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Man on Man

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John meets a likable stranger and goes all the way

The two middle-aged men sat away from the other people in the coffee place, talking softly over the table and the two paper cups they had their coffee in. The one named Al was talking.

“You say you’re not gay. What made you want that?”

John thought for a moment, considering his reply. “I was married, raised three kids. Always with women. They taught me about anal sex. I didn’t care about sex with men until several years ago. I was alone and I jerked off a lot. Then I started having trouble getting off and I started playing with my ass.”

He looked around and took a sip off his coffee. “It helped me come and felt pretty good, and I went from a finger to other things.” He smiled down at the table. “I used a cucumber once and it was too big and it hurt, made me sore. Finally I bought a vibrator, a rubber cock, and that’s what I use now. I’ve only actually been fucked once. That was more than a year ago. When I get really horny I check Craig’s List. That’s how I met the guy I fucked. Since then I haven’t had any luck, couldn’t meet any guy interested in anal. You ever do it?

“My wife let me now sometimes, when she was in the mood.” He drank some coffee.

“Not from that—?”

“No, the cancer took her. Breast.” He looked thoughtful, like he was remembering. “We were married 35 years.”

“I’m sorry to hear.”

“Yeah.” He drank, looking over the cup at John. “She passed four years ago. You want to go to my place?

“Okay,” John said, and as they got up, "Listen, I don’t want to kiss and cuddle. I only want sex, y’know?”

“Sure. I’m okay with it.”

In the parking area behind the coffee place Al said, “You want to follow me? It’s not far.”

“Sure,” John said. They separated and walked to their cars.

Following his car John recalled how he had liked Al after only ten minutes of conversation. After twenty, he knew he would have sex with him. Then he had second thoughts. Is this how whores feel? Going with a stranger not knowing what he could be like. Do they think about anything that could happen? What kind of risk am I taking, going to Al’s house? I hope he’s not a serial killer . . . If only I wasn’t so horny . . .

As he parked behind Al in the driveway the modest house and well kept grounds reassured him. It didn’t look like a killer’s home. But then what does a killer’s home look like?

He followed Al to the rear of the house and through the back door into a small kitchen.

“Home sweet home,” Al said without much enthusiasm. “Want a drink? I got beer, bourbon . . .”

“Sure, bourbon sounds good.”

“Sit.” Al put ice cubes into two glasses and splashed bourbon in them. He carried them to the table and sat opposite John.

John’s hand shook a little as he drank. He wondered if Al was nervous too. Al swallowed some bourbon and rattled the ice in the glass and answered the unspoken question.

“I’m a little jittery,” Al said. “You?”

“Yeah. Excited too, though.”

“Finish your drink, we’ll go upstairs.” Al finished the bourbon and put the glass down. Then he stood and looked down on John as he drained his glass. He felt the warmth of the alcohol and it seemed to calm him some.

When they were naked in bed, John knelt between Al’s legs and fondled him with both hands. He felt Al’s cock swell and grow hard. By the time it was fully erect his heart was pounding and he was breathing hard. He lowered his head and took it in his mouth. He knew it was risky without a rubber but “I’m so fucking horny . . .

Al closed his eyes and moaned as John sucked him. John felt himself get harder, so hard he was afraid he was going to come. He thought of how he had practiced with a dildo. Can I get it in my throat, all of it?

Al began thrusting and John felt his cock inching into his throat. The sensation went through him and aroused him to a peak. Then he had to breath and lifted his head.

Al looked down at him, his eyes asking why he'd stopped.

“Do you want to fuck me now?” John heard himself ask. It sounded bold and desperate.

Without speaking Al reached out to him. He took his hands and pulled him up to the head of the bed. John’s heart beat so hard he thought it would burst. He lay on his back, watched Al take rubber from the drawer of the bed table. When he tore the wrapper John thought he saw Al’s hand trembling. He took out a tube of lubricant and squeezed some into his fingers.

John turned and rose to hands and knees. Al applied the jell to the rubber on his cock and wiped his fingers on John’s ass hole and John felt it cold and wet and soothing.

Al was over him now, pushing his cock into his ass, holding it as he pushed, and John bore down to accept it.

The head slipped in. Then Al pulled back and wiped his cock into the jelly on John’s ass to wet it before he tried to enter him again. John lowered his upper body to rest on his elbows and his forehead to the bed, waiting.

Al supported his erection with a hand as he aimed and pushed again. With his face in the sheet John reached back with both hands and spread his ass cheeks. He felt pressure and burning and bore down as hard as he could to open himself. He was so close to coming he knew if he only touched his cock he might explode. He rose again on his hands and pushed toward Al.

Then it was partly in and Al moved in and out and John felt his ass loosen. He couldn’t stop the sounds that come out of him when Al’s cock went deep, causing his body to stiffen and jerk with jolts of sensation. It was a whimper, a sob, a groan. “Oh, yes, yes.” The words came involuntary. “Fuck me, fuck me.”

Al thrust into him, rocking him. Every deep thrust caused him to see stars. “Uuhh! Oohh.! Fuck me!” I sound like a woman! John thought but he couldn’t help it.

Al thrust more quickly and clear fluid dropped from John’s cock. It was only half as hard as it had been before Al’s cock was in him. He felt his balls tighten every time Al’s cock bottomed out in him and his groin slammed his ass. The lube was drying out and he felt every outward stroke more intensely as the cock rubbed his nerved endings.

Suddenly, Al was pounding him and the sensations were overwhelming. He kept going hard and fast for a couple of moments and then stopped.

“I can’t . . . . . the rubber.” Al said, sounding out of breath. “Can’t . . . feel it.”

John’s body perched at the peak of desire. His ass was on fire. “Take it off, Al. Come in me.”

“You sure? I’m safe . . .”

The heat of arousal let him toss caution to the wind. He was feeling something close to affection for the man who gave him so much pleasure. I hope I don’t regret it later.

“Yeah, yeah. Do it!”

Al fumbled with the rubber, rolled it and peeled it off his cock. He pushed into John’s ass again and John felt the difference of bare skin in him.

Al bent forward and reached for John’s cock. He pulled on it roughly and John felt the cum rising in him as Al groaned. Al’s cock felt thicker and then he felt the heat deep inside his ass as cum spurted and splashed his insides and the cock throbbed. They came together in a duet of moans and grunts.

Al pulled out and John heard a rattle with escaping air and felt hot fluid run down his thigh.

Afterward they rested for several moments looked at one another like boys caught doing something wrong. When the post orgasmic tingling stopped John spoke first.

“I guess I’ll go.”

Al looked at him impassively. “You want to clean up? You can clean up if you want.”

“No, I’m good. The tissues were all I needed.”


Al lay back with his head on the pillows and watched John dress. “Thanks,” he said.

John smiled and said, “Thank you. Let’s do it again sometime.”


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