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On the farm

Two fictional guys going from friends to... More then that. Leave a comment bellow!
Joe and I have been friends for as long as I could remember. After all, his family was the closest humans to us for miles around. They were a large family, Joe being the third child out of five, and so he sometimes came over to help me, an only child, on the farm when my dad was away.
One day, a few years back, my dad was away again for two whole days. I promised to do all of the farms chores, and waving goodbye to my dad, saw him drive away. 15 minutes later, Joe came.

"Saw your dad driving off," he said, "so I thought you might want some company."

I grinned broadly

"I got a new game for my computer the other day, lets finish the chores now and then we can play it for the rest of the day."

We decided that he will do things like feeding the hens and gather the eggs, and I will chop fire logs. He was, after all, just helping me. Very soon I got into the rhythm of work. Even though it was already chilly outside, I was sweating like crazy, and when I was done, I told him I was going to take a shower.

I took off my cloth and went under the stream of warm water, cleaning myself, when Joe broke into the room, snatched my cloth and towel, and shot out of the bathroom. We had no secret between us, and we each saw each other's dick before (He was only slightly bigger than me), but this was still uncomfortable for me. I yelled for him to give me my cloth back as he waved with them from across the hall, dashing downstairs.

I ran after him, naked and dripping with water and stopped him in the living room, clashing into him. We both fell on the floor and wrestled, each trying to get control of my cloth. He was better built then me and I was exhausted from chopping wood, and so found myself on the floor, with him sitting on me, making sure I couldn't move a muscle.

"OK, OK! You won, now give me my cloth back Joe." I said.

"You know, I was watching some porn yesterday..." he mused, supposedly not hearing me.

We talked about sex, masturbation, and porn before, but not in this kind of a situation. I wasn't sure where this was leading

"It was quite nice. I clicked on another link, and it sent me to this gay porn site."

"Joe, can you give me my cloth back now?"

"I was so horny, and it was for free, so I decided to give it a try. There was this one guy, giving the other a blow job..."

"Ahum! Can I have my..."

"He was about your height, had plenty of muscles, and was something like 8 inches. It was quite entertaining to watch him poke the other guy's ass."

"Joe, at least give me my shirt!"

"Why do you want it so bad?"

"'Cause I'm naked, obviously!"

Joe got off me, but holding me still, rolled me over. My 7.5 inch cock was flat on my stomach, fully erect. The story did turn me on, though I tried denying it.

"Looks like someone was enjoying the story."


"After he poked, he picked the other person's dick, like this..." he said while demonstrating on me.

"And took it in his mouth..."

He put his head over my cock and started licking my dick. He went deep till my cock hit the back of his mouth. It felt good, but I wouldn't have it.

"Man, get off me! This is sick!"

"Oh come on! What are the chances of any of us getting laid recently? Zero! Let's just try this, it's better than nothing!"

"No way! I'm not gay!"

"What about this- We will just try it, and if you don't like it, I will stop. Just tell me whenever!"

It did feel good... I thought to myself.

"Fine, but if I say stop you have to stop!"

Joe grinned broadly as he pushed me down onto the floor. He started exploring my body with his tongue, going from my chest down to my dick. He gave me a blowjob again, this time playing with my balls with the other hand.

I couldn't stop myself from emitting a low moan. It felt so good. He let go of my balls, still fucking my dick with his mouth. His finger trailed up to my dick, getting wet from the saliva that covered my dick. He then trailed down, nearing my bare ass. He went straight for the asshole, fingering it and rubbing it. It sent tingles to my dick and balls. He stopped sucking my dick and turned me around. Fingering me ass, he forced me up into the doggie position. I could feel his mushroom touching my ass. He cupped my ass cheeks, and drove his shaft into my ass, as I yelled out. It hurt, but the tingling sensation continued...


He sunk another inch deeper.

"Joe! Stop, this is too much!"

He sunk a bit more.


Then I felt something incredible... My muscles relaxed, and the pain went away, leaving the amazing sensation that his dick was sending throughout my body. He humped me, and I moaned as his dick went in and out of my ass. I could suddenly feel his dick tighten. I knew that feeling myself...

"Joe, get out, I don't want this inside me!"

He pressed his hairy balls against my ass, sending his dick as far as possible into my not-so-virgin-anymore butt hole. His warm load shot inside me stream by stream, and he finally withdrew. He rolled onto the ground, but I wasn't gonna end it like this. If I took him, he'll take me. I started unbuttoning his shirt, mimicking the way he licked by nipples and naval.

"Get up!"

He obeyed. I pushed him against the wall, separating his legs so that his whole ass was in front of me. I pushed my dick inside him. He moaned. He probably fingered himself before, that horny bastard! I forced my way into his butt, grabbing his manhood from the other side and rubbing it. I was already ready to cum, so I pulled back fast, making him gasp and turn back, just in time to get streams of my hot cum all over his muscular chest. It dripped down onto his balls and cock, and he smiled at me.

"These are gonna be two great days."

We both headed for the shower to get clean.

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