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Pain and Pleasure

Greek studies of pain and pleasure in the Athens of the North
I was casually looking through the evening paper, browsing the personals out of curiosity in a search for something different, musing on the odd fantasy. In the men's section it said, 'Mature Edinburgh gent seeks younger man to bend to his will'. I laughed at the prospect, wondered if I would fit the profile with some doubts as to age.
Anyway I called the number on my mobile, and after passing through all the hurdles, reached the mailbox which had a pleasant well to do public school voice of Richard. He said he was looking for a slim built obedient servant to spank, no time wasters! I left a short nervous message with a very brief description of myself, not really expecting a reply. Next day, returning from work I stopped to answer a call - it was Richard asking for a bit more detailed information. Had I been spanked before?
I thought to myself, not since childhood by my father, bare-bottomed with a slipper. I said sheepishly that I enjoyed the prospect, and asked what he would like. Richard replied that he was quite particular, and liked his subjects to wear tight jeans, tight top, silk underwear or speedos. He said he had various paddles, and would tell me to undress each layer as required between sessions. That we would watch videos as we went along, and at some stage would ask for his balls to be sucked along with his cock - which he said was short. If I was naughty he would give further spanking.

I said I was inexperienced in these departments, but would do my best to please, so we arranged a time for first exploratory visit the following week.

I took the train through to the Athens of the North, hoping to experience some of the pleasures the Greek heroes enjoyed - even Achilles liked to play around with his young lover. It was early autumn, and the trees had already started to turn from green to gold and red, and the winds had not yet blown them off.

Edinburgh is such a grand city with its castle, parks, kirk steeples, and pillared buildings. It has its seedy side too.
The old sandstone house was in a plush area of the new town, and after walking past a couple of times,I plucked up the courage to ring the buzzer. The smooth voice answered, and the heavy black wooden door clicked open letting me into the hallway, then upstairs. Richard was a well rounded Buddha character, clean shaven, smiling, friendly, middle age, and I breathed a sigh of relief as I went in to the lounge. He asked if I would like a glass of wine or cup of tea and pointed to a comfortable leather armchair at the fireside. Yes wine is good I said, and he went to the kitchen to get the glasses.

The lounge had high corniced ceiling with large curtained bay windows. Behind me was bookcases full of videos & books. The large TV was on low with one of the videos of two guys in a room, one sitting on a wooden chair with the other over his knee getting some modest attention with a variety of spanking tools.

Richard came back in with a glass of red wine and sat on the long leather couch; he turned the sound up a little, and I could hear the whacks of the paddle on the blue silk underwear that the guy had on, and the yelp he let out each time. I drank a good mouthful of the wine and waited for Richard to quiz me. I stood up to let him see the tightness of my jeans, and took off my denim jacket to show my skintight top which he was obviously pleased with. He motioned me to the couch, and ran his small hands over my torso and along my legs which gave me a tingling feeling. He asked me if I had been naughty at all, and I said that I had tossed off at the prospect of my visit last week. He reached for a wide paddle made of wood below the coffee table, and said that he was going to give me a light spanking for that behaviour. I obliged by bending over his knees and felt the first soft almost sensuous blow of the paddle. It then speeded up and I was glad of my jeans for protection.

Richard stopped and asked if I was happy with going further which I was. He took of his own trousers revealing a bulky torso and a tight pair of simming briefs. He then unbuttoned my jeans and gently pulled them down over my own black silk briefs. With my jeans at my ankles he leaned me back over his knees and resumed the spanking in rhythm with the video; this time it stated to hurt and I could feel my backside getting red. He asked my to rub him as he continued, and I did my best between smarting at the pain. I felt his cock getting hard in his trunks, and stroked round his balls - which felt big. He changed for a softer brush-like whisk which was a relief and I felt my own first stirrings of pleasure.

This went on for a short while as I reached below his balls to rub his butt when he reclined into the couch. He stopped again to change tactics, taking off my top, and pulling my head towards his bulging trunks. I could smell the chlorine as I breathed in his aroma - he said he liked to swim each day, so it was a clean taste as I sucked his bulge and stroked his cock through the trunks which were wetted with his precum juices.

Then it was back to what looked like my old schoolteachers two tongued leather strap softly clipping my now bare backside, and that did hurt, but I could see that he was getting harder and thrusting more into my chest.
He pulled down his damp trunks and positioned me in front of him telling me to suck his balls, and rub his butt at the same time. He liked the feel of rubber gloves around his butt. I could now see clearly that his balls were huge compared to my own, like a ram or bull, bigger than golf balls at least. His cock on the other hand was very small even when fully erect, perhaps only four inches.

I opened wide to swallow one of his big balls, gently running my tongue around the veins, then taking the other one in separately doing the same. Richards cock was as full as it was going to get, and I asked if he wanted it sucked too? I easily swallowed it to his balls and pumped my mouth up and down for a good five minutes. He was obviously skilled at holding on to his reserves, and reached down to my own cock which was still in between hard and soft, but responded well as I recovered from the spanking experience. I lay along the couch as he held on to my cock, reaching under his big balls to rub his butt, and sucking on each ball in turn. Things were warming up, the sweat was beginning to show.

Richard stood up slowly and motioned me over to a wooden chair by the window, turning it sideways, and bending me over it, smacking my butt with his hand, not too hard. He then started rubbing his small hard cock against me. I said I preferred rubber, and he told me to stay in position while he got a condom on. Still rock hard he resumed his thrusting at my backside. I could feel him up against my arsehole, unable to get any depth of penetration, though pleasant none the less. It was at least an hour into the play and I think he had gone as far as he could with me.

We both retreated to the couch equally hard and sitting side by side wanked each other faster and faster. I came first, cream flooding over my cock onto Richards hand and right leg. Then as I held on to his balls he pulled on his own cock to empty a string of white cum over his belly. We both sat back on the couch, and he turned unexpectedly to cuddle me and gave me a big wet kiss on the lips, before refilling the wine glasses in true Greek style of home hospitality.

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