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My First - Part 2

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Later that day
You should really read 'My First' first!

My phone rang a few hours after my CL cock sucker, ass fucker had left to go to the gym. It was Chad, the big hairy bear that had earlier given me my first anal fucking. He asked how I was doing, which I thought was very kind. I told him that I was fine, still enjoying the moment of his penetration and stroking.

He said that he finished his workout and had just showered. Then, to my surprise he asked if I would like him to drop by on his way home, for a few seconds. I hesitated, thinking about how good his cock felt in my ass, then immediately told him a resounding, yes!

By now, my cock had melted back to nothing and I knew I probably would not get a erection without my med's, but I didn't care since all he wanted was my ass.

When my doorbell rang, I started to tingle with excitement. As I opened the door, I couldn't believe that there were two men standing there. Chad stepped in and introduced his workout buddy Daryl, to me.

Chad said "Don't worry, Daryl just wants to watch us fuck. Unless, you want him to join in."

Daryl is 6' maybe 180 lbs, a lot smaller than Chad, who is a huge bear of a man.

Shocked, I turned and led them to my bedroom, dropping my robe on a chair and climbing up on my king size bed, waiting for Chad to mount me.

Chad and Daryl had just showered and both were rubbing their cocks through their pants. Chad commented that as they were showering, they often wash each other just for the fun and anticipation of getting together later. When Chad called me, Daryl heard him making arrangements to fuck me again and asked if he could watch.

As I watched Chad undo his pants and step out of them, Daryl pulled his cock through his zippered pants and started to stroke it. It was enormous, at least 9"!

Knowing that I enjoyed him doing me in the 'missionary position', Chad raised my legs over his huge shoulders and started rimming me. I felt electric shocks each time he touched my ass. He lapped, licked and probed me, sucking my balls and occasionally taking my soft cock into his mouth. All the while, I was moaning and groaning with pleasure.

Finally, he pushed his tongue into my ass and held there as he pinched my nipples. My head was leaning back. my eyes were closed as my mind was blurred with all of the feelings and anticipation.

I opened my eyes and raised my head to watch this amazing performance. Chad had taken my hardening cock back into his mouth as Daryl had dropped his pants and was kneeling next to Chad, stroking Chad's cock.

Suddenly, everything stopped.

I was shocked out of my bliss --- Chad stood up turned to Daryl and pushed his head down onto his throbbing member. As Daryl slobbered on Chad's cock, Chad reached for the lube on my nightstand and turned enough toward me to apply it in my waiting ass.

He pushed two then three lube covered fingers into me as I gasped with pleasure. I looked into his eyes as he moved his fingers up and down, left and right as he prepared me for his cock. I smiled at him through my gasps of ecstasy as he forcefully pushed upward one last time, making me almost faint.

Chad pulled his cock from Daryl's mouth and turned to finally enter me. Daryl moved to my side and started to suck my nipples and attempted to kiss me.

Chad's cock easily slid into me, as Daryl's tongue probed my lips. I had never kissed a man before, but with that hard cock pumping at my colon, my nipples burning and my cock throbbing, I just closed my eyes and let it happen.

I opened my mouth to receive Daryl's tongue and found myself sucking it as he received mine. Meanwhile, Chad's pace picked up as I consciously gripped his cock as tight as I could as he fucked me.

Daryl moved toward my cock and pulled on my balls before taking my member into his slobbery wet mouth, sucking on me very hard.

Chad's thrusting got faster as I flexed my anal grip on his cock. He was really breathing hard as I my burning ass gripped him. I felt myself getting close to cumming with Daryl's hard and loud sucking, when Chad erupted into my grateful ass. Chad pushed all the way in as the last spurts of cum entered me.

Daryl had me on the edge and then I let it go. My cock head was so tender from the relentless sucking, my ass was burning and my breathing was labored. It seemed like forever until Chad slowly removed his softened cock from me and Daryl lifted his mouth from my cock.

Chad moved back, wiping his soft dick with a towel. Daryl moved to between my legs where Chad had been. "May I?" Daryl asked as he placed his cock on my still open swollen ass hole.

I was just barely able to answer "Yes" from being so out of breath.

Daryl slid into me and his larger size had an immediate effect. I knew my anal grip would be weak, but his size felt real tight. I was really surprised that there was no pain, just fullness. With the lube and Chad's cum, I was very sloppy.

Daryl was very excited as he tried to control his strokes, but after just a few, he tensed and thrust deep into my bowels as he ejaculated his load into me.

I had gripped his arms as he entered me, and I held him tightly as his cock began to wilt inside me. It just seemed like the right thing to do. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment, burning the activity into my memory.

While Daryl was fucking me, Chad got dressed and got a wet hot washcloth from my bathroom and after Daryl got off of me, washed my crotch as I lay there. Finally, I slid off the bed and tried to stand up and almost fell over. Some of the cum leaked out onto my balls and down my thigh, as I took the washcloth and wiped it away.

Chad suggested that the next time, he would like to bottom for me. I told him "Maybe ... but, I like being the bottom bitch in this group!"

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