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My First Visit to a Massage Parlour

My first experience at a gay massage parlour. This is a true story.
I was in a relationship but had been interested in exploring my bi side, which had been ignited when I got divorced. I had met a nice guy off a chat site for a few meets. He was, however, busy now, and I wanted to explore more. I decided to join a massage parlor site and began to chat with one or two guys online. One in particular seemed really nice so I decided to take the bull by the horns so to speak, and meet him.

We agreed to meet and as soon as I saw him I was immediately interested. He was about the same height and build as me, about 5 ft 7 and cuddly, and I knew he was interested by the look in his eyes. We went into the parlor, got stripped off and went for a shower before slipping in the jacuzzi for a chat.

He had been there before many times but he knew I was nervous so he started very slowly. We chatted first and he gradually eased closer to me, then casually slipped his arm round my shoulders. We talked about my experiences and what I wanted to try. Our faces got closer and closer and before I knew what was happening he took my head in his hands and kissed me deeply. Wow, it was mind blowing. Here I was in a massage parlor in the jacuzzi and this good looking guy was actually kissing me.

Our tongues met passionately and he kissed me deeply. I instantly felt my cock harden and, slightly embarrassed, I pulled away not wanting to show him how turned on I was. However he followed me, and we kissed again, our tongues playing with each other's and the feeling of passion growing within me. I felt his hand lower from my cheek to my neck. He caressed my chest and teased my nipple; tingles went up and down my back.

Suddenly I felt his other hand drop into the warm bubbly water, and next thing I felt it on my thigh. I gasped as he slowly moved his hand upwards and searched for my cock. He gently wrapped his fingers around it just holding me as we kissed. It was fantastic.

This man wanted to kiss me, wanted to stroke my cock. I was now stroking his neck and teasing his ears. I knew I wanted to experience this man but as we were kissing, another couple got into the jacuzzi so he suggested that we go to a private room. I agreed instantly and we left to search for an empty room.

We found one quickly and he opened the door and let me in. The room was filled with padded seats, cushions and a screen showing porn. We sat down and he asked if I minded if he removed the towels. I agreed and we threw the towels on the other side of the room and he sat down and patted the seat next to him.

I sat close to him and we kissed again, this time more softly, letting our tongues explore each others mouths. His hands moved expertly to my hard cock. It's not impressive, standing at just over six inches erect, but he seemed to be very happy.

He rolled his fingers over the moist head of my hard cock, pulling the foreskin back slowly. His hand moved slowly up and down my shaft whilst we kissed. His hands were soft and it felt wonderful. He looked at me and told me not to be scared; if I wanted to touch him I could. My hand slowly moved down his chest and stomach and I tentatively felt for his cock, about seven inches long and hard as you like. 

I gently eased my hand around his shaft and felt the warmness of his cock. My hand started to move up and down him. He groaned gently, whispering in my ear how nice it felt to have my hand on his cock. He was teasing mine now, gently running his fingers over the head and tickling up and down my shaft, my balls, my inner thighs. It felt like small electric shocks each time his fingers moved to a new place.

He slipped off the seat and knelt in front of me. Easing my legs apart gently he looked at my erect cock. Smiling he leaned forward and his tongue flicked the head of my cock. He did this a few times then allowed his tongue to lick up and down the sides of my shaft, gently.

I threw my head back as my cock was aching to feel his mouth envelop around my shaft and take it deep into his warm mouth. He saw the anticipation and slowly lowered his mouth over my cock. Mmm I felt the warmness around my shaft then the wetness of his mouth as my cock slid deep into his mouth.

Up and down he gently slid, blowing the head gently every three or four strokes. Wow. It was mind blowing! He raised my legs, pushing me back so I was lying down, exposing my hole, and he gently teased it with his tongue. It was an amazing feeling. His hand was around my cock just holding it as his tongue firstly played with, then entered, my hole. I knew I was getting close...he could sense it.

He suddenly stood in front of me and sat me up so I could see his lovely cock then invited me to taste him. I greedily took his lovely cock into my mouth, running my tongue around his head. My mouth was sliding up and down his shaft. He asked me to keep my head still and allow him to "fuck" my mouth. I agreed and his hands held the sides of my head as he slowly eased his cock in and out of my mouth.

He asked if it was okay for him to cum first in my mouth. I had never had that happen to me before but I wanted him to be the first so I agreed. He continued to slowly fuck my mouth, looking into my eyes as he did so. He started to groan louder and I felt his cock begin to twitch. Mmm the first drops of his hot, slightly salty, liquid hit the back of my throat. He had told me not to swallow it all, and once he unloaded he bent over me and we kissed. Wow, what a feeling. 

He then slowly pushed me back on the seat and resumed on my cock. He took it deep into his mouth with long slow strokes up and down. My legs were on his shoulders and my hole was exposed. I felt his finger on my hole, then he gently pushed on inside me.

My instinct was to clench around it to stop him but the way he was sucking my cock made my muscles relax around his finger. It felt sore to start with but the pleasure soon took over. I felt my orgasm begin as his mouth worked faster and deeper and he could feel what was about to happen. My back arched off the seat as my orgasm hit and he took a full load into his mouth. 

We relaxed as he slipped back next to me on the seat. He took me in his arms and gently caressed me as we sat for ages, just enjoying the closeness and the experience that had just taken place.

Eventually we got up and left...and we have agreed to meet there again very soon. I will, of course, write about our times there. I can't wait for the next meet and he has promised to show me a lot more of what I am missing.

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