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Old Yeller (Part 2)

A continuation of my high volume loving
With my nephews regularly fucking me, it's no wonder that some of the neighbors in my apartment building would start to complain.

My landlord even called me into his office and told me that one guy thought I was being kidnapped (or worse) and almost called the police before he realized I was getting buttfucked. My landlord asked if it had felt good, and I said that, yeah, they were cries of intense pleasure.

He seemed incredulous that fucking a man pussy could make the fuckee feel so good. I offered to let him try it. He said that he probably couldn't get his dick up for a man's hairy ass. I said that I would start with something else first.

I dropped to my knees, unzipped his trousers and fished out his cock. He wore no underwear, and I thought maybe he thought something was going to happen, and he didn't want to waste time with extra clothing.

Now, my landlord, Michael, is a big, heavy set, swarthy Italian man, with a nice beer gut, and is covered with hair on his chest and belly. He also has a nice fur bush around his thick cock. Yes, it's a nice thick cock, about nine inches long, cut, with a firm, yet spongy pinkish head. I began working on it with my velvet lips, and it started to stiffen up and fill out. For a guy about my age, (50) his dick still jutted upward at a forty five degree angle. Man, you know that's the surest sign of a horndog. 

He was moaning, and slowly thrusting his hips into my mouth, but after a few minutes I stood up, dropped my own pants, and leaned over the side of his imported Italian office couch, reaching back and spreading my firm ass cheeks to show off my little starfish.

I said, well, I got it up, now you get it in. It was a little rough going at first, what with just my saliva on his cock, and no lube, but my ass was hungry, and I needed it filled up. He pushed the head in, and I immediately started crying, oh! take it out! He popped it back out, and said what's wrong. I need some lube, I said, it's too big. He said, fuck that shit, you're a whore, take it.

He popped the head back in, and tears stung my eyes. Then he began slapping my ass cheeks and rotating his hips while I bucked up and down, slowly driving this flesh wedge into my rectum.
Oh! mama, I moaned. He said, it's not your momma fucking you, it's your daddy!

He then slammed the rest of his dong up my butt, and started banging my ass. My breath was hissing between my clenched teeth as I grabbed at the seat cushions. His balls were slapping my balls, my balls were slapping my dick, and my dick was slapping the side of the couch.

I moaned and grunted as the pleasure built up in my rectum. His big cock slid in and out like a jackhammer, fucking and thrusting every second, relentlessly, bang, bang, bang.

My ass had the love itch, and Mike was scratching it good.

I lowered my chest down onto the couch, forcing my butt up into the air, changing the angle of penetration for his dick. His cock head was saying hello to my prostate, plunging in to give my gland a kiss, then pulling out, then plunging in again to plant a little kiss, then pulling out, over and over and over and over.

He started talking dirty to me, saying things like, Yeah, you like that cock don't cha? Yeah, take that big dick up yur ass! Yur a fucking whore ain't cha? Yeah, that's it, yell it out!

And I was yelling, too. I couldn't believe that just a few minutes ago, he was telling me to keep it quiet for the neighbors, and here he was plowing the shit out of me and making me yammer and squawk.

I guess between his dirty talking and my rather loud contribution to the conversation, Mike started to get close to cumming, because he planted his feet solidly to the floor and gripped my hips tighter as he rammed his dick deeper and deeper and faster.

I cried out, oh! Oh! OH! I grabbed one of the pillows on the couch and screamed into it, trying to muffle the sounds of lust emerging from my throat. The delicious friction in my rectum made me give a long drawn out wail, as I bit down into the pillow.

He cried out, Yeah! Feels good! Yeah! Yell it out! I'll make you scream like you was upstairs! Yeah! Yell it out, bitch! Yur getting fucked now!

I was in mid-roar when Mike released his ball juice, scalding my anal walls with his hot cream.

So, with him being as vocal as I was, he understood about the noises coming from my apartment, and he wasn't upset. That is, he wasn't upset until he later discovered the chunky load of sperm that I had sprayed all down the side of his expensive couch!
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