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My Outing With Mr O

My Outing With Mr O

I still cum dreaming of this long weekend with Bernie, another dream becomes reality.
A couple of weeks had passed since that special day and I’d been torn by a mix of guilt and ecstasy, every day, reliving those moments with Mrs G and Mrs O.

My high school days were coming to an end and next year I would be in college.

I had not been asked to babysit at any of the three houses since Mrs G and Mrs O had taken me. So, I’d had to fantasise about wearing lingerie at night when I pleasured myself.

The long weekend of June 24th approached, usually the O’s spent this weekend at their camp up north to prepare it for the summer.

Last year, I was asked to baby sit their kids that weekend, this year I had not had that request.

As I got back from baseball practice, mom told me that Mrs. O had called for me, saying that her mother was sick, so she could not go to the camp and asked if I would like go with Mr O. to give him a hand with the set-up.

I’d been out in the country with Mr O in the past when he’d taken me hunting for small game. I’d always enjoyed his company. He was a calm, gentle, soft spoken man, tall and square.

I called their house to say I’d be happy to go, and luckily, Mr O answered the phone. He said that if I was available, he’d like me to give him a hand with the summer camp set-up, as Charlie had to take care of her mother. He told me we would leave early on Saturday morning and return sometime Monday afternoon.

Saturday arrived and we set off, the ride to camp was a good three hours, with the last part on a dirt road. We left the city at eight a.m., stopped just before we got to the dirt road for a snack and reached the lake site around noon.

During the ride, Mr. O was his usual self, conversing calmly without getting into details and mainly discussing about me getting into college and my career choice. He was an accountant in charge of the Finance Office at City Hall.

One thing he added though was that, since we were to spend the weekend together, I should call him Bernie and not Mr O.

What they called the camp was a nice split level cottage. It had a kitchen, dining room, a large living room on the first floor and a full width room upstairs serving as bedroom. From upstairs we could see the living quarters downstairs and the lake through the large pane windows.

There were no separate bedrooms. The sleeping hall had two large beds so I figured, one for Mr and Mrs O and one for visitors. There were also two bunks. I thought one for their son, one for the daughter, with the upper for their visiting friends. There were separate rooms for the bath and for the toilet.

The afternoon passed quickly, as we got on with the jobs like starting the water pump, purging the lines, sweeping and dusting etc. Bernie spent quite a bit of time out on the gazebo and cooked big steaks for dinner which he served with a bottle of wine.

After dinner Bernie said he would check out the water heater and have a bath, adding that we’d go to bed early and tomorrow get the boat out of the garage and set the dock, he told me if I wanted I could go for a walk by the lake and then I could take a bath later. I decided to just sit on the front balcony and rest.

When Bernie came out onto the balcony after his bath, it was getting a little chilly. He suggested we go back inside for a cognac. I’d never tasted cognac before, but I really enjoyed it.

After finishing my drink I went upstairs, for my bath. Whilst bathing, I wondered if Bernie was aware of his wife and Mrs G and what they’d made me do. It didn’t seem so.

As I was knelt washing the tub out after finishing my bath, I felt something on my ass and heard Bernie’s gentle voice, “Charlie’s right, you have a beautiful set of buns Will!”

“Let me help” he said, as I looked round and he knelt behind me, resting his chest on my back. His big arms rubbing my own down to my hands, and then he started to kiss my neck and lick my earlobes.

“Mr O,” I moaned.

Bernie put his index to my lips and whispered softly, “Shhhh!”

As his hands started to caress my chest, I could feel his stiffening cock pressing against my crack and I felt a little dizzy. He moved his hands from my chest, his right hand slipping between his cock and my asshole with a finger gently rimming. His left hand gently wrapped my now fully erect cock.

Bernie slowly raised himself to his feet still caressing my neck and hair and moved to sit in front of me on the edge of the tub, while I was still on all fours. He held my face in his big hands, lowered his head and sweetly kissed me.

As he rose back up I was surprised to see he did not have hair around his cock and balls. It was the first time I’d seen a man who’d shaved his pubic hair.

His dick was beautifully erect and I was surprised to see for such a big man, he had such a thin cock, it was not very long maybe five inches hard, less than both my size in length and thickness. His, It was not very long maybe five inches hard, less than both my size in length and thickness.

His cock was pointing straight at me, as though aching to be kissed, in moments all those dreams of having a cock in my mouth, which I tried to do on myself so many times, were about to come true.

Without speaking, Bernie gently held my head and rested it on his lap and rubbed his cock on my cheeks. I couldn’t wait any longer, and I kissed his cock and started to suck on it until he pulled me off. He lifted me into his arms, without difficulty, and carried me to the bed. He laid me on my back and caressed the whole of my body ever so delicately.

I still shiver today thinking of his lips and tongue on my nipples while rubbing my cock with his big hands. I was overwhelmed with the sensation; I’d often tried caressing myself, dreaming that I was a woman, now I was enjoying that longed for ecstasy in the hands of a man.

We’d moved into a sixty-nine position and unfortunately it didn’t take me long, what with Bernie’s warm mouth and expert tongue, when I couldn’t hold on anymore and shot my load

“Mmmm! Oh yes, Willy, you are so tasty,” I heard him say.

Then Bernie came and kissed me, I had my first taste of cum and I still can remember that special smell and flavour.

He went to the bathroom and came back with a warm towel, washed my face and chest and cock and patted me dry. He covered me with a blanket and went downstairs only to return with two glasses of cognac. He served me one and sat on the side of the bed with the other and said, “We’d better get some sleep; we’ve a long day tomorrow.”

I didn’t know what to say. He kept stroking my face and neck gently and occasionally rubbing my chest and cock over the blanket. He finished his drink and took my glass, put it on the table, turned the light out and joined me under the blanket. He held me with my back to his chest, spoon like; I loved the feel of his cock pressing on my buns.

When I woke up I could smell the coffee brewing and crackling bacon, I jumped into my jeans and ran downstairs, I couldn’t resist going to Bernie and hugging him.

“Omelette Will? We’ve a long day ahead of us.”

After breakfast we went to the garage, we pulled out the boat, cleaned and waxed it, put back the motor in working order and tested it, then using the jeep we pulled the dock out and into the water. By mid-afternoon we hadn’t had lunch and Bernie said, “Hey Will, do you think we should call it a day?”

He went inside the cottage and came out with four beers and handed me one.

“Well Willy, not only are you a sweet lover, but you’re also a hard worker. Today, I’d love to have my bath with you.”

While we drank our beers, we sat side by side, holding hands, rubbing thighs and sometimes kissing. Bernie asked

“Willy how did you like it last night?”

“Oh, Mr O! I never thought it could be so good. I’d be with you every night if I could. I’d even stay here without going back to the city or to college. I just want to be yours.”

“Let’s go clean ourselves,” he said.

We went upstairs and Bernie went to the bathroom and ran the water. I undressed and walked to the bathroom naked, Bernie was already sitting in the tub running foam over his body when he waved me in.

Before I sat down, he caressed my cock and balls, spread shaving cream in his palms and covered my balls, cock and ass. Gently, he spread my legs and shaved me clean. I was so excited that I was rock hard when he turned me around and shaved my buns and ass.

He used the same cream to lube me and gently finger my butt hole. Then he rinsed the excess cream and sat me on his lap facing each other, jerking both of our cocks with his big hand. He put his hands under my buttocks and lifted me up clear of his cock and slowly lowered my ass. My hole felt the tip of his cock which entered easily, slowly getting deeper and deeper until I felt his lap bumping into my ass.

I could feel his nails digging in the skin of my buns and his lips kissing my nipples. His big arms lifted and lowered me onto his cock, my own was slapping the water and my stomach as I rose and fell, I thought this was better than any dream I’d ever had.

Bernie’s breathing became faster and louder. He started to growl, and then with one final thrust, I could then feel his hot juices shoot up inside me. When he raised my ass again he took me into his mouth, where I exploded as soon as I touched his lips.

After drying my body and his own, Bernie took my hand and led me to a closet besides the head of the second large bed. When he opened it, I could see on the shelves an assortment of panties, bras, negligees, guepieres, and babydolls of all colors. He pulled the white long line basque along with white mid leg stockings and see-through white robe and said, “This is what I will wear tonight. What will you wear sweetie?”

After roaming around the closet, I selected a black string and bra with black garter belt and black see through camisole. Bernie told me to dress and he did to, when we looked at ourselves in the mirror he said, “Charlie will be delighted when she sees this.” He took me in his arms.

As I rested on his shoulders, I heard the door downstairs close and Mrs O’s voice, “Hey-hey, where are my little bitches?”

“We’re here upstairs,” answered Bernie still holding me.

Mrs O. came upstairs, I’d never seen her this way before, she was wearing tight jeans, cowboy boots with four inches pin heels and a black stretch t-shirt noticeably without a bra. Oh, she looked so sexy and so much different than when she wore the bikini with Mrs G.

“I hope you like what you see,” said Bernie to Charlie.

“I can see that you two like it a lot and you want to show off for me,” she answered.

Bernie and I were standing side by side now, holding hands when Mrs O got closer and said, “Want it or not you will show off!” She gripped my string and pulled the waistband apart and stroked my cock as she roughed Bernie by his neck and ordered him to kneel and look at my big, beautiful cock.

“This is the cock I want to see fucking you Bernie. You two gurls get in the bed and I want Will to take your ass, today, I want to see what your face looks like when I take you. Oh you’ll need this Willy,” and she tossed me a tube of KY jelly.

“I’d love to please you and Willy,” said Bernie as he took me to the bed offered me his ass, spreading his cheeks wide and said, “Let’s please Charlie real good, Willy.” As Charlie went to the other bed, lay on her back and unbuttoned her jeans.

I quickly lubed his ass and my cock, then holding Bernie’s hips, I rested on his back and pressed my cock as he’d done with me last night, and, when I reached his chest with my hands, Charlie shouted, “Fuck Bernie’s ass with your big one Will!”

She had her jeans to her ankles and her ass up on the edge of the other bed looking at us.

I took my cock to Bernie’s hole and wanted to take him but my foreskin was pulled back and it started to hurt but Bernie kept pushing his ass back asking me to fill him.

Suddenly, I felt heat and juices and my cock slipped into Bernie, hitting his buttocks with my pelvis over and over, I pushed in and out faster than I ever could jerk myself. When I pulled out of Bernie I fell onto my back. They both gently took their lips to me, drawing what I thought were the last drops of my life.

Today I still cum remembering my first fuck, and Monday when we drove back to the city, they both told me next time that I babysat at their place I could wait for them in their bed wearing whatever lingerie I liked.

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