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Mr Hanson's Underwear

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a young guys obsession with his neighbour
I’m sure my parents thought they were doing the right thing. I’m sure they thought that if they removed me from temptation by moving us out to the suburbs, they’d somehow “cure” me. Or maybe they just thought it would be easier to keep tabs on me out there. At any rate, after they found out what I had been doing, it wasn’t long before they had rented a suburban home in a “nice” neighbourhood and enrolled me in a new school out in the middle of nowhere.

What I had been doing was having sex. A lot of sex. And most of it had been with three different older guys who lived in our apartment building in the city. Jake was an accountant who lived with his new wife in apartment 4C. Murray lived with and looked after his elderly mother in 6b and old Mr Adams lived alone in 3a. I really had had a good thing going there. I’d usually meet up with them in the laundry room, then we’d sneak into one of the maintenance rooms in the basement. They all knew I was doing the others, and none of them had any problem with it. They knew I was eighteen and I was horny all the time, so they never had to worry about me not being in the mood when they were. Murray had actually set me up with Mr. Adams, because he knew the old guy was lonely and needed a boy’s wet mouth and tight hole every now and then.

But snoopy old Mrs Jenkins put an end to all of that. She had noticed how I’d always show up in the laundry room with no laundry to do and then one of my friends would come by, also without any laundry. She eventually followed us to the maintenance room and then spilled her guts to my parents about what she saw. After we moved, I not only felt bad for myself, but also for Jake, Murray and especially Mr. Adams. I hoped they found another boy to take care of them soon.

And of course, I was going crazy out in the suburbs without any of my men to have sex with. None of the guys at my new school seemed interested, and neither did the teachers. Maybe they were just scared. At any rate, I found myself masturbating and fantasizing a lot more. One of the men I fantasized about was Mr Hanson. He lived across the street from our new house. He looked kind of geeky when he was dressed to go to work, but soon after we moved in, I saw him washing his car in the driveway, wearing only a pair of running shorts. He was short, stocky and muscular, and even before his shorts got wet, I could tell he had a really big dick.

I was watching him through one of our front windows, and I was home alone. Mom and Dad had gone shopping. I snaked my hand down into my pants and started squeezing my stiffening cock as I watched him. He kind of reminded me a little bit of Jake, and I thought about all the hot sex I had had with him back in the city and how nice it would be if he was there to fuck my ass hole while I played with my dick. I could feel my balls tightening up, and before I knew it, I had shot a load in my shorts. It had splashed up all over my hand, and as I watched Mr Hanson finish washing his car, I licked the spunk off of my fingers.

I became kind of obsessed with Mr Hanson after that. I really wanted to get close to him, to feel his hard chest and arm muscles, and to pull his pants down and get a good look at his big dick. He was almost all I thought about for months.

The school year finally ended, and I was home alone during the summer most days. Mom had taken a part time job at a florist at the local mall, and Dad was still commuting into the city for work. I watched Mr Hanson leave for work every day around 8:30, then stayed in my room all morning masturbating and daydreaming about him. Then one day I got an idea. I wondered if I would be able to sneak into Mr. Hanson’s house while he was at work. I just wanted to have

a look around and see what he was like. I waited about half an hour after he left for work one morning then walked across the street. I was pretty sure no one saw me. It had been warm, but not too hot the past week. Sure enough, he had left his bedroom window open a little bit. It wasn’t any trouble to push it open far enough so that I could crawl through.

I poked around in his house for a little bit, looking at the furniture, the books in his bookcase, the dirty dishes in the sink and the food he had in his refrigerator, before I went into the bathroom. My cock was already getting kind of hard, just from being in his house. When I saw his clothes hamper, my dick sprang to full erection. I opened the hamper, and started looking for his underwear. I found several pairs of briefs and a jockstrap. They were all stained in the crotch and kind of stretched out where he had put his big cock and balls. I brought them up to my face and sniffed. A tangy combination of sweat, piss and what may have been a little bit of cum filled my nostrils. This is what his crotch must smell like, I thought. I took another deep sniff before I pulled off my shirt and shorts and sat down on the bathroom floor in my own briefs. My cock was rock hard and starting to leak. I pulled it out of my briefs and started gently stroking it while I inhaled more and more of Mr Hanson’s delicious scent.

I was lost in the world of his crotch. I moved from one pair of briefs to his jockstrap. The pouch was stretched out and kind of stiff. I wondered if he had blown a load in it. The thought really got me worked up, and I let out a moan. I wished he was still in it and was rubbing the rough pouch over my face before pulling it aside and pushing his cock down my sucking throat. I put the jock aside and moved onto another pair of his briefs. They were soft and silky, and I was just starting to wonder what they would feel like rubbing against my bare ass cheeks when I heard the floor creak behind me.

I turned around, and there was Mr Hanson in the doorway. He was stripped down to just his underwear, and he grabbed me by the throat. I was so startled, a jet of piss flew out of my hard cock and splattered on the floor.

“Goddamnit! Who the fuck are you, and what the fuck are you doing in my house, pissing on the fucking bathroom floor?” he shouted.

“Sorry," I yelled, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, You just scared me!”

“What the hell are you doing in my house?” he asked again, still holding onto my neck. His crotch was level with my eyes, and it looked like he was getting hard.

“I live across the street,” I explained. “I’ve been watching you, I just wanted to know more what you were like, so I decided to sneak in while you weren’t home, I wasn’t going to take anything, I just wanted!” I trailed off.

His grip on my neck loosened a little bit. As I sat there surrounded by pairs of his dirty underwear, I saw a wet spot forming on the crotch of his pair he was wearing. He was turned on.

“I was thinking of calling the police,” he said. “But I think maybe we can handle this between the two of us.”

Still holding onto me, he reached down with one hand and pulled his briefs aside. A thick, hard, uncut cock swung into view. It was really Wet at the tip, and he guided it toward my mouth. I opened up automatically and let him slide it inside, stretching my lips around it.

“Good boy,” he said. “You really know what you’re doing, Suck it!”

I started moving my mouth back and forth on his cock, swirling my tongue around the head and working the tip of it beneath his foreskin.

“Oh, fuck!” he said. “Good thing I had to come back here.”

I looked up at him with a questioning look on my face.

“I spilled coffee on my suit in the car, I had to come back to change, I had just undressed when I heard you in here,” he explained. “And I’m glad I did, Your mouth is fucking hot, kid!”

He continued to fuck my face for a while, but just when I was all set for a nice, hot mouthful of his spunk, he pulled out. He leaned back against the side of the tub.

“Whew! You really know how to suck, boy, have you ever been fucked in the ass?” he asked.

“Oh, yeah!” I said.

I guess I sounded really eager, because he picked me right up off the floor and laid me over the edge of the bathtub. Spreading my legs, he straddled the side of the tub and moved in close to my ass. I heard a rip and felt the cool air as he tore the seat out of my briefs. He was going to fuck me through the hole he had torn. The thought of it was so hot, I nearly shot my load against the cool porcelain of the tub.

He grunted as he pulled me back toward him. I felt the hot, wet tip of his uncut cock tap against my butt. He used one of his hands to guide it right against my opening and used his other hand to pull my hips back toward him. I relaxed and felt my butt hole open up to let him inside. He pulled back again and I could feel his foreskin peeling back as the head of his cock popped inside me. The only lube he had used was his pre cum and the sweat from my ass crack, but it didn’t matter, I was so ready to be fucked, he just slid right in.

As he started long-dicking me, I saw his dirty jock on the floor near my left hand. I reached down, picked it up and held it to my nose. Nothing was hotter than having Mr Hanson’s fat dick spreading my ass hole while I inhaled his scent from the jockstrap. He must have seen what I was doing, because he wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me up into a sitting position. Now we were both straddling the side of the bathtub, and I was sitting on his cock. He grabbed the jock from me and wrapped it around my head so that the pouch was right over my nose. I inhaled deeply and bounced on his fat fuckshaft.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you, you little pig,” he growled. “Sniffing my fucking funk while I shove this big cock up your tight hole.”

“Oh, fuck! Yes, sir,” I moaned.

“Yeah, getting your little ass hole fucked while you sniff Daddy’s stink, huh boy?”

By that point I was gone. All I could do was gasp as my hard cock started belching out my cum load. As my ass hole clamped down on his dick, I could feel it start to pulse and throb. He gave a couple of low grunts as he started cumming, seeding my ass with his spunk. I felt his cock starting to soften, and I slowly stood up, letting his warm, wet, cummy cock slide from my hole with a wet squishing sound. He picked up a pair of his dirty briefs off the floor and wiped his spunk off of my ass. Handing them to me, he asked for mine in return. I pulled them off and gave them to him. He held them up to his face and gave them a good, deep sniff.

“Nice,” he laughed. Then he added, “Next time, wait till I’m home, then ring the bell.”

He pulled his jock off my face, then used it to wipe down his softening cock.

“I guess I won’t wash this, Better save it for next time,” he said with a wink.

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