Online friend and I finally meet in a tent

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A friend and I had met online and decided that it was time to meet up.
My name is Michael, and I was 17 at the time, when I first discovered I was into men as well as women. I was about 5 foot 8inches tall with a small muscular frame, so nothing special. I wouldn't say I was hung, but well off maybe. I am a full 7.6 inches long with a full hard on.

At the age of 16, I knew I wanted to try sexual actions with another guy but had been to scared to do anything about seeking the attention of another man. When I turned 17, I started to get into chat rooms and talking to guys; it was a cheap and quick way I found to bash one out over another guy without actually doing anything physical with a guy. I soon became bored of chat rooms and 'webcamming', and sort out to look for a guy in a similar position as me. I had many guys contact me looking for a cheap fuck and willing to travel for me, but none of them caught my attention and so I kept with looking for that perfect candidate.

After a long day of college, I came home and settled down in my room with a can of Diet Coke and packet of my favourite salt and vinegar crisps. I switched on my laptop and checked my e-mails and I was sorting through them when one caught my eye. It was from a guy called Max. He was 18 and gay. He seemed like the most genuine guy I had been contacted by. I added his Msn messenger address and sat on Msn messenger waiting for this Max guy to come online. I almost gave up hope. At around 7 O'clock in the evening as I was about to sign out of Msn, I saw his address pop up in the corner. I was elated to see that he had accepted my invite.

That night, we both stayed up well past midnight talking and getting to know each other better and interests, hobbies, activities etc. All the unimportant stuff.

The day after Max had added me, College seemed to go on for what seemed like a week or two. As soon as the end of College bell rang, I collected my things and some would say ran home. I was eager to get back. I didn't do any of the ritual things like getting a can of coke or crisps. I just ran straight for my room and switched on my laptop... To find there was Max waiting on Msn just as he said he would be last night. We spoke as we did last night, with the normal small talk and yet again stayed up well past midnight.

The next couple of weeks and months went in similar ways almost turning into a new sort of ritual however, we had made progress on conversation with talking dirty and casual flirting and such.

One day after college and I had booted up the laptop, Max started talking to me as soon as Msn loaded.

"Hi ya, Michael."

"Hi Max. How're you?"

"Well, I'm ermmm... kinda horny ;)"

"Hmmmm, I bet. Well what can I do for you big boy? ;)"

What he said next had totally caught me off guard.

"Cam with me? You don't have to. I'll understand," he replied.

I was shocked and didn't know what to say, as the thought crossed my mind my cock had started to stir getting stiffer the more I thought about having a cam session with my new online lover. 

"Ok, I will, but I'm a tad shy."

As soon as it was read, he sent a cam invite and I hesitantly accepted it. He sat there with what look like a full 8inches of rock hard meat waving in front of the cam with his chizzled, square face and lush muscular body, staring at me. This made my cock stand at full attention and he noticed this. He started to work his meat, which I loved, and I started to fondle my own meat.

The rubbing and jerking went on for about 20 minutes, before we both exploded one after the other, Max being first. The cams ended, and Max went silent. I sat there wondering if he had turned into all the other guys that just wanted a quick wank and then buggered off. But, he came back with a sorry for not replying he was cleaning up his mess.

We cammed and wanked to each other more often for about 2 months. Then during my summer break, Max wanted to know if I would meet him. 

"Hey Michael. You know we are pretty much online lovers now? I understand if you don't want to, but do you fancy meeting up and actually spending some physical time with me. I know a great camping spot not too far from where you live, and I don't mind traveling."

I was highly reluctant, but from some where I plucked up the courage and grew some balls - as some would say - and agreed to meeting him during the week before last of my summer holidays.

The week had passed, and was finally the week where I was to meet up with Max. The first time I had ever actually met up with anyone over the internet. The journey to the camp site only took about half an hour to 45 minutes I had brought my own tent and covers and such as I wasn't sure if things were to go right.

I found a nice place to set up just by the river and near the edge of the camping complex so it was out of the way so no one could hear or would see our encounters. I set up my tent and I went back to front of the complex and waited for Max to arrive. Ten minutes had passed, and Max had walked around the corner with a huge hiking bag on his back. He strode towards me, and before I knew it, he was standing in front of me. I looked him in the eye and we embraced in hugging. I lead him to where I had pitched my tent earlier.

We got into the tent, and made our selves comfortable in the double camping bed I had brought along. We just lay and talk for what was about 20 minutes when Max had made the first move. 

"So are you going to introduce me?" he said.

"What? What do you mean?" I replied.

"Your little... well Big man?"

And with that, I stripped out of my pj's and got an automatic raging hard on. I climbed on top of max and helped with stripping down to his boxers. I could see that he didn't have a hard on.

"Am I not what you expected, big boy?"

He then flipped me over onto my back and spread my legs and started to rub his crotch along my arsehole and gooch. I could feel him getting harder and harder by the second. The dry humping and passionate kissing lasted only a short time until Max made the first move, with kissing and licking down to my erect nipples and then slowly made his way down to my crotch. He kissed my rock hard boner through my boxers, and then slowly tore them off of my waist and down my limber legs paying attention to my thighs with his lips and tongue and then teased me with lapping at my balls.

I couldn't stand the teasing much longer, and grabbed the back of his head and pulled it up to my dick, where he licked from bottom to top of my un-cut dick and then nibbled my foreskin. I thrust my hips forward, forcing my cock down to the back of his throat. He gagged a bit. He just held me there while his throat loosened and then he slowly bobbed his head up and down, whilst going down he focused on the sucking and on the way up focused on the licking.

I was close to the point of no return, when he got up and removed his boxers. His cock was better than what it looked over the internet. Cut, and perfect in every way, a slight curve upwards and a nice big red, purple mushroom head.

Max spat on his hand and lubed up his hole, as he hovered over my waiting cock. He lowered himself and as his hole neared my cock head I could feel an amazing heat come from his hole. Suddenly, he just seemed to go limp and fell straight onto my cock which slid straight in fully. It was the best feeling I had ever experienced. Far tighter and warmer than any pussy or mouth.

He stayed with my throbbing hard on fully inside him for a couple of minutes; only rocking slightly back and forth to let his hole get used to this new foreign object that gripped tightly onto my shaft. He slowly began to get off, but stopped as my pink head refused to move from the entrance to his warm, pulsating hole. Suddenly, he slammed down fast and hard and the slap of his arse on my crotch, with the full penetration caused his cock to go from the limp, fragile state to the attentive, solid state.

I did what felt natural and stroked his cock. I watched as the glistening drops of pre-cum slowly exeunt from the tip. While doing that, I focused on paying attention to his perfect cock. He had started to move up and down the shaft of my throbbing cock. I kept my attention on attending to his needs of his cock as his paced pick up, varying in speed and depth of penetration.

I flipped him over to his back, so we were Ol' Fashioned missionary with his legs in the air wide over my shoulders, I slowly began to fuck him getting deeper and deeper, faster and faster each time. We moaned in unison, as I tossed him off and relentlessly fucked his arsehole.

We both came near cumming. Then stream of stream left his cock, covering his chest and stomach. This spurred me on to cumming into his arse. I got faster, deeper and harder as I reached climax and shuddered under my own orgasm and slowly humped his arse as the last of my seed left my being and settled in his now not so tight arse.

To be continued