My First Everything

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Dreams do come true

I was a freshman in college, and I had the opportunity to do an internship that would change my life. Not only did I have the time of my life, but I also had my first sexual/gay experience. I shared the apartment with seven other guys. Everything in this story is 100% true. The names have been changed for obvious reasons, and all the boys mentioned have girlfriends..

I'll give you an idea of what I'm like, 5’11, in okay shape, not too skinny or too fat. I have brown hair and 7” uncut dick. I've always been attracted to boys but always scared to come out and do something about it.

When I first moved in, I was a little scared because I didn't know any of these guys and it was my first time living away from home. There were two of us to a room. The guy I had to share with was Ryan. He’s 5’4, Latino, awesome abs, tan skin, short black hair. He’s cute but I didn't have an instant attraction. But there was one guy in the house that I had an instant attraction to, Nate. Nate’s 6’2, average weight, brown hair, and super cute. I wanted him and I didn't know why cause he wasn't really my type; kinda gave me the older brother feel which turned me on.

After a few weeks Nate turned 21, and we finally had access to alcohol. We started playing drinking games couple times a week. One night we had been drinking the number of guys that were awake started to decrease. It was down to four of us, which brings in Javier. Javier another Latino, 5’11, skinny, black hair.

We started talking about sex, and the things we had done with girls, and then it lead to dicks. We are all pretty drunk, and we start getting stupid and put frosting on Ryan’s nipples and Javier and Nate take turns licking it off until Ryan gets hard. Moments later, Ryan kisses Javier and Nate. I feel a little weird so I reject the kiss. We keep talking, getting horny, then Ryan shows me his dick through the leg of his shorts. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I couldn't act too happy cause I was ‘straight’, but it was beautiful. How could such a little guy have such a massive cock? Let's say the attraction was definitely increasing.

“I can't believe I'm seeing your dick before your girlfriend has.” I said.

“Oh, shes seen it. We sext all the time.”

“Well she's one lucky girl,” I responded.

Javier chimes in with, “Oh, I have a big one too.”

Ryan then suggests he proves it, but Javier doesn't want to. We begin to make fun of him, when Nate says he feels his is small. I'm so infatuated with the him that I try to make him feel better about it.

“Mine isn't that big either. It's just normal. I bet yours is normal but you are so tall that's what makes it look small.” I say, trying to get him to show off as well.

Ryan slurs, “Just show me your dicks.”

I gather up the courage and pull my shorts down and show off my meat. The look on Nate’s face made me really happy. He seems to really like what he saw. I put it away and Ryan and me try to get Nate to show off. He agreed. He pulls down his zipper and shows off his 6” incher. I'm not super impressed, but just happy to see my crush’s cock. I can't believe this was happening. I'm was in heaven.

Things got even better when Ryan suggested we circle jerk. I'm so down and so is Nate. We all pull our cocks out and start stroking around the table. Javier still doesn't want to show off, but we go for it anyways. I cum first after being so turned on by all these cocks. I can't keep my eyes off Ryan’s huge cock. In the following minutes everyone else cums and we just slowly start to go to bed.

The next night, I bring up how last night was a little crazy with Ryan in our room. We start talking a little more about the stuff and he says he's gonna jack off in the bathroom. But I see the chance to see his dick again, so I suggest we jack off in each other’s bed. He goes for and we pull out our dicks and start stroking. I take a few glances as his 9” uncut cock. Watching as his intensely strokes it, and stares at its massiveness. We cum within seconds of each other. I give him a smirk and he smiles back. We clean up and go to bed like nothing.

A few weeks go by and we are drinking heavily again. It was getting late and we headed to our rooms. I tell Nate to join Ryan and me in our room. I'm thinking about just getting a kiss, and maybe jacking off with these guys. After a few more drinks in my room, I get up to go to the bathroom. I comeback and find them making out.

“I never get kissed..” I say feeling unwanted.

Nate says to me “Kiss me.”

I lean for it but all I do is pop him. “That's it?” he says to me and I'm a little embarrassed. When Ryan pulls me in and sticks his tongue down my throat. I cant believe this, wow my first kiss and its with a guy. I definitely didn't see this happening. After the kiss I go for a second one with Nate and stick my tongue down his throat.

Ryan then goes, “So there were two boys named Nate and Joshua who sucked my dick.” while pulling his hard cock out and leaving it pressed against his stomach with his shorts holding it back.

Nate and me are a bit apprehensive, at first were like no way; but after a few moments I say to myself what the hell. I pull Ryan’s shorts off and go for it. I have his huge cock in my mouth, and five minutes earlier I had my first kiss, and now I have a cock in my mouth. I'm moving way too quickly. After getting a good first suck, I savor it and say it taste weird.

Nate goes for it; no hesitation. He looks like a pro, licking the bottom of his shaft, then taking the whole cock into his mouth. We keep taking turns on Ryan’s cock, then we pull our shorts off and join the action. Ryan goes for Nate’s dick, and I continue on Ryan’s. We start switching it up. Takes about five minutes for Nate and me to cum all over the carpet. We take a moment and head to the sink and wash our mouths out, while Ryan lays on his bed stroking his cock. We look at each other and just say we were experimenting. Nate and I leave to the kitchen, I grab a bottle of water and head back to the room like nothing happened.

When I walk in I look at Ryan and he just comes up to me, grabs me, and starts kissing me passionately. I decide to give into this, when else and I'm going to find another guy that I trust to have fun with. He goes straight for my dick, hes sucking it like crazy. We hear a noise so we move to the ironic I think. We switch it up and I end up on my knees.

After a few more licks he pulls me and walks me to the bed. He bends me over and slaps his dick on my ass. I'm not ready for this, I'm thinking. What do I do? I'm drunk and horny, but I'm not ready. He presses his cock against my hole, but it's impossible to get that huge cock in my virgin ass. I turn around and say that I should try.

I have his ass in front of me, I spread his cheeks apart and stick a finger in. He seems to enjoy it with the moan that he lets out. I remove my finger and replace it with my dick. I manage to get some of my head into his hole but I pull out, deciding this wasn't the best idea. I push him on the bed and give him a kiss, and go down on his dick. I keep sucking; doing everything I had seen in porn until he burst in my mouth. My mouth was full of cum. Before I could swallow it he pulls me in and we start swapping the cum back and forth.

He kisses me on the cheek and whispers in my ear,”Thank you.”