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My First M4M Massage

An innocent massage becomes an eye opening experience
I had been working out all day and desperately needed to unwind from the tightness in my muscles. After I got home from the gym, I poured myself a glass of wine and thought of ways to relief my back pain. I then thought of having a massage to solve the problem. I googled "massage" and came across the website "Rentboy" that offered M4M massage options.

Curious, I clicked on the link and did a quick search based on my location. I figured that a man would be able to give a stronger massage and be more effective in relieving my tension.

From my search on Rentboy, I found a list of 105 men which I filtered it down to 10 who were specialists in massage. I clicked on one of the listings and found a guy that was only blocks from my apartment. It gave his name as Stack, a phone number, and said that he took last minute appointments when available. Based on the reviews, he was very well regarded. So, I thought, why not and gave him a call. He said that he had an opening for 9pm and would be happy to give me a session of massage. I told him I'd take it.

At 8:30, I left my apartment and walked to my massage appointment. As I rang the doorbell, I introduced myself through the loudspeaker.

In response the voice over the loudspeaker ask, "Walk up the 3rd floor Jim and I'll wait for you at the door." Then the buzzer sounded, unlocking the door. I walked up the short flight of stairs and reached the 3rd floor of the apartment. I got to his door and just as I started to knock, the door opened and there stood a very nice looking man with a swimmer's build.

"Hi Jim. I'm Stack, come on in," he said.

I entered his apartment and saw that it was very dimly lit. In the middle was a massage table. He told me to get undressed and put my clothes on the chair. I undressed down to my boxer briefs.

As Stack re-entered, he looked at me and said, "If you feel more comfortable, you can lose the briefs. I'm perfectly fine if you are not shy about taking them off. I could give you a more thorough massage if you removed them."

I hesitated for second in response. But his explanation was sound and I wasn't that shy so, I slipped my boxers off and put them on the chair with my other clothes. I just recently shaved my crotch so my uncircumcised Asian cock and balls were in full exposure to Stack's eyes. In fact, I noticed that he scanned over my naked cock and his eyes glistened in response.

In response, I scanned my eyes over Stack. He was shirtless with only a thin and loose pair of boxers. His body was impeccable - firm, lean and tall. Glancing down, I noted that even from the loose boxers, was the outline of a large package.

He told me to lie on the table on my front. I got on the table and faced down into the soft pillow. Stack then handed me an eye shade and said, "If you'd like, put these on. It will help to remove any distractions and allow you to enjoy the massage."

I took the eye shades from him and wrapped them over my eyes as I lay face down on the massage table.

I felt two firm hands slowly kneading my shoulders and back. The incredible sensation of Stack's strong hands and fingers were slowly melting away the tightness in my body.

Stack then slowly worked his hands down my back and started to massage my butt cheeks. He started from the outside of the cheeks and worked his way inwards. His fingers tenderly separately my ass cheeks and massaged the insides of my butt. The feeling was overwhelming - a sense of relaxation, excitement and fear of what was to come next.

What came next was a completely surprise - I suddenly felt him resting on my lower back. Stack was using his butt to massage me! He alternated between heavy and light presses on my back - using his body weight to further remove the tensions in my back.

Stack climbed off me and then asked me to flip over to my back. After I flipped over, Stack continued his "ass massage" on my body. He started moving up my foot and my lower leg. As he massaged up my thighs, his ass cheeks would lightly brush against my hardening cock. However, this time, instead of my skin rubbing against the thin fabric of his briefs, it was skin to skin action! In between me flipping over, Stack had removed the thin boxers and was now naked like me!

Being blindfolded, I couldn't see what Stack was doing, but my mind was racing in imagination to picture what was going on. After rubbing his butt into my crotch area for a bit, he slid further up to my chest. His smooth ass cheeks alternated between heavy and light presses into my chest.

I felt Stack climb off me he started to massage my hands. He started from my shoulder and worked down to my palms. He opened my right palm, facing them up and suddenly I felt a warm, long fleshy object resting on my fingers. As Stack continued to massage my body, he had placed his cock in my right hand! It was my first time that I was in contact with another man's cock. Although it was flaccid, the sheer length of it was wrapping over the width of my hands! I gingerly started to cup my fingers around Stack's cock and exploring it with my blindfold on.

Starting from the base of the cock, I used my thumb and forefinger to run down the length of his cock. As I got to the end of his cock, I softly stroked his circumcised cock head. It was amazing! I had always dreamt of exploring another man's cock and here I was, holding a monstrous beast of a cock in my right hand.

As I wrapped my fingers around Stack's manhood, I rubbed my thumb across his cock head, occasionally causing his cock to twitch. I heard a soft moan emerge from this man's mouth as I gently stroked the cock and felt it grow hard.

As I started getting comfortable stroking this man's cock, he slowly extracted his love rod from my hands. He walked to the right of the head of the table. Towering over my head, he reached over me and started to massage with his hands downwards from my chest. As he did so, my nose caught the musky and floral smell of his crotch. As it approached closer and closer to my face, I was excited with anticipation as Stack's cock rubbed tenderly across my face.

As he reached lower down my body, his cock became more intimate with my face. As it tenderly rubbed across my cheeks and forehead, I felt Stack's cock continue to grow. Even though, I was blind folded, I could sense that this was no ordinary sized cock. Suddenly, a soft, warm, object rested gently on my lips. It was his cock head! It was resting in line with my lips, like a cock mustache! Stack's cock was so wide that my nose was smelling the essence coming out from his cock.

From the level of excitement, my lips were getting dry and I need to moisten them. What shall I do? If I stick my tongue out, I would be crossing into the world of cock sucking.

He then crossed my chest, stopping at each nipple to move in a circular motion. He then went up to my head and across my brow and then down the other side of my body. What a sensual feeling that was. Then he started going up my leg again, but this time, on the inside part and when he got up to my cock, he brushed several times over my cock and balls and finally down the other side. With all of this, I could feel my cock starting to get excited.

In the midst of the soft subtle caressing of my inner thighs and cock, my mind was racing back to the cock mustache. Here was a once in a lifetime opportunity to wrap my mouth around another man's cock - a fantasy that has been lurking for a while.

His gorgeous cock head brushed sensually across my lips. In my mind, I said "enough is enough - time to realize my fantasy".

I stuck out my tongue with excitement - not knowing what part of his cock I would be in contact with. By chance, it was his cock head! I flicked my tongue back and forth, stroking what I think was the bottom of his cock head.

Stack gave another soft moan, indicating that I was on the right direction.

With each lick, I started to get more daring. I started to move my head back and forth to experience other parts of his hot rod. It was so long that I thought that it took me the longest time to work from his cock head to the base!

I started getting even more daring and started to open my mouth more to capture more Stack's cock. Noticing my eagerness, he climbed up to the table with me.

"Sit up" he commanded which I quickly did so. I then felt a soft pressure between my lips - Stack's cock head was trying to penetrate my mouth. I gave a soft "oh yes" and circled my mouth around his big mushroom head. Like clockwork, he pushed his cock in and out and I began to suck this 8.5" big beer can thick cock.

At this point, I was so far down the path of my fantasy, that I needed to see Stack's cock for myself. I extracted my mouth from his cock and I slowly lifted up the eye shades. Staring back at me was a rigid, gigantic rod with an equally large mushroom shaped head. It was an amazing site - it was 8.5 inches long, standing proudly from between Stack's thighs and a giant ball sack. He was smoothly shaven around his crotch, further accenting the size and girth of his cock.

As I studied his cock carefully through my eyes and hands, a small drop of pre-cum came seeping out. I have tasted my own pre-cum before and enjoyed tasting my own juices. I now had an opportunity to experience another man's. I stuck my tongue out and touched the tip of my tongue on his cock slit and wiped off the glistening liquid. It had a sweet salty taste to it as I rolled it around my mouth.

I now wanted more of his manhood in my mouth. I opened my mouth welcoming his cock back into it. Stack eagerly complied by running his cock head on my tongue. I then grabbed cock and proceeded to suck it like a popsicle stick.

As I bobbed my head back and forth on his man stick, I reached behind him and use my fingers to stroke his ball sack. Pushing my dare, I would gently stroke from the front of his ball sack, along its rippled skin and finally between his thighs - just centimeters from his pucker.

As Stack moaned in appreciation of my fingers, I continued to give his cock a tongue bath. I would use my thumb and tongue to continue drawing out more precum from his cock. It was like slowly drawing out sweet nectar from a maple tree - drop by drop, lick by lick.

With all the wet attention that I was giving Stack's cock, his ball sack starting to contract - indicating a building up of a release.

"Mmm..." he moaned, "I'm about to cum. Where would you like me to cum on you?"

Given my first time, I wasn't ready for something this dramatic, so I muttered, with my mouth full of cock, "My chest please". But as I said that, I gently tugged on his balls, hoping to savor his 8.5 inches as long as I could.

As my tongue continued to engulf his cock in my mouth, I felt the tension continue to build in his cock. I decided to tip Stack off the edge by concentrating my tongue on his cock head and slit. That did the job - Stack let out a roar of ecstasy and extracted his cock as it released streams of hot cum on my body. Ropes of man juice covered my chest and I could feel the warmness of his juices resonate on my body.

I had done it - I made a man cum on me! I had a pool of another man's cum on my body! I marveled at the sight and started to play with the pool of Stack's juices on my chest. Using my fingers, I spread it over my chest like a body lotion. With cum on my fingers, I raised each finger to my mouth and gave each a lick - savoring the flavor of his cum; sweet and salty - delicious!

Towering over me was a panting Stack and his cock glistening with cum juice. Would he let me? I wondered. Would I continue my fantasy by cleaning a cock that just cummed? I opened my mouth and leaned forward to engulf his wet and hot cock. He was initially surprised but then slowly melted into my clean up job. With his cock just cum, it turned from rock hard to spongy within my mouth. When it finally returned to its docile state, I finally released it from my lips.

I was so turned on. I had another man's cum drying on my chest, sweet-salty cum on my lips and a raging hard on from the new world that I was introduced to. My own cock needed attention and Stack knew it.

He lay me back down and then moved to the base of the table. He softly stroked his fingers around my crotch and declared, "I haven't had an Asian cock for some time... I can't wait to enjoy myself." By now, my uncut cock was yearning for some oral love. I gently arched my back to suggest the desire for attention.

A warm wet feeling engulfed my cock as Stack wrapped his mouth around my cock head. His tongue darted around my exposed cock flesh and engorged it to new heights. I lifted my knees up and arched my back to raise my ass in the air. It was exhilarating.

As Stack sucked more of my cock, he reached behind my floating ass checks and started to caress them. Massaging inwards, he opened them and started to run his fingers gently on my pucker. In response, I opened my legs wider to accommodate better access and greater sensations.

In the midst of the raging sexual feeling on my cock, I felt a soft pressure on my pucker - Stack was trying to introduce his forefinger into my ass! I was hesitant again to cross this line - I had played with my own pucker before. But another man's finger?

Stack noticed my hesitation and with cock in his mouth assured me with, "Don't worry - I'll be gentle. I'll just stroke it with my finger".

With his strong assuring voice, I could only comply with his guidance. I opened my legs wider so that he can get more surface area of stroking.

By now, my cock was in ultimate sexual heat. This man who shortly ago was giving me a relaxing massage was now giving me the blowjob of my life while stimulating my pucker.

Stack muttered to me, "I love the fact that your cock is shaved. I love smooth Asian rolls."

His words were now too much for me - my balls started to surge and I moaned, "I'm going to cum. You're making me cum!"

He extracted his warm mouth from my cock as I started to churn cum cream from my cock. He held my cock in his right hand is it pulsated and deposited cum on his face. In his left hand, he gently tugged my ball sac to further increase the sensation.

I looked down at my now tension relieved cock and saw a man with my cum on his face resting next to my cock and balls.

Even though my sexual tension was now relieved, I was hungry for more. I wanted to learn and explore more of Stack's cock. In a soft voice, I said, "May I play some more with your cock? I would like to be one with it again."

Stack smiled at my eager desire and was happy to help continue realize my fantasy. I climbed off the massage table and asked him to lie down.

My eyes were laser focused on one thing on Stack's body - a cock that I wanted to shower more attention. Standing at the foot of the table, I leaned over and stroked his flaccid cock with my finger. His cock was amazing! Even flaccid, it had such girth and length that was so marvelous. I moved my face closer to his crotch to have a closer examination.

My finger stroked the smooth skin of his cock - starting from his cock head and tracing it down to his balls sack. With each stroke, I ended the caress by gently cupping his balls. As I moved closer, I focused my eyes on his cock head that was covered by his foreskin. With my fingertips, I drew apart his foreskin to reveal his cockhead. It was starting to get filled with excitement with the attention and care that I was providing.

I moved my face even closer and gently rested my nose on his cock head. I could smell the aroma of the semen that Stack had just recently released. The musky and sweet smell covering his cock head was driving me insane. I needed him in my mouth again.

I dove right in - engulfing his cock with my mouth and bathing it with my tongue and saliva. Stack let out a satisfied moan from his mouth and arched his back to show appreciation.

Within my mouth, Stack's cock grew stiffer and enlarged. With each suck that I provided, I felt his cock grow and fill my mouth. For the second time in a day, I had a cock in my mouth and my work was getting it hard and excited!

I extracted myself from Stack's cock to return back to the macro view of his crotch. His cock was now in full 8.5" attention and standing on top of a smooth platform of skin. His cock head and love stick was glistening with my saliva. What remained was to show the same affection toward Stack's ball sack. I traced my tongue from his cock head, down his cock and then lapped my tongue on his balls.

"Put my balls in your mouth. C'mon - suck them," Stack muttered.

I complied happily and opened my mouth wide to allow his right ball plop into my mouth. I closed my lips around it and sucked in gently while applying moisture from my mouth.

"Yah - that's the way." he continued, "You're a pro!"

All of my attention was causing Stack's to accumulate pre-cum from his cock slit. I saw droplets develop of which, I quickly lapped it up with my tongue. I could drink his magical sweet nectar all night! I rolled my tongue over his cock head. I then lifted his foreskin to get my tongue inside - all the while stroking his ball sack with my fingers.

Stack then started to gyrate his hips to move his cock in and out of my mouth. I angled my face so that his cock head would rub against the side of my cheek. He started to make grunting noises, indicating that he was close to cumming. I released my mouth around his cock and stroked him furiously with my hands.

His cock twitched, and streams of white and hot cum sprayed from his cock head. It flew everywhere - the massage table, Stack's body and some landed on my face. My fingers were covered with hot cum juice. I brought them to my nose and inhaled the musky smell of cum. As a final thank you to Stack, I leaned back in and cleaned his cock head with my tongue - paying particular attention to his cock slit - savoring what sticky cum was left on his massive cock.

It was an amazing and unexpected massage - one that realized my fantasy and opened me up to realizing more...

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