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My University Male Relationship - Part 1

My first male relationship starts.....and true.....
This story is a work of fact and not a figment of my sexual imagination.

My second, and longest, time with a guy happened at university when I was twenty-one. And it happened with a guy I’d known for two years! His name was Mike and he was a good looking guy with an athletic build and blond, curly hair. All the girls wanted him but he wasn’t interested in them, which the rest of us guys found strange. We wanted to fuck the girls he didn’t want!

One night Mike and I had been out for a good drinking session with friends and we were both quite ‘merry’ due to the influence of the demon alcohol. I had planned to stay with him in his room in the student apartments where he lived and when we got back to his place we were highly spirited and laughing at nothing as drunks do. After a quick snack it was time for bed and as he had only a double bed, rather than sleep on the floor, in my drunken state I told him I wanted the bed. He argued and said it was his bed so if I insisted then we would have to share. I giggled an “Okay.” I didn’t mean it in a gay way just that I didn't want to sleep on the floor. He smiled and I started stripping off.

I took off my shirt and socks and, naked from the waist up, I began pulling my trousers down. Mike started playfully pushing me to unbalance me and with my trousers around my knees, he pushed me hard I fell backwards onto the edge of the bed, legs over the side. With my trousers around my ankles, I grabbed him and he fell on top of me. As we playfully struggled, he put his hand on my crotch over my underpants and squeezed and said sometime like “nice package” and laughed, or rather giggled. I thought nothing of it, and sniggered away. I pushed Mike off and started to take off my underpants and my semi-hard cock sprang out.

Our ‘fight’ had plainly turned me on! He was still sitting on the floor from our ‘fight’ and his hand sprung out and flicked my cock end as I turned to get into bed. As I paused to pull back the covers, he reached out and smacked my arse. As I got into bed, my cock had been filled with more blood so it was fully hard. But as my back was turned to Mike, he didn’t see it.

Mike then stood up and turned his back to me and removed all his clothes. Once he had done so he got into bed backwards without turning to face me so that I couldn’t see his cock. So there I was in bed with an adult male for the first time in more than four years and we were both naked, but intoxicated as well. As we lay there, back to back, our bare asses touched which kept my cock hard. After a ‘goodnight’ and Mike switching off the bedside lamp, I fell off to sleep.

I woke up later during the night needing a piss. So I went to the toilet and did what I had to do. As I finished I thought of Mike grabbing, flicking and smacking me and my cock started tingling and pulsing and growing hard. Thinking I was safe and that Mike was asleep (and it was dark) I went back in the room sporting my hard-on pointing the way, only to see Mike lying in bed looking at me in the gloomy night light of his bedside clock. As our eyes met he smiled at me and I blushed.

I slid into bed facing away from Mike. But within seconds I felt his hand on my hip, then sliding down to my inner thigh. Then he moved his hand further around to cradle my balls for a few seconds before finally moving it up and held my cock. I froze at first, not quite knowing what to do or what Mike wanted me to do. Frozen in anticipation maybe. Frozen to allow him to do his searching. Frozen in delight. After squeezing my rock-solid pole for a short while he started slowly, and gently, stroking my cock shaft. I rolled onto my back and placed my arm under his head on the pillow, whilst he continued to stroke me. Up and down, slowly, he pumped my cock; so slowly, this eroticism was making me even harder.

He was on his side and I felt his hard cock rubbing against my hip so I reached down and took his cock in my hand. It was bigger than mine, but not by much. I started stroking him, wanting to reciprocate the pleasure he was giving me. It felt so hot and horny to have someone else masturbating me, and I enjoyed feeling his hard cock in my palm. As he caressed my meat he pulled the foreskin back and forth, slipping it over my cock head, then exposing it. Oh, I was in heaven feeling another guy doing this to me. After a short time of slow play, he started speeding up. Faster and harder and faster.

In lots of ways this was very similar to my first male experience with Herb a few years earlier, but this time I was more relaxed, more experienced and I was hungry for male sexual company. So I wanted it without any fear or worry.

A simple but effective masturbation ensued. Mike’s hand wrapped around my cock shaft with an up and down motion on its length. My foreskin slipping to and fro over my smooth but slimy cock head, streaming pre-cum, oozing out. Up and down, faster, slower, harder, softer.

As he wanked me, I continued to jerk him. We both kept up a steady rhythm. Sensing I was close to cumming by my erratic breathing and moans, Mike pulled the covers off us both so that the spunk would fly over, and on, me and not be wasted on the covers. My breathing became noisier as I started tensing. Mutual masturbation; my cock in his hand being pumped as I pumped his cock. And then I reached the pinnacle, my orgasm. I was about to cum.

In the dark half light, I looked down to see him strongly stroking my penis and as I did, he moved his head to suck my shoulder as his own pleasure heightened. And at that moment I peaked, I spasmed; bucked sharply, hips in the air. The first shot of sperm flew out of my cock slit and hit my chest. That volley of my seed was closely followed by more powerful bursts as my warm, ivory coloured cream covered my chest and stomach. I moaned and grunted in pleasure. So fucking hot. Spurting seed with a guy’s help. Four or five strong shots, then three half hearted efforts. As my cum release diminished, the cream started to just flow from my slit, down my shaft, and onto my groin. Eventually my cum discharge ceased and my orgasmic sensations died away. Slowly all my feelings and senses returned to normality.

As I recovered sensation, I realised that Mike was now masturbating his own cock due to the fact that I had lost the motion in the middle of my own orgasm. As he wanked away, his hand a blur on his meat, I sensed he was near to cumming. So I took control of his cock again and jerked stronger. After a few seconds of this cock manipulation by me, he whispered that he was close to cumming and his mouth resumed its clamping to my shoulder.

Moments later he did cum. As he reached ecstasy he shouted loudly; I cannot remember what he said but it made me jump! It was a funny thing, feeling another guys cock pulse in my hand, as he spurted over my hips. His own cream landed many globs onto my stomach and during his orgasm he lifted and twisted closer to me so that much of his emissions landed, or flowed, into my own cum pools laying on my abdomen. He shot strong diagonally across my own cum ropes, shooting six or seven jets until his discharge became just a flow of drips on my hips; his seed then running down my side onto the bed. A sticky mess.

At last, or should that be “sadly,” we had finished, satisfied in the release of our joint sexual tension and seed build ups. As we lay side by side, relaxed, I think he was rubbing the cum into my body when I fell back to sleep.

The next morning I woke with the sun shining into the room and Mike’s hand on my morning-glory hard cock. He was already awake and, as I recall, he said something like, “I had a dream last night that I wanked you, and you wanked me, and we both blasted a load!”

I laughed and said I had the same dream. I rolled onto my back and he onto his side as he continued to stroke my pulsing cock continuously, moving the shaft skin up and down and making my foreskin cover then expose my bright purple cockhead. He kicked the duvet cover off us both exposing our naked bodies on the bed, warm in the morning sun bleaching through the curtains. As he stroked me, he watched my cock dance to his manipulations and saw the pre-cum start to seep out from the little slit. Having him play with and watch, I was so horny but with the drink effect and the fact I had shot a load not so long ago, whilst I was horny, my organ wasn’t too sensitive. So I lay back and enjoyed Mike’s play with my meat. As he did so I reached down and, as I did during the night, held and squeezed his hard member and slowly stroked it. He played with my balls and cock for a good while but all good things cum to an end and I did cum to an end, arching my back, bucking my hips and groaning as I shot and flowed more cream onto my chest and stomach until I was sperm spent.

As I lay there, he moved and straddled my thighs, kneeling over my groin. I released him and he took his own cock and started masturbating fast with his cock above my own cock, facing me. It was so horny watching him play with his own cock, masturbating to a climax. And soon he came, spilling his seed over me, shooting onto my chest and stomach to mix his cum with mine, and then dribbling to add to the pool on my stomach. He rubbed his last drops over my now soft gland; cockhead to cockhead.

When he finished he rolled away and lay along side me. Mike looked down at my cum splattered body and we both laughed. Eventually the pool started trickling down my side so we rubbed the sticky mess all over, and into, my body. Good skin cream!

After a while we got up and showered together. Although there wasn’t much room in the cubicle there was enough space to allow plenty soapy hands to roam!

From then on we kept our relationship quiet but had little in jokes between us when we were out with others. In our fun times, we preferred to wank each other in various different ways but did try other things like sucking and fucking (me in him only). But masturbation was our favourite activity.

For a few months, I stayed over at his many, many times and we had lots of ‘fun’ until in the June he left uni and went back home. After that we met once or twice sharing a hotel bed but the distance became a problem and we drifted apart.

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