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My Bodyguard Lover

After completely removing his underwear, I was astonished to see such a beautiful sight.

Ever since I could remember, I’ve always had a bodyguard. You see, my family is quite high class if you know what I mean? I’ve pretty much been very wealthy since the day I was born. And I’ve had about 5 bodyguards since then. Anyways, my names Chris, I am 18, about 5”7’ and about 150pounds, I am Caucasian with medium brown hair and light greyish blue eyes. I’m not muscular; I just have a nicely toned body from all the sports I play. Since I was 16, my bodyguard has been the same man named Miguel, He was about 22 at the time, but is 24 now. Miguel is approximately 5”9’ to 6” feet in height and I believe 190 pounds. He is of mixed race which is half Spanish and half Italian, giving him dark brown almost black hair, and light hazelnut eyes. I have always respected Miguel because he is quite tall, and nicely toned. His body has a beautiful tan with large biceps and a well developed chest. You could say, he wouldn’t let anyone touch me. Everywhere I go, Miguel follows. I can’t even sleep in a room by myself without him being there, and I’m 18. But hey, I can’t really complain because I am attracted to the man.

One day, when my parents and my younger sister flew off to the Bahamas, I decided to stay home due to the fact that I’ve been there many times before. So obviously, Miguel had no choice but to stay and pretty much babysit me.

One night, I decided to take a late night swim in my outdoor heated pool. Miguel just sat right next to the pool like he usually does. But this time, I asked him to come in. He wasn’t really in the mood, so I pretended to drown so that he would have no choice but to jump in. So that’s what I did, and like you can guess he immediately removed his tightly fitted shirt and unbuckled his belt and removed his jeans, and jumped right in. He knew I was faking it but he dived in anyways. I continued pretending I was passed out until he brought me to the side of the pool. He then opened my mouth, pinched my nose and gave me mouth to mouth. I quickly stopped pretending and wrapped my arms around his neck and continued to kiss him. He pulled away and said

“what do you think you’re doing, you can’t play those kinds of jokes Chris, honestly, you could have died”.

“So you would mind if I died then?” I replied.

“Of course I would, I care about you, I’ve known you for two years now, and I feel like I’m part of your family” he said in a serious tone

“You are part of the family” I answered back.

I then leaned in and kissed him again. Miguel pulled back slowly and said

“I can’t do this, I’d do any for you, but, but not this”

“Please, I want you, I do” I whispered to him

I then put my left hand around his neck and pulled him towards me. I leaned it once again and gave him a soft wet kiss. This time he didn’t move away, but instead put his arms around my waist and continued to massage my lips with his. Then I felt his tongue entering my mouth. So I tried massaging his with mine. I lowered my lips to his neck and began sucking on it. Switching between kissing and sucking, trying to taste every part of his beautiful skin. My eyes began to lower as I could tell from his wet boxer briefs that he was getting hard, so I moved my right hand towards his cock and began caressing it through the damp cloth of his underwear. As his cock began to arise, so did mine. My erection grew and grew. I lowered my lips to his nipples as I continued to massage his cock over his briefs. I began licking and lightly nibbling on his nipples. I also used my left hand to feel his hairless chest. His chest muscles were as hard as my cock was at that moment.  

I then began to lower my head slowly towards his erected cock. I started to pull his boxer briefs of, but he stopped me.

“I think we might be taking this a little too far” he said with a serious look on his face.

“I’m a big boy now remember, you don’t always need to protect me, I already feel safe with you” I assured him, and then gave him a kiss before proceeding to his cock.

After completely removing his underwear, I was astonished to see such a beautiful sight. His cock was about 7 ½ to 8 inches in length, and the girth appeared to be 5 inch. His pubic hair was trimmed to perfection with a few thin stubbles every now and then, just the way I pictured it to be. I was quite surprised to see a circumsized cock from an Italian, even though he was only half Italian.

Anyways, my lips were watering thinking of how it would taste. Because Miguel’s dick was almost completely erect I swiftly opened my lips and began to suck the head of his cut penis while I massaged his balls with my right hand. While rubbing his balls, I extended my middle finger slightly to try to feel his anus. I was able to feel a slightly hairy ass hole, so I continued to dig as deep as my finger could reach. By this time, my mouth was already wrapped around his hard cock. Going in a back and forth motion with my lips, and a twisting motion with my hands every once in a while. I sense his need to cum from the quiet moans and from the movement of his body, so I stopped and directed his attention to my shorts. I began to loosen the laces and took his hands and placed them on my crotch.  

He knew exactly what I wanted. He knew that I wanted his strong hands grabbing my 6 inch cut cock. I didn’t get a chance to trim, but it seemed like he didn’t mind one bit. He quickly grabbed my dick with his right hand and moved it up and down my erection. I loved the texture of his tough rigid hands wanking at my stick. I wanted his hot Latino mouth around my fully erected penis, so I put my hands on his head and eased him towards my waist. He easily lowered himself and opened his mouth onto my penis. Immediately I gave off the loudest moan I have ever made. I couldn’t even make myself make such a loud cry. I enjoyed the sight of his soft velvety lips move up and down on my hair cock. I quickly began feeling a tension that I was accustomed to. I knew I was about to blow, but I wasn’t completely satisfied yet, so I pulled his mouth off my head and said.

“I don’t wanna cum yet. I want you to fuck me first. I want you to bang me hard”

“I don’t know if we should go any further than this. Your parents trust me” He answered regretfully

“I’m sure that they would want you to do anything to please me, don’t you think?” I asked

“Would this make you happy? Would me fucking you put a smile on your face?” he asked

“Yea, it would. Having you make love to me would make me the happiest person in the world” I replied

“Ok, fine, I’ll do it. But I want you to tell me if I’m hurting you alright? I mean if you can’t take any more. I don't wanna push you too far. Lets just take it easy ok?” he said

“No worries, I want all of you inside my ass. All of you” I answered back

He didn’t say anything else. Instead, he helped lean me over and started to relax me. I turned my head slightly to see what he was doing. I saw him spit in his palms and rub it in my hole. He then spit again and rubbed it on his cock. I turned my head back the other way and stared of into the distance. I could feel the tip of his cock on my crack. At first there was a lot of tension in my hole. It seemed quite difficult for him to enter. So he said.

“Relax ok? The more relaxed you are, the less painful it will be. You should feel a painful sensation first, but it should ease up and start feeling good after awhile”

“Ok, I trust you Miguel. I’m ready, do it” I said

I then started to feel my hole opening more and more. He was right, it did hurt.

“Is it all in yet?” I asked him quietly

“Not even close, just relax” he answered back.

I braced myself and relaxed my ass. After a gruelling minute or two, I could tell he was in because I could feel his balls touch my ass cheeks and the slight poking of his pubes. He started off very slow, trying to make it less painful for me. He went in and out about 4 or 5 times till I told him to go faster. So he did. His speed continued to increase until he began pushing and humping me faster and harder. I could hear the sound of his testicles slap against my ass. He must have been quite tired because I could hear his breathe getting more shallow and quicker. He let out louder and louder moans, but so did I. The sensation of having a long, thick, and hard cock in my ass was amazing. Nothing I’ve ever imagined it to be.

After a couple of minutes of doggystyle, he helped turn me over. My upper half was lying on deck while the lower half was submerged partially in water where Miguel was. He spread my legs and bent them slightly as he crept in closer. He kneeled in towards me continued to shove his cock in my ass from the front. He told me the position was missionary. I loved it because I was able to wrap my legs above his ass while watching him, watching me, fucking me. I could see my dick bouncing in all directions. Faster, faster, harder and harder he went. I knew I was ready to blow and he told me he was as well. So I pulled him on top of me with my legs bent to the air while his chest pressed against mine. He continued to fuck me with the same intense pressure as he was.

“Common, I want you to cum, I want you to cum” I whispered into his ear.

“Im gonna gonna goooonnaaaaahh aghhh hhhh.....” he muttered

I could feel warm moisture in my ass hole, so I knew he came. He was left in a paralyzing state for a few minutes so I knew he had a good orgasm. I continued on jerking myself for awhile while Miguel pulled himself out of me. He grabbed my still hard cock with his right hand, gave a few pulls, and I blew right in his face. I then sat up pulled him closer and began licking the cum from his face. I never cared that much for my own cum, but it tasted a whole lot sweeter licking it from his face. I paused for a minute then led my mouth towards his cock again because I knew there was still some cum on it. The taste of his cum was like candy to a kid. I loved it more than my own.

After lying by the pool for a bit, we took a quick rinse in the shower by the pool and dried off. Miguel carried me to my room onto my bad while he headed for his bed on the other side of the room. But instead, I grabbed his arm and pulled him in. I gave him a kiss and said

“Stay with me. Please? There’s enough space on this bed for two”

“Are you sure? I thought you like having this bed to yourself?” he replied

“That’s just because I never found anyone I loved enough to share my bed with me. Until now” I answered.

So he slowly sat by the bed and laid right next to me.

“Why are you so far?” I asked

“You want me to come closer?” he asked

“I want you to hold me” I replied

He leaned in closer and I rested my head on his chest while he held me with his right arm. He was shirtless and only wearing a dry pair of black boxer briefs. I was shirtless as well and only wearing a pair of dry white briefs.  

“How’s that?” he asked

“A lot better” I answered

“Good. I’ll make sure no one touches you tonight” he whispered quietly

“You’re the only I want to touch me” I whispered back

“Anything you ask, I’ll be willing to do” He whispered quietly into my ear as he kissed it.

And both of us fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Story to be continued...well, if you guys want more that is.


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