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My Teenage God ch. 4

Tutor submits to his new teenage master at school
David awoke confused. He realized immediately that he wasn’t in his own bed, but it was still quite dim and he wasn’t sure where he was. David looked over at who was lying next to him and it all came rushing back - his complete and utter submission to Max, a high school kid, the night before.

Upon remembering, David was flooded with emotion. He first felt extreme excitement and horniness. He couldn’t help himself, thinking about the ecstasy of last night. This was immediately followed, of course, by a light layer of panic over how wrong what he had done was. The panic however, was soon subdued by the impact of seeing his new Master on the bed sprawled out beside him. Max's muscular chest rose and fell with each breath, and David felt his Master's body beckoning him over as the panic lost out to a greater feeling of submission.

He lay back down into the nook between Max’s arm and body and lightly grazed his hand over his new Master's nipples. Amazing. Just yesterday he had despised this younger boy, thinking that the kid was so full of himself. Now David knew he had every reason to be. His Master was a god. He could no longer deny the hold he had on him. He felt lucky to just be in the same room as him.

David's hand drifted down and pushed away the blanket covering Max’s waist and legs. At some point last night Max must have gotten up because he was now wearing boxer briefs, his huge cock’s outline clearly visible on the fabric, even when soft. As David moved his hand over his Master's penis, electric thrills shot through his body. His hands reached Max’s strong legs, feeling the heat and the strength on the inside of his new God's upper thighs. David lovingly massaged the muscles of his Master's legs, hard and powerful even when he was asleep.

Max stirred. “Mmm...good morning my little gay cock slave.” Max’s low sexy voice drove David crazy. He had been admiring his Master's body for a while, and was now dizzy with horniness.

“Good morning Master,” David answered, drawing his hand away shyly. Looking into Max’s face, David’s heart beat fast and hard.

“You want to worship my cock this morning, don’t you?”

David's pupils dialated. “Yes Master, please allow me to please you," he begged.

Max chuckled, as he got out of bed and stretched, his back muscles spreading out gloriously. He slipped his thumbs into his boxer briefs and pulled them down, exposing his beautiful muscular butt.

“Kiss my ass, teach,” Max laughed at his own joke.

David wasted no time laughing. He eagerly scrambled to his hands and knees, still on the bed, and began licking and kissing Max’s hard ass.

Max stepped away and David couldn’t help but whimper. He wanted to taste and touch his Master. The dominant teen turned around and again David found himself inches away from Max’s cock.

Only yesterday David had thought he found penis’s quite gross. How could he have thought that when cocks like this exist in the world?

It hung low and heavy, with a slight limp to the left. Even soft, David imagined he wouldn’t be able to wrap his hand around it. It’s sexy circumcised tip, menacing and full, invited David’s complete attention.

“You love my cock, don’t you, my slave tutor?”

David just stared, wanting to reach out with his hands or his tongue but knew to wait for instructions.

“Tell me what you want, slave,” Max slapped David firmly as he demanded this.

“I want to suck and worship your beautiful cock, Master. I want to feel you deep inside of me again and drink your cum with my ass or my mouth. I want you to feel pleasure in my services,.” David spoke quickly, meaning every word.

“Wow,” Max smirked his sexy smile, “You are such a dirty slut.” Max grabbed his loose cock and with one big swing smacked David across the face with it, knocking David over onto the bed. “That’s enough for now I think, teach.” Max pulled up his boxers and walked towards the bathroom. “Put your phone number into my Iphone under ‘slave teach’. I expect you gone when I get out of the bathroom," Max said as he slammed the door.

David was crestfallen both at the fact that he wouldn’t get the chance to worship his Master and at the prospect that he had upset him. He quickly and obediently got changed. His clothes were still damp after lying in a pile on the floor all night. He typed his phone number into Max’s phone. As he did so he noticed Max had at least 20 other numbers in there as “slave,” including “slave boss,” “slave uncle” and “slave neighbour.” Though he was unsurprised, given the beauty of his God, he was disappointed to not be special.

As he walked towards the front door, he heard the bathroom door open behind him.

“Oh and slave,” Max began. David’s heart leapt, thinking that he would be able to feel his Master’s cock in his mouth that morning after all. But then Max continued, “Don’t you fucking dare jack off. You are mine now and you get off when I say you get off. I’ll know if you disobey.” With that, Max disappeared.

Thinking about Max’s body, David knew his command would be hard to obey.


David spent the week in misery. He craved Max with every fiber of his being. In the shower he ran his fingers in and out of his mouth, imagining they were his Master's cock. But he was frustrated by not being allowed to get off. He wanted to call his Master but he stupidly had not thought to take his number. Even if he had it, he knew he would wait for Max to call him.

David was also struggling with how to keep this hidden. He knew he was going to continue to see Max in a school setting but this secret could not get out as it could ruin his life. He would have to request that his Master allow their relationship to appear professional in school. However when he received an email from Breanne, telling him that they would be having a “bonding” experience with the kids by going swimming together, he knew acting professional would be hard.

Nevertheless, David was eagerly looking forward to seeing Max’s body again. He would just have to make sure they keep their relationship well hidden.


The morning of tutoring came and David was almost giddy with excitement. He knew he would have to keep it appropriate but he couldn’t wait to see his God, Max. He still knew it was wrong but he was crazy with horniness and desire, not being permitted to get off all week.

He showed up at school and walked towards the locker rooms, where they were supposed to meet the students. There were a handful of tutors already there and David began speaking to them as they waited. He kept glancing around, trying to catch sight of Max. At one point, Deborah’s students Felicity and Crystal walked by. They were giggling and flashing the tutors glimpses of what was underneath their baggy clothing. David noticed their beautiful bodies but it barely registered as he continued to search the halls for Max.

Then he saw him. His heart leaped.

Max walked down the hall in a tight grey shirt and jeans, his strong body outlined by his clothing. He strode over to the girls who both said hi, smiling. He whispered something into their ears and they laughed. David noticed Felicity whisper something back and Max looked impressed. They hugged and then Max was approaching the locker room. David separated from his group without a word and walked towards his Master.

But Max didn’t even acknowledge him. He just strode past into the locker room, bumping into a few tutors as he walked by. The tutors looked after him angrily but David only gave a sheepish shrug and tried to hide his disappointment as he and the other tutors filtered into the changing room.

Max was getting changed, unabashed, in the middle of the floor. As the men and boys walked in, most scanned Max’s body up and down quickly and shyly before moving past him. Seeing this, David felt a surge of pride that he had been able to see it closer. David also couldn't help but stare at his Master. His eyes had longed all week to drink in the beautiful sight of Max's body. Max’s huge pecs and arms flexed powerfully as he pulled off his t-shirt. David only looked away when he began to worry others were noticing his staring.

As David began getting changed, still dejected that his Master had ignored him, he felt a piece of fabric drop onto his shoulder. David looked around and Max was moving past him, heading towards the pool.

David took the fabric off his shoulder and looked at it. It had a note attached to it: “Wear this. Swim laps when you get out there."

It was a bright green speedo! David couldn’t believe it, he had never worn anything like this! Even as he thought that, however, he knew it would quickly change. The thought of disobeying his Master barely entered his mind.

His face heated up to a bright shade of red as he put on the tight trunks. The speedo outlined his small junk, barely distinguishable through the fabric.

David walked out to the pool, a towel around his waist. When he got there he noticed Max by the other end of the pool, speaking with a couple of his buddies. Max looked quickly at David and glanced down, noticing the towel. He instantly looked angry and David knew he’d made a mistake. He quickly dropped the towel.

David spent the rest of the half hour swimming laps back and forth in the pool. His thin body on display to the school. The speedos were obviously very revealing. He was exhausted but feared disappointing Max. From time to time he paused and looked up but it seemed his Master never glanced his way.

At one point Max was arguing with the lifeguard, who was yelling at him about having pushed his friend into the pool. Later on, however, out of the corner of David’s eye, he caught Max dragging the lifeguard by the wrist into the sauna. When they came out Max was smirking, but the lifeguard just looked at the ground. Max gave him a pat on the head and ran his hand down the lifeguards cheek, who’s eyes glazed over as he felt Max’s touch. David knew he had a new fellow slave.

As the half-hour buzzer sounded David got out of the pool, hornier than ever at his Master’s dominance. He had seen Max head to the locker room and followed him there. Max had put on a shirt and David was about to grab his clothing when Max finally made eye contact with him and gave his head a slight shake. He nodded his head towards the door to the hall and stepped out.

David couldn’t believe it, he couldn’t walk through the school like this! But he also knew he couldn’t disobey his Master. He took a deep breath, and with the other tutors watching, stepped towards and through the door to the hallway.

He was now in the hallway where everone else was fully dressed. This was the most embarrassing moment of his life but he followed quickly after Max, triyng to cover himself up with his hands.

He luckily saw very few people. Most were doing thier own business and David didn’t recognize the few people who did notice this twenty-something-year-old walking through the hall in just a speedo.

Thankfully he saw Max duck into a classroom and hurried after him. But before he got there he again saw Deborah’s two students, and, much to his horror, Deborah as well. Deborah gave him an incredulous look but he rushed passed. He would find a way to explain this later.

He walked through the door and found Max in a classroom, leaning against the teacher’s desk, smirking at him. David couldn’t help but feel an instant thrill.

Stupidly though, he began to complain. “Max, I shouldn’t be walking around the…” David’s words died in his throat as Max began walking towards him. Having craved his Master all week he was overcome instantly with an insatiable desire for him.

His thoughts were interrupted by a hard slap to the face. “Shut the fuck up slut, you do what I tell you to do.”

“Of course Master,” said David, instantly regretting his stupidity.

“Besides,” Max smirked, “you look like such a slut in that skimpy swimsuit.”

David blushed and suppressed a smile.

“Will you give your God a twirl?”

David again couldn’t help but smile shyly as he looked into his Master’s handsome face. He slowly spun around and received a hard smack on his ass as he did so. He giggled, looking over his shoulder at Max who looked devilishly sexy in his board shorts and tight T-shirt.

“Bend over for me, bitch.”

David glanced towards the door, fearful that someone would walk in. Max noticed this. “The teacher in this class is a slave of mine, we won’t be disturbed, probably. But you know what, I’m not going to lock the door. It’s much more fun that way, don’t you think?”

“Yes, Master,” said David, knowing his place. He walked to the teachers table and bent over, resting his chest on the table and sticking out his ass obediently.

Max walked up behind him and rested his hands on David’s small feminine butt. David let out a long suppressed moan. He’d been wanting to feel his Master’s touch all week.

Max brought back his hands and gave David a hard spank on his right cheek, then his left cheek, and repeated this many times. Each time David gave a yell of pleasure and pain.

“Yeah you like that, you fucking slut. You want to feel my long cock between your cheeks, don't you?”

David moaned, “God yes, Master, I’ve missed you so much this week.”

“I know you have, slave.” Max paused his spanking and pulled down David’s speedo. David breathed fast, excited now, knowing his Master would soon be inside of him. He looked back and saw his Master lower his board shorts. He moaned as he saw Max’s cock for the first time since last week.

“Turn around and get me ready. Just your hands you slut, no mouth.”

David quickly turned around and took Max’s cock in his hands. He again felt the heat before he touched it and was again amazed by it’s girth and heaviness. 

He found the smooth thin skin around his cock intoxicating and started as the proud head of his God’s cock swelled up. He pumped back and forth until his arms tired, staring up at his huge and muscular teenage Master.

“Okay, now open up, bitch”

David stopped pumping and opened his mouth wide, eagerly staring up at his Master.

Max just looked for a while, smirking. Then he slowly dipped his huge cock towards David’s eager and waiting mouth.

David was about to start worshipping his Master's cock but then Max spoke.

“Don’t do anything. You obey what I say, and I told you to open your mouth, that is all”.

David whimpered but Max continued to simply rest his cock on his tongue, the head just about entering his mouth. David was going crazy with lust. He just wanted his Master's cock in his mouth or ass. The salty strong scent and taste of his Master’s cock filled his mind and taste. All there was in the world was this cock. But he would not suck, he would do as told.

He looked up at his Master's handsome face, begging with his eyes. Max smirked down at him and reached into his shorts pocket on the table next to him. He pulled out his phone and aimed the camera at David’s face on his cock.

David almost moved before he stopped himself. He couldn’t disobey. “Master, please don’t,” he pleaded, his voice muffled by the cock on his tongue.

“Don’t you want to please Master? This picture pleases me.”

Resigned, David stopped his objection and waited tortuously and patiently for his Master's further instructions.

After what seemed like ages of pictures, Max finally put away his phone. “You may worship my cock.”

David went to work. He licked the long thick shaft back and forth while looking into his Master's beautiful eyes. He massaged the teenager’s huge balls and gripped his strong ass as he began to bob back and forth. He gagged as he tried to take Max deeper and deeper, wanting to please him. He was lost in ecstasy and soon came onto the floor, but never paused. Pleasing his Master was more important than pleasing himself.

To his slave’s disappointment, Max pulled his cock out of David’s mouth. He proceeded to lift David up under the armpits.

David looked up at his Master as he was easily lifted. Max’s arms and chest muscles flared with the slight effort and David ran his hands over Max’s large pecs before joining them behind his neck. Max now held David up with one arm as the other aimed his giant cock upwards towards David's ass.

David's legs wrapped around Max’s big torso as he moaned in anticipation of being penetrated. He began to lick Max’s neck and kiss the scruff of his cheek, crazy with lust as Max teased his ass with his cock head.

Finally after what seemed like ages Max lowered his slave onto his huge cock. As he eased into David’s ass, David let out a thankful moan.

"Oh god Master, I’ve missed you so much. You’re so fucking amazing, Max. I love your huge cock in my ass.” David didn’t even know what he was saying. The words just flowed out of him as he came to rest at the base of Max's cock. All week, David had craved the feel of his Master's cock buried deep inside of him.

Max held David still, fully impaled by his cock. David felt one with his Master, a hand puppet for the teenager's cock, completely under his control.

"Beg for me, slave."

"Please, Sir, fuck me with your giant cock! Allow my ass to pleasure you!" David looked into his Master's eyes pleadingly, their faces close together.

"Would you like to kiss me before I fuck you slave?"

David's eyes dropped down to Max's lips and his mouth began to water. "Yes, sir. Please, sir." David began to lean in.

Max, still holding David up with one hand under the his ass, grabbed the tutor by his hair on the back of his head, holding him an inch away from his lips.

"Do you live nearby, slave?"

David looked up at his Master's eyes. He hesitated now. But he knew he must answer "Yes...I do."

"Do you live alone?"

"Master, I live with 3 roomates."

"What are their names?"

"umm...Chris, Sherman, and Courtney." David started to worry about where this conversation was going.

"You will bring me home and introduce me soon."

Fear gripped David's heart. "Please master, let me please you in a different way. I don't want my..." David lost his train of thought because he felt Max moving his head, slowly bringing their lips closer together. Again he stared at his Master's mouth.

"You will take me home. Yes?" As Max said this he flexed his penis inside David, causing the tutor to suddenly moan.

David couldn't resist. "Yes, sir." With that Max released the back of David's head and David immediately brought his lips to his Master's. He kissed and sucked on Max's lips desperately. Max stuck out his tongue and David bobbed up and down on it like a little cock. Max finally began to pump in and out of David's ass.

"Oh God," said David. His head fell back in ecstasy.

David moaned loudly with each thrust now, not thinking or caring about whether the whole school heard him. Max pumped in and out and David loved every second of it. He brought his head back up and kissed Max's face as he got fucked.

In his sexual haze, David looked up at Max, who now looked intense as he dominated his tutor. David was struck with adoration for his god and decided to say so. "I love you, Master!"

Max looked at him and broke into a smile and began to chuckle. David was filled with joy and continued. "I love you. I love your hard cock and strong body. I love your commands and pleasing you." He kissed Max's neck as he spoke.

Mac was laughing now and David realized he was laughing at his own utter submission. But he didn't care. He knew he meant every word.

Max stopped laughing. "Okay, you pathetic cock whore, that's enough with that," Max said, shutting David up.

Max transferred David onto the teachers table so that he was on his hands and knees, facing away from Max, the huge cock still buried in his ass. Max’s thrusting increased in speed and David pushed back into each thrust, wanting his Master’s cock as deep inside as possible, still moaning in pleasure.

“Oh fuck you’re a fucking cock-loving slut.” Max was now getting close.

At that moment, the door opened and two male students walked in to a sight that shocked them. They recognized Max from school, and he was naked and pumping his cock in and out of a much older guy.

David looked over in shock but he couldn’t stop bouncing back towards his Master’s cock. He was desperate to please Max.

Max looked over at the captivated boys as he said to David, "Here it comes, slut!" Max let loose his orgasm deep into his tutor.

David, feeling his Master’s cum filling him up, came himself, squirting pathetically onto the teachers table.

As they slowed, Max pulled out and faced the students.

Now that David looked over he noticed that the two boys who had walked in weren’t the same age. One looked to be slightly older than Max and the other slightly younger.

The boys stared at Max, clearly awestruck by his muscular power. Their eyes roamed up and down, unable to look away from his broad shoulders, eight-pack abs, and monster dripping cock. “David,” Max demanded, “clean me off.”

David, ashamed to be displaying his submission in front of other students, got down from the table and began to clean off his Master’s cock with his mouth.

The whole time Max did not break eye contact with the boys.

“Join my slave here, you two,” Max demanded.

The boys hesitated and looked at each other. They looked momentarily ashamed but then looked back at Max and, unable to resist, walked slowly over. When they reached Max they dropped to their knees beside David and tentatively began licking up Max’s long shaft, now soft. All three licked Max's cock up and down. David’s felt his tongue make contact and run along both brothers as all three cleaned and worshipped Max’s cock.

Max soon pulled his cock back and put his shorts back on. He reached out three of his fingers. “Keep going.”

All three of us now began sucking on his fingers, one finger each. Soon he took that away too but with his hands now pushed our mouths together. It was clear what he wanted and we were soon all kissing, our tongues swirling together as we explored each others mouths. Knowing Max was watching David was incredibly turned on at the idea of pleasing him as he watched. He tried to put in extra emphasis, sucking on both boys tongues and lips.

Max chuckled. “Bye bye, girls.”

David and the boys separated and watched Max walk out of the room. They all looked at each other, the thrill of kissing gone now that they weren’t doing it to please Max.

One by one, the two younger boys got up and left, unable to meet each other’s eyes.

David stayed behind and put the speedo back on.

Fuck, now he had to get back to the lockers. 


This story was a continuation of the My Teenage God Series. In the previous stories we first followed David as he submitted to the muscular teenager Max. We then turned to the teenage goddesses Felicity and crystal as they seduced Deborah, their female tutor. We now went back to David and Max's story. The two tracks should merge soon enough. I switched David's narrative from first to third person. 

I would welcome your comments both privately and publicly. Feel free to message me if you’d like to talk privately, about anything ;).

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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