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My First But Not My Last

Connor hadn't intended on hooking up with anyone at the beach, but then he saw Jake.
It was my brother's idea to head to the beach for the day. Something I wouldn't have agreed to normally. I hated the beach. Too hot, too sandy and too damn boring. I would've been happier holed up in my room, fucking around on my computer, but he'd insisted, saying I needed to get out of the house. Apparently, my period of moping around after being dumped by my girlfriend, Amy, was over. Nothing like getting right back out there.

"Andrew, do I have to do this?" I said. "I'd rather stay home."

"I know you'd rather stay home," replied Andrew. "And that's exactly why the guys and I are taking you to the beach."

I rolled my eyes in resignation.

"Hey, Connor," my brother's friend, Matt, shouted as he banged on the outside of my bedroom window.

Fucking goon couldn't even use a door.

I flipped him the finger and pointed to the door. Yeah, at twenty two, I'm mature like that; learnt from the best. My brother, Andrew, is four years older than me, chronologically, but mentally, him and his buddies are stuck somewhere in their teenaged years. Me… I'm not far behind.

"Are we ready to go?" asked Matt as he ruffled my hair. Fuck that pissed me off when he did that. I wasn't a fucking kid anymore. Yes, I was currently sharing an apartment with my brother, completely rent free, including food, but I was between jobs. It happens to the best of us; me just a little more than others. Being a bartender in a resort town, where tourists ebbed and flowed with the seasons, didn't exactly guarantee steady employment.

I smacked Matt's hand away.

"Fuck off, Matt," I said.

"Oh… the princess is touchy this morning," Matt teased, dancing around behind me.

They'd never let me forget it. I was only five years old at the time, but they'd dressed me up in one of my sister's princess costumes, tiara and all, and taken me door to door, to dance for the neighbours. I hadn't thought anything of it at the time. I was a little kid; a little kid that desperately wanted to please his big brother. When our mom had come home from work and found out, she'd completely freaked out and grounded Andrew for a week. It was then that I'd realized my brother and his friends had been making fun of me. I'd never fully trusted Andrew again after that.

"Where's Gary ?" Andrew asked.

Matt lifted the beach towel off my bed and swung it at my head, almost knocking me over. Yes, today was going to be all shits and giggles. I could see it now.

"He's in the car," Matt replied. "Let's go."

The ride to the beach was predictably noisy, with the stereo blasting obnoxious, top forties crap; far too loud for the cheap, tinny speakers in Gary 's car. But today, I didn't complain; didn't even mind really. I settled into my seat and stared out the window. Amy dumping me had done a real number on me. Not that I'd been in love with her or anything. It's just, we'd known each other since middle school, and I'd just assumed she'd always be there. It felt strange being without her; like an arm was missing or something.

I grunted as a hand clocked the back of my head.

Fucking morons.

"Get out, sleepyhead," Andrew said to me. I hadn't noticed that we'd pulled into the parking lot.

"So, which way to the hot babes?" Matt said, checking up and down the beach. It was still relatively early, so the sand wasn't crowded yet. We had our pick of decent spots.

"What do you think, buddy?" Gary said to me as he scanned the beach. "See anything you like?"

"I don't know," I replied and sighed. "Amy and her friends used to park themselves right here near the showers…"

"For fuck's sake, Connor," Andrew said, shoving me. "Let her go, would you? Amy wasn't right for you. You need to move on."

I dropped my gaze. "I know."

"Let's set up somewhere else," Gary suggested, pointing to where a large group of girls were spreading out their towels. "Over there… before anyone else claims them." He elbowed me roughly. "You don't mind, do you?"

I shrugged my shoulders and slung my towel around my neck. My brother and his friends were hot enough to pull in any girls they wanted, and I mean 'any' girls, but they were complete assholes to even the nicest of them once they'd picked them up. And, miraculously, the girls they ended up with rarely seemed to notice.

I followed along and set up my towel a little distance from theirs. I didn't want to be associated too closely with them.

"You gonna be alright?" Andrew asked as he stood over my outstretched body and dropped a bottle of cold water onto my towel. He crossed his arms. He was actually expecting an answer.

I slid my sunglasses on and rolled over onto my stomach. "Yeah, I'm gonna be just fine. Now, get the fuck out of my sun."

"Fuck you."

I closed my eyes. We'd had our differences over the years, but Andrew had been trying really hard since I lost Amy. The guy might actually have a heart after all. I raised my head, resting my chin on my hands, and smiled over at him. He smiled back at me and gave me the finger. Ah, yes, brotherly love; priceless.

As it turned out, the sun was just what I needed. My tan had taken a serious hit because of my self imposed quarantine, and this felt really good; the smell of tanning lotion and fries transporting me back to simpler times. Growing up in a beach resort meant a lot of time spent on the sand, first with my family, then friends…

I sighed. And then with Amy.

Fucking get over it.

"Hey, your back is burning," a guy's voice stated softly.

I peeled my eyes open to see who'd spoken. My initial view consisted of a pair of extremely tanned bare feet, adorned in those braided friendship bracelets you saw a lot of people wearing.

"I must've fallen asleep," I said as I rolled over onto my back and propped myself up on my elbows. I blinked to clear my vision.

Holy fuck… and yummy.

The guy staring down at me… my age, and seriously hot, in a gorgeous and sultry kind of way. And he looked familiar.

"Do I know you from somewhere?" I asked as I willed my cock to behave itself. Lying stretched out on my back in a pair of flimsy swim shorts; not the best cover.

"Name's Jake." Jake brushed his hand up through his hair and my heart almost stopped. The action had revealed the thick dark patch of hair under his arm, and caused his pecs to flex deliciously.

"I disc jockey over at Crush," Jake continued. "I saw you there the other night." His face lit up with a smile that restarted my sputtering heart and predictably warmed my balls. "You were pretty enthralled with what I was doing up on stage."

I allowed a small gasp of a laugh to escape. Yeah, that's definitely where I'd seen him before. The night Amy had dumped me; before she'd dumped me; we'd gone to Crush, to do some drinking and dancing, and I'd spent most of the night ogling the dj instead; something Amy had brought up, repeatedly, whilst screaming at me in the parking lot afterwards.

But before she'd taken off in her car, Amy had told me she knew, and that she'd probably always known, and that I needed to stop lying to myself. I knew my attraction to guys ran way deep. Far deeper than I'd ever cared to admit to myself. But how do you just stop doing something you've been doing all your life? Pretending to be straight had been eclipsing every other aspect of my life for as long as I could remember.

So how do I stop?

I studied Jake's face watching me… fuck he was hot, and I was single again. I smiled.

Jake is how you stop.

"Yeah, I do a bit of mixing myself." I blushed, embarrassed that I'd even mentioned it, but I needed to say something. "Not anything like what you were doing at the club, of course."

"So, that's what you were staring at?" Jake grinned again. "My mixing board?" He wasn't buying it, and I was glad he wasn't. I let my gaze wander freely over his body, enjoying the way his little fuchsia shorts clung to his sleek thighs and cupped tightly to his cock and balls; the ridge of his cockhead clearly visible…

"Yeah…no," I said and laughed, completely unable to peel my gaze away from Jake's hand as it deliberately swept its way across his smooth, muscular chest, and thumbed a nipple.

I licked my lips.

"Do you want to get out of here?" Jake asked as he caught my attention. "I live in that house right there." He pointed to an estate bordering the beach. "We could get out of the sun."

I nodded silently and sprung to my feet, grabbing my towel to shield the rest of the beach from being subjected to my growing erection. I'd never actually 'been' with a guy before; aside from a few drunken make out sessions; but my nerves didn't appear to be having a detrimental effect on what Jake's hard, gorgeous body was doing to mine. My cock was pulsing against my body, seeking to escape from the mesh prison of my swim shorts.

Fucking hell… what am I going to tell my brother?

"Andrew," I said, tossing a footful of sand at my brother's chest. "I'm going to take off for a while."

"Sure," Andrew said and opened his eyes, his gaze drifting between Jake and myself. "Where you going?"

"Jake here is a dj… he's going to show me his equipment."

A blinding flush rose in my face. I hadn't meant to say it quite like that, but the slip amused my brother immensely.

"His equipment, hey?" Andrew said, smirking.

"Fuck off, Andrew," I replied; wanting to cross my arms in annoyance, but my hard-on wasn't in the mood to wane, so I kept my towel clenched in front of my body instead.

Andrew's face cleared and became serious. "Sorry, but you walked right into that." His gaze raked over Jake and then returned to me. "I'll see you later then." He reached for my leg and brushed his hand along it, lingering at my ankle. "Play safe, alright?" he whispered, staring up at me.

"Yeah, sure…" I replied, mildly confused. My brother had never given me any indication that he knew I liked guys.

Gary snorted in amusement, tucking his hand behind his head, and under his breath, muttered the word, 'finally', sending Matt into a fit of quiet giggles.

Fuck, did everyone know?


"You can throw your towel down over there," Jake said, pointing to one of the stools lining the massive island in the middle of his kitchen. "Can I get you a drink?"

"Yeah, a beer would be great."

I draped my towel over a stool. Jake already knew I was turned on. It was pointless hiding it. The sight of his dj equipment set up in the living room distracted me though.

"Do you live here alone?" I asked as I slid into a chair facing a bank of computer screens and various pieces of midi equipment.

Jake wandered up beside me, set my beer down and brushed his hand back and forth across my bare shoulders. My gut tightened as he stopped and began massaging the muscles of my neck.

"Sort of," Jake replied finally, dropping his hand from my neck. "It's my parents' house, but they're away for six months, so I moved in." The sound of him laughing reverberated through me as he leaned against my shoulder. "Saves on rent and I'm closer to the beach." He sullied his voice. "So I can cruise for hot guys at will."

"Is that a regular thing for you?" I turned enough to look at him.

Jake straightened up and brushed his hand across his mouth.

"What? Cruising for guys?" he replied. "Not really. I was on my way to the corner store and thought I recognized you."

"On your way to the corner store." I crossed my arms, pretending to be put off. "By way of the beach."

"Yeah, I needed… milk, or something."

"Mm… hm." I turned back to face the screens. "So, can you show me a few things on here?"

"Yeah, sure." Jake edged in closer and turned the computer on, setting up a file for me to play with. The skin of his shoulder brushed my cheek and I breathed him in; the scent of his sun warmed body enticing me to lick him all over, starting at the crease of his underarm where the aroma would be deepest.

I inhaled heavily. "Jake?"

"Mm… hm?"

"You smell really good," I said, dismissing the software displaying on the screen.

Jake grinned down at me with a seductively devious glint. "I thought you were interested in my music software."

"Actually, right now, I'm more interested in your hardware." I know… corny, but it seemed appropriate given that Jake's nut sack was now pressed against my elbow and his stiffening cock was riding my forearm.

"I was hoping you'd say that," Jake replied while grinding harder against my arm; his little fuchsia shorts bunching and rolling against my skin, catching the tiny hairs. He surprised me by grasping my elbows firmly and raising me up out of my seat.

"Let's head over to the couch," Jake said as he steered me towards it, and we fell into its cushions with me on top of him. I immediately attacked his mouth. Jake's lips were hot and moist, and hungry. There was no possible way I could get enough of him.

So fucking hot.

I wanted to devour him. I'd been longing to devour a guy like Jake; a guy that could show me what I'd been missing. I dove deeper into his mouth, our tongues sparring for dominance; tasting everything; consuming each other. I groaned in unison with him as our bodies crushed together. It was the most intense kiss I'd ever experienced and the heat being generated by it was suffocating.

Jake's hands were suddenly all over my back, heating my skin further, pulling me closer, kneading my flesh. I surged deeper, pressing Jake against the cushions and grinding my rock hard dick against his stomach. He thrust up against me and ran his hands down my back and into my swim shorts, slipping past the waistband so he could grab at my ass.

I moaned and tipped my ass up further, anxious for his touch. Jake slid a finger down my crease and teased the edge of my hole, massaging it gently. The sensation sent jolts of desperate need shuddering through my body. I ran my hands up into his hair and grasped his face, hauling him to me, grinding harder, and kissing at his neck and throat… wanting more.

Please give me more.

Jake gripped my shoulders and held me at bay.

"Let's see this ass of yours," he said, pushing me to my feet.

My fingers struggled with the ties of my swim shorts, frantic to comply. My only desire at that moment was to please him; to give Jake what he wanted. To let him do whatever he wanted with my body. Finally undoing the ties, I hauled the shorts off, letting them fall to the floor and stepped out of them. My breath caught, sharp, almost in fear, as Jake shoved me roughly towards the couch. I'd been dreaming of this; having some guy handle me hard like this.

I climbed up and kneeled on the cushions; my cock drooling slick pre-cum onto the fabric and hung my chest over the armrest, tilting my ass up to display my hole. I peered over my shoulder as Jake circled around behind me.

"Fuck, that's a hot ass," Jake said as he ran his palms up my thighs and onto my smooth muscular glutes. He kneaded them roughly and landed a light smack on one. I gasped in surprise, but hoped he'd do it again. I kept turning to watch him. It was like watching a hunter eyeing his prey. It made me nervous, but excited. My throbbing cock released a new thread of pre-cum, dripping and pooling onto the cushion beneath me.

"You like it?" I asked, catching his gaze.

"I fucking love it." Jake licked his thumb and traced it around the rim of my hole, pressing just hard enough to make the ache in my balls almost unbearable. I gripped tighter to the armrest as Jake pried my crease open and thrust his tongue into my warm, anxious hole. I groaned, almost to the point of passing out; the tip of Jake's wet tongue was probing deep, and then flicking lightly; his hot breath drifting heavy down the dampening flesh of my thighs.

"You like that?" Jake asked between assaults.

"Fuck… yeah!" I didn't have anything else to add. It just felt so fucking good. I reached back and grasped Jake's hair, hauling him closer. My reward was Jake shoving his tongue so far into my ass that I thought for sure he'd lose it. He backed off and alternated between thrusting and then tasting; grunting happily as he probed and licked at my hole. I was about to reach for my dick when Jake pulled it through my legs from behind. The sensation of him sucking my cockhead into his mouth just about did me in.

I bit into the arm of the couch, trying to temper my reaction.

"Mm… you taste amazing," Jake said and went back to sucking and playing with my cock, and then released it to attack my ass again; his tongue licking wide swaths across my rim, teasing it. And my ass wanted him. It wanted him bad. My cock jumped and tapped my stomach as Jake spat into my hole and massaged his pointer finger just inside, rotating it until I groaned.

"Fuck yeah…" I squirmed, arching my back to tempt him further. I needed him to fuck me. I looked back over my shoulder and caught Jake's gaze and licked my lips.

Jake grinned. "Not yet, baby."

I lowered my head onto my arms. My body was positively vibrating with need. I wasn't in the mood to wait any longer. I needed to feel Jake's dick filling my ass. I peered back at Jake to watch him remove his little swim shorts.


"That's a big dick," I said dumbly, and then blushed.

"Mm…" Jake replied while slapping his meat against his hand. The sound drove every inhabitation right out of me. I turned my body the rest of the way around and took Jake's tight, hot cock into my mouth, savouring everything it had to offer.

I mouthed the head first, licking the slit and tasting the clear fluid of arousal, and then circled my tongue all the way around the ridge. This was my first cock and I wanted to enjoy it. Jake's hand brushed through my hair. "You look so sexy down there."

I gazed up at him as I slid his cock past my lips, stretching my jaw to take it into my mouth. His hips hitched upward and he grabbed a fistful of my hair. I sucked hard as I pulled him back out, and used my hand to pump him. He tasted good. I licked at the head and then took him back in.

"Yeah, that's right," Jake said. "Suck that big cock." He grasped tightly to my head and forced his dick further into my throat. I coughed and choked, sputtering, but I didn't mind. It felt fucking amazing. I grabbed onto Jake's hips to keep from falling off the edge of the couch each time he rocked away from me, and let him set the pace. Jake's hand caressed my spine from shoulders to ass as he jammed his cock deeper, grunting and swearing, and then his hand came down hard on my ass.

Yes, finally…

"You like that bitch?" Jake asked as he stretched forward to stroke my ass cheek; his fingers brushing tenderly across my skin. A tingle of pure warmth flooded my cock as Jake's hand came down again, stinging my sweat dampened skin.

Fuck that felt good.

I moaned around his dick as I continued to bob on it, slurping and sucking, and then I backed off, lapping at Jake's cockhead while I jacked him. The hand snaking and tightening around my throat startled me at first, but as Jake hauled me up, I relaxed, and allowed him to invade my mouth with his tongue. I reminded myself that Jake could take whatever he wanted.

Jake lifted and manoeuvred me onto the arm of the couch, stretching me out on my back. I reached up over my head to brace myself against the wall in anticipation of Jake finally ramming his cock into me, but he wasn't finished playing with me yet. My eyes literally rolled back in my head, in desperation, as he hauled me closer to the edge of the couch's armrest, hitched my legs up and thrust his tongue into my ass again; groaning and licking, and sucking each of my balls into his mouth, rolling them over with his tongue; savouring everything.

My breath caught as a wet finger was pressed deep into my ass, thrusting and retreating, gracing the pulsing gland. It was infuriatingly close to what I wanted.

"Jake…" I reached for his arm, hauling him closer, wanting to grab his hip. "Please… I want you to fuck me."

"You're an anxious little bitch, aren't you?" Jake stepped closer teasing me with his cock, smacking it against my thighs. He brushed it around my hole, applying just enough pressure to make my stomach clench with expectation; but then nothing.

Jake leaned over me, rubbing my hole with his finger, and dove into my mouth again. And he tasted so fucking good; the lingering taste and aroma of my own body heavy on his tongue.

Fuck me… please fuck me.

My ass clenched, painfully, wanting to be filled; needing to be filled by Jake's huge fucking cock. I reached for it, wrapping my fingers around its girth, stroking it, wanting to make it mine. I'd never wanted anything more than I wanted that cock in my ass, feeling it caressing my insides.

I shivered as Jake released me.

Jake's mouth closing around my dick caught me off guard. It was official… Jake was attempting to drive me insane. I scrubbed my hands across my face, clenching my teeth as I rode the undulating wave of tight, aching need building in my gut.

Fuck, I can't stand it any longer.

"Jake… please," I pleaded. "I need you to fuck me."

I wasn't sure what I'd been expecting. I regularly played with an assortment of dildos; slicking them up with lube and pumping them into my ass as I jerked off. But the sensation of a real cock being guided in by warm hands, and then sliding into place…

"Fuck!" I reached back for the wall again, wanting to brace myself. I bit my bottom lip, enjoying the exhilaration of the burn and nodded to Jake to start fucking me, but then reached for his hips, stopping him.

"You alright?" Jake asked; genuine concern clouding his eyes.

"Yeah." I squirmed closer and lifted my feet up onto Jake's shoulders. I needed him to go deep. I wanted to feel him up in my throat. His cool balls came to rest on my crease and then retreated.

"Mm…" I hummed. Jake's cock felt really good. It was stroking me wider than I'd ever stretched myself before, and he kept changing up his pace, surprising me.

Fuck. Why did I wait so long to do this?

Jake gripped onto my thighs and adjusted his stance, increasing his pace and ferocity, banging hard against me and shaking the couch into the wall. I licked my lips and groaned.

Fuck. Me.

"You like that?" Jake asked, fucking me harder.

"Fuck, yeah." I shifted my ass to raise it up a bit. Jake's cock went deeper; painful at first, but then nothing but pure ecstasy. I could stay like this forever; fucking. I braced myself against the wall again. Jake's forceful assault was shifting me away from him.

Jake groaned, slamming harder and faster.

My mind reeled. "Harder… fuck. Don't stop." My entire body was quaking; my ass giggling with the force. "Harder… God—" I reached for Jake's face as he leaned into me, wanting our bodies to merge as his mouth enveloped mine. The kiss was urgent and furious; desperate. He grabbed my face and spat into my mouth, and then attacked it again.

So fucking sexy.

"Here," Jake stopped and lifted me straight off the arm of the couch, and dropped his ass down onto a cushion with me in his lap, still impaled on his cock. I reached behind him and gripped the frame of the couch, attempting to gain leverage as I began pumping up and down. It made a change from getting pounded. Still felt great against my prostate, but I was able to catch my breath. I rolled my head back, enjoying the rhythm of our bodies colliding.

Jake's hands slipped under my ass to help support me.

"You like riding my cock?" he asked.

I leaned in and kissed him. His upper lip was sweaty and slick. I licked the salty taste from it. "Yeah. I love it."

"Turn around… facing away from me."

I cringed as I stood up and Jake's cock was pulled from my ass. I needed it back where it belonged, but I had to wait as Jake changed out the condom and lubed it up. As soon as he was done, I slipped back onto his shaft, sighing in satisfaction, and leaned back against Jake's chest. I could feel his heart beating rapidly behind me.

Jake laughed as I reached back for him, running my hand into his hair. His hot breath felt amazing against my cheek.

The rolling movement of Jake's thrusting hips jammed his dick deep into my gut. I tried to hold steady, wanting to enjoy every penetrating jolt. I was getting close and by the sound of Jake's rapid breathing, he was too.

"I want to cum," I whispered in Jake's ear.

Jake groaned. "You're so fucking sexy." He kissed my cheek and slowed his pace. "On your back."

I climbed off and stretched out, parting my legs and reaching for him. This was all coming to an end far too soon, but I really needed to cum, and I wanted Jake to force it from my body with his cock. I'd dreamed of cumming with a hard dick up my ass, pounding me into submission more times than I'd ever had sex with Amy.

I encased my cock, stroking lightly, as Jake slid back into me. He was slower this time, delivering a steady, deliberate massage; driving me crazy in all new ways.

I groaned and fought for breath as Jake rocked my body.

"You liking that?" Jake whispered.

"Yeah… it feels really good." I gasped as my gut twinged. "I'm close." I closed my eyes, concentrating on the overall sensation. It started low in my balls, tightening them and then I felt my dick harden and pulse in my hand. The first shot hit my face and I panted through it, licking my lips. "Fuck…" I opened my mouth for the next one, catching a bit on my tongue. I gripped onto Jake's arm; the rest of my load hit my chest and then my stomach. I milked every last drop and then released my cock, and licked the streams of cum from my hand, making sure not to miss any.

"Fuck, that's hot," Jake said as he pulled out and yanked the condom off, flinging it onto the floor. He rose up onto his knees, hovering over my stomach as he jacked steadily on his cock; his fist twisting and pulling at the head on each stroke. The sound erupting from his chest, cranked me right back up again. My dick twitched and hardened, anxious for more. There was a strong possibility I wouldn't be headed back to the beach anytime soon.

"Fuck, yeah." I brushed my hands up Jake's chest, pinching at his nipples as I watched him. "I want to see you cum."


"Mm…" I bit at my bottom lip, fascinated by the building tension. I wanted Jake to cum all over me.

"Fuck… I'm cumming." Jake's head lolled back, and his body convulsed steadily as he shot his warm load onto my chest.

"Fuck," I groaned, watching the expression of ecstasy on Jake's face. I definitely wanted to see that a few more times. He grinned down at me as I shifted beneath him, and then his body relaxed, hovering closer, and he gently took my mouth.

"Hey," Jake said, pulling back. "I never caught your name."

I smiled and brushed a hand across his glistening, sweaty chest, and back up onto his shoulder. "Connor."

"Well, Connor. I would definitely like to see you again."

"Mm…" I pulled Jake closer. "I'd like that."

Maybe going to the beach wasn't so bad after all.

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