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Part 2. White teen boy taken by a black man


  All of that week after my encounter I was really unsettled about what I had let that gay black man do to me yet I have to admit that I ejaculated once in the bathroom at home as I recalled that weird episode.   It was on a Friday after I went to the local park to play some B-ball.   After the game I sat on the park bench near the street.    I noticed a nice car parked about 50 yards down the street and a black man was sitting inside although I couldn’t see him clearly

Finally, it was time to go home.   I started walking back to my house.   Within a minute that car drove up and it was the man that had met me in the theater.   He stopped and said, “Why don’t you come get in the car and ride around with me for awhile.”    I replied, “ Why are you bothering me again?   I’m frightened that you might hurt me.” “Okay, okay, I understand that being that I’m a stranger. I mean you no harm. How about meeting me downtown at that same movie theater tomorrow at noon? He suggested.

I was reluctant yet could not forget the excitement I had in the theater before.   “Okay, I’ll try to be there.” He drove off but followed me until I got to my house. When I entered my house I again felt somewhat sick about my willingness to possibly meet this man again. Why am I letting this man manipulate me. I’m not gay but I do have a kinky sexual desire that makes me excited to do something that is taboo.   Damn, I’m only 18 years old, what is going on?

It was Saturday morning and after mom made my breakfast I went outside to mow the grass.   As the morning crept closer to noon I couldn’t help but think about that strange man and the movie theater.   I told my mom that I was going to a friend’s house and then walked up two blocks to bus stop.   I caught the bus and went downtown.   As I arrived at the theater I did not see the black man anywhere.   Since I had the $5 he had gave me before I at least knew I could get into the movie theater and have lots of popcorn and drink.

I was standing at the concession stand trying to get some pop corn when there was a tap on my shoulder.. I turned and looked up.   It was him…..tall and very black….and wearing that beautiful gold watch.   “I’m glad that you came to meet me,” he said. “This movie is not a good one but the one at the theater down the street is, so let’s go see that one.”   I replied, “Okay, if it’s a good one then I’m for that.”  

As we walked down the street he suddenly said that he needed to go up to his hotel room and check on some phone calls. “Do you have a hotel room? I thought that you lived in a house,” I replied.   He stated, “ I use a hotel room downtown for business and that is the one across the street. Come with me, it won’t take but a few minutes and then we can go to a movie.” It was a nice hotel and as we rode the elevator up I begin to think, what am I doing going into his room with just him and me?

Once inside his room he did make phone calls and asked me to relax on the couch.   After he finished he came over and sat next to me. “Are we going to see the movie now,” I asked. “I’ve missed you. You are a nice looking young fellow and I really enjoyed our time at the movie before.”   By this time he had his right arm around my shoulder and his watch adorned left hand rubbing my crotch. “I just called and the movie does not start for over an hour so why don’t we just relax for awhile,” he said.   Again, I was a bit afraid but he had been polite and again I had a feeling of excitement while curiously enjoying the attraction of his black hands holding me.  

“Did you enjoy my kissing your penis at the movie before,” he asked.   “Yea, but I worried about it afterwards and was afraid of my parents finding out about it,” I replied. “I can understand that but I seriously think that you have a infatuation with being touched by a black man,” he said.   “I don’t know why, I really don’t. It just seemed to be something exciting since I had never done it before,” I replied. “Not to mention my being held down and captive to a man fondling me.”

I probably spoke the wrong words.   He griped and pulled my shoulders down on the couch and unbuckled my pants.   Then he slid my pants and underwear down to my knees.   “What are you doing, “ I nervously asked.   “I’m going to give you what you really want.   You like being held down,” he replied.   He placed my arms under my back and held them with his right hand.   Then, after fondling my penis for a minute he leaned down, placing it in his mouth. I was scared yet excited as sucked on me.   His left hand tightly held my bottom. I was helpless and captured by this big man as he continued to suck me.   I was being used again but this time we were alone together in a hotel room.   He then inserted a finger into my anus and stroked me while holding me down and sucking me.   I could not move.   He suddenly released my penis and said, “you are my boy now and if you ever object I will have someone let your parents know what is going on.   You will be my lover boy and be taught new experiences. Again he placed my penis in his mouth sucking me hard while his finger was fucking my bottom. His grip on my arms behind my back was strong and I was truly being held down.

I begin to cum and shake with the excitement and fear.   Held down and helpless to escape, this older black man was really enjoying his lust on an 18 year old white boy.

He did take me to a movie but before the movie ended he brought me back to the hotel room and used me again. This time he took his clothes off and pulled me into the bedroom. As I was pushed onto the bed, he removed all of my clothes. Here I was with a man holding my naked body against him as he was kissed me on my face and chest.   He began rubbing his cock against my bottom while he again inserted his finger in my bottom. Rolling me over he then anal fucked me with his finger as he again sucked me dry. He tried to stick his penis in my mouth but I refused to let him. The thought of doing that almost made me sick.

After he was finished he gave me a towel to wash myself off in the bathroom.   He stood behind me with his hands on my shoulder and waist as I washed. He was rubbing his penis on my back and watching me in the mirror. It struck me again as to the contrast in our sizes and skin color. I was short and he was very tall.  At least a foot or more taller than me. He took another towel and reached down to dry me off. “You are such a pretty boy,” he whispered. I didn’t like being called pretty but didn’t say anything. I just wanted to get dressed and go home.   I wasn’t happy with myself letting this man use me again but I couldn’t overcome my weird sexual desire for a release.

It was getting dark and he quickly drove me home and let me out a couple of blocks from my house.    Before I got out of his car he said that he would be coming for me again next week. I pleaded with him to let me have more time to think about it. I was feeling ashamed of what I had again let him do to me. He appeared angry and told me to obey and keep my lips sealed or else bad things could happen to my family. “I am a powerful man and I get what I want.   Remember that boy,” he said.

I was too afraid to report him. When he drove off I went home crying knowing that he might expose me to my parents.   I had no idea just how things would get much worse and how this man would continue to use me for sex. Yea, I had regrettably enjoyed it but now I began to fear for my safety and my parents finding out.

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