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Not Gay, But Enjoyed it

First time with my gay pal.
My true story comes from when I joined the UK military at 18. I have to say that, after all that happened between us, I just put it down to something like the freedom of being away from home and being free to experiment with my life and sexuality.

I'd never had any thoughts of been gay, before or since. I went onto to enjoy a fantastic marriage until losing my wife suddenly some years back.

I can't remember how me and my mate Rich, the same age as me, got together. It may have been through other friends and a few drinks one evening. I later found out he was gay, which might explain why he always made the first moves. Anyway, we hit it off straight away, left the bar and headed to his room, deciding to watch one of his sex videos.

I nipped to the toilet and when I got back Rich had got into bed. I could tell he was feeling his cock under the covers as the tape played. It pictured a young man and woman really going for it, and I was getting turned on too. I noticed Rich look at me as I rubbed the growing bulge in my trousers.

He asked if I'd ever done anything with another boy and I said I hadn't. He patted the now obvious bulge in his bedclothes and gestured with his head; I wasn't sure what he meant me to do.

I soon found out as he took my hand, placed it on the large bulge, placed his hand on top and pressed mine down onto his hard cock. Feeling strangely turned on, I began gently squeezing and Rich began breathing heavy. He then pushed off his bedclothes to reveal a sexy pair of skimpy, red, wet-look panties which strained to contain his huge meat. Feeling braver, I ran my fingers over the silky material, at the same time rubbing my own hard-on with the other hand. 

He then told me to strip to my own briefs so he could do something nice for me. I stood up and removed my shirt and trousers, revealing a similar pair of black panties which held my now throbbing large cock. As I stood by his bed, he put a hand on the front of my briefs and gently squeezed my bulge. I began to gasp and tremble a little, not believing what was happening, but realizing it felt so good.

He sat up and faced me, then slid his hands round onto my silk-covered bum. He stroked and squeezed my bum cheeks. Next he ran his hands up my back and round the front until he was stroking my hardening nipples. I couldn't believe it when he bent forward and began to suck my nipples in turn. I was shaking like a leaf and he asked if he should carry on. I half nodded then he said, 'Can I watch you play with yourself for a bit?' 

I began to stroke my hands over my firm belly and up over my tits, squeezing them between fingers and thumbs, which made my prick even harder.

'You look so sexy in those panties,' he said. 'Would you toss me off while I do it for you?'

I nodded again and he stood up. I pulled his long hard cock from his briefs and began to wank him slowly as he reached into mine and gently started to toss me. It wasn't long before I was ready to come and with a long groan I let fly with a gushing white stream of spunk. Moments later, Rich also moaned and out came his load. We sat on the bed to catch our breath and had a smoke and a drink. Then I left to go to my own room, my head buzzing with what had happened.

A couple of days later Rich left the base to work at another site, so he was probably away a few months.
One evening, some weeks later, I returned to my room after a bath in just a large towel and some briefs underneath.

I was surprised to see Rich lounging on my bed as I hadn't known he was back. He'd taken off his top and wore just a pair of tight trousers. I went to my locker and put away my washing kit then stood combing my hair at the mirror.

I was suddenly aware of Rich stood behind me pressing his hardening crotch against my bum cheeks through the towel. He ran his hands round over my belly and up to my nipples, which he played with. This time I felt a delicious tingle due to my skin feeling really sensitive after the hot bath.

'I've missed playing around like this,' he whispered, and led me back towards the bed.

He told me to undo his trousers and take them off, which I did slowly, revealing this time a pair of very brief wet-look black Speedos. I'd always enjoyed wearing these myself as one of my girlfriends enjoyed the feel of my prick through the material.

For while I stroked and squeezed his massive hard-on through them and then he pulled my towel from my hips. My briefs were white ones which were very nearly see-through and his hand went straight to my bulge as he rubbed my stiff length for a few seconds. Gripping my hips, he turned me so my back was towards him. Again I felt his erect cock sensuously rubbing against my silky covered arse cheeks as he slipped one hand round onto my throbbing penis, running his fingers up and down the shaft.

We moved to the bed and he told me to lie down on my back.

He then climbed on top over me and lowered himself so that his pantie-covered cock was pressing against mine. As we rubbed against each other I ran my hands up and down his back and onto his firm round arse, stroking it through the sexy-feeling fabric. We were both shaking with pent-up excitement and Rich then knelt astride me.

'Do you want to try sucking my cock?' he asked.

I wasn't sure about this but told him I'd try. I put my thumbs in the waistband of his briefs and pulled them down until his prick sprang out in front of my face. Unsure how to start, I began licking up and down the length and tasted the pre-cum on the tip. It tasted warm and kind of salty. I opened my mouth and began to take his shaft into my mouth, trying to get used to how thick it was.

I began moving my head back and forth, gradually taking more into my mouth and started to suck. I must have done it okay as he began to moan in ecstasy. After a few minutes we changed places and he pulled down my panties and gave me the same treatment until I gasped, 'I think I'm ready to come!'

He released me from his mouth and said, 'Rub your pre-cum over my tits.'

I moved further up his slim body and grasped my prick, rubbing it over both his nipples, leaving a trace of cum juice, which he smeared over his tits. His hips bucked under me until I felt his hot meat pressing on my bum cheeks. He reached up to grab my tool and said, 'Give me your fucking spunk all over my tits.'

Saying this, he began to wank me and squeeze my balls. After a few minutes I could hold on no longer and let two or three spurts of hot spunk splash over his chest as he moaned and smeared my cum into his tits. 

We swapped round again and I sucked him for a minute or two until he said, 'Come on, finish me off over your tits now.'

I gripped his tool and began tossing him quite fast until, with a long gasp, he jetted his spunk over my face and tits, then slowly massaged it over my skin. 

We had a few more short wanking sessions after this, but soon after, we both went our separate ways to other bases. It had been new and exciting and fueled my wanking fantasies for a long time after. In fact, just writing this has turned me on again so I know what's coming next...

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