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Part 2 of my first experience

I yearned for more. What Paul and I did was great, but it wasn't enough

My name is Jon Combes and this is the continuation of my first chapter. I have been gay since I was nineteen. And from the start, I was happy to be gay. You see, though other guys would keep it from the world, I thought it was worth it. Because of the feeling of a hard cock up my ass penetrating inside of me. It was great, freaky and so delicious.

When I left for my second year of college, I kept an eye out for a gay at all times. I told my friends that I was now gay and they were surprised, I had made so many rounds with almost all of the girls in high school that no one believed me. Even Jeff who is gay himself didn't believe me. He had been gay since we were fourteen, and now he was already twenty. "Jon, I know you, you would never give up tit's for just a cock. You're lyin man."

But I wasn't, and one night when I was feeling so very horny, I proved it to Jeff. I called him up and he answered, "Hey baby. I'm feeling horny tonight, and I was wondering if you wanna see a few tricks I've got."

He laughed openly, he obviously hadn't changed his mind about me. "Sure, I wanna see what you've got in your pants," he said.

I jumped off my bed and quickly got ready. I wore my jock strap, since I knew Jeff loved a hunk with the whole suite. When I got to his dorm, we didn't even waste anytime. I stripped him down, as I watched him. I teased him when we kissed. I even squeezed his firm ass, just like he loved.

"You still don't think I'm straight," I say. I didn't ask him questions. He shuddered when I kissed his nipples. I nibbled on one, looking up into his eyes. He closed his eyes and let his head fall back onto the pillow as he showed his pleasure using his deep voice.

My cock was visibly hard now. It was poking out of my boxers. He stroked my cock and smiled as he stopped me and made me sit down. "Let me take care of you," he whispered, "You're my guest."

I did as he said, and he spread my legs a little more. He slid in and took my cock into his mouth. I couldn't concentrate on anything. I could feel his warm tongue running down my shaft and then back up to the head. I moaned as he flicked his tongue back and forth. He gently nibbled on my balls after. I wanted to jump and bend him over, but he pushed me down back on the bed. I grunted as I tried to get up. He laughed as he got on top of me. He locked my legs with his. I felt his hard cock pressing up against me. It was surprisingly small, at least 5 and a half inches.

I rolled around in his king sized bed, so I was on top. He squeezed my ass cheeks, spreading it and fingering me. I moaned as I tore away his boxers. I got up and helped him up. "You are horny," he smiled. He bent over the high bed and spread his legs apart.

I spread his cheeks a little further. I looked around and saw a KY bottle. I chuckled as I grabbed it and lubricated his ass. I fingered his ass. He moaned as I pushed in finger by finger. I slowly fisted him. "You're killing, faster," he growled.

I pushed hard. It was turning me on to have my own fist up Jeff's ass. I wanted to fuck him hard. I lubricated my cock and pushed it in quickly. He moaned as he got used to my hard stud up his ass. I slapped his ass cheek. "You like that don't you," I growled.

"Yeah," he moaned. "Fuck me hard!"

I got on top and sat on his ass and fucked down into him, making him go wild. I got off and started bucking him hard, slapping his ass cheeks once in awhile. I held onto his shoulders as I banged him hard.

"Lie down," I said, pulling out of him. He turned over, lying on his back. His legs up in the air. His asshole showing, gleaming with the lubricant. I smiled as I got on the bed, and as I slowly pushed into him, I leaned down and kissed him. When I had him in my trap, I pushed his hips up in the air and fucked him hard going down on him.

He moaned, "Hey!" I fucked him harder, sitting down, pushing down into him hard. I banged him harder as he yelled with satisfaction. "Hit it up," he yelled. I didn't stop until I felt like the bed was about to fall.

I got off the bed and he followed me to the bathroom. He laid on the rug on the floor. I bent down and put his hips up and shoved my cock into him. He grunted and I closed my eyes as I fucked him harder. My balls were slapping his cheeks so hard, his creamy skin was turning red, but none of us didn't say a word. It was somehow getting hotter and I was tensing up a lot. I grunted, "It's coming. Where you want it?"

"Stay in," Jeff said, now jerking himself off. "Wait for me though."

"I don't know how long I can wait," I grunt.

Jeff pumps harder, until he sprays me. I gasp as I release myself. At first he is surprised, at how much flows into his ass, but after awhile, his young boy goofy smile takes over.

I wanted to go at it again, but I had to get back home. "So what did you think about that," I teased. "Still think I'm straight."

"Naw," he smiled, "But you are mine now, right?"

"As long as you're my pussy," I smiled.

"Hell yeah," he cheered. We got up and cleaned each other. I couldn't even take a shower, that's how late I was. Mom and Paul must already be home by now.

"We'll talk tomorrow, ok," I smile.

He nodded, "We are gonna do more than that, right?"

I laughed, as I kissed him. He squeezed my ass, spreading my cheeks apart and fingering me again. I moaned, "Why do you do me so good."







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