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More Than Just A Band (The Continuation)

The Other Side of the band.
The thing about being in a band is that you get a lot of attention. When I say that you get a lot of attention, I do mean A LOT. Cliff, the lead singer was the best mate a guy, like me, could have. I was hopelessly clumsy. Though he'd be harsh about me not knowing my left foot from my right, he was not a bad guy. Our bassist, Kyle was intimidated by Cliff and so were guys from other bands that we've came across. Cliff and our drummer, John were half brothers.

It was funny to me how different they were. John was careless and very carefree. Plainly put, he was the disorganized type. Cliff was the orderly type. He had everything down to schedule, time, date and such. He was the dangerous type. Sarcasm was his motto. Sometimes I'd asked myself 'why am I attracted to him?' He had that unmistakable air of authority and dominator and I was too shy to say anything.

That night we had just performed and were at the bar taking some drinks. "Oh great, the female parade arrives," he warned as group of girls surrounded us. They were giggling softly and were starting to ask a lot of questions that groupies usually do. I hid behind Cliff as I usually did. He could handle the fan girls. If I wasn't careful, I'd be eaten alive.

"You guys are like, so hot! Are you single?" a blonde girl asked Cliff. She seemed like the pack leader. A curly haired brunette followed by asking me, "Keith you were tots amazing! Every time you play, you're in like a zone and your green eyes shine from above the stage." Being the type of person I am, I blushed orange. Compliments were sort of awkward for me, and my only defense was to blush. If it wasn't for the dark lightening of the club, they would've noticed.

"Thank you ladies, and if you must know, yes I am single," Cliff said noticing my discomfort. Ah, it seemed that he was going to give them the same story that he'd been giving every fan girl since our tour. "But my heart already belongs to some one else."

There was an 'Aawww' in unison from the group of girls. They were always smitten by the romantic story he narrated. For me, it got me in a little defensive mood. Some one was lucky enough to have him, not only him, but his heart. That was a feight in a whole. I scolded myself for being self-centered. He had the right to love any one he wanted. It wasn't as if I'd have the balls to come out and confess my love to him like in one of those romantic comedies. Then again, I wasn't sure if he was telling the truth. He looked serious enough for it to be true or it could be just a story to get the fan girls from, all but rape him in public. Damn his awful handsomely sleek, sexy self.

"That's sooo sweet. How lucky can they be?" a red head asked curiously.

"You can say that, but as for the person, they don't know," he said with a wry smile and winked. Clifford the charmingly dangerous lead singer.At least that's what he showed to our female fan base.

"How about you Keith, are you single?" a pink hair girl asked, looking at me with glittering eyes.

I choked on my drink and spilled some. 'Way to go' I said to myself. "I ... um... Well, uh, same here. Loving but unloved... so yea." You're pathetic, I said scolded myself. Why couldn't I be as smooth as the other guys or Cliff. He seemed to have every one eating from his hands. So controlled and composed.

"If she doesn't love you, you can always come back here. I love you!" says another girl with red streaks in her spiky hair smiling sinisterly. 'Oh great, and opportunist,' I said to myself while taking a long swing from my beer. I felt embarrassed and utterly flustered. "I'll keep that in mind."

"Well, ladies, it's been lovely to speak to you beautiful females, but we're on a schedule. Gotta go on the road soon tomorrow," Cliff says saving me once again from awkward silence.

There were disappointed and Cliff promised that he'll come back and play for them some time after the tour. On our way to the hotel, I was wondering if I should ask him if the story was real or not. It was not like me to want to ask anything straight forward and I didn't how to get it out.

"Just got a text from Kyle. John's been drinking. Again," Cliff said.

"Should we go look for him and help out Kyle?" I asked to take my mind off the bothering question.

"Naw, if any one can handle John it'll be little elfin Kyle," he said with some hidden meaning. "Let's hope that those girls don't rape them on the way back."

I chuckled lightly, as the taxi paused at a red light. "Not if he gives them the same story you gave them," I said nonchalantly.

He didn't answer right away so I waited and looked at him. He was looking out his window and sighed lightly, "Who said that it was just a story?" My suspicion was solved. He was in love with some one. My hopes, rather ridiculous as they were, shattered in me. "Besides,I'm not that person's type. I just can't help it though, because that individual is exactly my type. So timid, and shy."

I looked away, and just uttered, "Oh, she must be lucky.Good for her." I felt him stare at me, and it seemed like he was going to say some thing, but then we had reached the hotel.


We reached the room and ordered wine. The time it had taken for the wine to reach, Cliff and I had already taken our shower. The pretty waitress girl blushed bright red, when seeing Cliff walking around in his Calvin Clain briefs. The material hugged his sexy butt, and outlined his thick package. The girl eyed me and I blushed red on Cliff's behalf.

When the waiter girl left, I said, "You nearly gave that girl a heart-attack. You can't be walking around semi-naked."

"Pshh, it's called 'room service' amigo. They should be use to this shit. I bet she's seen worst," he said pouring himself a glass and handing me one. His pale skin seemed to shine with the lighting of the room. To me, he seemed to brightened the room with his presence.

"Keith," Cliff seemed to want to want to ask something. I was reading a Manga (Japanese comic book) which Cliff didn't understand. I wasn't paying attention to the tone of his voice due to the distraction of the book.

"Sup?" I asked flipping pages and trying to ignore the allure of his scent. "What did you mean when you said 'good for her' inside the taxi?" he asked swirling his wine in the cup.

My mind quickly took on panic mode. "Um... n-nothing. Why d-do you ask?"

He was staring at me with those damn hypnotic silver eyes and for the life of me, I fought not to be caught in them. I willed myself not to show any signs of nervousness while turning the page. He drained his cup of wine and placed it somewhere out of the corner of my eyes, then dragged the Manga out of my hand.

"Dammit Keith, you know I hate it when you lie to me. At least try to be good at it." 

I hate the fact that he could see through me like glass. I sighed, and said, "Look, whoever it is, will be lucky to have you. You're um ... a r-really nice guy deep inside, only few uh... p-people would notice it though. I, ... just... w-wouldn't want you, um... getting hurt." Yea, real smooth Keith, I told myself wryly.

He stared at me for a moment, and almost suddenly, his hand snaked around my head to bring me in for a breath taking kiss. His lips were and soft at the same time. My heart accelerated like a car put in park, while having some one stomping on the gas pedal all out. My head started spinning and my mind was screaming 'hallelujah.' Cliff pulled back and his eyes glittered with an emotion that I didn't recognize.

"W-Why d-did you do that?" I didn't have to look in the mirror to see my red face. To know that I was blushing like a maniac.

"You are such a dum-dum," he laughed genuinely. "And you look hopelessly adorable when you blush like a tomato." I was busted. "Don't mock me," I said weakly. Damn him!

I knew Keith and I've never seen this side of him. He seemed so carefree, instead of his usual sarcastic control-freak self. "How long have you felt this way for me Keitho? And don't you say that you don't feel anything. I could and still can hear your heart hammering away," he asked playing in my hair. He never called me by my nickname, but when he did, I had always melt inside.

His eyes were intent on mines. I couldn't look away. I sighed, giving up on the fight against his allure. "Ever since I met you. I don't know what you saw in me. You stood up for me when I was bullied in High School and you recruited me to be part of your band. I'd be super pissed when a girl would cheat on you. I'd be heart broken when some one else would be with you. When all I have ever wanted, was to be with you." I paused wondering if I should continue. To hell with it, I decided and proceeded, " Don't get me wrong, I'm not gay or anything. I'm attracted to you, but you just happen to be a guy." Cliff then clinked me in the head, "Dafuq is your problem? You wanted me to confess right?"

I rubbed the spot where he had stung me. "That was because you didn't have the balls to tell me this before," he said pushing me on my back on my bed and taking off my shirt. My mind was not registering what was happening. I was in too much of a shock.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't go up to my guy best friend and confessed Shakespearian love to him?" his tongue flicked over my weak spot under my jaw.

"Love?" My entire body tensed. Panic modem instantaneously. I was slowly being drawn into him. "I love you too, Keitho. I don't mean brotherly love either, I mean this," and he proceeded to give me a bone melting kiss. His tongue darting into my mouth at my gasp, and doing a teasing dance with my timid one.

I broke his kiss. I needed to. "Don't fuck with me Clifford. This is not a joke."

He stared at me dead serious. "I'd never joke about things like this and I have the rest of the night to show you how much I love you," he finished, paralyzing me with his spoken promise.

In one quick movement, my night shirt and pants were on the ground. He ran his hands all over my chest and tweaked at my small nipples. I was in complete control of him and his magic hands. The way he used them both so differently. They traveled downward, and I was surprised at how hard I was. His hand felt soft and warm on my harden member. He had a deliciously firm grip of me as he slowly and excruciatingly stroke my 8 inch cock. It made it even more hotter knowing that he was the first guy to touch me there.

Moans escaped from me. It felt so good. He was doing wonders with his tongue as he licked and sucked at my nipples. He grazed his teeth on my side, causing goose bumps on my flesh. I had to steady my breathing, his hands were working on me. Nothing was more potent than when he swirled his tongue over the tip of my cock head. "Cliff!"

"Mmmmm.... Keith, you taste soo sweet," I blushed, and close my eyes surrendering to his touch. "Aaaahh.," I moaned out loud to the feeling of him deep-throating me. I love the feeling of his throat contracting around my erect prick. He moaned as my dick hit the back of his throat. I felt the vibrations of his moan, and did the said. He bobbed up and down on my pole. Spit glistering all of his hands and slipping into my ass.

"Keith, I want you to look at me," he whispered seductively.

I blushed bright red. "Cliff, I ... it's... well..."

"I want to see the pleasure in eyes," he said using his spit to lubricate his entrance.

I rose myself on my elbows and did as he asked. I watched as his delicate lips surrounded my cock and he swallowed. "Fuck!" I heard myself exclaim and the flustered helpless look wouldn't leave my face. I knew due to the laughter and pleasure I saw in his steely eyes. He was skilful. My body arching up to meet every thrust of his finger. I was reaching the edge and just by looking at him stroking me with his mouth and fingering my virgin ass. I couldn't contain it. The sight before me was unbearable.

"Cliff, I-I'm going to cum," I warned weakly. I saw eagerness in his eyes and he sucked me faster and entering a second finger in my ass. "Fuck! Cliff!!!" My body shock with a massive orgasm, that had me almost screaming. The sight of Cliff pumping my stick and milking my cock with his mouth had me cumming even harder. After shooting my last cum into his mouth, he looked me dead in the eye and swallowed it. He didn't stop the show there, he proceeded to lick off his fingers like he'd just have the most delicious lollipop.

"You look incredible when you cum Keith, and I'll make you mine, " he said with a dangerous hunger in his eyes. "Don't worry, I'll be gentle."

He crawled up my body, and I noticed his thick harden package. It looked dangerous. 'Is that really going into me?' I was seriously nervous. Judging from what I was seeing it wasat least 2 inches longer, than my own.

"I'm yours Cliff. I... I love you," I said, finally letting go off my insecurities. Cliff was mine to have now, whatever happens after this, well... I'll just deal with it when the time comes, with his help. But at that moment, and the hunger in his eyes, I knew it was going to be a long night.

To be Continued....

Author's Note:

Only one more Chapter to go. Hope you guys like these two band characters and thank you for all the comment on my first story. Hope you guys like this second installment of More Than Just a Band

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