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Ejaculating without contact
Lying face down, my were legs spread and my head and cock about to explode as my unnamed friend caressed my inner thighs. My legs opened further accommodating his inquisitive hands. Just when I thought it could get no better, he gently inserted his finger into my anus.

I groaned and writhed restlessly, pre cum oozing from my cock. His other hand explored under my full balls and cupped them in his hand. I lifted slightly and he placed his hand up the length of my shaft. Pushing his finger into my arse further was too much and now I just exploded.

'I'm sorry. I just couldn't control myself'. I turned my head around and he seemed to have mixed feelings, pleased to have satisfied me, but disappointed that it was over so soon. Still weighed down with guilt I looked at his erect penis, but could not bring myself to touch it. 'Can I just watch you masturbate?'

He smiled, a bit disappointed that I was not going to partake but just lay back and gently stroked his very large cock.

Time and time again I was tempted to take the imitative but I just couldn't go the extra mile. Eventually he shot his load up as far as his chest. I bid farewell and went on my merry way.

Again a sleepless night, wondering what it would be like to hold, taste and even experience a cock in my virgin arse. I couldn't wait to get down to the beach and again got an early start. Stripped off in record time, I gently jogged along the sand.

As I rounded a secluded cove, I noticed two figures with one on his knees. As I got closer I saw that the man on his knees was my friend and he was sucking off another man. They seemed unconcerned that I was passing nearby and just carried on.

I couldn't take my eyes off them, the man on his knees sucking for all he was worth. I stopped nearby and found I was quickly getting hard. I really wanted to go back and ask to join in but once again courage failed me. Then all of a sudden I felt a really strange sensation. I had actually ejaculated without touching myself; it was the best orgasm I had ever had.

I scooped off the cum from my cock with my fingers and put it in my mouth, imagining it was the cum of one of the men.

After having a few weeks off, I eventually returned to the beach to have my first bi experience. This particular morning I decided not to strip off but just keep my jogging shorts on. After the usual run I sat on the beach to relax and have a drink.

Before I knew where I was I was joined by a rather muscular mature man with a shaved head. 'Mind if I join you?' he asked.

'No problem,' I said.

He didn't seem the type to mess around. He already had a semi hard on and his large helmet seemed to be stretching out to me. Before I knew it I had my right hand under his balls and then moved up to take his cock in my hand.

He urged me to sit up and next thing thrust his ever hardening cock into my mouth. With my right hand I stretched his foreskin back further and sucked for all I was worth. He placed his hand at the back of my head and pushed his cock further down my throat.

I could feel pre cum at the back of my throat and I couldn't help but swallow. Next thing he withdrew his cock and in almost one thrust pulled off my shorts to release my throbbing erection. I was so pre-occupied with his cock I had forgotten about my pleasure.

He ordered me to turn over and complimented my shapely arse. Next thing I felt a finger inserted into my arse. Having already experienced this, I started to groan. However this dude was wasting no time and before I knew it, he was pushing his huge helmet into my virginal hole. I must admit at first it felt uncomfortable but he was a man on a mission and was intent on fucking the arse off me.

After some discomfort, I gradually got into it. He withdrew and got me up on all fours before re-entering. It was so exciting, I was being fucked by a man who was dominating me. I was submissive and putty in his hands.

Once again I shot my load without touching my cock just before he exploded deep into my arse.

I was now very much a member of the magic beach club and went on to have many more erotic experiences.

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