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My Swimming Coach

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The first time I came I had a helping hand
I was an only child and raised very sheltered and home schooled. I also had a minister for a grandfather who lived with us, so to say that I wasn't exposed to things of a sexual nature is an understatement. I knew there were things going on with my body but I just wasn't quite sure of what.

Around the age of seventeen I signed up for a swim team; I had loved swimming from early in my life and I was quite good at it. It was also a way to get out from under the strict, watchful eye of my family. I lived for Saturday mornings. I really like the swim coach. I liked the way he took time with me, joked about things and helped me to hone my skills; just an all right guy.

One fateful Saturday morning I had missed looking on the schedule sheet and there were no lessons that day but since I was already there the coach told me I could stay a little while and help clean and organize stuff for an upcoming meet. I was good with that. He told me to scrub up the men's change room. He said he had already sprayed out some soap and germ killer and told me to scrub it down and rinse it off.

I went to it and after a while I got the whole area clean and looking good. I sat down on one of the change benches onto what looked like water, but turned out to be some soap or disinfectant; the next thing I knew I was getting a burning feeling in my crotch area. I went to the coach and asked him for help; he rushed me into his office and told me to pull off my bathing suit, which I did. He took a wash cloth and warm water and rinsed my groin area off.

He told me to get up on his first aid bunk because he had some lotion that would soothe the burning. As he rubbed the lotion all around my groin area my dick got really hard. He just smiled and said, "Looks like you need some relief." He gave me a hand towel and said, "Go ahead and jack off if you need to."
I guess I must have looked kind of puzzled. He then asked if I'd never jacked off before. I said, "Not really."

He just smiled and said, "Let me show you." He slid his shorts off, went to lock the door and came back. He told me, "Whenever your dick gets aroused your nuts start making some "feel good juice" and you can stroke yourself or have someone suck it out for you. That way your dick goes back soft and your balls don't hurt from having too much "feel good juice" in them."

I had often wondered, why my balls would ache after my dick had been hard for a while.

He slowly started stroking his dick and got it hard and he said, "Just watch and learn."

As I watched, his stroking got faster and he started breathing heavily and moaning. His face took on an enraptured look and he shouted out, "I'm coming."

I watched the pleasure on his face and saw the white milky looking stuff shoot out of his dick, and I was in awe!

I thought that was the neatest thing I'd ever seen. He asked me if I had liked the show. I just whimpered, "Yes."

He then took my dick in his hand and slowly started rubbing and stroking it. I noticed a clear liquid oozing out from my dick, he told me that was pre-come and it was a tasty lube for when you want to screw somebody. With that he got some on his finger and licked it.

All of a sudden I got this strange feeling in my balls and dick, and I knew I was coming! I had never felt anything that wonderful. I was moaning and jerking around with my whole body and shooting come everywhere, on my chest, my forehead and my cheek. I was in awe again about what my body had just done and how good it felt. I couldn't wait to do that again.

He then leaned down and started licking the come off my body, which felt really good. Then I noticed my dick was still hard. Coach noticed this too, and said, "Looks like I'm going to get to suck some of that feel good juice out of you."

As he finished licking my body where the cum had landed, he slowly eased up to my face, lightly rubbed and kissed my lips and let me taste some of my own "feel good juice".

It did not taste bad to me. Then he moved slowly back down to my dick and started to lightly kiss and suck around the head. Once again, I was in awe of how something like that could feel so good.

He kept sucking and licking me all over. When I would get close to coming, he would slow down and keep me from it. It was such sweet torture! Finally after I kept begging and pleading, he stated he would let me cum. It felt so much better to come in his soft warm mouth, than it did with his hand. I know I was hooked, I was addicted to having my dick sucked.

After we kind of relaxed and came to our senses, he explained to me that this needed to be kept to ourselves, that he could get into a lot of trouble if others found out. So I promised him I'd never tell, as long as we could keep on doing that. He said, "It's a deal."

I noticed that his dick was now hard. I slowly touched it and told him to lay down on the bunk. I slowly started to lick and suck and kiss him all over, like he'd done to me.

But, that's a story for another time.

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