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New dorm neighbor

My neighbor takes me for the first time.
My neighbor down the hall of the dorm my freshman year always stared at me. One day he finally made a pass at me and we made our way to a storage room in the building's basement. They kept the old furniture from previous tenants in there.

 I sat down on an old futon and spread my legs as far as I could. He could totally see my cock and sack hanging out of the leg of my shorts. I began stroking until it was rock hard and beads of pre-cum dripped onto the bare concrete. I could hear his breathing speed up as his cock began pushing against his jeans. I pulled my shorts to my knees and freed my cock and began slowly working the shaft and staring at him. Licking my lips and stroking the head of my cock, I asked him to take his out too. His cock was huge, twice the size of mine and easily bigger around than a beer can. Swollen and uncut he worked his monster until it was almost bigger than my forearm.

He told me to lick it. I obliged and worked his uncut head inside my mouth. Tonguing him and stroking the shaft, I worked his head in my mouth until he was fucking my mouth and groaning. He pushed it down my throat causing me to gag hard, then he pushed it further into me. He pulled out and asked if I liked it, before I answered he grabbed me by the back of my head with both hands and forced me to take it all; over and over again he fucked my throat. Groaning and rolling his eyes back in his head he slammed it home. Spit, pre-cum, and throat juices poured out of my mouth while I gasped for air. All these fluids poured onto my shirt soaking the front and reaching all the way to my hard, but ignored cock.

 As I start double fisting and polishing his head with my mouth, he reached down and started stroking me. His fingers prodding my taint and squeezing my balls, he coos about taking my cherry ass. He bends me over the back of the futon and spreads my tight ass with his fingers, working my rim with his fingers while I suck his monster cock. I swoon as he slides a finger in my ass; and as I take his cock down my throat he surprises me with a second finger deeper in my ass and working it deep every time I take his whole cock in my mouth. He tells me to relax, and I feel him push against me with that big wet cock. He reached around and squeezes me in his huge hand and as I gasp in pleasure he slides into me very slowly. I arch my back as the pain slowly becomes ecstasy and my ass fills with this wonderful cock.

 Inch by inch he works me hard and slow. Then as I am almost lulled into a calm, he quickly pulls out and slams it home, pounding my cherry ass like I begged for it. The sudden power of taking all this thick is unreal. I beg for more and he slams it again and again, arching and pounding my ass against that thick member. He groans and grabs me by the shoulder and bucks hard against me, his sweat dripping onto my tan skin. He came so hard his cock pulsating inside me as I turn on my side and he slowly works it around in me.

 I stroked myself furiously as he slowly pounds my wore out ass. And as his head gaps my ass and slowly pushed into me my cock erupts and covers my stomach in hot sticky cum I gladly lick off as he admiringly looks down on my hot, sweaty body. He offered to take me in his place next time.
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