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The fun I'd had in the video booth was fantastic but the night was just beginning.
As I exited the booth I saw three men watching and one turned and commented to the others. A twinge of self-consciousness flashed through me as I realized what, and who, they were talking about. I tried to be casual and walked slowly down the dim hallway, glancing at the posters on the doors of the other booths as I passed. I could feel myself flushed, both from the encounter I had just had in the booth I’d just stepped from, and the men watching me. They began slowly following now, still whispering among themselves.

“Oh, what the hell,” I thought. I found a booth with an interesting video advertised on the door and stepped inside. As always, I left the door just slightly ajar. It wasn’t long before it opened again and revealed the same three men standing outside.

“Would you like to join me?” I invited. “It’s going to be awful crowded.”

“We thought you might join us,” one of them said. “My place isn’t far and it’s a lot more comfortable.”

“And what would I be doing at your place?” I asked coyly.

“Not whatbut who! In fact, how ‘bout all three of us?” he replied with a very certain grin. I looked at the three men. It looked like a situation that could get very out-of-control very easily … a private place, three strangers. It had always been a fantasy of mine to do two guys. It was very tempting to do three! As I was thinking, one of the other men stepped forward.

“Do you remember me?” he asked. “We met once before. I’m ‘alwaysready579’ from AFF. You sucked me off at my place on your lunch break. You said you fantasized about doing more than one guy. Do you remember?”

I looked at him closer in the dim light. I did remember him! I’d met him online. We’d met at a gas station and I had followed him to his house. Yes, I remembered him! Naked in his basement rec room, he’d cum in my mouth not once but twice! Oh yes! I remembered that lunch date!

“I do remember … very fondly I might add. And these are your friends?” I smiled as they nodded, almost shyly. “I guess it would be alright then.” We headed toward the back door of the bookstore (the way most of the clients came and went from the place) and stepped out into a cool clear night.

Walking to the car, we made quick introductions. Trevor had the car and it was his place to which we were going. He and his friend Craig got into the front seat. I got into the back with Jeff, the man I’d met before. We started to drive making polite small talk. My mind was elsewhere. I remembered Jeff’s ample erect cock from our afternoon tryst in his basement. Six or seven inches … about the same as me … it was making me horny! Maybe just a little taste, hmm? I reached over and began stroking Jeff’s crotch. He wasted no time in unzipping his fly for me. Craig saw what we were doing and turned half around in the seat to watch.

“You’re certainly eager to get started, aren’t you?” Craig said smiling. I saw Trevor give a quick glance around and he and Craig chuckled to themselves. As Craig turned back to watch I lowered my mouth over Jeff’s lovely prick and took him all the way into my mouth. He gasped and put his hand on my head, holding me there for a minute.

“OH! That is good!” Jeff said, finally easing up on my head to let me move up and down his shaft. I could already taste his pre-cum. His hips moved up and down to thrust into my face each time I took his cock. I played with the shaft with my tongue and savored the feel of it pushing down the roof of my mouth. As I brought my head up I tightened my lips firmly around him and sucked. The lights around us changed and I glanced up to see the car pulling into a garage. Jeff was moaning and bucking. The car stopped and Trevor turned to join Craig watching the back seat action just as Jeff’s cock started to stiffen in my mouth. He arched his back and his cum started shooting into me, jet after delicious jet. “Mmmm ... he did have sweet tasting cum,” I thought as it filled my mouth and I started swallowing the thick cream. As his orgasm ended, I let him slip from my mouth and lovingly licked the last droplets away.

“Goddamn I’m hard,” said Trevor. “Let’s go inside.” Jeff stuffed his cock back into his pants and we all exitted the car. The garage was attached and led right into a finished basement. Furnished with lots of wood, it gave a very cozy feel to the rather open room. With a gas fireplace at one end and a bar along side one wall, it looked like a perfect party room.

“How about a drink?” Trevor asked. He served up drinks to everyone and we moved over to a pair of couches arranged in an ‘L’ across from the bar. I was nervous but the drink was strong and I drank it probably way to fast. Trevor filled my glass again. While I finished my drink, Craig undressed and then stood in from of me. He was already erect and stood slowly stroking himself.

“That show you put on in the car about made me shoot right there.” I put my empty glass down and leaned forward, slowly swallowing his shaft, and began moving it in and out of my mouth.

“We’ve seen how well you suck cock. We’ve been thinking maybe you’ll do more.” The alcohol was making my head swim. I looked up to see him smiling and heard the others give a laugh.

“I thought you just wanted blow jobs,” I said.

“Let’s just get you undressed, okay?” The other men had already stripped and the three of them started undressing me. Seeing how clumsily they took off my clothes I pushed them away and undressed myself.

“What do you want me to do?” The drinks had made my dazed brain a little slow. I realized what they really wanted just as Trevor spoke up.

“We want to fuck you in the ass. We ALL want to fuck your tight ass. Have you ever had a cock up your ass?” Trevor asked. I nodded and smiled, thinking about the tryst I’d had earlier that night in the video booth. Yes, I thought, I’ve had a cock in my ass. Not an hour before I’d had one phenomenal fucking in that video booth. “We’ve never tried fucking a guy … any of us,” Trevor continued. “We’ve seen you plenty of times at the video store and thought ….”

The idea intrigued me to say the least! Three virgins and they wanted my tight little butt. I nearly blushed!

“Yes,” I said quietly. “I think I would really love that. You have lube, don’t you?” Craig produced a tube of lube. “Well, then ….”

I put Trevor’s cock back into my mouth and let it push all the way into me. With each hand I found the other two and stated massaging them while I bobbed up and down on Trevor. He was so excited I knew he was close to coming.

“You two sit on the couch here and I’ll turn over,” I instructed. I knelt by the couch in front of Craig and took his cock into my mouth while my right hand stroked Jeff. I felt Trevor behind me, spreading my legs to kneel between them and felt the coolness as the lube hit my butt crack. With hardly a warning Trevor pushed against me and then slipped inside … a little, a little more and then deep inside me. I braced myself against his thrusts. Each thrust pushed Craig’s cock deeper into my mouth. I tried not to let him get too excited. As much as I love the taste of a man’s cum, I just wanted him to stay hard long enough for Trevor to finish. It didn’t take long. In just a few minutes he was holding my hips, bucking and spasming.

“Oh god! Oh YES! Oh I’m pumping you full!” Trevor’s cock was shooting inside me, jerking and twitching. I do love when a man cums in me, I thought. Trevor got up and Craig took his place while my mouth turned its attention toward Jeff.

“Oh yes!” Craig exclaimed as his cock head pushed past my sphincter and into my already slick ass. He grabbed my hips and began fucking me …fucking me HARD! Each thrust I heard (and FELT) his pelvis slap against my ass. Each thrust he rammed his cock in as deep as he could, withdrew and rammed it in again. I was being bounced around like a rag doll making it impossible to keep Jeff’s cock in my mouth. I took it in my hand and stroked it to keep him hard. I looked up at Jeff watching in awe as his friend feverishly fucked me, watching his face as he stiffened and without a word rammed his cock in deep and shot a huge load inside me. He kept his cock buried deep, trying to catch his breath and letting every drop drain from him.

When he stood up and let Jeff kneel behind me, I glanced over to see Trevor standing with a video camera. He had been filming while Craig fucked me and was still filming now.

“Well if you’re gonna make porn, make GOOD porn!” I said. I told Jeff to lie back on the floor and climbed on top of him, straddling his cock. Already slick with lube and now oozing two men’s cum, I relaxed and enjoyed Jeff’s cock slip easily into me. All three men were about the same size but each time it was a little easier. Rocking back and forth on my legs and rotating my hips made his cock slip in and out of me. He lay in front of me, eyes nearly closed, enjoying the feeling of my tight ass hugging his hardness. As I rocked over him, I took my own cock in hand and began stroking, first slowly but then faster and faster, keeping pace with my movement over Jeff’s cock. I could feel his head against my prostrate and with my experienced hand I was reaching orgasm quickly, VERY quickly! As I reached the edge, I could see and feel Jeff ready to cum too. My cum shot out of me and splattered across Jeff’s stomach and chest. With each jet of cum my ass spasmed and contracted sending waves of ecstasy through me while still bouncing up and down on the hard cock impaling me. “God this is good … this is SO good!” I thought. Just then I felt Jeff under me stiffen and grab my hips and then ram himself deep into me … and then again … and then finally hold me the third time, his cock into me as deeply as he could reach and his wonderful cum shooting into me. He shuddered slightly before releasing his grip. As his erection softened, I slipped down his legs and let his cock slide out of me. I bent down and licked my cum from his chest and belly. I looked over at Trevor, still filming.

“Did you like that?” I asked teasing.

“Oh hell yes!” Trevor said, stopping the camera. “This should be in one of those video booths! DAMN!”

I excused myself and went to the bathroom, the cum of three men beginning to drip down my leg as I walked. A quick cleanup and I returned to the room where the three men were getting dressed.

“So who’s going to drive me back?” I asked.

“You could stay the night,” Jeff said. “There’s always the morning.” He grinned a very horny grin.

“God! Anymore cum in me and I’ll need a second ass to keep it in!” We all laughed. Trevor said he’d drive me and we went out to his car. As we drove back he asked if I would do it again.

“I had fun. I had never done anything like this before but it was very very hot,” I confessed.

“I have friends, lots of friends, who would really love fucking a tight ass like yours. You could make some serious money, you know.” It was a proposition I had not expected. It was a proposition that intrigued me.

“Just think about it,” he said as we stopped. “Seriously.”

I turned and opened the car door to leave and felt his hand stuff something into my shirt pocket. I got out and he drove away. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a bill … a hundred dollar bill!

“I WILL think about it,” I thought. “Seriously!”