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Party favor

Juan is a host for his lover's friend's

Juan was a nineteen year-old, slim-built boy whose shaggy black hair covered his chocolate brown eyes. His slender frame was naked to the warm summer sun. His hole was a bit sore however. The new butt plug his lover had bought for him was a little larger than he was used to, but he did like the decorative jewel at the end of the plug. He admired it the mirror after it was not so gently rammed into him by his man.

Today was a special day which called for Juan’s nudity and new toy. George, Juan’s boyfriend is a senior partner at a corporate security firm. They had scored a huge contract after a long and hard-fought negotiation process. The team that performed that brokered the deal was four men including George. They were all handsome, well-built, middle-aged men who enjoyed the touch of much younger. Juan was to play host to these men, which he was all too happy to perform.

The three men arrived at George’s cabin at midafternoon. It was a warm early summer day and the cabin was situated in a secluded and heavily wooded with pine trees. Juan served them drinks, lit their cigars and pipes and on occasion would give a them an oral satisfaction. He lovingly kneeled before one these powerful men, pulled their dick out of their pants and slowly sucked their cock as others would gaze on continuing with their conversations or enjoying their drinks. Juan swallowed every drop of hot cum that was shot into his mouth. When not serving or servicing these men, he would be sitting the lap of one of them, getting his nipples pinched or over a lap getting his firm buttocks groped and spanked.

Later in the day, a delivery driver arrived with the evening meal. George paid the man and Juan kneeled while he was face fucked by the driver. The four men cheered as the driver shot his load all over Juan’s face and chest. Juan being the good cum dumpster that he was being today, he wiped up the thick, white liquid with his fingers and consumed the man juice. He kissed the tip of the driver’s cock as he tucked it was.

The men feasted on their meal and Juan abstained as he carried a belly full of cum. The men finished and continued with their merrymaking. Juan cleaned up and was groped repeatedly as he performed the task. His cock was hard every time he was groped or had his nipple tweaked by one the men, which was happening all day. He was even leaking precum in anticipation. He, however, did not allow himself to cum. This day was for George and his teammates.

When his task was completed he continued his hosting duties, even giving a second or third blowjob to someone. The groping and spanks across his butt became rougher and Juan was getting even more excited. George had told him at the beginning of this little get together that he was going to be the main event, and he was going his plug taken out and he was going to be gang banged by the team.

As the sun set over the western horizon. Juan, now wearing a blindfold and collar, was lead into the cabin. He was laid down on a cool, smooth wooden table. His shoulders were at the edge and he leaned over, causing his throat to expand. Someone slid two fingers over the base of the sex toy which teased man and boy. The toy was slowly withdrawn. As the flared end stretched the hole of the boy, a gasp of pleasure escaped Juan’s mouth and his cock hardened like granite. Once removed, Juan bit his lower lip in anticipation of fucking he was about to endure.

A fat finger was slid into his awaiting butt dry, making Juan gasp again. Lube was added when the finger started working in and out of Juan’s back side. After some finger action and much moaning by the boy, somebody announced he was ready. Two cocks were thrusted in; one in the mouth and one in the ass. Juan’s hands were wrapped around the other two rock-hard cocks. They each took turns fucking both holes and getting hand jobs. With the easy loads being shot earlier in the day, the pounding be received by Juan lasted much longer than he expected, but he enjoyed every second of it.

As all good things, as the saying goes, must cum to an end. All four men opted to finish at the same time. The four men gather around the face of Juan. His blindfold removed at his request as he wanted to see the cum spurting towards him. He gapped his mouth open as wide as it would open, hoping not to miss a drop. They unleashed their hot cum onto the mouth and face of the Juan. He slid the cum that was plastered on his face into his mouth with a single index finger. Sucking the juice off his finger, he smiled after his mouth made a popping sound when he withdrew a clean finger.

His cock, however, was still rock hard and drooling precum. The men quickly remedied this issue. They held down his arms and legs while George’s rough hand stroked the cock of the younger man. Juan’s nipples were being twisted like radio dials and someone was working on making a meal out of Juan’s neck. A few moments later, the young man’s cock became geyser shooting cum up and across his own chest. The orgasm was so intense his body shook and writhed like he was possessed by a demon of sexual pleasure.

When the wave of orgasm had released Juan and caused him to relax finally, he was helped to the bathroom where he was cleaned up. He then cleaned the cocks of the four whom he had been all too grateful to be used by. The three guests parted company with Juan and George, who retired to a night of blissful sleep.


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