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My College Roommate

I arrived at my university in Colorado in late August for my freshmen year of college. Orientation and classes were starting and I was eager to meet my roommate. Lee had been on campus all summer prior to me arriving. He was a Linebacker on the football team and was also a true freshman like me.

Lee was up early each morning and very busy each day but had time to help me with orientation, building locations, and introducing me to other guys on the football team. He seemed like a great roommate. We spent the evenings getting to know one another, telling stories, having a few beers, eating, and watching movies in our room. All regular college roommate stuff for guys.

The weather was warm the first few weeks of school and the dorms did not have air conditioning. We had to open the windows and rely on the evening breeze to cool the room down at night. Lee and the whole football team had two days off from their practice schedule the first week of class to focus on academics. That was perfect timing so we could get to know one another even better. Lee had helped me with campus orientation and I found out that I could help him another way…

We went to the student recreation center together to shoot some baskets and stopped off at the varsity football weight room where Lee gave me a tour of an area off limits to most students. It was still warm outside and we really never cooled down from our workout until we arrived back at the dorm room. Lee started to strip down out of his sweaty gym clothes and I took off my gym shirt and put on a clean dry t-shirt. This was the first time I really got to see what an amazing body Lee had.

Lee stripped down to his jock strap in about 5 seconds and grabbed a clean towel to put around his waist before sitting on the couch in our dorm room. His body was incredible. Muscles everywhere and he was ripped with almost no body fat; typical body style for college linebackers that you see on TV on Saturday. Lee was naturally hairless. The only hair I could detect was on his head and tight little patches of hair in his armpits. His smooth black skin glistened with sweat has he cooled down on our sofa. I wasn’t ashamed of my body however, I definitely noticed the package inside his jock strap just as he wrapped that towel around his waist and felt that he must have a thick cock inside that pouch.

Lee went to the football training table for dinner and I met him in the room that evening for a study session. After reading our chapters and checking emails we watched a movie on TV then got ready for bed. I slept in mesh basketball shorts and thought that Lee did too however, I saw him kick off his shorts after he got into bed across the room from me. When his shorts hit the floor I knew he was nude. My mind quickly recalled that beautiful package packed away in his tight jock strap from earlier that day. Lee turned out his light to get some rest before his busy day of classes, weight lifting, practice, and study time, not to mention eating and socializing.

It was warm again that night and we had the windows open as usual. The moonlight was shining into our room and it was directly illuminating Lee’s body as he slept peacefully in our tiny dorm room. Our beds were pretty close to each other so I could hear Lee turn over and mumble in his sleep. This night he made some new noises in his sleep. Lee sounded like he was gently moaning. The moaning sounded like he was having a pleasurable dream. My eyes opened in the middle of the night and I saw something I will never forget. Lee had kicked off his sheet and I saw his whole body, head to toe, in the moonlight as he slept on his back. His smooth hairless skin looked even better in this setting. I saw his arms were up over his head exposing his armpits in a relaxed position. I could see his thick black penis and tight patch of trimmed pubic hair at the base of his cock. A gentle breeze blew into the window across his black skin. Lee was getting an erection; he must be having an erotic dream and the breeze was tantalizing the skin on his cock enhancing what ever was happening in the dream. His penis grew thick and proud up into his belly. I could tell he wasn’t circumcised as the head was covered in foreskin.

The foreskin over his cock head was peeling back on its own as he got even harder and I could see a few drops of pre cum forming at the tip of his proud organ. The light accented his six-pack abs, up his torso and across his big smooth chest. The copious pre cum was dripping down to his belly in a thin bead. His breathing became deeper as his lips separated and let out a deep silent sigh of relief. His cock twitched then pulsed just as a thick volley of cum shot up into his neck and chest. Another volley of cum went over his shoulder into his pillow. The third volley of cum splashed his belly while the rest of the white cum oozed out into his belly button and ran down his side towards the sheets. That was the biggest cum shot I’ve ever seen to this day. Thick lines of white cum puddled along his black skin from his neck down to his belly as he lay asleep next to me. The scene played out in slow motion over and over in my mind. I got up with a raging hard on and went to jerk off in the bathroom spraying my own cum in disbelief of what I had just witnessed.

Lee’s alarm clock went off at the usual time and we both opened our eyes the next morning. Lee reached for the shorts on the floor next to his bed and got up to begin the day. We had a mirror between the dressers outside our bathroom door. I could see the dry semen all over his black skin and was waiting for him to notice too. We sort of both noticed his reflection in the mirror at the same time which began an awkward but interesting short conversation. “…Is that what I think it is…?” said Lee. I was uncomfortable but responded with a “yes” and went into the shower. Lee was gone when I got out of the shower and I did not see him until that evening.

When we got back to the dorm room I couldn’t wait to see where the conversation went. All I could think about all day in class was the visual of Lee having a wet dream and shooting a monster load right in front of me the night before. I walked around campus with an erection all day long. Lee walked into the room and said hello. He wasted no time and apologized for what he thought I saw in the mirror that morning. I openly revealed to him that yes, I saw the result in the morning however, I also witnessed the ejaculation during the night as well. Lee was cool about it and we continued the short talk agreeing that it can happen to any guy and basically laughed about it. We began our study session but my cock was hard again from the conversation and I was hoping to keep talking. After 10 minutes of trying to read my text I just blurted out to Lee that the whole scene turned me on and I masturbated that night right after he shot his load. What an ice breaker!

Right after I admitted to my jack off session following the wet dream Lee asked me to describe what I saw. Lee asked how I felt about seeing him shoot that load and I told him how it turned me on, in a good way. I told Lee all the details about my revelation of how hot I thought the contrast of black skin and white cum made me horny; not to mention all the compliments I paid about his body. I was honest about it all telling Lee how hot his smooth skin, armpits, tight bush, thick uncut cock and foreskin were to me. We both just looked away quietly for a moment when Lee decided to ask a favor of me….

Lee admitted that he was horny all the time and didn’t want to jack off in the showers and have to worry about hiding his masturbation sessions from a roommate. The result was pent up semen and now these wet dreams. I thought Lee would have girls sucking his cock all the time but not so for this football stud. That was my opening and Lee made it easy for us both!

Lee firmly asked if I would service his needs in the privacy of our dorm room. It would help his concentration on and off the field and provide stress relief during the semester. I definitely told him “yes” however, I wanted clarity. No anal sex. Jacking him off and sucking his dick seemed OK to both of us….

No time like the present! I asked Lee to step over to me taking control of this big black football player. I was sitting on the couch while he stood in front of me. I unbuckled Lee’s belt and unzipped his jeans. I tenderly reached into his fly and hauled out his beautiful black penis. I stroked his member for a few moments admiring the action of his foreskin back and forth across his thick head as he got a semi hard on. Lee stripped down naked and we traded places so he could relax on our sofa. I held his growing dick in my hand and nuzzled his neck and shoulder smelling his sexy black skin. I licked his hard nipple and then buried my nose in the tiny patches of hair in his armpit closest to me. From my kneeling position on the floor I gently kissed my way down his pecs, torso, abs, belly button, past his crotch and finished the route by kissing his tightening ball sack. I started my way back up by licking his shaft from base to head and repeated this alternating kissing and licking his smooth black shaft.

This all seemed very natural to me and Lee was enjoying it. I skinned back his dick to reveal the proud head and licked off the bead of pre cum at the tip. I was ready to suck my first cock. I told Lee to relax and cum into my mouth whenever he was ready. My lips pursed around his cock head while my tongue swirled the underside. I focused on just the head until he got fully hard. I had trouble getting all of him into my mouth but gave it everything I had going down the shaft as far as I could. My lips drew his foreskin up and over the head and back down the shaft several times. The firm but fleshy softness of his thick penis was now rock hard and twitching in my mouth. Pulling off of his cock I admired how the shaft was rock hard and the head remained fleshy and glistening with my saliva. I popped the head back into my mouth while I massaged his smooth black muscular belly with my free hand. Lee raised his hips up into the air, his cock pulsed and the shaft filled with cum. I felt the head expand and twitch as the first warm glob of cum shot onto my waiting tongue. I did not let his head out of my mouth and stayed with it as all the cum leaked from his member. We got past that sensitive post-ejaculation point with Lee still inside my mouth. We both enjoyed the moment as he became soft and flaccid in my warm mouth.

We continued as roommates as there was more to cum…

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