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One Night That Changed Everything

The Night We Became Sexually Intimate
I’ll be 17 next month. My best friend Hank is 6 months younger than me. We live two houses away from each other, and we’ve been best friends since age 8.

We’re both in 11th grade but we hang out in different circles at our high school. But when school ends, Hank and I hang out almost every afternoon. And on weekends too.

I usually go over to Hank’s house since nobody else is home until 6PM and we have the house to ourselves for around 3 hours every weekday afternoon. We don’t do things together that require total privacy, but any 16 or 17 year old would prefer to hang out with his friend with no adults around if he could. And we could – for 3 hours every weekday.

But around a month ago, Hank and I did something new together. Something new and exciting that is most fun when done in total privacy and with no chance that an adult or a sibling or some surprise visitor can appear out of nowhere.

And you already know what that is. Hank and I had our first ever gay sex encounter together last month. We did it in the garage at my house. There were others at home but they were in the house, and the only way into our garage is from outside. We can’t get to the garage from inside our house. And we were so horny and we were both ready to do what we knew would happen one day. Hank’s mom took that day off from work so his house wasn’t empty that day. Our garage was the safest spot we thought of so we got down in there. We walked in that garage as two horny best friends – and when we walked out less than 10 minutes later we were two best friends who had gay sex together and that changed our friendship forever.

That first time was really hot and very sexually thrilling for both of us. And we both wanted a second time. Which we had the very next day. And we’ve been hooking up almost every day since then, about 25 times in total so far.

I’m home and totally bored and I’m expecting a boring night. It’s Saturday evening, around 7PM. My parents just left – they’re going out with another couple and my grandfather is going with them. I offered to watch my kid brother for free which was the original plan but my parents’ friends showed up with their 19 year old daughter “Chloe” which was fine but unexpected. And Chloe was here to watch me and my little bro. I knew her well and we used to live below her family before we moved to this house. Which was at least 5 years ago so I haven’t seen Chloe very often over those 5 years.

Chloe wasn’t hot but she was definitely fuckable. She’d have a pretty face if her nose wasn’t huge and her body was lean and tight. But she had no tits at all and her butt was noticeable but average at best. And I don’t actually know this but I’m still 100% certain that Chloe was no virgin and hasn’t been a virgin for several years. She started going out with some creepy looking dude a while back and has been going out with him ever since. And in 15 years I’ll be at their wedding so I guess they were made to be with each other. Chloe can’t keep her mouth shut and as soon as the adults leave she starts yapping to me about her life and her latest breakup with her creepy boyfriend and future father of her 3 children. Which happened two days earlier.

I say “sorry, that’s too bad” in response but what I’m thinking is “so does that mean you’ll let me fuck you tonight”? I was 17 and still a virgin (with a girl) and we know each other well, and she’s fuckable and very cool and just broke up with her boyfriend so I figured I had some kind of shot at fucking her that very night and in my very own house.

But in the real world this had no chance of really happening. But I had less than 10 minutes to think about it when the phone rang and I picked it up and said hello.

It was Hank. His parents decided last minute to go out for the night, and his sister was sleeping over at her friend’s house. So we could have the house to ourselves until at least midnight – risk free since his parents were going to some event and definitely would be there at least till then. And do I want to come over and do you know what with him?

He already knew my answer but I told him yes anyway. But on one condition – which was that we both had to take a shower first and wash every part of our bodies and I told him I meant everywhere. He laughed at that and said he understood completely. I said I’ll be over in around 15 minutes and then we hung up so we could both take a shower and be squeaky clean for our unexpected Saturday night date.

I should explain why I knew right then that this night would be special and very different from our previous gay sex dates and that it also would make us much more intimate as a result.

The reason why is that every hookup we had so far was rushed and a pull out our dicks and stroke and suck until we both shoot a load quickie and we always had to look out for anyone that might walk in on us and catch us having gay sex.

They were all fun and they were all hot – for what they were. But we couldn’t get totally naked and we had no time to tease or flirt and we always hooked up when we had an opportunity. Which is not the way to have really great sex. I mean top quality mind blowing sex.

And tonight is our first ever chance to do whatever we want as fast or slow as we want and we can be naked for hours and run around the house and we can do all of that and know there is zero risk that his parents will show up early and catch us.

I took a shower and when I was done my entire body was clean and fresh and I never was so spotlessly clean as I was that night. I dressed quickly and got Chloe’s okay to go hang out with my friend who lived two houses away and she said sure but told me to be back by 1AM or earlier.

Two minutes later I was in Hank’s house. I’m not sure if we even said hi before we pulled up our shirts and threw them both on the floor. My dick was hard as it could be and Hank started rubbing it through my jeans but I stopped him because I wanted us to talk about some stuff before we did anything else.

Then I said it’s nothing bad or serious but it’s something I wanted Hank to know. So he said go ahead and this is what I told him:

“We’re best friends and we’ve been best friends for such a long time and I want to be totally sure that you’re okay with what we’ve been doing together lately. And if you’re not okay with it or you’re not sure how you feel about it we can stop doing that stuff – forever if that’s necessary – because our friendship is more important to me than anything else including us having sex with each other.”

Hank smiled and then replied, “Thanks for saying that. And only a true friend would say what you just said to me. But don’t worry. I’m more than okay with our new sexual relationship and I really love doing it with you. So there’s nothing for you to worry about there.”

I expected him to say just that but I wasn’t 100% certain that he would which is why I had to ask him. And everything is great with him just like it was great with me!

This is what I said next:

“That’s so great! I just wanted to be sure which is why I asked you this. Let me tell you something else too. When we started this new stuff together I thought it would be all physical, all about you and me having sex and getting each other off, and just that. Nothing more than a sexual thing that goes on for as long as we both want it to. No emotion, no feelings, no relationship, no “we’re boyfriends” and whatever else comes with all of that. And that’s what I told you before our first time, and you said you felt exactly the same as I did.”

“Which is why I need to tell you this – I’m starting to feel some of those other things. For you. Don’t freak out I’m not falling in love with you and I won’t let these feelings I’m having fuck everything up or damage our friendship in any way. And if you’re uncomfortable knowing I’m having these new feelings for you lately, you can end the gay sex thing – whenever you want to. And that’ll be okay with me.”

I didn’t expect Hank’s reaction to this second revelation of mine – not at all. I actually had no idea how he’d react. But my confessions of my new “feelings” for him made him very happy.

He hugged me and ran his fingers up and down my shoulders and then said this to me:

“Me too! I feel differently about you and it only started a few days ago. I think of you all the time, I’m starting to really realize how cute you are, and every time we hook up and play together makes me more comfortable about who I am and what I desire sexually. And please don’t freak out at this but I also think I might be falling a little bit in love with you.”

I knew I wasn’t in love with him and I was certain of that. I also knew this wasn’t just a sexual thing only and nothing else anymore either – these new feelings I was having for my friend and new secret gay lover proved that beyond a doubt, and when this all began I thought that these feelings could only be a bad thing that might cause real damage and couldn’t result in anything good. But after having experienced these feelings I’m not scared of them anymore because they make me and also Hank feel really good inside.

My answer to Hank’s confession of love was this: “I’m not sure if what I feel for you is the same as being in love, and if it isn’t true love it’s something close to that and it makes me feel so intimate and close to you and I trust you completely. And maybe I’m in love with you like you are with me and I can’t describe how it makes me feel since I’m not sure about that myself. But knowing you’re falling in love with me makes all my feelings even stronger.”

I went on: “What I’m feeling for you makes me want to be your boyfriend. Your secret boyfriend that nobody knows about except us. Your secret gay boyfriend that wants to hold your hand and wants so so much to kiss you like I’m your boyfriend who kisses you.”

I put one hand on his and we held hands before Hank said this to me: “Yeah, I really do feel like I’m your boyfriend too. So does that mean we’re secret boyfriends from now on?”

I knew how to answer that: “Yes, yes, I’ll be your secret boyfriend but we can’t be true boyfriends until we have our first kiss together. And I mean a make out tongue to tongue kiss which is how real boyfriends kiss each other.”

I needed two months to convince Hank to go into the garage with me and I know he’s into everything we’ve done sexually since then as well but always after I ask him to and sometimes after saying no to doing it one or more times. So this is a big moment for him and it’s also a test of our sexual intimacy. Which is why I set this up exactly as I wanted – and now it’s Hank’s turn to take our sexual relationship to the next level with a passionate french tongue kiss, or refuse to kiss me and never let this thing between us go further than jerking each other off and the light oral sex play that Hank set as his sexual limits for us before today.

I didn’t have time to think about it because Hank’s tongue was in my mouth as soon as I stopped talking. This would be our first ever kiss and we both knew we were each other’s secret boyfriend the moment we locked tongues. It was a hot kiss too! And it went on for what seemed to me like hours but really was around three minutes or so. We french kissed many more times that night, but our first one was special like all first kisses with someone new always are.

I came up for air first and said I had one last thing to say but this one is really quick and short, and then I said this: “I want you to tell me what turns you on most and I’ll do the same. And whenever we’re having sex together I want you to tell me everything you want me to do – what and when and how. Because I want to please you as much as I possibly can.”

Then I continued with this: “So let’s get totally naked right now and then decide what we want to do after we’re both completely nude.”

We were both naked 10 seconds later and my dick was still totally hard. And so was Hank’s. But they weren’t the same size and not even close. I have a big dick – 8 inches is a big dick and bigger than every “expert’s” definition of what a “big” dick is. But Hank’s dick is tiny – maybe a little bigger than the average cocktail weenie they serve you at some parties. When we pulled them both out that first time in my garage he was so sexually thrilled that his eyes almost popped out of his head. And I had to hide my total disappointment at the little boy dick he pulled out for me. But that was a month ago and we’re past all that and we’re still hooking up for gay sex with each other. And it isn’t all bad news for me since Hank has an incredibly hot white smooth bubbly ass that almost every woman on earth would gladly trade theirs for.

He said he wanted me to decide what we would do first now that we were both naked. So I said something I just came up with, and told Hank I wanted him to walk like a sexy girl walks, and to wiggle his ass back and forth as he walked and I would watch him from behind. Which he did and all I looked at was his ass as it shook up and down and from side to side when he wiggled it for me. I made him go back and forth a few times and then I told him to put both his hands up high and on the wall, with his legs spread and his head touching the wall, and to stick out his ass and wiggle it some more for me.

Then I surprised him by grabbing both his ass cheeks and jamming my tongue in his asshole. I heard him moan his approval and I felt him gyrate his hips and push his ass back so my tongue would go further inside him. I rimmed him and licked his balls while jerking his little dick from behind and below. I told him he wasn’t allowed to come until much later and to make me stop if he felt close to shooting his load. Which he did soon and we stopped our first ever rim job to do something else.

Hank wouldn’t let himself suck my dick yet. So now was the time for that. I stood up and told him we both knew he wanted my dick in his mouth and we were boyfriends now and boyfriends suck each other’s dick and they love it every time. And to get on his knees and open his mouth for my big 8 inch dick using no hands the entire time. I’ll never forget looking down at my dick in Hank’s sweet mouth and his dreamy hazel green eyes wide open and looking back up at me. They did all the talking that was needed and what they said was look at me I’m a cock sucking faggot and your big hard dick feels so good between my lips. I wasn’t allowed to come so soon either and I would have shot my jizz down my boyfriend’s throat after two minutes of this so I had to pull my dick out of his mouth and when I did that I also made Hank beg me to put it back in and tell me how much he loved my big dick.

Which he truly did and it was so obvious. He said he was falling in love with me, and maybe he was but maybe he wasn’t and only thought he was. But he definitely was hopelessly in love with my big 8 inch dick. I loved our secret gay affair but I really wish my partner had a big dick and not the small thing he actually had between his legs.

We played with each other for three whole hours. On the living room couch and in his bedroom and against the wall. We sucked dick and we made out and he asked me to rim his ass with my tongue again.

Which was a big step for our affair because that was the first time he was able to tell me what he wanted me to do with and to him. And I added one finger to the mix that second time and put it in his ass – just a little so I wouldn’t scare him off from ass sex then or maybe forever. And I did it perfectly – so that he was the one telling me to put it in deeper and not the other way around.

That was fun and it was really hot sexually too. But it was only the first of many steps I took to turn my best friend and new secret gay lover into a complete and total ass whore. And when I took the final step around two weeks later he was ready to get fucked by my big 8 inch dick. And not only was he ready – he was crazy to feel what it was like to take a fucking. That’s another story for another day – but on this amazing night with so many new and very erotic things, I also began to turn my best friend into my ass whore and I soon was fucking his very hot round ass with my big dick regularly. He fucked me a few times too but his dick was so small that he barely had enough to put inside me. And even back then I knew I wanted a lot of dick slamming my ass and fucking me until I was the sluttiest ass whore there ever was.

We each shot three loads that night. And I made his night even hotter than he could have imagined by taking his third and last load of jizz all over my face. And then I just sat there underneath him and looked up with his jizz dripping down my face and told him that this was my ultimate way of telling him how much I trust him and how intimate our night together has made us. And it really did.

We made out like crazy every time we hooked up after that incredible night. We had total privacy a few of those times but almost always were doing it in his room or behind the bushes in his back yard or in the front seat of his or my car, with the same limited time and always looking out for anyone who might be passing by. But even those were hot hot HOT sex for both him and for me as well, because – and only because – of what we did together, and how close we became not just sexually but in every other possible way too – on that Saturday night sex date we had in his house. And I’ll remember every detail of that night with my best friend and secret boyfriend for the rest of my life. Hope you all enjoyed this story.

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