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Part Time Job

Working on the side can be pleasurable.
Art sat at the bar slowly rocking to the sad country music playing while he nursed his beer. It would have to be his last one because he'd spent his last dollar. He didn't want to go home to his fat, lazy wife and two whining kids and sure wasn't in the mood to argue.

He'd been talking to an older man, well dressed and quite handsome, for some time while counting change hoping the guy might buy him a drink, but no such luck. He just stood to leave when the man offered to walk out to his car with him.

Once in the parking lot the guy pulled him aside between the bar and the building next door. "Hey buddy, you're hard up for cash?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I need some help over at my place if you don't mind. I'll pay you up to 500 if you're up to it. I haven't found anyone who's willing to help and you need the money."

"Uhh, sure, but I'm almost out of gas."

"Don't worry. We'll take my car then I'll bring you back. It might take awhile though."

"OK, I need to call my old lady. She might get pissed off."

"Come on." He led Art to his new Lexus. "You can call from my place."

The ride was luxurious to Art. The car was like new and his old Chevy was on its last legs. He looked at the guy behind the wheel and he wasn't real big; thin, well tanned with a bushy mustache. His short cropped hair was just turning grey. "Man, you have some big hands there. I bet you have a big dick too."

"It's big enough I guess." Art wondered where the comment came from, but the alcohol in his brain missed the nuance of its meaning.

"I bet your wife likes it. Too bad most wives won't suck cock."

"Yeah, mine won't. She thinks it's nasty."

"She wont suck it ever?"

"Just on my birthday."

"When's your birthday?"

"January. It's March now." Art was laughing at the irony.

"Damn," the man said looking towards Art's crotch, "you ought to get it sucked more often. Nothing like shooting your load in a hot cocksucker's mouth."

"Yeah, I guess." Art blushed. "She doesn't go that far."

"Well, perhaps we'll fix that for you."

Art felt weird now. He wasn't sure if the guy had a stable of women or if his wife would or...then it hit him that the guy was coming on to him, but he'd made no moves, just small talk. He felt his balls stir and let his mind picture a great blow job, cumming in a mouth, something he had never experienced. "That would be different," he quipped as the car stopped at a high dollar condo.

He followed the guy inside to an immaculate place, well decorated then was led to a long overstuffed sofa. "Beer?" the man disappeared for a few seconds then reappeared carrying two bottles of beer. Art set his coat off to the side and accepted the beer. "Relax. You ready to earn your pay?" The guy sat close and his hand reached out to stroke Art's thigh. His head was swimming with questions, but no words seemed to reach his mouth. Art took a long swig of beer as his hand reached his balls then traced the outline of his big, swelling cock. "Nice package," he said as his zipper opened. His pants were too tight, then his belt was undone, then the button to his jeans, then the soft, gentle hand stroked him through his jockeys.

Art had never felt so nervous, but the alcohol allowed his pants and jockeys to be taken off, then the guy slid off the couch to his knees and Art gasped. He spread his knees wider as his balls were bathed in warmth and pleasure. Nothing had ever felt so good to him as his fat wife had never sucked his balls before and this guy had both in his mouth lavishing a real life sex fantasy come true on him.

From Art's view his own cock head had never looked so large and he did know his cock was a source of pride at 8 inches and nearly 6 inches around. The combination of the sight of his huge cock dripping precum and his balls with that tongue slurping them was too much. The feel of whisker stubble inside his thighs made him run his hands through his thick greying hair.

Art reached for his swollen member, but the guy whisked his hand away then pushed his knees up. His hot tongue ran from his balls down until it found Art's tight rectum. At first he tightened, but the pure pleasure had him loosening up until he probed then stuffed his soft, wet tongue inside him. "Fuck this feels good!" Art muttered, then his rock hard dick was suddenly fully engulfed in the most intense wet, soft pleasure he had ever felt.

He thought for just a brief second of his wife, but dismissed any thought of her and how repulsive she had become because this was much better than even the first time he had fucked her. It was so much better in fact he was tempted to leave her in favor of this delicious feeling, but he let the thought go and thought of little more than the silky mouth slowly bobbing from tip to root in front of him.

Each time he thought he might cum the alcohol in his body eased that away and he settled back into extreme pleasure he didn't want to end. The whole sequence of ball sucking, ass licking then cock bathing repeated over and over prolonging the pleasure past dark, well into the morning hours.

Every time he neared orgasm his cock left the man's mouth and his balls were slurped in. Finally Art's legs began to tremble. His knees shook as his body went rigid and his eruption happened deep in the man's mouth at the back of his throat, held there until the spasms ended, then his semi-erect prick slid slowly out.

"I want to suck your dick regular. You have a great cock. Think you can come over more often?" The man handed him the 500 cash.

Three times every week for a long time Art earned twice his pay staying out late. He told his wife he had a second job working late. "It's the most pleasurable job I ever had," he often told her. He told her he was helping an older gentleman with his private needs.

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