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My first time

Rob's first sexual experience with a guy
One week ago I received some shocking news. Steve, my partner of forty years had been killed in a car accident. Today is his funeral and all I can think of is how our relationship began.

Steve was six months older than me and we were neighbours as teenagers. He was lucky enough to have access to a twenty foot cruiser that we could take out fishing at weekends. We would stay out overnight as the cabin had a galley, a shower, a toilet and three bunks below.

On my sixteenth birthday we decided to spend our usual weekend on the river. We spent the day fishing and at the end of the day found a sheltered inlet to anchor for the night. After dinner we both showered and sat around the cabin in our shorts, talking about anything and everything.

Eventually the talk got around to sex and eventually Steve asked me if I had ever fucked anyone. A little embarrassed I shook my head and then looked at Steve and asked him, “Have you ever been with a girl, Steve?” He shook his head and moved his conversation in another direction asking me if I had ever masturbated. I was stunned and just shook my head.

Steve replied that he did and really enjoyed touching his cock until it got really hard. He then started to jerk his cock slowly at first and then faster as his sexual excitement rose out of his balls and quickly through his cock. “Rob the feeling that I get when I cum is unbelievable. It is like electricity running through my body. There is nothing like it.”

Steve got himself so horny telling me what he did when he self-pleasured himself. He became so excited that he pulled off his shorts exposing his fully erect cock. I could not take my eyes off Steve’s beautiful sex member. He started stroking his cock and before too long it seemed to grow even more to an unbelievable seven inches. My hormones were stirring and I felt my circumcised cock becoming very, very hard. Mesmerised by Steve jerking off I stood up and removed my shorts. Now, we were both naked and Steve could not take his eyes off me, firstly at my erect six inch cock and then into my eyes to make a sexual connection between us.

Steve moved towards me and told me to sit down on the side of the bunk. I was so aroused that I did as he asked. He knelt between my legs and devoured my throbbing cock. I lost control and started to fuck Steve’s moist mouth like there was no tomorrow. After two or three minutes Steve pulled his mouth off my cock and asked me to lie on my side at the back of the bunk. He then joined me with his head between my legs and level with my cock, and my mouth right in front of his beautiful member.

It did not take long for both of us to begin to suck each other’s cocks and that quickly turned into mouth fucking each other. I was feeling sensations that I had never felt or imagined were possible. I was in heaven and soon began to feel a stirring in my balls that I had never felt before. Steve must have been feeling the same as me because he began fucking my mouth harder and faster.

Eventually my cock exploded in Steve’s mouth, spasm after spasm after spasm of my hot cum. Shortly after my explosion started, I felt Steve’s cum hit the back of my mouth. The taste was different to what I expected but something that I was eventually going to crave for. I managed to swallow Steve’s entire load before rolling onto my back, stunned at what I had just done. I just stared at the cabin roof taking in the unbelievable sensation that I had just experienced and wanted more of.

As I was daydreaming I felt movement beside me. It was Steve. He leaned across and placed his lips against mine. His tongue forced its way into my mouth. It was then that I tasted my own cum that Steve had kept in his mouth. This made our kissing more intense and then I felt Steve’s hand stroking my semi limp cock. Not wanting to disappoint my lover I sent my hand in search of his cock.

When I found Steve’s throbbing cock it, once again started to get harder and harder. It was then that I took the lead and rolled on top of Steve, taking his cock into my mouth and pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. I could not believe how much I was enjoying this sexual experience with a guy.

A few minutes later I felt Steve’s moist tongue licking and probing my butt. He was rimming it and I was experiencing another unbelievable sensation. When he had my anal hole moist enough he slid a finger deep inside my butt and then a second finger quickly followed. Both fingers must have been massaging my prostate as I felt another orgasm fast approaching. I wanted to taste Steve’s cum again so I swallowed his entire cock and began to deep throat him. This time it was Steve that reached his orgasm first. Streams of his hot, salty cum slide down my throat. Thirty seconds later my cock began spewing my sperm into Steve’s mouth.

We had exhausted ourselves and fell asleep spooning with me at the front. We slept soundly until the sun came through the eastern porthole. I rolled over and faced my lover and kissed him on the lips. Our lips parted and our tongues met and played back and forth from one mouth to the other. It did not take long for our cocks to once again become fully erect. After five minutes Steve stopped kissing me and left me to go into the shower room.

He returned with a tube of moisturiser cream squeezing a large blob onto his hand. He began rubbing the cream all over his fully erect cock and then he told me to roll over onto my stomach so that he could use the cream to lube up my butt hole. I looked at him and asked him why he wanted to do this. “I want to fuck your hot butt until my cock runs out of cum.”

I did as Steve asked and spread my legs to make it easier for him to moisten my aching butt hole. Steve began rubbing the cream around the rim and then into my butt hole. I loved the feeling that his fingers were giving me and could not wait for him to begin fucking my waiting hole.

Once Steve had rubbed enough cream on my butt hole he told me to roll over onto my back and to place a pillow under my butt. He then climbed between my legs and guided his cock head up to my anal hole and began to slide it in slowly. When the head of his cock entered my male cunt it hurt quite a lot so Steve stopped for a few minutes until the pain finally went away.

Once I was ready to take Steve in all of the way he began thrusting slowly at first and then at an ever increasing pace. It felt so good to have him inside my virgin butt. I reached up and pulled his head down to mine and kissed him more passionately that I had done before.

It was only a short time before Steve started to grunt as he neared his orgasm. When it came I could feel the warm juices filling my rectum. His cock jerked time after time dumping load after load of his seed into my butt. When we stopped kissing I told Steve that I wanted to return the favour to him. He looked at me and smiled and gave me the tube of moisturiser.

We forgot about catching any fish and spent the rest of Sunday morning sucking and fucking. After lunch we headed home. After we moored the cruiser I put my arms around Steve and kissed his lips lips lightly and told him that he had given me the best birthday present that I had ever had.

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