Old Yeller

By DuncanDix

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Not the dog story, but how vocal I get while getting fucked.
My nephews have discovered my vast collection of porn, and they're coming over an awful lot to look at it and watch the movies. I don't mind, because I'm spending good, quality time with them.

Scotty, he's 19 and in college. His last class is over about the same time I get off work, so sometimes he'll swing by the restaurant, and give me a lift home. He'll always ask if I have any new magazines, and of course I do, so while I shower, he glances through them.

When I come out of the shower, there he is, sitting on the couch, with his pants down around his ankles, pounding his hard cock, flipping through the pages. He's got a nice seven inch dick, kinda slender, but well proportioned. His balls are large and heavy in his sack, and as he jerks his cock, his balls are bouncing wildly. I say, you're gonna hurt those nuts if you're not careful.
He says, well, why don't you come over and hold them?

I kneel down between his legs and fondle his big balls. He throws his head back and moans.
I'm breathing in his scent from his thick pubic hair, his hand almost bumping my nose as it flies up and down his dick.

His hips start to buck up and down, and I know he's feeling his cum churning in his nutsack. I shove his cock in my mouth, and start to suck like crazy. He grabs my head and smashes my lips all the way down into his groin. He's flailing now, his body quivering and he yells out I'm cumming! His thick load coats the back of my throat, and I swallow it down.

Now, Eric, he's 21, and a football player at his college. He's got a stocky build, and nice pecs with big silver dollar size nipples that he lets me chew on. The girls all like him, but he can't get enough pussy, because he's got this really thick foreskin on his eight inch cock. I guess the girls don't like giving him head, and choking on that skin.

That's the kind of movies he likes to watch when he comes over--cocksucking and dick licking.
He'll say to me, why can't the girls do to me what those chicks in the movies do? I say, I don't know. But he knows that halfway through the DVD, I'm on my knees, forcing my tongue into the opening of that foreskin, probing for the precum oozing out of his piss-slit My hands are roaming over his chest, pinching those fine nips, as I chew on that skin.

Sometimes after football practice, he just comes right over to my house without showering, so I can really get a good taste of flavor underneath that sweaty foreskin. I lick his balls for awhile, and he scoots forward on the couch and spreads his legs just a little more, and I know he wants me to head south and tickle his asshole with my tongue. That's a great taste treat after practice as well.

He gets really close to coming, but holds off, 'cause now the real fun starts. After he's primed and ready, I get up, drop my shorts and proceed to sit on that flesh monster, working it up into my butt.

Soon, it's all the way in, and I'm bouncing, and thrashing around to beat the band. Damn! What a feeling! We're both grunting and groaning, and I'm getting kinda loud, I know, because he has to put his hand over my mouth, but it doesn't always work, and soon I'm whooping it up like a cowboy, bellowing like a bull. He shoots a big load deep in my ass, and I shoot all over his chest, and afterwards I lick it all off his nipples.

Kevin, now he's 23, and a personal trainer, so you know he's in good shape. Tall, lean body and a ten inch cock. He works in a gym, and doesn't get off until after midnigjht. He also can't get as much pussy as he wants because of his large porker, so, maybe two or three times a week, he'll call me up after work, and ask to come over. Of course, I'm usually asleep by then, but I say sure. He comes over and I pop in a video for him, and I go back to bed while he jacks off.

About an hour later, he'll crawl into bed with me, and whether I'm asleep or not, I soon feel his big, bulbous head sliding up and down my ass crack. This is my cue, so I roll over onto my belly. Fortunately, I've put a little lube on my love hole, 'cause he's got a big one. He says, gonna pop you up the pooper. Get ready.

He mounts me, sliding his thick ten incher into my ass with one thrust. This is where I wake the dead. Shouting out into the night, I get pounded by a big cock. His round, firm ass is rotating, slamming that slab of beef into my quivering rump. I'm squawkin' and brayin' like a mule. EE-AW! EE-AW! EE-AW! as he fucks me hard into the mattress. His cock head is massaging my prostate with every push into my butt.

My yells fill the room and echo off the walls, as the memories of the movies he's just watched replays in his brain. My ass is a pinata and he's got the stick, beating it open to get the goodies inside. I beg for mercy as he thrusts faster and faster, til his hips are just a blur, and his hard rod is going sloppy slop in my butthole.

Finally, with a shriek of his own he unloads a gusher of sperm, hosing down my raw, heated ass walls. He rolls off me, and gasps for breath, as I try to tighten my well fucked ass-lips to keep his hot cum inside me. It's no use though--some of his load dribbles out to mix with my own sperm that soaked the sheets due to his lustful pummeling.

I love my nephews, and I'll tell them as often as I can, in a very loud way.