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Mid-day Diversion

Taking a break from work to give male comfort to lonely, divorced retiree.
My opportunities to play are infrequent, considering my professional career and family, but I am occasionally able to get away for some personal time while on business excursions. I met a guy from North Georgia who had contacted me on-line a while back. He is 66, retired, divorced, living alone, with a number of children and grandchildren (like me, in this respect). He has a trim build with minimal body hair and no belly, which is unusual for someone that age. He classifies himself as a straight top, but likes to be sucked off occasionally by a guy. I have serviced him on three separate mid-day occasions over the past year when my business travel took me to his area.

He appears to be religious, with a Bible on a nearby table, a copy of the Ten Commandments on the wall by the bed, and a picture of the Last Supper also on the wall. I have never asked him about that. I just thought it seemed a little odd, considering what we were doing.

The typical meeting has us removing all of our clothes and getting on his bed. He is uncut and about 7 inches when erect. I am not used to sucking uncut guys - it is just different. He is not into foreplay (kissing or cuddling), which I really like. So, I proceed to lick and suck him until he is hard, using several different positions - him lying on his back on bed with me above and between his legs, me lying on my back with him straddling my head, and me lying on my back with my head hanging down over the side of the bed and him standing on the floor facing me. I particularly enjoy the last position because my throat is straight, and he can go in deep all the way to his balls.

After a few minutes of being on the receiving end my oral attentions, he stiffens, groans, and rewards me with a nice load of hot cum, which I consume greedily. Following his orgasm, instead of slowly going limp like most guys, he stays hard. So, I continue to suck him (gently) for some period of time.

On one occasion he asked if I liked women's clothing and lingerie. I don't recall what brought this up, but I told him that I did and that I enjoyed playing the role of a cross-dressing slut. He asked if I would do it for him, so the next time, I brought some things with me.

Upon arriving, I took a few minutes in the bathroom to freshen up and change. He seemed to be quite pleased when I walked into his bedroom wearing sexy black lingerie - thigh high stockings, camisole, very short pleated skirt, and medium wig - because he was mostly hard before I even started. I did a slow sensual dance as I approached the bed, then immediately went down on him. This was nice, but I had another surprise for him.

After getting him good and hard with my mouth, I quickly retrieved some lubricant, applied it to his cock, straddled him, and slowly lowered myself down onto him, impaling myself until he was balls deep. He didn't seem to object, so I began to rock and ride him, all the while looking directly into his eyes, which were now filled with sensual lust. He felt incredibly good (it had been a long time going without this), and I could tell that it was having the same effect on him.

I stopped, leaned forward against him, and rolled us over with me below. I spread my legs and locked my stocking-clad ankles around behind his neck, and he began to thrust into me with animal passion, driving against my pleasure center. I loved it, and begged him to fuck me hard, like he was fucking a shameless slut. He needed no encouragement, and he responded by forcefully bucking his hips and gasping like a male stud in heat. His motions were causing the bed to move and squeak so much, I wondered briefly it could take it. Soon, both his gasps and the squeaking bed were drowned by a loud groan as he came hard inside me. I could feel his bare cock throbbing in uncontrollable spasms as he filled me with his hot seed.

He paused briefly to catch his breath, then resumed his hip motions, now at a slower pace. His thick cum in my ass was turning into a sticky sounding lather as he continued to pump in and out. I was happy for him to continue for as long as he wanted, but he eventually stopped and rolled off. I climbed down and took him into my mouth, cleaning off the remnants of my own cum. Finally, I had to go, so I slipped out of my lingerie and we both got dressed. I don't know when I will be able to get by again, but I suspect he will want a repeat performance.

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