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Meet My Bi Online Chatter

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First meet with my online chatter
I had been chatting to Kev for about a week and we were getting on really well. It was great to chat openly about my bi feelings and about my meet at a massage parlour with another man.

Kev explained that he was gay and that he had been living with his boyfriend until they split a few weeks ago and that our conversations really turned him on.

I told him I was not gay but had enjoyed the encounter. I was still very nervous meeting other guys. He said he understood and didn't push me to meet him.

On this particular evening, my partner was away at her friend's and I went online to see if Kev was there. After about five minutes, he came into the room and sent me a private message. He was feeling particularly horny and wanted to chat so I agreed.

After about ten minutes chatting, he asked what I was doing that night and I explained I was home alone. He asked if I wanted to meet him. I told him I was nervous but he explained we would have coffee and a chat and that he expected nothing. I thought about it and decided to meet him.

I had a shower, got changed into a t-shirt and jeans, and headed over.

Kev opened the door. He was taller than I had expected, about 5'11" with short brown hair, lovely eyes and was wearing a vest top, shorts, and no shoes or socks. He invited me in with a warm smile.

He showed me into the lounge with a three seater sofa, arm chair, and a big flat screen TV, and ushered me to the sofa. I sat and he asked if I wanted a drink. I said a cold drink would be great and he went to get them. He came back with two glasses of Coke and sat at the other end of the sofa. 

He asked if I wanted to watch some TV and got up to get the remote. He put a music channel on and sat back down next to me. He asked if it was okay and I was more than happy that he had sat down closer to me.

We were almost touching now and he smelt lovely. There is nothing worse than sweaty odours but Kev had obviously washed and shaved and he smelt good!

His arm casually reached across the back of the sofa behind me and he asked me if I minded if he put his arm round me. I said it would be okay and we snuggled into each other. He smelt even better now and his hand casually stroked the back of my neck.

I must have uttered a moan as he asked if I liked it. I certainly did and as I turned to him to answer, he lent in and kissed me. It was soft, gentle and warm. His mouth on mine felt great and our mouths opened and our tongues met and embraced. It was a deep and wonderful kiss that sent chills down my spine and my cock twitched into life.

We turned to face each other and Kev put one leg either side of me and lent in to kiss me again. His hands worked my neck and down my chest, searching for my nipples through my shirt. He found them easily and playfully tweaked them. He then asked if he could take my t-shirt off.

He pulled it over my head and he lowered his head to take each nipple in his warm mouth. It was amazing, the feel of his soft tongue was warm and wet on my nipples, my cock was now hard and straining at my jeans zip. We were kissing now, our tongues dancing, his hands working my chest and mine playing with his hair and neck.

He climbed off the sofa and knelt in front of me, my feet on the floor. He kissed me again, and this time his hands fell onto my thighs, gently caressing me through my jeans. He reached down and eased my trainers off one by one. Then, taking each foot in his hands, he gently eased my socks off. 

I thought he would then start on my jeans but no, he took my left foot and started to kiss my toes, one by one taking them into his mouth, licking the sole of my foot and then did the same with the right foot.

Then came the big question. "Can I take your jeans off?"

"Yes," I replied. As I lifted my rear off the seat to allow him to pull them over my hips, he was taking my boxers with them. Cheeky lad. There I was naked on Kev's sofa, cock hard waiting for the next move.

He sat in front of me, my left foot in his hand, and started to kiss my toes one by one, slowly working his way over my ankle, up my calf, my thigh. I was excited beyond control. He got closer then finally he took my cock in his hand, warm, soft and held it.

He looked at me and then lowered his mouth onto my cock. It was fantastic, soft, warm, and wet. He just held me between his lips as his tongue worked up and down my shaft and I was struggling to control myself.

He was working my cock slowly between his lips, all the way down my shaft, slowly teasing me and back up again. I had never had a blow job like it. His hands cupped my balls, teasing them between his fingers. He worked the head of my cock with his tongue, licking the pre cum off it delicately, savouring the taste as he then lowered his mouth back over my cock again.

I pulled away, begging him to allow me to play and he stood in front of me. The shorts he was wearing looked more like a tent. He took his vest top off as I quickly lowered his shorts to find no underwear. His cock sprang out at eye level to me, about eight inches long and bigger than my six. I grasped it in my hand and pulled the foreskin back to fully reveal the head of his cock, which was wet with pre cum. I had little else on my mind but to taste him.

I took his cock in my mouth, allowing the first taste of his salty precum to hit me. He tasted nice. I just sucked gently on the head for a few moments. Then with one hand, I lifted his cock up and teased his shaft with my tongue, up and down, before again taking his cock into my mouth.

He started to gently ease his manhood in and out of my mouth, using his hands on my head to balance him.

He started to gain momentum and rhythm. My lips closed round him as he entered my mouth deeply in and out. I could tell he was close and his legs began to shake as the rhythm failed. The last two or three strokes were deep, long and meaningful as he emptied his load into my mouth.

He stood for a moment, breathing deeply and then quickly pushed me back to lay on the sofa. He was between my legs quickly, raising one to rest on the back of the sofa the other resting on the carpet. My hole was now there for him to play with. He took little time to thrust his tongue into my hole as he gently used his hands to wank me softly.

Long meaningful strokes matched his tongue entering my hole. His tongue felt superb as it entered me and he used his fingers to twirl over the head of my cock.
I was close now and he decided to use his mouth on my cock. With deep long strokes his tongue swirled over the head of my cock each time he came up, then took me long and deep into his mouth.

I was pushing my cock as deep as I could into his mouth on the downward slide, the warmth and wetness of his mouth making my cock feel fantastic.

I felt myself explode on a downward stroke and he held his mouth over me as I exploded again and again. He swallowed it all down and slowly kissed his way up my stomach and chest.

We lay together on the sofa cuddling as the music played on the TV.


To be continued

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