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PE teacher and sixth form boy

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lust in the gym
In my sixth form year, aged almost 18, I attracted the attention of my PE teacher. For months he enforced a rule of "no underpants", and he would inspect the whole class of boys, making us pull out on our shorts to prove we had none on. This was in the 60s; he would never get away with that nowadays. I used to just pull my shorts at the side so he didn't see anything vital, but recently I had been intrigued by him touching my ass whenever he had the chance. I was into girls, but the idea of him fancying me excited me.

On this day I kept my underpants on, and when he saw them he gave me detention. So after finishing class in the gym I reported to his office while all the other guys went to the shower. I waited for a long time and everybody had gone home before he entered the office.

"So, son, why disobey me?"

"I forgot, sir."

"You forgot? Well, let's see how we can remember in future...take them off now!"

I stood looking at him in amazement.

"Take off your underpants now."

I remembered his lingering touches on my ass, and I realised he was up to something, but somehow I found it exciting. I peeled off my shorts, and then my pants, leaving me naked in front of him. I covered my dick with both hands when I saw him ogling me.

"Go and use my shower, and then get dressed and go home."

I showered and when I came out he was not there. I was towelling myself down, standing with one foot up on the bench when suddenly I was aware of him standing behind me; his hand was caressing my ass and then my balls as he reached through between my legs.

"You have a lovely body", he breathed into my ear as he stroked my balls.

It felt great, so I didn't move. My cock went hard and he saw it as he looked over my shoulder. His other hand reached round and took my stiffness in its grip. I loved girls, but hey having your cock stroked is a nice feeling no matter who's doing it. Before I knew it he had turned me round and gone down on me, licking my shaft and then taking it into his mouth and really sucking me vigorously, with both hands groping my bum. In a few minutes I was giving him a mouthful of cum in great jerking spasms and he drank it in and swallowed it.

"I want you, you gorgeous boy" he breathed again into my ear," I want to fuck that sexy bum. I have dreamed about it for months. Bend over and put your hands on the wall."

I did as he said and he went down and licked my hole and eventually began to finger my ass with lubricant. Then he stripped off and pushed his huge dick between my cheeks, pushing slowly but firmly until he was all the way up me. I actually found it quite exciting and let out a few moans as he began to move it in and out. My cock went hard again and he was wanking it as he fucked me. He rode me for a long time, pausing sometimes to stop himself coming, and then going again up me with great vigour, fucking what he kept saying was my sexy gorgeous ass until he finally emptied himself deep inside me.

Then he went down on my cock again and sucked me dry once more.

For the next few months I was his, letting him fuck and suck me when he wanted to, but that was the end of my homosexual experiences.

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