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Moving Day IV: The Man of the House

The men of the house show themselves.
It was just getting dark. The day certainly wasn't over yet. Almost as soon as Amelia and I had finished our rather lengthy encounter, we were beset by a knocking on the door. Half asleep in her arms, I was a little surprised when she called out to the door, “Come in, why don't you? It's your house, Cyrus.”

The door opened and a familiar tall figure entered. Giggling a little bit, I waved and said, “Hey, Cyrus.”

He replied, “Hey. You got moved in fast.”

“I travel light,” I reminded him, allowing my head to sink back into my new friend's lap.

“The two of you look very comfortable.”

“We are,” one of us said.

“We don't want to move,” added the other.

Cyrus laughed a little and said, “That's no problem, as long as I can take a shower. Electra and I came home early because while we were dancing, we met a lad we fancied quite well, and we all need to get cleaned up before the night continues, if you catch my meaning.”

“Don't have to catch it when you throw it right at us like that,” Amelia jabbed.

“I guess not,” he said, “Come on in, Rian.”

Enter Rian. He had sandy, strawberry gold curls on a slight frame. Slight, but not scrawny. His musculature was limited but very well toned. It was easy to tell because he wasn't wearing a shirt. First he kissed Cyrus, full and hard on the mouth. The kiss lasted for seconds. Long enough to get Cyrus' wet shirt over his head and onto the floor.

When they separated, both dropped their pants and stripped themselves of all remaining garments. I wanted to jump up and go for it, but I didn't want to interfere with their evening, so I stayed there silently with my partner. We sat on the floor of the shower and touching each other harmlessly while we watched the two sculptures of human figures finish disrobing before us.

I had seen Cyrus' dick before, but that monster really doesn't ever lose its splendor. I'm not exactly sure how big it is soft, maybe five or six inches, but hard, it's a full ten. Smooth and uncut it contrasted Guy's. Rian was quite pretty himself, and once he revealed his already hard cock I smiled and licked my lips. Rian was only about six inches, maybe a little more, maybe a little less. He was very average in length and girth. He and Cyrus both were completely unabashed regarding their audience, and we were nearly salivating at the display in front of us now.

The two men were kissing again and we looked on gently caressing and biting each other, but our eyes never left the performance. Cyrus' hand slipped down from the side of Rian's pectoralis minor and and made for his hard shaft. As his hand wrapped around it, and I watched them, their difference in stature reminded me of Odysseus and the Cyclops. Cyrus fearsomely loomed over the young, hard man beneath him, who stood his ground well. Vigorously, they kissed, showing us tongue and tooth and claw.

Hand in hand, we looked on as though they were the entertainment at an underground club. The dim, warm light of the lamps helped that imagery along. They wrestled before us, enjoying every second of attention, but wanting only each other.

From outside, a low roll of thunder approached from the far horizon. I watched the two men wrestling in each other's grasp intently. Suddenly, Rian dropped to his knees and looked over to us before he struck forward with his mouth as a cobra might to take Cyrus' massive cock into his not so huge mouth.

At first, all he was able to take was the head, which alone filled up his mouth. As he warmed up and relaxed, however, he was able to start sucking. Rian's delicate curls bounced in the waves of water breaking across him from two directions. Slowly, he was able to take more and more of the long, wide shaft, eventually building a rhythm.

Cyrus moaned loudly in his resonant, masculine voice. A flash of lightning through the windows, and seconds later another clap of thunder.

“Enjoying the show?” he asked me.

“Absolutely. Enjoying yourselves?”

“Absolutely,” Cyrus said.

Rian's voice was muffled by a large penis, but I gathered that he meant he was indeed.

“Where's Electra?”

“She took the other car. Wanted to stop for some supplies, in case the storm gets bad,” Cyrus said.

“And you guys are starting without her?”

“Just getting cleaned up.”

“Funny how that looks suspiciously like getting your cock sucked by an attractive young man.”

“Funny, I know, oh fuck, Rian!” Cyrus interrupted himself.

Rian had started fucking his throat against Cyrus' huge rod. He slid his head forward and back over the gorgeous tool, and even stuck his tongue out. That boy is excellent at sucking cock. He didn't even need hands anymore, so he moved one behind Cyrus balls and applied gentle pressure, while the other, he used on himself.

As his nimble fingers pressed into Cyrus, his others wrapped firmly around his own shaft and started stroking. Really, I think it might better have been described as tugging or pulling. It was like he was trying to milk himself all over his companion's feet. I could see his tongue running circles around Cyrus' big cock, and enjoyed watching the deliberation with which he had to breath through his nose as he worked. It was all I could do to resist jumping in, and taking that dick out from his hands, but I knew better than to interrupt men at work.

Instead I watched and allowed them to do as they pleased, enjoying the visual and auditory stimulation. Cyrus was moaning again, louder this time, and longer. He reached out and held Rian's head down, fucking his face while the younger man fingered him.

“Ah, fuck!” he exclaimed, withdrawing from his partner's mouth.

At that moment, the door opened again and a third man entered. Tall, attractive, black hair, darker skin. I didn't recognize him.

The voice attached to the splayed thighs I sat between spoke, “Hey, Nik.”

“Hey,” he said back with a light imperial British accent.

“He's cute,” I whispered.

“I always thought so.”

He noticed me and introduced himself. “Hey. I'm Nikhil.” I introduced myself to him, wondering what he, the only clothed person in the room looks like naked.

“Nice to meet you,” he said, “You're going to be living with us, right?”

“Yep. I'm at the end of the hall now.”

“Well, I'm one door down, if you need anything,” he said, as he began undressing.

“Come to join the party?” I asked him, jokingly.

“No. I have a fourth date tonight, and I just got off from work. Got to get cleaned up,” he smiled as he spoke.

“Alright,” I smiled back at him, “We're just going to keep enjoying the view, if you don't mind.”

“No problem,” he said, as he exposed his cock to us.

It hung from his body, undisturbed by the intense sexuality around him. He was uncircumcised and his shaft had a very smooth surface. Once he stepped into the warm water, he relaxed and stretched from side to side, showing us his magnificent, lithe tone. His taught calves glistening in drops of water would have made me weak if I hadn't been more or less existing as a puddle already.

Staring onward at the three naked men, I couldn't help but giggle a little bit, but I didn't say anything. Rian grinned at me as best he could with a huge cock in his mouth. Hot water and steam dancing over his body, Nikhil was starting to get hard as he lathered his half-soft dick. He thoroughly massaged the organic, vegan, animal friendly soap all over his shaft, and behind, and underneath.

Cyrus leaned back against the wall and bellowed in pleasure. He had set Rian free, who immediately took over his own pace and intensity again. I knew the look on Cyrus' face, and I wondered if Rian was aware of what was coming.

Nikhil had washed himself free of suds now. He was totally visible again, and totally hard. It was long, maybe nine inches, but not really that thick. The twice tapered shaft was wide at the base and flared outward in the middle, even toward the end, but the head was actually quite small under his hood of skin and the shaft quite narrow at its narrowest.

Looking down at his very clean cock in his hand, he said, “Well damn. Guess I have to get off, now. Don't want to be awkward.”

“Well no, you couldn't have that,” I laughed.

Nik started jerking his long cock and gasped, perhaps not expecting the slickness of the remaining soap. He smiled and groaned while he worked with closed eyes. Gripping tightly, he used one hand to stroke it hard and reasonably fast, while he held his balls with the other.

The other boys were going at each other pretty hard now. Both were standing and jacking the other off while they kissed. Cyrus' familiar growl told me that it was time, and I centered all my focus on the head of his enormous rod. Rian obviously figured it out too, and took his own cock from Cyrus and pressed them together, both jerking as they looked down. They kissed each other's chests and necks as they worked.

Moments into this, Cyrus screamed and started cumming. There are two things you can count on from one of his orgasms. No matter what, you know it's going to be an easy, huge, hot load, and you know it won't take long to get another one from him.

Fountains of hot white jizz flew out of the massive head of it. He shook as his young paramour stroked both of them together. Six full eruptions shot across Rian's belly, and his, the smaller cock was completely coated in the overspill oozing from Cyrus. Rian was not finished yet, though you'd never know it by looking at his cum-dripping shaft.

As Cyrus dropped to the floor for a moment of quiet recovery, Rian started jacking off over him, massaging himself with his partner's cum. Apparently, the visual of this whole proceeding had been enough to get Nikhil close to the edge, who was now supporting himself by sort of half leaning, and half sitting against the wall.

One hand flying over his dick and the other with two fingers buried in his ass, he closed his eyes and started to emit a sound that incorporated a sort of a high pitched whine with a low, rhythmic growling. There were teeth on my neck again, and that was good. I bit my lip and looked on.

Soon, Nikhil yelled “Fuck!” as he stroked himself for his benefit, as well as ours.

Rian reached over with clean hands and started massaging his finger on Nikhil's asshole. If he hadn't been headed out on a date, I bet he would have let the hard little stud fuck him right then and there. Every moment that passed brought him closer to the edge. He was breathing hard now. Labored, fast breaths heaved forcefully through his gritted teeth.

The finger pressing his asshole now penetrated him, and he reacted by arching forward, and closing himself tightly on Rian. His flared, curvy cock moved so quickly now it blurred, and in a second, he was cumming. As it pulsed and throbbed in his hand, Nikhil's shaft erupted several arcs of beautiful white ejaculate across the shower floor, partially landing on my feet and legs. His cum was warm and sticky, clinging to my skin in lines and cables.

“Fuck, fuck fuck! Oh, that was good!” he yelled, his accent surfacing more completely again.

Several lines of cum lay across me, and I couldn't help it anymore, I had to get back in on things. I made to get up when the door opened, and another figure entered.

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