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Man I Hate Straight Guys IV

Man I Hate Straight Guys IV

A Jimmie Johnson Original (A James Johnson Story)
I claim this story as my own original work, and give all readers the right to repost it as they feel necessary and I ask to be credited if and when it is reproduced or copied

I turned off the shower and dried myself off and wrapped the towel around me. I went and looked in the mirror, I’d never thought of myself as much of a stud, but after having had sex wit two hot studs, I don’t know if I can remain the same shy guy anymore, funny how life can change in just a day; or more appropriately a night. I was infused with this new found confidence, and I felt it in the way I had just fucked my self with my dildo. I went to the pool to swim a few laps, most people were not allowed in the pool area while the season was out, but I knew the security guard and if you let him watch you change, he would let you into any locked door in the gym. While I swam, thoughts circled my mind in regard Yosep, I mean; he had been nice to me as of late but was it all just to get his rocks off and to have a run at my ass? Well I decided not to wait, after I got back to my room twenty minutes later, I picked up the phone and called up Yosep, he gave me his number after I made him cum the night before. He didn’t pick up, so I decided to just get dressed and head for the library. Out of nowhere, I bump into my mystery jock, also from the night before.

“Um hey… umm… I never really got your name last night”, I said

“Really? Wow, I’m sorry”, he said

“Well… are you going to tell me what it is?”

“Oh Sorry…” he extended his hand and with a cute, almost sly, smirk, he said “Byron, My name is Byron, nice to eat you, I mean meet you” Byron said.

“Hey, I’m Justin, and if you wanted to eat me, all you had to do was ask” (see, I told you I was getting bold!)

“Well, where are you off to in such a hurry, or did u just want another shot at my body, I know you gays can’t get your hands off us straight guys”

(Straight…. Right) “Well I’m going to the library to do a little homework, we can’t all just pick up guys in stairwells all day” I said

“ha-ha, well excuse me then… hey do you mind if I come with you, I think you’re pretty cool, and I think you’re in the same Physics class as me, just a different period…” Byron said

“Well… I guess I wouldn’t mind helping you… what do I get in return?” I asked

“If I told you that, it wouldn’t be a surprise” He said with a wink.

So after our cute flirtatious encounter in the hallway, Byron (cute name) went back to his room to get his physics book. Now I know what you are thinking, what are two presumably good looking guys doing in their rooms on a Saturday, and now why are they going to the library now; well the answer is, this is a boarding school in the middle of nowhere, THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO DO! So we went to the library, and unlike most people there, we studied. I found out that this was basically a stereotypical jock, he didn’t want to learn, he wanted to think about sports and pussy, but I didn’t let that deter my focus. I don’t know why, but I wanted to teach him. We had been in the library for about 3 hours and he started to get restless.

“Hey, Byron, why don’t you go ahead and get you some lunch, I had a late snack back in my room, I’ll be good here, thanks for the company” I said

“Yeah man, I didn’t realize my stomach was grumbling so loud because my dick is rock hard, I’m gonna go back to my room and jerk off, you don’t wanna come?” Byron said

“Nah, I’m good man, I’ll catch you later.”

With that, he got his books up and left. The reason I stayed behind was because I didn’t want him to get used to cheating on his girlfriend with me, and I also had a lot of work to do because swim season has just started and with the amount of meets we had, there was no time to really do all of my work. It was about 1:30 when someone walked up behind me and put their hands over my eyes. I had no idea who it was; I don’t have any friends that would do that to me. I turned around really fast so that the persons hands would slip off and lo and behold, it’s Yosep.

“Hey Justin, you called earlier, and I didn’t pick up, I was expecting you to call back but you never did, so I decided to come do some work, and here you are.” He said

“Well yeah I was in here with a friend earlier, but I was just about to leave” I lied

“Well, where are you headed?”

“Might get a bite to eat, oh well, you could come back to my room, I have a sandwich and some drinks in my fridge, unless you had other plans.”

Now mind you, he said this all while gripping his hardening cock. Was I permeating pheromones or something? I decided to pack up my books and follow Yosep. When we got into his room, I noticed that he had a lot of posters of bodybuilders on the walls.

“So you want to be a bodybuilder?” I asked

“Well that, and it’s a good way to have hot men around without friends bothering me about being a fag, I mean liking dudes, sorry”

“Well I have to admit, it’s a good cover”

“Yeah, so you want a soda or something?” Yosep asked

“Yeah sure”

So we sat in his room awkwardly, and I watched him rearrange his cock a good ten times. So I decided to go ahead and get the ball rolling. I put my drink on his nightstand and decided to move from the chair I was sitting in and move over to the bed. I got on top of him and began to kiss his strong muscular neck, feeling each muscle tense and release as he got excited. I sat up, straddling his crotch, and took off his shirt, and then mine, I admired his light brown body, it was so beautiful. I went back to kissing his body, but this time I decided to kiss all over his chest and nipples. While I was licking his nipples, he ran his fingers through my hair, this was so intimate feeling; I had never been in such a position before in my life. He pulled my head up to his, and we shared a long passionate kiss. While we kissed, I ground my ass into his crotch, and he began to whimper and moan into my mouth. I took the opportunity to feed my tongue into his mouth, and his gingerly sucked on it as if it were a noodle he was sucking in. I decided I had tormented him long enough, so I broke our embrace and went down to his cock. I unbuttoned his black jeans, and unzipped his fly, and kissed his hard cock through his white briefs. I saw that he had a spot of pre-cum oozing through his briefs so I sucked hard on that area, and he began to buck, begging me to suck his cock.   So I took off his jeans, and his briefs, and took his head into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around it. As I teased and sucked his cock head, I played with his balls, tickling them, and massaging them.

“Please, suck my balls Justin”

So I stopped sucking the head of his cock, and I took his right ball into my mouth and gave it a tender suck, then a harder suck, slowly alternating the tender and the hard. His moans as fuel to my sexual fire, I got bold, and stopped sucking his balls. I took his legs and lifted them up into the air, he tensed a little but I told him to relax. I took my tongue and licked his miracle inch, and he went wild. He didn’t know he could feel so good, I guess faking it with those girls had never opened him to this one spot. So I licked and sucked at the spot until he begged for more.

“Do you trust me with all of your body Yosep?”

“Yes Justin, Yes”

“Can I eat you out?”

“Oh, Yes, Yes”

I pushed his legs up a little higher, and put his beautiful pucker near my face, it was so beautiful; I had never seen anything like it. I took my tongue to the hole and just licked at it, I had never done this, and I was a little afraid. The hole quivered and clenched, but I was determined. So I licked at the hole without stopping for two minutes, and it paid off because his hole opened up to me. The boy hadn’t said a word; all he could do was moan and tell me how good he felt. And as soon as my tongue entered his hole, he let out a yell; I had him in my spell. I rimmed him like a kid licking the last of his ice cream out of the bowl. He moaned so much that I just couldn’t stop assaulting his hole. By this time, I had leaked so much pre-cum that my dick was slipping and sliding around in my shorts. I stopped eating his hole for a second, only long enough to pull down my pants and whip out my cock. I ate his hole while I pounded my cock.

“Justin, please stop, I need to cum, my cock hurts so bad, and its oozing a pool of pre-cum”

Those were the magic words, I stopped sucking at his hole and took my biggest finger and put it up his ass. He let out a wail, he cock stood up straight and shot pre-cum, I had never seen anything like it. I used my free hand to guide his cock to my mouth, and then used that had to jack off with. At this point I was jacking off, fingering him and sucking his cock. He was moaning like a girl, he couldn’t even move his hands to push my hand down because he was gripping the bed. I decided it was time to go for his cum-shot because I felt my balls churning. Almost simultaneously my finger went deep into his hole, and his cock went into my throat. Yosep arched his back and let out the deepest, loudest moan I had ever heard, at the same time I let out a moan as his cum hit the back of my throat and my cum hit the side of his bed. He just kept cumming and I kept shooting and pounding my cock and his hole. After about two minutes, the ecstasy stopped and I was able to pull my body from him. Him moaned and oozed when his cock slid out my throat. I licked the pre-cum off his stomach, and wiped the cum from my cock and pulled my pants back up.

“Yo, Yosep where is that sandwich, I’m starving”

To be continued…


This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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