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Online Adventures to Reality

Curious male seeks to feed the cravings
A little information about myself. It wasn't too long ago about 9 months ago. I was 19. Believe it or not I had a slim body and slightly toned build because of that. A Twink if you would. I have an extremely curious nature and are always seeking answers to any questions I have. One of those was what would it be like to hold another guys cock. Maybe even suck one. Since I love holding my own cock, why wouldn't I like another's?

So I did a little bit of search for a chat site to accommodate gay, lesbian and bisexual teens only. After finding one I logged on being very nervous I just watch the chat scroll for a few minutes before even saying anything. Eventually I introduced myself. Curious 18 yo male looking for chat with genuine guy in the UK. I was surprised at the amount of replies within the first minute. Nearly all of those were guys immediately asking for me to cam or meet without even knowing what I looked like, what my personality was like. I came to learn that those are the guys to stay away from. Even the ones that seemed nice at first but then destroyed all the work with How big is your dick? or So when are we going to wank on cam? I gave up for the day.

It was rather confusing thinking why so many people just want to cheaply look at some random guys dick on cam. It was so baffling to me. Obviously I had a lot to learn about searching for someone who will take me seriously as well as respect my wants and needs. I stopped my thinking about it and carried on with what was left of the day.

I slept roughly that night. Due to the heat and the failure I had with the chat site.

When I awoke I went about my day, going to University studying Fine Art there was no shortage of unique characters. There was this one girl though. She was absolutely stunning. Dark brown shoulder length hair. Greenest of eyes. Slim, great pair of legs and the personality to match all of it. It was such a shame she was already taken. Otherwise I would have made a move. We got on great too which was a huge bonus. I got to hang around with, in my opinion, the hottest and kindest person on the whole course. However I couldn't help what would she look like if she was a guy.

I ended up day dreaming about what sort of guy I was looking for. A thin, tall guy. Personality was key really, cause I never looked at guys in that way before. But I knew what sort of guys I got on with and which ones I didn't. I wanted to get to know a guy I could have banter with. So nothing too serious, knew how to take a joke as well as give one.

Before I knew it was the end of the day and I was racing back home to get online. I had to find someone who wasn't up for a cheap cam to cam session.

As soon as I got home I raced up stairs and turned on the laptop and logged into the chat site once again. Again I just sat and watched the chat roll again seeing if anything caught my eye. Nothing. Until...

18 yo. Not out. UK lad for decent chat.

I couldn't click on his name quick enough. 

"Hi," I typed nervously waiting for a reply. 

"Hi, asl?" He replied fairly quickly which pleased me. ASL in the chat world mean Age/Sex/Location which is what a lot of people started the conversation with. Most of those that did were not the ones to talk too. But I try not to judge too quick. "19, m, UK. I don't need to ask that you're 18, m uk?" I replied and asked. 

"You're definitely right there ;)" he responded. "So how has your day been?" He followed up with. The conversation went on with a bit of small talk back and forth. Until he dropped he the dreaded question "So tell me, how big are you? Ya know down there ;)" I left it for a second. I thought that he was going so well and just destroyed it. "I'm sorry if that was a bit forward." he said. Then quit the conversation and left the chat site.

I thought I would leave the chat site for a few hours so new people could come on. So I went about passing time. Reading, playing on the Xbox. I even thought about having a wank but the thought soon passed as I was texted by a friend about plans.

After a few hours on the Xbox and eating dinner I decided to log back on to the chat site. This time I didn't sit and wait, I went straight into it. Curious 19 yo male for decent chat. Again with in seconds I had a swarm of requests asking for my dick or how big it was or if I'd be interested in making a video. Which was funny. Until one guy. Came across as an ignorant waste of space. "Why is a 'straight' guy on here anyways, you fag!" was what he had said. Quickly followed with "Only joking. I totally understand a curious guy being on here. Trying to find answers I guess?"

"Partly correct there," I replied to the guy. 


"Yeah, well I am trying to find answers but not immediately. I want to get to know a guy to see if we get along. Then who knows," I said feeling like a little bit of a hypocrite, with the hint of wanting more than chat. He introduced himself and we hit it off. Got on like a house on fire I think the saying is. We spoke for hours without realising. We swapped Skype contacts and started talking on there for the next 2 weeks. They passed so quickly.

The next day during the evening I logged into Skype and I immediately got a message. It was from Max. Max was 6ft. Slim body, mostly smooth. Twink looking down to the mark. He had brown eyes and wore glasses. Short mousy brown hair. Spikey, normally we had great banter. "Get your dick out!" Said Max. 

"If I get it out you have to suck it," I replied.

"That's fine by me big boy!"

"How do you know I'm big?" 

"I watch you while you sleep ;)"

"You're such a creep. How are you?" I asked. I switched the conversation to small talk feeling a little awkward with the banter, which went on for an hour or so. Talking about our day, what we had for dinner and so on. Then suddenly he asked "I want to see your dick. I've been craving it. I can't stop dreaming about what it looks like. Just satisfy me once. Please," he pleaded. 

"I don't know Max we haven't known each other that long," I replied 

"Ok i'm not going to force you into it. I understand." he had said. I felt terrible. He was sincere. I had to give him the benefit of the doubt. I did like him. He was interesting and a great guy, One I know who wouldn't record the cam session or snap shot it. So I sent him a video conversation invite. Then I saw him sitting there. Naked. It made me hard instantly. He was slightly jerking it. He must've seen from my face that I was enjoying it cause he got faster.

"That's it I'm gunna have to join you!" I said as I dipped my cam to face my now fully erect cock. I had to touch myself. I hadn't been this hard since fooling around with an ex girlfriend. It surprised me how horny looking at max made me. "Mmmm baby you're so hot!" he said. I had a full view of him, dick and face. His hand just a blur on the cam. I moved my cam back a bit so all of me was in view just like his. I quickened my pace. I was so close and so horny. Max made me so hard. Next thing I know me and Max were cumming in unison all over our bodies. It was so hot. I hadn't cum like that in a long time. "You are so hot and thanks for that. You really are hot." he said. We talked for a while longer and said our goodbyes.

The next day when woke up. I felt slightly odd. Like dirty. Like I had done something wrong but didn't regret it.

Weeks turned to months of hot and horny cam sessions between us. When Max suggested we meet up. "Hey, I've been thinking its all well and good wanking on cam with you. But I would love to be the guy you try stuff with." Said Max. "You know what now I have seen you more than once and you are really nice. I think we should" I replied. We sorted out a date in two weeks time in a mutual place in the town center and we would then go to a hotel.

The two weeks passed ever so quickly and next thing I know I was waiting outside a fast food chain with some chips waiting, like we agreed. 15 minutes had passed and was just about ready to give up. 5 more I kept thinking. I gave up and started walking away. "Are you just gunna leave me here on my own?" A voice said behind me, I turned around and there was Max, putting his hand out for a hand shake. We shook hands and he pulled me in for a hug.

I must admit it was a little awkward. Embracing some guy I have only known over the net. "Sorry I'm incredibly late. My train was delayed. I did try text you but I couldn't get service until I was off the train." Explained Max whilst letting me go from the hug.

 "That's fine you don't have to make excuses, however I did think I had been stood up." I replied. "Well then i'll just have to make it up to you later." He said with a wink and a nudge. It made my cock stir and I had to rearrange myself, to prevent it being seen. After all we were in public. "Whats going on down there want me to give it a check?" Max said again. This only made the situation worse. Luckily we were sat down in the fast food chain, in a booth. For the rest of the day we window shopped, and just hung out getting to know each other.

Time flew and before I realised we were back at the hotel. Getting ready to go out for a slap up meal Max had offered to pay for. I wasn't too sure as friends I knew had been there and I didn't want to be seen having a romantic meal with a guy. All sorts of questions would come my way. Either way I got over it. Max assured me it was the quietest table in the restaurant.

It was the best meal I have ever had. I was reluctant to call it a date cause I'm not emotionally ready to have a boyfriend. But boy did Max over step the mark for future dates. With males or females. We got back too and into my car. "Before we go back to the hotel I just want to say something" said Max as he turned to me and I to him. He moved in for a kiss. Those few seconds it took for our lips to lock. Seemed like forever. Did I want to kiss him? Would it be different from kissing girls? Questions flying through my head. I found myself leaning to match his and we started kissing. Boy was it different from kissing girls. Well for me it was anyways It was passion filled and O' so good. We broke the kiss and not much was said but by the growing bulge in Max's trousers I could tell he was horny as.

I started the car and started driving back to the hotel. It wasn't far away only about 10 minute drive. Max was the first to break the silence. "I'm so horny! I might just start wanking now!" Max said whilst pulling his cock out of his jeans. It was the first time I had seen another guys cock face to face. It looked better than what it had looked on cam. The sight of Max working his cock made me get hard very quickly and before I knew it Max had his hand down my trousers slowly squeezing and working my cock. Luckily we had stopped at some traffic lights which gave me enough time to get my cock out. I started driving again with Max jerking me off. I felt something warm and moist teasing my cock head, I glanced downward to see Max's head. It had always been a fantasy of mine to get road head.

Slowly he teased, kissing and licking the tip of my cock. The feeling of heat and moisture was now fully around the head of my cock. I knew I was inside Max's mouth. I moaned which must have spurred Max on to deep throat me whilst sucking all the way. Just how I like getting a blow job. He started to pump his mouth up and down the length of my cock. Sucking on the way and down and licking and slurping on the way up. He paid light attention to my balls with his hand. It was the best blow job I had gotten. He sped up his sucking and deep throat action. I knew I was close to cumming. Max must have sensed it cause he sucked and sucking licking and lapping at my cock, I exploded and shot 3-4 streams of cum down his throat. It was lucky he swallowed it all cause we just around the corner from hotel. I didn't know but Max had cum all over my dashboard and his jeans.

When we got into the car park of the hotel we cleaned ourselves up and kissed for a while. Rubbing each others growing cocks. We broke the kiss and got back to our hotel room. The kissing and making out had started before the door was shut and locked. We made it to the bed where we made out removing clothes a long the way until we were just down to our boxer briefs. Continually we made whilst rubbing our cocks together through our boxers. Me on top. I re-positioned so I was sitting on his cock. Rubbing my ass on his cock. I could feel Max's cock get harder.

I considered myself a top but something about having his cock rub through our boxers on my hole and balls was so hot. We made out more our hands exploring rubbing each others bodies and cocks. Max moved my boxers over my cock and it sprung free. It throbbed under the anticipation of what was going to happen. We re positioned and in that we both we now naked on the double bed. We wrestled and made out for what seemed like hours but was probably 10 or 15 minutes. We rubbed our cocks together. We jerked each other to maximum hardness. Max sucked my cock to the point of cumming but stopped before I did so. "I have already tasted that sweet nectar, I want you in my hole!" Max said 

"First things first I want to try something. Get on your back," I demand whilst pushing him flat against the bed, cock facing to the stars. I lowered my head down o his cock and slowly kissed and teased the tip like he did me. This was the first time I was going to suck a guys cock. I wanted it so much. Max's cock being the first cock, I thought just do what I like having done. So I licked around the head of his cock kissing and sucking slightly. I then took his cock fully into my mouth. I wanted to try and deep throat but I kept gagging because of his girth. Being a little shorter but thicker than what my cock was. "Its ok Mike you don't have to deep throat it. You have pleased me all you can just by letting me be your first guy on guy experience." Max send whilst pulling my face towards his. We started kissing again and grinding into each other.

We swapped positions so he was on top. He squirted some lube on to my cock and started grinding his hole into my hard member. The heat coming off of his hole was immense. He squirted more lube onto my cock and took hold of it and rubbed the head into his hole. I could feel his hole loosen slightly, I couldn't get over the heat of his hole. He pushed himself down and I parted his entrance and slipped into him. Max was nuts to butt. My whole cock being inside of him. He held there for a minute or two. It felt so much tighter and hotter than any vagina. I knew at that time I would be fucking guys for a long time. Max started to roll his hips slowly grinding into me. I let him do what he wanted considering the nice thing he said moments earlier about letting him be my first guy. I grabbed hold of his cock and as Max was riding my dick I tossed him off. I could see he was enjoying himself. He was moaning and riding hard and getting faster and harder with each bounce.

I decided I wanted more control and flipped Max over onto his back so I could control the thrusting. We got sorted and comfortable with max's legs wrapped around my waist, feet crossed behind me. I started slowly pulling out all the way to the head of my cock and slowly and deeply thrust my cock into Max. He moaned as I reached all the way in. I pulled out again and picked up the pace as we got into the rhythm of fucking. Balls slapping against his ass, my hand jerking his cock. Max flipped his legs so his ankles were over my shoulders. We soon got back into the intense fuck session. Again my balls slapped against Max's ass. Max's hands were on my ass I could feel him pushing his fingers towards my hole. "You'll need some lube for that Mate!" I said between moans. So max put his fingers in his mouth and covered them in his spit. Again he tried to push two in. He tried one and the lubing done its job and it slipped in instantly. He managed to get the second in. Here I was fucking Max with his fingers deep in my hole.

We fucked, he fingered and I jerked him all at the same pace as we fucked. I could tell Max was getting close so I increased my jerking and fucking to match. He was getting so close I could feel his hole tightening. "Oooh, mmmmmm, ahhh I'm gunna cum!" Max moaned. With that he came firing 4 to 5 shots all over his stomach and chest. "Mmmmm, I want your cum in me Mike, fuck me and cum!" said Max whilst putting another finger into my now loosening hole. I fucked harder, Max fingered deeper and I blow my load inside Max's now loose hole. "Mmmmmmmmm!" Max moaned as my cum filled him up. We made out whilst I grew limp inside Max. We kissed some more and then fell asleep spooning each other.

We awoke the next morning. Showered together and said our good byes with a quick fuck session with me filling Max up some more.

"Maybe we could meet up again and your could ride me!?" Max said before giving me a kiss and wink and left.

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