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On My Knees And Looking Up Into His Eyes

What A Black Cock Whore Sees When He's On His Knees
I get really turned on by the visual images of sex. There are lots of them that are erotic and very very hot. This is about one of my favorite sexual visual images.

I'm a total whore for a black monster dick. My record so far is 11.5 inches, and WOW was that a big blck dick!

The first black guy I was with was tall and very cute, and his dick was 9.5 inches. I was a nervous wreck when he came over, but I've been craving big black dick all my life and I decided I was gonna get one for real.

We chatted for a minute and then I got down to business. I asked him to get totally naked and I did the same. Then I got down on my knees and put his big black dick in my mouth. It was still soft and I loved feeling it get hard and big in my mouth. When I got him totally hard I took my hands off his dick and put them behind my back so that only my mouth was touching it. I licked it and bobbed my head back and forth and tried to get all 9.5 inches in my mouth. Which made me gag of course but I liked doing it anyway.

I'll never forget the incredibly erotic and sexually thrilling feeling that I had when I looked up at him with his dick in my mouth for the very first time. I have beautiful light brown eyes, and they were wide open. We made eye contact while I sucked his big black monster dick and I didn't need any words to tell him that I was his white faggot big black dick loving slut and he could do whatever he wanted with me that night. I knew we made a sexual connection right then when I saw him smile and felt his hand caressing my head - softly and tenderly.

I knew that if I touched my 8 inch hard dick - even for a second - I would shoot my load - so I didn't touch my dick at all. That's how sexually charged I was! I sucked his cock for a while and then I took it out of my mouth so I could tell him how much I loved his big black dick and how incredibly wonderful it was to have it in my mouth. Then he talked - dirty talk - and called me a faggot cocksucking bitch and he began to slap my face back and forth with his dick. Then he told me to lick his balls, and I did as I was told. And he made me beg him to let me put his dick back in my mouth, and I had to beg and beg and tell him I belonged only to him and I was his little girl forever before I got that big thing back in my mouth again.

Everything after that was just as good. I sucked him when he was sitting on the couch, we made out passionately while jerking each other off at the same time, we did a 69 on my bed with me on the bottom, and then he fucked me. He was the first man to put his dick in my ass an I told him that earlier. And he fucked me slowly and softly - at first - and then fucked me a little harder and a little faster and I didn't just take it all, I loved every second of it as well. He fucked me from behind and with me on my back, and he fucked me from the side as he spooned me, and I sat on his big black dick and rode it up and down for a while too. His dick was all the way inside me when I shot my load, and then I felt his dick shoot his jizz in my ass under his condom right after that.

But sucking his big 9.5 inch black monster on my knees, with my hands behind my back and my eyes locked in on his, and doing that for the first time in my life, was the definitely the highlight of my night. But it was more than just the physical sensation and sexual pleasure - I also loved the mental aspect of being the submissive black dick loving slut sucking the big black dick of my dominant and very hot partner.

There are so many hot visual sexual images in my memory - both straight and gay - and I can't decide which one is the hottest of them all. But this one is definitely among the hottest of the hot!

What about you? Tell me about your favorite sexual visual images.

Hope you all enjoyed this.

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