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More Than A Band (The End)

The Conclusion of our Band Hunks... I hope everyone enjoyed the mini-series... Thank You
This was it. Cliff, the keyboardist/lead singer of our band, the dangerously serious bad boy type, was going to make me, Keith AKA Sir Clumsy, his. My heart has always been owned by Cliff, even if he didn't know. There's just this aura of protection and safety that he exhibited, that I was attracted to from the very start.

The band consisted of Cliff and his half brother, the cheerful and gaint of a man, John, and Kyle the cutie who curses his child like features. I wasn't exactly an eyesore, its just that I get very nervous around people, and start knocking things down. Even though i'm a mess of a guy, he more than accepted my feelings. He proved it, by giving me, the best blowjob of my life. He had his excessively lubed up erection right at the entrance of my bum hole. He looked so beautiful and hot. I was finally going to be made his.

"Keith, are you ready?" his melodious voice asked huskily and washed over my senses. I nodded hesitantly. I've wanted him for far too long that I was a bit scared. Nothing could have prepared me for the pain that I felt as his bulbous shiny head sank into me with a pop.

"Omg! Wait,... Cliff... no more... Hurts," I pleaded between gasps. The more he slowly entered me, the more the pain subsided and transformed into scorching pleasure. I couldn't help but moan out, how hot, how big, and how good, he made me feel. I was so helpless to the pleasure that I didn't even know I was gripping so hard to the sheets, until I saw my white knuckles.

"No more? Your body doesn't agree," he grunted out with his face flushed. "Your ass seems to have iron grip on me, it feels so good, that I don't want to move."

His whispers spread through my body. "Ah, mmmm," Moans escaped my lips, and my hips started moving on their own. I felt his dick jolt inside me, and heard Cliff's literal growl sending vibrations into my bones. He then chuckled as he started moving to my rhythm. My neglected cock had leaked a pool of precum right where it rested, solid as a rock. I let my hands tugged at it, as it sent thrills through and through my body. "Ah! Cliff!! More.. " My body was deserted in the middle of this mind shattering sensation.

My legs wrapped around Cliff as he began speeding up his thrusts. My cries and whimpers, were almost drowned by our pants and our ascent to ecstasy. My eyes travel down to his lightly sweat cover body. I was so fixated with this one tear of sweat that was gliding down his collarbone and reached up licking it. "Fuck! Flushed face, sweat trickling down your body, fevered skin, and you're whimpering for my stiff cock...," he said as he gently pushed me flat on my back and bringing both my legs on top of his shoulders. He held me there, and had me feeling his pulsating member, making me moan more 'Ahs' and 'mmm' as he tweaked my nipples. "Who knew you could be so alluring? So sexy! He squeezed my ass cheeks as he moved slowly in and out of me. My skin flamed as his eyes bore holes into me, turning me on to the extend of blankness. Suddenly, he slammed into me. "We love each other. That means I'm yours alone, and you..." (thrust) "are..." (thrust) "mine." (thrust).

To each thrust, my yelps were lost in the room. It felt so unbelievably good and moved to tears. "OOh! Yes! Right there!!,... only to you Cliff. I belong to you." I moaned out somehow, but I do remember looking at him in the eye and saying, "So please, do me. I'm at my limit."

He chuckled, and paused his slow cruel and torture of my body. "As you wish," he answered as cool as only he is able to.

It was as if his body had hit overdrive and he begun ravishing me. He thrusted into me as fast as his body could go. To every thrust I felt his cock head hit against a sweet spot that I didn't even know exist. "Cliff!! THERE!" Right on command Cliff positioned himself by gripping unto the head board with one hand and the other on my dick. His hand felt so rough and insanely overwhelming. My body arched into his hand involuntarily. His eyes met mines.

We were fighting to reach that release and we started moving into a matched rhythm. To every thrust, I answered it with my own welled up passion. I cried out his name, as he grunted and shoved deeper into me, plowing my tight little hole. He felt him hitting my sweet spot over and over again. My pole was so hard that it was purple with the blood that's suppose to have gone to my brain. "CLIIFF!!!" My body tightened, and my senses heightened in such a way that I felt every throb of Cliff's beast, up my bum. "Faster!! Please!" My urgent call reached up to him and carried my plea out, just the way I wanted. His hand had stop jerking me off but it felt just as delicious with him moving in me.

He kept hitting that spot again and again. I felt that familiar feeling inside my stomach and that tightening in my nuts. "Shit!! I'M CUMMING!!" Hot dick juice spurted out of my pee slit and spattering both on my chest and Cliff's chest. Cliff's grip, had his nail sinking into me and I cried out as another sudden wave of cum spew out of me. I heard Cliff gave another hot growl and felt his cock twitching as he deposited his own juices into me. His hot cum filled my puckered little hole. My spirit felt as if I had traveled up into space, and landed on earth breathless.

"Amazing," Cliff said huskily as he tried to catch his breath. I couldn't even open my mouth speak. On cumming, I had strained my voice letting my cries control my body. I was very shocked to know that I came without jerking with my dick to the end, like I've seen in videos. "I love you, Keith."

I was infinitely happy with my very dangerous bad boy, Cliff. Hearing he said the 'I love you' had tears running down my face. " I love you more," I whispered weakly and sank into the black hole of a well deserved slept. I felt satisfied and most of all, I felt loved.


I felt something warm and wet on my nipples. I tried to move but my body felt like lead. The memories of the night before flooded my head. My eyes fluttered open and staring amusingly at me,was John. He wore a very playful smile on his face. His tongue was dancing over my budding nipple. 'Ah!' He wasn't kidding when he said he wanted a second round in the morning. The sun was just peeping through the horizon, bursting in brilliant colors.

"Morning Kyle," John whispered, his breath hot on my skin. His tongue leisurely travel down to my belly button and pulled the sheets off of me with his teeth. "Hmm, so this is how you're going to look in the morning," he noted as desire pooled down into my cock. John, tentatively ran his tongue over my pee slit and smirked. "I think, I'm struck.You taste even sweeter in the morning." He sucked me into his mouth and rolled my cock over his tongue. His thumb caressed the tip, while he buried his face between legs to lick my firm balls.

"John,... wa-wait," I muttered. His skill had me squirming on the bed. He was slowly taking away my sense of concentration. He patted my ass cheek, and lifting me up to lick my asshole. Last night, I had felt him buried deep inside me. Just remembering how it felt, made my dick tingle.

In one sudden move, John had lifted me up and had me in a 69 position, on top of him. I was pretty easily lifted due to my 16 year-old features, even though i'm four years older than sixteen, while John was approximately one foot taller than me. "We have exactly 10 minutes before that brother of mine comes and ruin the fun," he sleekly said as he swallowed my growing prick.

I wrapped my small hands around his huge member. My fingers couldn't wrap around it entirely. I brought it to my lips and wiggle my tongue on a spot below the helmet, where I knew felt good to me. I was rewarded with a sharp intake of his breath. He still had me in his mouth, so the intake of breath had him sucking me harder. I push his cock into my mouth and started sucking on it. Every time my tongue would lick up and down his shaft, a bead of precum would appear on the tip of his pole, and I'd lick it off. I tried to suck him deep into my mouth but couldn't get all of him.

My ass was right above his face. He ran a finger from my balls to my awaiting hole. I wanted some thing there so bad. I bucked on his finger as he touched the rim and moaned out. "Ah!! Put it in," I got out with his dick still in my mouth. He spanked and squeezed my ass lightly. My whole body shuddered as his finger pressed into me. "Mmmm, Kyle, you feel so hot inside." His assault on my dick continued, along with him finger-fucking me. I ended up using both my hands to jerk his throbbing member. He was so hard and stiff, and he tasted too good. I just couldn't get enough.

The faster John fingered my bum, the more my body responded. The more I felt myself reaching the end, the faster I jerked John's big weapon. Its head was shiny and slippery with precum and my hands ran easily up and down him. He started thrusting into my hands moaning. He gripped my dick firmly and started jerking me off in hyper speed. "John,... too fast.You're gonna make me..."

"Go ahead, love, because I'm right behind you. I can't hold it any more," he said urgently. In hearing that, my head sank down on and I started sucking as much as I could. Sucking and gulping sound filled the room with John's grunts and panting. "FFUUUCKK!!! Yes!! I'm cumming!" Almost immediately, his hot spunk shot into my mouth and down my throat. I choked on the amount cum filling my senses and in my face.

It was so hot and sticky. He tasted soo good. My senses were on overload. I felt John add another finger and thrust it far into me. I exploded like a champagne bottle when the top gets removed. My cream had all been caught by his mouth. My scream of scalding release, was like symphony to my ears. My body arched and asshole contracted around John's big fingers. He then proceeded to continued sucking me completely dry and swallowing it. My body kept on twitching for a couple of seconds as I rode the last wave of our hot passion.


Every one was in the lobby waiting on Cliff and Keith. "I can't believe we're the early ones. We could have still be having fun," John fussed and pulled at the belt of my jeans meaningfully. Luckily, no one saw. "What do you say? Wanna accompany me to the bathroom?" he asked whispering into my ear.

"For what? Aren't you old enough to handle your pee-pee by yourself?" I retorted. How can he asked that?

"Yea, but I preffer a certain some one to hold it for me. I'll play the handicap and you, my seductive nurse," he said in his mischievous playful manner, but under the tone used, I knew he was quiet serious. The thought of me in a nurse costume, turned me on.

"Pervert," I hissed back at him, for spoiling my mind with images of me, cross-dressing.

The elevator had dinged and out came Cliff and Keith. Instantly, I knew something had went down last night with them. What Keith didn't know was that he was the type of guy, who exudes pheromones, and right now, it was at full blast. His face was flushed and he had on this dazed, sated look. "Well, look who's up," I piped up.

"Morning. Sorry for being late," Cliff answered in a rare good mood. "We didn't get much sleep."

"No way! You two finally did it, huh?" John asked. I saw Keith's face glow red as he looked away pretending to check on the bags. John probably noticed the same pheromone thing or it was a lucky guess.

"You're the one to talk. You're sporting some nightly effects on your neck," Cliff shot back noticing the hickeys on John's neck. Oops.

They started bickering like they always do. I looked at them and realized, how we know each other so good. We were so close. It surprised me how close we've gotten, that we understood each others thoughts without even prying and more now that we embraced each others feelings. Some people might think that this only spells disaster. For now, we'll see how this partnership goes. Cliff and Keith. John and I. We were now connected to one another in a strange sorta way. One thing is for sure, we were more than a band.

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Thank You for reading More Than A Band and I hope you all enjoyed it.

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