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My best friend surprises me

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I suck my friend off.
I had no idea that I would ever want to suck cock, until it happened unexpectedly.

Ken and I had been friends for a long time; we had been married to sisters at one time. Now I was married to a different woman, and we were living in California.

I still stayed in touch with him, as we were the best of friends.

He was working in Portland, Oregon, and I was working in Southern California at the time.

I had called him up to see what he was doing, and he asked me if I'd like to come up and work on the job he was on, as he was friends with the boss man and there would be no trouble getting on.

As I was out of work at the time, I told him I would talk to the wife and see if she wanted to move up there for awhile, as we were just renting and wouldn't take much to load up and move.

My wife thought it was a great idea, as she didn't like all the traffic in California and as we had lived up in the northwest before thought it would be nice to move back.

We had to give a month's notice to our landlord, so it was decided that I would go up and get settled then come back and get her.

Ken and another guy had a house rented, so there wasn't a problem having a place for me to stay, the only thing was, it was a two bedroom, so I would have to sleep with Ken in his bed. That was no problem as we had known each other for a long time.

I drove up one week-end and started work on Monday morning at the job site near Portland. Randy, Ken's friend, was a likeable guy, so there weren't any problems living there.

It was a good job and fun working with Ken again. We'd stop at a local tavern after work and have a few beers, before heading for home or where they lived.

Ken lived in Washington, so he was driving back and forth every week-end too.

One night when we had gone to bed, I was in my shorts, as I liked to sleep naked, but didn't as I was sharing the bed with Ken. I woke up as he moved against my back side and I could feel his cock, it was kind of rubbing against my butt. He was asleep, or at least I thought he was, and as he moved a little bit, his cock was kind of hard, as I could feel it, and it felt good, and my own cock was beginning to get aroused.

I don't know how, but I felt his hand on my ass, as he moved them rubbing the cheeks of my ass, as he gently slid my shorts down and ran his fingers onto my hole rubbing it, as his finger gently entered it.

I could not believe that it felt so good, and I pushed my ass against his hands, as they slowly moved forward, and I felt his hard cock sliding against my ass. I knew I wanted him to fuck my ass. I was so hot for his cock.

I felt his cock head slowly entering my ass hole, as he gently applied pressure to it and it slid right into my ass, as his hands massaged my balls and my cock which was rock hard by then.

He slowly fucked my ass and jacked my cock at the same time. Oh how good it felt as his cock slid in and out of my ass. He sped up and then he came. I could feel him blowing his load into my ass, and it was running out as he had a big load.

I rolled over as he pulled his cock out of my ass and, reaching out, grabbed his cock in my hands and lowered my mouth till his cock was almost to my mouth. I opened my mouth and slid his cock into my mouth and started sucking him hard again. It was almost like magic, as his cock grew back into a big hard throbbing cock. The taste was very tasty, and I ran my tongue over his head and into his pee hole sucking all of the cum off of it, my hands were playing with his balls, and I felt him shoving his cock into my mouth as he blew another big load down my throat.

I managed to swallow all of it as he came, load after load. He was one horny guy. He told me later that he and his wife weren't fucking any more, so he hadn't had a piece of ass in a long time, and when he felt my ass next to him he couldn't stop himself from fucking me.

Needless to say this happened several more times, while I was up there.

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