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Not So Lonely A Night After All

One dark lonely night turns out terrific after all

On a lonely drive from Portland to Seattle, I glanced at the fuel gauge and was surprised to see that I needed to fill up as soon as possible. It seemed I’d been lost in my thoughts, time and miles just slipping past.

It was now dark and, after about ten minutes, I saw a sign for a gas station. I pulled in and, as I filled my tank, a car drew up at the pump next to mine. The driver got out… and my heart skipped a beat.

He was absolutely gorgeous: tall and lean with thick lips, far too luscious for a man. When he bent and leaned to extract the nozzle, I saw the curve of a finely shaped ass filling his tight jeans.

I think my mouth may have actually watered at that point.

The clanking of my pump stopped and so did my drooling. I walked into the station and paid the cashier before heading to the washroom to empty my bladder.

Like most public washrooms in gas stations, it had seen better days. It consisted of two rusty urinals, one toilet stall, and a sink.

I chose the urinal closest to the door and took out my pecker, ready for a long relieving piss. Moments later, the door opened and the gorgeous guy entered. He came to the urinal beside me and unzipped. As casually as possible, I glanced over at him — and saw that he was looking down at my cock.

His boldness turned me on and, having finished urinating, I started to get hard.

He turned toward me, his flaccid penis hanging out of his jeans. He reached down, firmly encircled my raging boner, and gently massaged the underside of my knob with his thumb.

Without having spoken, I melted into him and we kissed deeply and firmly. Our lips and tongues busily devoured and tasted each other. By now mammoth erections were poking out of our jeans, and we admired each other. His cock was a magnificent piece of work, a classic uncut beauty.

I leaned and took his mighty cock in my mouth. He gave a low groan of pleasure and muttered, “Oh yes, that’s great, so fucking great. Suck me, suck me.”

I worked on the solid shaft, caressing it, sucking it, and licking it from the base to tip, tasting the oozing salty pre-cum. I relished the feel of his foreskin on my tongue as it slipped and slid over his glans.

After several minutes, his breathing became more ragged and I felt him stiffen and knew he was on the edge. His thighs trembled as jets of hot juicy sperm hit the back of my throat and coated my tongue. I swallowed and kept swallowing and sucking until he‘d pumped out all his impressive load.

My cock had swollen to such a size it was almost painful and it demanded attention. I stood, grabbed my dick in my right hand, and started jerking rapidly. He cupped my face in his hands and kissed me, his tongue probing and twirling deep in my mouth.

He took his hands from my face, stopped kissing. “My turn,” he said and got down on his knees, taking my rigid cock in his mouth. Mmm, it was glorious in there, so warm and wet. With his tongue, lips, and mouth, he made incredible love to my throbbing flesh. I was as hard as a crowbar and I quickly felt the pressure building in my balls. I gently rocked my hips back and forth, fucking his mouth while my own foreskin rolled over my knob.

As the sensations increased, I thrust more urgently until I was face-fucking him mercilessly. He didn’t seem to mind, his mouth and throat welcoming my furious assault. When I ejaculated, thick spurts shooting into his mouth and down his throat, I roared with delight. He gallantly swallowed, choking a little at first, but not stopping. He kept on worshipping my cock, sucking and licking, until I withered in his hot mouth.

“That was gorgeous,” I sighed and encouraged him back onto his feet before kissing him with immense gratitude and spent passion. I really wanted to show him that I was truly grateful and we kissed for several passionate, lusty moments. Then we embraced, holding on until our breathing returned to something approaching normal.

Suddenly, the washroom door opened and we sprang apart. The attendant strode in, a thick cock sticking out of his fly. He held his growing erection with one hand while the other pushed the door closed.

“Okay boys, it’s my turn… get on your knees, both of you. Let's see which of you can give me a proper, sloppy blow job.”

Startled and confused, I blustered, “How did you know what we’ve been doing?”

“You’re a right couple of numb nuts, aren’t you,” he said, stroking his length. “You leave your cars at the pumps and come in here. That’s fine, nothing unusual. But, come on, after ten minutes I didn’t think you were discussing the weather.” He grinned, more of a leer. “Anyway, I’ve been outside and you’re not exactly the quietest fuckers I’ve had in here.”

I looked at my recent fuck-buddy and raised my eyebrows. He gave a lop-sided grin, looked down at the attendant’s crotch and licked his lips. I looked too and took a deep breath. His cock was huge.

“Come on, get to it, boys. You can see how horny I am and I know you’ll love taking care of me.”

We sank to our knees and I was first to grip his cock. I stroked the hot rod and licked topside from the tip to his base and back again. His cock was truly amazing: thick and hard, yet soft and velvety on my tongue. He let his pants drop around his knees and I saw he was totally shaved.

I opened wide and put the bulging head of his cock between my lips and swirled my tongue around the engorged glans. I bobbed my head, wanting to swallow all of him. But he was so thick and long, I gagged.

He pushed me off. “Your turn,” he told my urinal buddy.

He immediately accepted the attendant’s cock and I watched him swallowing, his throat muscles working to fully engulf it. He bobbed up and down, going right to the base of that fat beauty. He’d taken it all!

Sucking and bobbing, he got into a smooth rhythm and the attendant pushed his hips back and forth in sync. Then, with a loud gasp that turned into a baritone grunt, he came. Keeping a firm grip on my buddy’s head he didn’t let go until he’d obviously emptied his load. Some dribbled from my buddy’s lips but I think he swallowed most of it.

“Ahh, I needed that,” the attendant said. “But I’ve gotta get back to work, guys. Thanks.” He tucked his cock back into his pants, zipped up, and marched out without a backward glance, leaving us kneeling on the cold floor.

“Thank you,” I mumbled, looking at the closed door and shaking my head while we got off our knees.

“And thank you,” I said as we swilled our hands in the sink, “that was an unexpected pleasure.”

“For us both,” he said as we walked out to our cars where we waved farewell to each other — and the grinning attendant — and drove off in different directions. For the rest of my journey, it no longer felt such a dark and lonely night.

My thanks to JWren for all the editing assistance.


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