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My First Time

This is the true story of my first time with a man
At the casino yesterday I was playing poker with a guy named Jim and it got me thinking about my first guy and so I thought I would tell you that true story.

I was in my twenties and had just moved out of my parent’s house. I was between girlfriends and had grown up with a very limited view of sex. What I did know about was jerking off since I did it a lot, and I knew about porn because I bought a fair number of magazines. In high school there had been a kid who had hit on me, and even jerked me off once. But when it came out at school that he was gay he got sent home.

I was working in a small six person office and one of the people I worked closed with was this guy Jim who was gay, and fairly open about it. We became friends and plenty of times after work would stop for drinks or even dinner. I think he felt a little bad for me because he knew I didn't have much. Jim was in his thirties and a pretty good looking guy (I can say that with more experience now). He and I were working on this special project and spending more late nights at the office and often just ran out for fast food. One night a friend of his brought us a nice take out dinner and the three of us ate at the conference table. After dinner, Jim and his friend went into his office and I went into mine. I could hear them talking a bit in whispered voices and I thought I could hear some other sounds also. I had a feeling they were doing stuff, and out of curiosity I got up and went for a drink, figuring I might be able to hear what they were doing.

I was a horny guy who liked porn, so I was more interested in the sex more than who it was. I was surprised to see his door open a couple of inches; I could see inside and it made me stop short. Jim's friend was leaning against the desk with his jeans wide open and pulled about halfway down his ass. And I could clearly see Jim going down on him, licking and sucking every inch of his dick and playing with his balls. I couldn't move. I simply stood there and stared. I had never seen a guy giving head so I was a bit curious just in general. Not only did Jim seem to be really enjoying it, but the guy had his head back, eyes closed and was running his hands through Jim's hair. I only stood there for a minute or so before I felt guilty for watching and for being a bit turned on, which of course I told myself was just because a guy was getting head.

When the guy finally left, they stopped to say goodbye and I pretended I knew nothing. A few days later Jim and I stopped for drinks after work and he told me he considered me a good friend and that we could be honest and open with each other, to which I totally agreed. He also invited me to a party at a friend's house on Saturday, and since I didn't have plans, I said sure, why not. He warned me that there would only be guys there, and I said it was cool. We met at his apartment, which compared to mine was a Taj Mahal.

The party was a lot of fun and I met a lot of really nice guys. Yes, they were all mostly gay and I even got hit on a few times. So I was feeling pretty good about it all. Then I stepped outside for a smoke and bumped into two guys who were making out, and not just kissing; one guy was fondling the other's crotch while the other was fondling his ass. I skipped the smoke. Later when I had to pee I went to the bathroom, but opened a bedroom door instead and found the same two guys again. But this time one was sitting on the bed with his pants around his ankles and the other guy was going down on him. I mumbled sorry, and the guy getting head told me I could stay.

The guy giving head then ran his tongue up the shaft and around the head before turning and said, "Stay and join us."

Again I mumbled something and backed out. I was a little shaken and turned and walked into the bathroom without even knocking. Jim was standing there dick in hand and taking a piss. I had closed the door and just leaned against it eyes closed. I was shaken because I had to admit it had been kind of a turn on and I knew how wrong that was. Jim washed up and then rubbed my shoulders and when I turned he caressed my back saying it was okay and we could go. I gathered myself and said it was okay. He left me and it took an extra moment for me to pee since I couldn't stop thinking about the two guys.

As I walked out, they were just coming out of the bedroom and the one guy said, obviously for me to hear, "You give great head, but I would love to watch you suck a nice virgin straight cock!"

And the other guy said, "Yeah, especially with such a cute sexy ass!"

I knew they were talking about me and wasn't sure how to take it so I went out for a smoke, where two other guys were making out pretty heavily.

I went back inside and Jim saw me, and after a few minutes we left. As we walked to his car, he said that he was sorry if it was too much and I said it was fine really just that I had not been prepared for all that. He was chuckling as we chatted and drove back to his place, but at one point he put his hand on my thigh and said, "Ya know Dave, it's okay to be turned on by it." I didn't know what to say.

Back at his place, I had planned on staying over since I had been drinking and he got us a couple of beers and we sat on the couch talking just in general. Finally he brought it up again and said that he obviously thought it was normal to be turned on by two guys, but it was okay if I was just curious. And then he hit me with he was sure they were just as curious about how enjoyable it would be to get me off. When I asked what he meant, he said that sometimes it is as much of a turn on getting the other guy off as actually getting off yourself. I still wasn't sure what he meant, so he turned to me a little bit placed a hand on my thigh and ran the back of his hand gently against my face.

Then he whispered, "Dave... It would be fine if you were horny and just wanted to get off. I think it would be sexy as hell for me to help you get off." I didn't know what to say so he slid his hand between my legs and caressed my crotch. "Let me help you Dave. No pressure, just get off for me."

As he talked he was rubbing my crotch and I instinctively opened my legs a bit more. I could feel my dick getting stiff. Then he told me to close my eyes and relax, which I tried to do as I felt him undo my belt and zipper. He was fondling me through my briefs now and I spread my legs even wider. All I could think about was that I really wanted a blowjob. I was horny and tired of jacking off. He pulled off my jeans and underwear and went down on me and I came really quickly. He swallowed it easily and afterwards all I could say was wow and thanks.

He kissed my cheek and whispered thanks then got up and went to bed. I pulled my pants back up and also went to bed, but I couldn't sleep so I went home. I was torn between how good it had felt and how I had been brought up that it was so wrong. The next week at work he gave me my space and didn't mention it, but we still had to work together. Finally one evening I told him I was sorry for having left and why. And then I even told him how I was so torn... and how much I had enjoyed it.

We were sitting at my desk side by side and he put his hand on my thigh again, and said that he understood. Then he told me that he had to be honest and that he had enjoyed it so much he had immediately jerked off and cum hard. And he told me that anytime I wanted to do it again he would be happy to. Anytime! I knew what he was getting at and I asked if it bothered him at all that I hadn't done anything in return.

He grinned and still had his hand on my thigh softly squeezing it. "Dave when you are ready to take that step I will be thrilled to help you through it, but for now... I really enjoyed how good you felt in my mouth and hand, and how good you taste!"

And then his hand was on my crotch again and caressing it and not too surprising I was getting hard. I was torn between wanting him to blow me again and how I had been brought up. Plus, we were at work and I knew totally alone. Just then we heard a phone ringing and it broke the mood so we went back to work. After a while we were ready to go and he invited me over for drinks, but we both knew otherwise. And he was smiling when I said sure. We stopped and got some take out and had a little dinner and a couple of beers before we were back on the couch.

In no time he had my cock in his mouth and this time took more time and got me to last longer, it was honestly amazing and I came really hard again. Afterward, I sat there catching my breath and looking down could clearly see he was hard. Then I remembered having seen his dick from the bathroom. I reached out for him and felt him up through his jeans.

"Take it out Dave," he whispered.

So I carefully unzipped his jeans and since he was commando his hardon was just right there. I stroked and fondled and played with it, not so much jerking him off as exploring it. I could tell he was really hard and enjoying it, so I stroked him some more staring intently at his hard cock.

"Please lick it," he whispered.

After a moment’s hesitation I leaned down and licked it tentatively. First the head then the shaft, still fondling as I did. He pushed off his jeans and put my other hand on his balls as I stroked and licked him. I got my first taste of precum and it wasn't bad. Then he put his hand on mine and helped me jerk him off. By the time he was ready to cum it was just me and I watched intently as he shot his load up onto his shirt. Some of it leaked down onto my fingers and he took my hand and had me lick it off. Again, it didn’t really taste too bad.

I still had my jeans and underwear down and I was rock hard, so he went down on me again. After I came he said I was welcome to stay if I wanted, but I left. The following week he gave me a lot of space at the office again, and didn't bring it up at all. I jerked off at home several times thinking about it all. Both him blowing me, but also how it had felt jerking him off and even tasting his cum on my fingers.

Finally one night at work, we were always alone, I walked into his office and told him how I had seen him and his friend that night. He smiled and walked over to me and started to fondle my crotch.

He said, "I think sex in the office is so erotic Dave."

As he started to unzip my jeans I surprised us both by reaching for his crotch. Feeling his stiff dick I unzipped his jeans. He was always commando it seemed so I had his dick in my hand and immediately began to stroke it.

I don't even think I realized it, but he shifted and leaned against his desk and I leaned down and started to lick the head and shaft. I was stroking him as I licked it, and I slowly took the head into my mouth. Then a little more until I had about half of his dick in my mouth. I heard him groan and say stop, but before I could he came. I swallowed some of it, but a fair amount leaked out and down his dick and balls.

I caught my breath as he wiped himself up and then he was on me, he went down on me with a passion I don't think I had ever felt before from anyone. He took his time giving me one hell of a blow job. I came hard and he eagerly swallowed it all. When he stood up we were both unsure what to do and he pulled me into a hug and said it would all be okay. But I wasn't so sure since I could clearly feel his hardon pressing against mine. He continued to hold me and I felt his hands slide down my back and I enjoyed how he felt--everywhere.

We got dressed and were leaving and I made up some excuse about going home, instead of with him. But I really wanted to go with him so I stopped him with a hand on his arm just before we left the office.

"Jim, does it make me gay if I want to go home with you?"

He smiled softly and said, "No, it depends what it is in your head."

I went home alone, but was so turned on by what I had done I ended up jerking off. The next night as soon as we were alone and I was sure no one would come back I walked into his office. The best I could say was that I had no idea what was going on in my head, but I knew I wanted to do it again.

And I said it out loud to him, "Jim, I have no idea, but I do know I want to suck your dick again."

To which he of course grinned, smiled and then said, "Dave, I have always wanted to suck your dick!"

And before I knew it, his dick was in my mouth again and this time less tentatively as I swallowed more of his dick. And then when he came this time even more of his load. What leaked out his time I licked clean. We didn't get any more work done that night because after we both came we went back to his apartment for more sex. I didn’t know what was in my head or what it all meant. But, I do know I really enjoyed it all.

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