cum on my stomach and I remembered that it had actually happened. Laying there in bed, reminiscing about what had happened to me the night before got me all hot and bothered. While the guy I met last night had given me an invitation to play around a little more, my groin was asking for something a little different. While I had never been fucked, my ass was no virgin to being plowed. In the bottom drawer of my dresser loomed a lance of pleasure and hot passion; my 8” dildo.
It took me a long time to work up to the 8”, mind you I had to start out with a few fingers, getting them into my hole, stretching me out; it was a tough job, but I had to see if bottoming was what I wanted to do. Well, bottoming was what I wanted to do at that instant, so I got up from my bed, grabbed some lube, the dildo, a towel, and my favorite porno, and sat back down on my bed for an early morning snack. I decided that this morning was going to be about me and pleasuring myself. There is something that I love to do when I am pleasuring myself; I like to tease myself, see how far I can go without ferociously jacking myself to completion.
Its almost like edging before edging, making my cock hurt just for a touch, God, it feels so amazing. But anyway, I lay on the bed and took some of the lube and worked it onto my abs and chest. I slowly massaged my pecks, paying close attention to my nipples and making sure to rub them slowly, occasionally pinching them, making my hard cock bounce. I took my 8” dildo into my hands and put it in my mouth, imagining it was the mystery man from the night before and then imagining it were Yosep’s.

I was getting so excited that my cock was oozing pre-cum, I wanted a cock so badly that my dildo actually tasted like a cock. Imagined a guy feeding me his cock; as I hungrily excepted he moaned and trusted his hips back and forth feeding me slowly to save himself for a hot fuck later. I felt that it was time to move on, I felt that it was necessary to start lubing up my ass because I could tell this session wouldn’t last long, my cock was starting to hurt from the amount of teasing I was doing to myself. So I took the dildo out of my mouth and lubed up my middle finger, as a big fuck me to myself. I slowly lifted my legs to a ninety degree angle and circled my hole.
I pretended that there was a guy now licking my hole, teasing me and waiting for entrance into my awaiting pleasure palace. It was then time to do it, the moment I had been waiting for, as my dick lay in a small puddle of my own pre-cum, my finger slowly made its way into my surrendered hole, the feeling of my finger being squeezed as if it were a dick made my cock harden as if it was doing the fucking. I slowly explored the inside of my ass, but I couldn’t hit my spot, I could only tease the inner walls of my insides, however just doing that had my cock doing sexual summersaults. I let a small moan escape my mouth as I inserted my pointer finger, stretching my hole more, making my cock stand up straight, pulse, ooze and then plop down in its own juices, God I was horny this morning. A few minutes passed and I had as much of my four fingers in my ass as I could fit, and damn it was the best feeling ever.
I had passed that point where masturbation was just the routine; I was in sexual ecstasy with the most exciting person ever, myself. People say that masturbation isn’t as fun as sex, but I bed to differ, you know what makes you tick, and you can push those buttons so fast that it makes you cum in under a minute, or you can push the buttons that make you hold out for an hour until you don’t even have to touch your cock, it just explodes, that is why I like to masturbate.

It was time for the main course, the moment my body had been aching for, there was no turning back; the 8” dildo was going to fuck my brains out, and I was going to let it. I slowly took my fingers out of my ass, and took hold of the lube for the last time. I put lube all over the dildo, and prepared myself for self inflicted penetration. I placed the eight inch dildo in line with my hold, and I slide the head up and down, teasing my blinking manhole. I took a deep breath, relaxed and pushed the dildo into my ass, slowly. I moaned so much, tossing my head left and right, my cock oozing a flow that was so strong you would have thought I was Cuming already. I took one more deep breath as I shoved all 8”s into my hole gasping when I felt the tip hit my prostate. My cock flipped out, it did something that I had only seen in pornoes, it started shooting pre-cum, my mind was blown, my body was doing the hottest things I had ever seen in my life, and I wanted to cum so bad now.
I had to wait it out though, this was the hottest tease session I had ever had, and I was not about to let it go now. I slowly began to pump the dildo in and out of my ass, making each stroke deliberately long and drawn out. I then slide my hand down to the base of the hot rod, and pushed a button that turned on vibrations throughout the length of the dildo. I let out a moan that was so loud I was sure that it could and would be heard outside of my room. This was it, the home stretch, once the vibrator was turned on, it was time to grab my cock, and drill my ass on home. I took my hot, oozing cock into my free hand and started to stroke it slowly, it took everything I had not to drive my cock to eruption. I took the dildo and started to fuck in really hard staccato strokes, pounding my prostate as I jerked my cock. The feelings were becoming too much and I started to pound and jack at the same spend, both getting faster and faster until I felt a churning in my balls, I felt that my cock was starting to pulse more and I knew it was soon to be time. Then it happened; my balls drew into my body and my hand sped up to a faster speed as my cock exploded, cum flying all over my room and my body. My cum hit my forehead, my chest, my stomach, my wall, my bed posts, and almost everything else, it was the hottest cum I had ever experienced, and it wasn’t done yet. I had lost hold of my cock through the intense orgasm I had just had but then, I felt another wave come over me, I had forgotten to stop fucking my ass with the vibrating dildo, and I had sped up even more because of the ecstasy I was in.
I felt my balls go into my body again and this time I let out a scream that I knew was audible to every one but I didn’t care, I felt my cum hit all over my face, and to my surprise into my mouth. I lay there, body convulsing cum soaked and spent. After a few minutes I got up and took a towel. I just realized that it was only 7 because the clocks had switched back an hour so no one else was up, and I didn’t want to eat all the cum I had just shot because there was just too much, so I knew a shower was in order. I didn’t even wrap the towel around me, I walked stark naked down the hall when mystery guy came to his door and asked me if I had heard the screams and moans; he must have seen my light blushing, because he called me over. He just looked at me, took his fingers to my cum, and licked it. He stepped back, shut his door, and yelled out, thanks for the breakfast bud, can’t wait to see what’s for dinner.


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