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My Boss' Hyperspermia Feeds My Hunger for Cum

My high school friend has hyperspermia and I develop a hunger for his cum and my boss' cum.
I was a pretty normal boy growing up in a small town near Birmingham, Alabama, and I had a large group of friends who were very involved in sports. We were in little league and pee wee football together, and continued to play together through middle school and high school. My best friend was Alan, and our families lived close together from the time we were in the first grade. This story describes my experiences with Alan in high school, and the affect that those events had on me later in my life.

My name is Ed, and my group of friends turned 16 years old during the summer before our junior year. I was lucky enough to get a car from my parents, and I had a part time job since I was obligated to pay for the insurance and the cost to maintain and operate it. I enjoyed my new-found freedom, and my friends helped me pay for gas and some of the other expenses since I had them with me in the car so much.

Most of us had girlfriends by then, and I would often take Alan and sometimes one other of my friends on dates with the girls, and we were starting to enjoy sex with the girls. But on many Saturday nights we would load the car with five or six guys and buy beer, since Alan looked older and had a fake ID. Then we’d head to an old barn on an abandoned farm to drink and goof around for the evening.

On most nights at the old barn we’d have three or four beers each, and then start talking and kidding around about having sex with our girlfriends. I’m sure that most of them were lying about their exploits to some extent. This often led to bragging about cock size and how much cum they’d shoot. Since we were all so competitive, we usually ended up having a circle jerk to see who could cum the fastest and shoot the most.

My dick was the smallest of all of my friends, and I was only about four inches long and thin. Most of them were a good size, at six and a half to seven inches and thick. But Alan was not only almost eight inches long and very thick, but he also had the biggest and lowest hanging balls.

I can remember feeling very conflicted about seeing their cocks. On one hand I liked girls and pussy more than anything, but I also enjoyed seeing my friend’s cocks and the loads of cum they sprayed, and even the aroma of their semen. I tried not to get caught staring at them, but they would sometimes tease me about being much too interested in their cocks. One thing I noticed was that Alan always seemed to shoot the most cum, and he always shot nine or 10 streams of thick, white semen and sperm while the others and I had what looked like normal little squirts.

As we continued going out to the barn and jerking off, I started to notice that Alan’s loads were getting more voluminous as the weeks and months passed. By the time we started our senior year all of the guys were watching his huge ejaculations and teasing him about it. By then he was shooting 15 to 20 strong and sustained streams of cum. For me though it wasn’t a teasing matter. I was strongly attracted to his spewing cock, and realized that I was secretly fantasizing about sucking him and drinking his semen. Since Alan and I were closer than the others, he would often confide in me that his balls would become painful if he didn’t ejaculate at least once a day.

Later in life I thought back on Alan’s unusually large ejaculations and did a little research. I learned that he likely had a medical condition called hyperspermia that less than three percent of males experience. The average male ejaculation is between two and five milliliters, or an average of less than a teaspoon. But someone with hyperspermia can produce as much as 50 milliliters (over three tablespoons) or more in a single orgasm of as many as 30 pulses. They can also have multiple ejaculations that size in a single sexual session.

One Friday night just Alan and I went out with our dates, and ended up taking the girls home early since they had a cheerleading competition the next day. It was only 10:00 pm so we bought some beer and just the two of us went out to the barn to drink. The talk turned to sex as usual and when we dropped our pants to masturbate, I couldn’t help staring at his big cock and balls. He seemed to be amused watching me watching him for a few minutes, and then he shook his cock at me with his hand and said, “Damn Ed, if you are going to look at it like that, you might as well suck it for me buddy. My balls are starting to ache, and I could sure use some help here.”

I smiled at him and said, “To tell you the truth Alan, I probably wouldn’t mind trying it. But you need to suck me too. I can’t do it on my own and have you telling the guys about it. So what do you say, can we try it together? We can do it in a 69 like when we eat out the girls.”

Alan didn’t look that happy about sucking my dick, but he thought about it for a minute and said, “Okay, I guess we can try it, but I need to be on top. I would feel a little gay if you were on top me.”

I got a blanket out of the car and laid it on some hay that was strewn about the floor. My pants were already down so I lay on my back, as Alan approached me with his cock and balls swinging between his legs. He got over me on his knees and pressed his huge cock head to my lips, while moving his mouth close to my dick. I opened wide as he pressed his huge cock into my mouth. I loved the texture of the skin on his vein-covered cock and the taste of his precum, and I could feel his big, hairy balls pressing against my forehead. I started sucking his thick meat as he swiveled his hips to fuck my mouth, and he also tentatively took my dick into his mouth.

He was then actively fucking my mouth, but he wasn’t actually sucking me. He just held my small dick in his mouth as he fucked me, and then he started moaning as he pulled his mouth off my dick and said, “I’m sorry buddy, but I’m not into sucking cock like you seem to be. But I want you to finish me off since I’m getting so close and really need to cum. I won’t tell anyone about this and you don’t ever have to do again if you don’t want to.”

I liked the feeling of Alan being on top of me and using my mouth like a cunt, and was comfortable in my more-submissive role as his cock sucker. I didn’t think I was gay, but maybe bisexual since I still liked pussy more than anything, and there was no romantic attraction. He was then fucking me with quick strokes, but after just a couple of more minutes I could feel that big vein-like tube on the bottom of his shaft start to throb on my tongue as he pulled back a little and said, “Oh fuck, here it comes Ed, you’d better swallow fast buddy.”

I kept sucking his cock as it jerked wildly, immediately filling my mouth with his thick cum. The taste was amazing and I swallowed continually as he filled my mouth again and again with his huge, thick load. His cock kept throbbing and spewing his semen and sperm for what seemed like over a minute. As the ejaculation subsided I realized that I had wrapped my arms around his hips and ass to hold him in place as he inseminated me, and I loved being used by him.

His cock had softened to about six inches, but was still thick, and I continued to nurse his meat as the final cum oozed out of his cock and into my mouth. I knew then that I would suck Alan’s cock whenever he desired, and I loved the taste and thick texture of his huge cum load. He finally rolled off to the side, with me still sucking his soft cock, and said, “Fuck man, that was great. I had no idea that you were a cock sucker and especially that you would eagerly swallow my juice. The girls can’t begin to handle it like you did, and aren’t nearly as hungry for it either. Tell me how you are feeling about this Ed. Will you want to do it again? I loved the feeling of having my best friend swallowing my fuck juice like that.”

I was a little embarrassed at being so willing to be used by Alan like that, but at the same time I loved the feeling of being under him and taking his load. I just smiled at him and said, “Man, I don’t know what got into me. This was my first cock to suck, but I really enjoyed sucking you and swallowing your cum. Fuck, you shot so many streams of cum into me that it almost felt like you were pissing or something. I’ll suck you again right now in a few minutes, and any other time if you want me to.”

Following that first night sucking Alan, when I did end up sucking him off again, we looked for every opportunity to be alone for me to suck his cock. He told me that I was helping to control the pain in his balls, and he really liked the way I so eagerly and passionately sucked him, and seemed to savor his cock milk. One night when he was sleeping over at my house we used a measuring cup to determine the size of his first ejaculation of the night, and it was almost 70 milliliters, or a little less than one-third of a cup. He looked like he was going to throw up when I brought the cup of his warm semen and sperm to my mouth and drank it down in front of him.

Alan was soon feeding me his cock and cum once or more times every day, and it was getting harder and harder to make up excuses not to be with our group of friends like we had before. So I sometimes sucked him before school or even in the bathroom at school when he couldn’t wait due to the pain in his balls. Then one night when all of us were at the barn and drunk, I lost control when I saw Alan’s hard cock and got on my knees to suck him. The other guys were laughing and calling me names, and I ended up sucking all of them off that night, and every other time I was alone with any of them. I did enjoy sucking my other friends, but their comparatively small cum loads were always disappointing to me after being used to Alan’s massive ejaculations.

I continued sucking my friends off until the end of the summer after our high school graduation, and Alan’s loads seemed to get bigger and bigger. But sadly, we all went our separate ways to college, and I immediately ended my habit of sucking cocks and swallowing cum. After college, I married my wife of 30 years, Beth, and we are now 52 years old with our two children out of college and married.

My sex life with Beth was good until recently when she lost all interest in sex. I had not thought about my high school experiences sucking cock since I started college, but with Beth’s diminished sex drive I began thinking about sex of any kind. That’s when I thought about the old times with Alan and his unusually large cum loads, and did the research that I described earlier.

I was getting aroused at the possibility of finding another Alan in my life, but I knew that only a small percentage of men were afflicted with hyperspermia. And the more I thought back on those high school days, the more I realized that even though I enjoyed everything about sucking cocks and balls, it was the big cum loads that attracted me the most. There was just something so arousing about taking large volumes of semen and sperm from another man’s cock and being submissive to him. Then I found out that someone close to me could satisfy my hunger for cum.

I am a civil engineer and Engineering Director for a national highway and bridge construction company. I am in the office about half of the time, but also spend weeks at a time in the field on our major projects. My boss’ name is Frank, and he is the V.P. of Operations. Frank is only 45 years old and a rising star in the company, and he spends a lot of time in the field, making sure that the most important projects go smoothly.

Many of the guys in our office work out in the company gym, and I had seen Frank’s cock many times in the showers and not thought too much about it. His cock is uncircumcised and looks to be about six inches long and very thick when he’s soft, and based on my experience with Alan I guessed that he is probably eight inches long when hard. He also has unusually large balls, so all in all he reminded me a lot of Alan except that Alan’s cock was circumcised.

It just so happened that Frank and I were both scheduled for a two week trip at one of our largest projects, and we were there to get the project started on the right path. This was a highway and bridge project in a rural area, so we were staying at an inexpensive motel that was a half hour from the job. We each had our own room and we had our meals at a local Denny’s, which was the best restaurant in the area. Our accommodations and the basic meals weren’t a problem since we were working long hours at the job site.

The construction office is a modular building with offices for the foremen and engineers, and Frank and I set up shop in the conference room. The structure also has men’s and women’s restrooms, and the men’s restroom has a toilet stall with a door and a urinal, along with the sink. We usually worked until 7:00 pm, and I noticed that Frank went into the restroom at about 6:30 pm every day, and stayed in there for around 15 minutes. The timing and length of time in there seemed a little unusual to me, so on the fourth day I went in to use the urinal when he was still in there, before our drive back to the motel.

The door to the toilet stall was closed so I stepped up to the urinal to piss. I heard Frank in the stall, and it sounded like a kind of skin on skin slapping sound that I recognized as him jacking off. He must not have been too concerned about someone being in there since he soon moaned, and I heard what sounded like streams of piss pulsing into the toilet. But I knew that it couldn’t be piss the way it was rhythmic and stopped and started. I immediately assumed that he was jacking off, and my suspicions were confirmed when I smelled the aroma of his semen.

I quickly finished pissing and left before he came out of the stall, and nothing was said about it by either one of us, but I was almost certain that he was jerking off and that he had an unusually large cum load. The next day I followed Frank into the restroom again, and stood quietly at the urinal waiting for him to start his routine. When I heard the tell tale sign of him masturbating again, I quickly finished pissing and listened closely.

When I heard him moaning and thought that he was starting to cum, I peeked through the crack in the stall door. Frank must have heard or sensed that someone was looking at him, and he partially turned his head and body to see who was behind him. Just then I saw stream after stream of thick, white cum shooting out of his cock and into the toilet. I watched him as he continued to spasm, and when I looked up I saw him looking back, and he had to have seen my face. I quickly left the restroom, hoping that he might not know it was me who was watching him ejaculate.

I tried to look busy with the drawings on the drafting table, and Frank didn’t say anything when he came out of the restroom. He did look a little rattled and embarrassed, and I tried to stay away from him until we left the office. We were both quiet on the drive back towards the restaurant, but before we got there Frank stopped at a little country bar. As he pulled up in front he said, “I don’t know about you Ed, but I could sure use a beer about now.”

The bar was nearly empty, and we got a table in the corner. We drank, ate some bar food, and talked about work, and by the third beer we were both feeling pretty mellow. That’s when Frank spoke up and said, “This is pretty embarrassing to talk about Ed, but I’m pretty sure that it was you who saw me in the restroom this afternoon, and I’m sure that you have a pretty good idea of what I was doing. The fact is that I have a medical condition that causes me to have huge ejaculations, and my testicles get very sore and painful if I don’t get some relief at least a couple of times a day. You probably don’t believe me, but that is why I have been going into the bathroom each day before we leave work. But back to you, it did seem a little strange that you were watching me like that.”

I was so happy that he admitted his condition to me, and I was excited at what I thought was at least the potential to suck his cock and swallow his big cum loads. So I tried to make him feel more comfortable about opening up to me and also reveal a little of my past by saying, “No Frank, I definitely believe you. My best friend in high school had the same condition, and he told me the same thing about his balls hurting. I actually helped him out with it when I could. Sorry that I was spying on you like that, but the sounds you were making reminded me of something in my past.”

Frank cocked his head and looked at me quizzically for a moment before he responded, “Well that sounds pretty interesting Ed. In my case, my wife and I fuck at least once every day when I’m home, and I still have to masturbate every now and then. And on these road trips, I usually jerk off twice a day. I’d rather find a woman in a bar to fuck, but that’s hard to do in these rural locations. But I’m curious now. Just what did you do to help your friend out?”

This was the point of no return for me, and I knew that if I told him about sucking Alan and the other guys that he would have one of two reactions. Either he would think that I was some kind of sick pervert, and it would adversely affect my status at work, or, he might be excited about it and want to use me to suck his cock. So I decided to take a kind of middle ground, and tell him that it was something that was clearly in my past, without admitting just yet that my hunger for semen and sperm had been recently reawakened. If he was interested in using me that way, I wanted it to be his idea and his suggestion.

I spent the next half hour telling Frank the juicy details of my experiences with Alan and my other friends in high school, and how it happened that I sucked him to completion that first time. He showed a lot of interest when I talked about how I sucked Alan at least once almost every day from that first time until we went our separate ways to college. Then I said, “I hope you don’t think less of me for what I told you. But I couldn’t seem to help myself after I got that first big load from Alan, and my hunger for his juices was very strong. But I soon quit thinking about it when we moved apart, and I haven’t done anything like that since.”

Frank looked like he was struggling to come up with a response to my very revealing admissions, but I guessed that it would be a good reaction towards me because I saw him rubbing his crotch as I was talking. He took a minute to think about it and then said, “Wow Ed, that’s quite a story. It’s amazing how you could quit sucking Alan cold turkey after being so hungry for the fuck juice he was giving you. Have you ever missed it and thought about trying it again?”

That question from Frank was all I needed to confirm that he would be receptive to me sucking him, so I answered, “It’s been over 30 years since I’ve done anything like that or even thought about it. I guess my sexual desires were being satisfied by an active sex life with Beth. But in the last several months she has been reluctant to give up her pussy to me, and I found myself thinking back on those old times in high school. But I don’t have desires for men in any kind of romantic or huggy, kissy way. In some ways, to me sex is just sex, and I somehow derived great pleasure in providing sexual gratification to my friends. I was rewarded by being able to taste their cocks and balls, and to taste and swallow their semen and sperm, and especially Alan’s big loads.”

We had been talking long enough and the conversation was stimulating enough that most of our wooziness from the beer had worn off. Frank had a more serious look on his face as he leaned in closer to me and said in a low voice, “Ed, I don’t want you to have to just think about it. It sounds like our individual needs are compatible, and if you have any desire at all to relive those experiences, then I’d sure like to take advantage of it. I’d love to have you drain my balls each day, both before and after work, and even more if you’re willing. I can ejaculate four times a day and still have big cum loads each time, if you’re that hungry for it. And I’d much rather have you sucking me off than me rubbing my cock raw masturbating.”

It was then clear that we were on the same page, but I still didn’t want to seem too eager to suck his cock. In my mind it was better to have him trying to convince me to suck him to some extent. So I replied, “Okay Frank, this is a little embarrassing for me, but we can go back to the motel and try it to see if I still get the same thrill from doing it. And if it’s good for both of us, we can go from there.”

We stayed and talked at the bar for a little longer to make sure that Frank was sober enough to drive, and we arrived back at the motel in his room at about 10:00 pm. It was a little uncomfortable looking at each other trying to decide how we would start, and finally Frank said, “Okay Ed, I’m just going to get undressed and lay on the bed, and you can get started when we’re ready. Just tell me what position you’d like me to be in.”

I remembered from sucking Alan and my friends in high school that it can be uncomfortable lying between his legs and having to tilt my head back to suck his cock, and especially his balls. So I said, “Maybe you could lie on your side, with your bottom leg bent and slightly in front of you, and the top leg bent and spread wide, with your foot resting on the bed. I think that will give me better access to you. Then I’ll lie on my side kind of diagonal to you and rest my head on your thigh.”

Frank quickly undressed and lay on the bed as I suggested, and this was my first good look at his big cock. He was almost hard and looked to be between eight and nine inches long. His foreskin was just covering his big cock head, and it was already oozing with precum. He has bulging veins all over the shaft, and his cock is even thicker than I remember Alan’s being. His balls are big and hairy, and as I laid my head on his thigh, I got the musky aroma of his sweaty crotch after being at work all day.

I gently sucked one of his testicles and scrotum into my mouth, remembering that Frank said his balls were sometimes sore. I sucked him that way for a few minutes, alternating from testicle to testicle, and I knew that he enjoyed it. He shifted his crotch in a fucking motion and lowered his other leg against my head, and he had me trapped between his legs as I sucked and licked his balls. I was getting turned on from just sucking his testicles, and I reached my top arm over his hip and ass to hold him more firmly in place, and to let him know that I was enjoying sucking him, probably as much as he was enjoying being sucked.

He was softly moaning and was almost panting when he said, “Aahhhh, oohhhh fuck, that feels so good Ed, and no one, not even my wife, has ever done it like that for me. But you need to suck on my cock now buddy.”

I shifted my position a little so I could more easily suck his cock, and I just loved the taste and texture of his foreskin and cock head as I took him into my mouth. It seemed like only yesterday when I was sucking Alan, and I began sucking Frank with no hesitation. I quickly got about seven inches of his thick cock in my mouth, and I was actively sucking him and not just moving back and forth. I could feel his ample foreskin sliding back and forth as I sucked him, and he soon reached down to hold my head in place as he started pivoting his hips and fucking my mouth. At that point he said, “Oh yeessss, you’re sucking my cock like you’re making love to it man. Keep that up and you’ll soon be getting that juice you like so much.”

It only took a few more minutes sucking him, and he was pushing the head of his cock into my throat. That additional tightness must have taken him over the edge, because he soon held my head more firmly on his cock as he pulled back just a little, and his cock started to throb and pulse. The streams of cum were much more forceful and plentiful than I ever remembered with Alan, and his cum was very thick and a little bitter, probably due to the spicy food we had for lunch, and the beer and greasy food at the bar. I knew enough to keep swallowing, but even at that I chocked a little as he continued ejaculating for what seemed like over a minute. Sometimes cum can taste bland, and I liked the slight bitterness because it made what I was doing seem even nastier.

His main contractions finally ended, and I kept sucking his softening cock as it continued to ooze more of his tasty seed. When I couldn’t taste any more of his semen, I pulled off of his cock, and forced my head back to suck his balls again. They were hanging farther down his thigh, and I nuzzled and rubbed my face on his scrotum as I alternated sucking his balls. I was so aroused from having sucked his cock and balls, and especially since I was able to swallow his huge load of cum, that I even pulled myself down a little and sucked his thick and long perineum.

I could tell that Frank was unsure of what I was doing, but when he felt my tongue and lips down there between his balls and ass, he curled his leg around my shoulder and head to hold me in place there. But after a few minutes sucking him down there, I was feeling a little weary and needed to relax for a few minutes. So I pulled away and laid back on a pillow, but not that close to Frank. He looked very relaxed from all that I had done to him, and when I looked at the clock by the bed, I realized that I had been sucking him for almost an hour.

Frank was quiet and had his eyes closed for a few minutes, and then he said, “Ed, you don’t need to do anything else to convince me that you really love sucking cock and balls and swallowing semen. My wife will sometimes suck me, but she always pulls away when I start shooting. I just loved the way you kept swallowing and sucking for more and even milked the last of it from me. And buddy, I’ve never had my balls worshiped like that, and nobody has ever gotten down behind my balls and almost sucked my ass. If this was just your first time after over 30 years, I can hardly wait for what you’ll do next.”

I didn’t intend to stay in his room all night, but we were both exhausted and fell asleep on his bed. The next thing I knew it was 5:30 am and his alarm clock was going off. He looked over at me and said, “Come on Ed, give me another suck job before we get ready for work. But we don’t have much time, so just focus on making me cum quickly.”

Frank was more aggressive this morning, and he straddled my chest with his legs and held onto the headboard for balance as he pressed his oozing, big cock into my mouth. I could feel his big balls hanging against and slapping my chin and throat as he fucked my mouth. It only took him a few minutes to release another huge load of cum into my mouth. I missed being able to suck his balls, but I loved the feeling of his cock in my mouth and the taste and consistency of his thick and plentiful semen. Despite my previous experiences in high school, it was hard to believe that Frank could cum that much after having filled me with his semen just hours earlier.

The time at work was interesting that day, and our new familiarity made Frank react differently to me than before I sucked him. He still treated me courteously, but I could tell that he was taking a more-dominant posture with me, and probably thinking of me as his submissive cock sucker. At lunch time when the other men left the office for lunch, Frank took me into the restroom stall, and I sat on the seat while he fed me my third big load of his semen in less than 24 hours. And as much as I liked his cum, I was also enjoying the act of sucking his cock and balls, and knew that I would suck other men, even if they didn’t shoot as much cum as Frank.

We left work at about 7:00 pm that day, and had a quick dinner before returning to Frank’s room at about 8:15 pm. I was looking forward to being able to leisurely suck him again, and hopefully spend quality time on his balls and perineum. But before we got started, I had another idea and said, “Frank, now that I’ve sucked you three times, I’d like to see how much cum you shoot. I know it’s a lot, but I’d like to measure at least one load. So maybe I can suck you in the chair before we get into bed, and when you are about to cum, I will pull your cock out of my mouth and let you shoot into a glass. I just have to see what you’ve been feeding me.”

Frank was agreeable to my suggestion, and I put the glass on the table as he sat in the chair, and I got on my knees to suck him. His cock was almost hard, and I loved the feeling of it pushing into my mouth. He lightly held the sides of my head as he rocked back and forth in my mouth, and it only took him a few minutes to get close to orgasm. He was fucking even faster into my mouth when he pulled back and said, “You better pull it out now and get the glass ready. Just jack it into the glass for me.”

I pulled off of him and held the glass under his cock head, and I continued stroking him with my other hand. It only took a few strokes before he moaned and his cock started shooting thick streams of cum into the glass. It was arousing being able to see his semen pulsing into the glass as his cock continued to throb, and after the ejaculation subsided, I squeezed the remaining cum from his cock.

This was an eight ounce glass, and it wasn’t quite half full. So I’m guessing that his ejaculation was about 80 milliliters, or one third cup. I swirled it around in the glass and was fascinated with the white, translucent, and opaque appearance. I was also enjoying the distinctive odor. It was arousing seeing the volume and consistency of his ejaculate, knowing that it was previously shooting into my mouth, and it just made me hungrier for it. I offered the glass to Frank to hold and he didn’t want any part of it. Then I smiled at him and held the glass to my lips. I slowly poured his cum into my mouth and swished it around and savored it as I swallowed it all down.

Frank had a disgusted look on his face as he said, “Damn Ed, I haven’t seen my cum in a container like that since the doctor tested me years ago. It’s amazing to me that you are so hungry for my cock juice, and I know that I could never taste and swallow it like that. But I guess it takes all kinds, and I’m just happy that you like it so much.”

We then went over to the bed and lay in the same position as the previous night, and I leisurely sucked his testicles. I was really starting to feel subservient, and wanted to try a new position. So I moved around on my back with my head at the top of the bed. I asked him to straddle my head with his legs, facing my feet, and that brought his low-hanging balls right to my mouth. I held his hips as I sucked his balls for a few minutes and then slid a little farther back and sucked his bulging perineum, which pressed my nose right in his ass. He was squirming and moving on me and said, “Oh fuck that feels great Ed. Just keep sucking me there.”

After saying that he moved forward slightly, and my mouth was then sucking his puckered asshole. Fortunately he was just sweaty, but otherwise clean down there, and I tongued and sucked his asshole, which was a new experience for me. He pressed harder down on me and pinned my face in his ass, and I was struggling to catch an occasional breath. I continued sucking him that way for a long time, and he finally lifted off of me and said, “I just knew you would suck my ass after you didn’t hesitate to suck my perineum last night. You’re a nasty fucker, but I just love it. But I’m ready to have my cock sucked again right now, so assume the position cock sucker.”

It had only been an hour since he shot his load in the glass for me to eat, but he was ready again. I sucked him for a much longer time before he ejaculated the second time of the evening, and his load was almost as big as the first one.

We then fell into a routine for the last week of our trip. I sucked him off in the mornings before we left for work, and then again at lunch. But my favorite times were the evenings when I could spend quality time sucking his balls and ass. He was sometimes up for a fourth sucking around midnight, and I was getting all of the cock, balls and cum that I could handle. I estimated that I was swallowing about a cup of his semen and sperm every day, and it was all the more pleasurable after seeing his cum in the glass.

When we returned home, he was able to fuck his wife at night, but I always sucked him off before work and at lunch in the executive restroom which we could lock and have privacy. I missed the longer sessions where I could spend a lot of time sucking his balls and ass, and he made sure that we traveled together as often as possible so I could worship his genitals like we did on that first trip when I sucked him.

He eventually told three of the other executives about my passion for cock and cum, and I began to suck them in the executive restroom when they needed some relief. None of them produced as much semen as Frank, but they had decent loads and I enjoyed the variety of cocks and balls that I was sucking. I was traveling more than ever, because those four men always wanted me on the road with them. But nobody could satisfy my thirst for cum the way Frank did.

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