Picnic in the Woods

By onlyanalias

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The day I threw a picnic in the woods I got more than I expected
A chapter from an unpublished memoir

Dave and George met me at the park Sunday morning as promised. We left the cars at the end of the parking lot where the equestrian trail enters the woods and runs along the river. They had agreed to help me fulfill a fantasy, and I was leading them to a secluded spot in the woods where we could do it. It’s an old picnic area that I discovered a few weeks ago when I had hiked the trail beyond the park’s boundary to see how far it went.

It had poured last night, but the rain stopped an hour ago. I checked the sky. A solid ceiling of dull gray cloud hung low and swallowed the treetops. Hearing distant thunder in the middle of the night I had worried we might be rained out. It wasn’t easy arranging this, and I didn’t want to postpone it. I hoped it wouldn’t rain on my parade. My horny brain began imagining what it would be like getting double teamed under the trees when George interrupted.

“How much farther?” he asked.

I looked over my shoulder. George was several feet behind me. Dave brought up the rear. “Not too far. You getting anxious?”

On impulse, I stopped and dropped my cargo shorts and stepped out of them. George looked quickly up and down the trail. “What the hell are you doing?” he said.

“I feel like getting naked. No one’s around.” 

I wasn’t naked. Only bottomless. I was wearing a T-shirt. I started walking again. I felt moist air cooling caressing my ass. Strands of ground fog on the path swirled around my flip-flops. George muttered something and Dave chuckled. He probably commented on my ass. It felt good knowing they were followin it, so white against my tanned thighs it glowed like a beacon. I swung my hips. George giggled. “Man, you are crazy,” he said.

“Yes. Crazy for cock,” I said.

That was me expressing my feminine side. I believe all humans have a dual nature. Most men have been culturally molded to express only the masculine and suppress the female side of their nature. Hell, I sure did most of my life. Once I was in touch with the girl inside, her fiery desire freed me to express my sexuality this new way, any way I wanted, with anyone I chose. She’s also the source of creativity, tenderness, and love.

I started doing men a few years ago. One foot in both worlds makes me bisexual, I guess. It’s my secret. Only men I’ve had sex with know. I won’t ever stop chasing pussy, though. I love it too much. In truth most of my sexual experience has been with women. They taught me the things I do now with men, oral and anal. Yes anal. I had a girlfriend who got off so intensely with my cock in her ass it made me want to try it myself. It’s been a long road since the first time fingering my asshole while jerking off lifted me to new orgasmic heights to preparing to fuck both guys behind me, pardon the pun. My first threesome (with men)! I would have liked more, but two would have to do.

What a slut I’ve become! I’d like to say I don’t do hookups, but that wouldn’t be true. I had a few one-night stands when I was desperate to get cock in my ass. I do play safe, though. Sorry fellas, no barebacking!

Although they deny it, Dave and George are definitely a couple. I don’t know them well enough to be certain, but I believe George is a closeted homo, and I’m pretty sure Dave is bi, on the downlow with his best buddy. He probably has a girlfriend. I met them at a hotel that’s popular with gays, lesbians, bisexuals, etc. George is fair, fleshy, and chatty; Dave is taller and dark—the silent type who let George do most of the talking. I hung out with them a couple times on weekend trips to cruise the hotel. Drinking in the lounge one night, I was amusing them by doing “do-him-don’t-do-him” on men around the room. The French say if you can make a woman laugh, you can make her come. I think that goes both ways, just like me. During the conversation, George told me they didn’t consider themselves gay. He said that they had begun started doing oral sex as college roommates. “It’s really just something we do sometimes,” he insisted.

“You ever do anything else?” I asked..

“I let Dave fuck me a couple times,” he confessed.

“Yeah? How was it? You like it?” I said.

“It was okay. I like sucking cock better.”

“I liked it,” said Dave. “I fucked another guy, too. Once.” George gave him a look.

Bingo! I thought. Dave is in!

“I really enjoy getting fucked,” I said, the booze making me daring.

George looked surprised, but Dave said, “I’d do you. You have a nice ass.” The quiet one knew how to charm. My heart fluttered and my ass twitched.

So I set it up.

We passed the park boundary and the trail narrowed. Bushes brushed my bare legs, wetting them. My heart shifted gears as we got close to the pavilion. To calm my wanton thoughts I considered how I would handle this. I could approach it two ways. Either take control in an essentially receptive role, submitting on my terms to get what I want, or just surrender and let it play out. The act is not the issue. The issue is control. I offer my body to be used, certainly, but not to be abused. I share myself for mutual pleasure. I know how to submit without surrendering. I learned from mistakes. Lacking experience, drunk, and in a highly debauched state of mind my first time, I made the mistake of totally submitting to an older man who abused me. I resolved to never allow a man to abuse me again.

I decided I would do baby-faced George first. He said that he has never pegged a guy and wasn’t sure he could. I guess wanted to make a man of him. I knew he would need guidance.

We arrived at the pavilion. It’s a magical place. It had long ago fallen to disuse, and saplings and thick brush had grown around to screen it from the trail. The roof had rotted and collapsed. Its naked roof beams pointing shamelessly toward the heavens made it look like an ancient pagan religious site. Waist-high stone walls enclosed it on three sides. They stones were covered with a layer of lush green moss. The bushes in front of it were wild and wet and I had to hold my shorts above the branches to keep them dry. The surrounding woods were deadly quiet. The dense humid air muffled sound and the moisture made the whole scene shiny and sharp.

“What do you think?” I asked as they examined the scene. George said, “It’s great.” Then, looking back at the trail, “You sure nobody comes here?”

“Do you see any signs of people here? We’re safe,” I assured him.

No need for talk. They were probably thinking about what we came there for, and I was getting hotter, wanting to get started. I had waited so long for this day. I took a condom and a tube of AstroGel out of my shorts pockets. A quick sprinkle fell like precum from the sky. I stepped close in front of George and unhooked his belt. The astonishment on his face made me laugh. Sex ought to be fun. I hate guys that look grim and grunt like they’re in fucking labor.

“Jesus, George! Relax!” I said. “I want you to enjoy this. Now drop you pants.” I tugged at his underwear. “This too.” He did. I dropped to my knees. He wasn’t aroused. His cock nestled in his scrotum like a third ball. Disappointing. I teased it with my fingers. Nada. I put the condom on the tip of my tongue, a trick a former girlfriend had taught me. I put my tongue to his cock and began to work it on with my tongue and lips. I was half hard when I entered the pavilion. Cock in my mouth got me fully erect. George moaned as I did my best to wake up his sleepy cock with my mouth, and then—like a Jack-in-Box—it suddenly sprung erect!

Dave, who had watched in silence, took off his shirt and began taking off his jeans. I kept my eye on his crotch while trying to show him what an enthusiastic cock sucker I could be and was rewarded with the sight of his huge cock! Oh, boy!

I stood and whispered in George’s ear, making my voice hoarse: “George, I’m so horny! Please fuck me now. I want your cock so bad!” I slathered his cock with AstroGlide. Erect, it wasn’t big or small, just about average. I put the jelly on my fingers in my ass. My shorts were on top of the wall. I leaned my elbows on them and presented my ass. George moved so close I felt his body heat on my ass. I rubbed my ass into him, aching with desire.

“Go for it George!” Dave yelled. “Don’t be a fucking woos!”

George fumbled his dick between my cheeks. I reached around with my right hand and guided it to the target. I pushed my ass toward him and felt the head pop in. Bulls eye! He grunted, finally put some effort into it, or I should say, cock into it, and with both of us pushing he was in. Oh, how nice to finally get cock in my ass, like being doused with melted butter. We synchronized our movements and began fucking as slow and steady as an old married couple.

“Your ass is tight,” he said, his voice was husky.

“What did you expect?” I replied. Mine too.

“I don’t know. It feels really good.”

I had my eyes closed when Dave walked around the wall and pressed his cock to my lips. I was so fucking aroused, I just opened my mouth and let him slip the monster in. With George in my ass and Dave in my mouth I was impaled like a chicken on a spit. As George pushed in, I rocked forward and Dave’s cock went deeper in my mouth. Even my wildest fantasies had not prepared me for this. I had reached the pinnacle of sluttishness!

I continued fucking-sucking like that for a minute or so, until Dave tried to shove his fat salami down my throat gagged me. I broke rhythm and George slipped out. Before I could guide him back, he rammed it into me and came. His throbbing cock stimulated my prostate and sent me into a convulsing anal orgasm. I guess my ass spasms milked every last drop of cum out of his cock because he yelled, “Oh, my God! I never came so hard!”

Dave laughed and I couldn’t keep from laughing too. Immediately, Dave was behind me. “My turn!” he said, stroking that huge erection. I wanted it, but I wasn’t about to risk him fucking me bareback.

“Hold up, Dave. You need to put a condom on.” I fished another rubber out of the pocket of my shorts and handed it to him. He tore the wrapper with his teeth and rolled the rubber down the shaft of his cock. I wanted to put more lube on that thing, but before I could, he pushed me to wall, bent me over it, and shoved his cock between my cheeks. I wasn’t ready, but I must admit, the forceful approach turned me on. I trembled with excitement. I spread my legs wide and braced for the pain I knew was coming.

George had been timid and needed help. Dave was aggressive. As I felt him prying open my ass with the head of his cock, my eager desire for penetration exploded. At that instant I realized control was impossible. There was nothing for me but to completely surrender. I moaned long and loud when the head of his cock entered me. He rammed in some of the shaft, thicker than the head, and louder in a higher voice. With a series of quick short thrust he drove into me by bits until I thought I couldn’t take more. Every thrust knocked the breath out me.

Then he stopped. I heard his heavy breathing. I think he paused to see what I would do. Without wanting it too, my ass moved, and he knew he had me. He began moving in and out with slow, easy strokes, filling me with greater pleasure. I believed he was all in. I was wrong. I guess he sensed me unwind to savor the sensation of fullness, because he pulled back and slammed his cock all the way into me. I heard myself sob as a bolt of pain mixed with ecstasy rocked from head to toe. He was so deep I felt his cock had torn into my guts.

“Too deep,” I howled.

“Shut up you sissy bitch!”

You bastard, I thought. But the resentment was not enough to stop. The need to keep going was the most powerful I had ever known. I would tolerate insults and accept them as a part of his style so long as he continued to fuck me. When he moved again he used the whole length of his cock. I felt every inch, every vein moving in me. Next he alternated fast and slow thrusts. He followed rounds of very many shallow thrusts with plunges so deep I felt his balls slapping mine. Every plunge gave me an anal orgasm. Feeling my body convulse, he said, “Like that?”

“Yes,” I croaked

“Want me to do it again?”

“Uh-huh. Do it.” He played with me like a cat with a mouse. Dark silent Dave was suddenly very vocal. I didn’t care.

His cock plunged again, so hard he knocked the breath out of me.

“Want me to fuck you harder?”

“Yes, yes!” Totally out of control. My ass was so distended I couldn’t even contract it. “Asoooowww!” Another anal orgasm.

He continued to taunt me. Was he showing off for George? “You want me to stop?” he said. “No.” Of course he stopped. Left me hanging half minute. I thought of Vad the Impaler. “Want some more?”


“Say please bitch!” he ordered. He slapped my ass and giggled. George laughed. I was too far gone to care about humiliation. I was very close to coming. My scrotum was squeezing my balls. The skin of my cock was so tight I knew if I touched it would explode. But he had me so far over the wall I couldn’t reach it.

“Okay!” I said. “Please!”

“Please what?”

“Give me more! Please! Whatever you want me to say!”

“Okay!” he grunted and started pumping again so hard and fast I could barely breathe.

“How’s this?” he asked. His voice was husky, breathless.

“That . . . all . . . you . . . got?” I challenged him to batter my ass harder.


“Is that . . . all you . . . got?” I repeated breathlessly.

He chuckled. He actually slowed the pace, going all the way in and out. “Like it like that? He said.


“Was that a yes?”

“Yes! Yes, I like it!”

He pumped harder. “That better?”

“Yes . . . it’s . . . better!” I groaned, nearly incoherent.

My ass stopped resisting. It was soft and yielding as dough. He pulled all the way out slowly, allowing my hole to gape, then gently and more slowly slid back in. I heard a wet sucking sound as he pulled out. Every muscle in my body tensed in reaction to the sudden change. He was holding me on the edge.

“Like that?”

“Uh-huh. Good.”

“Really good?”

“Really really good. Good.”

He increased the speed gradually, still exiting and reentering, driving me to such a level of intensity I felt faint.

The speed of his thrusts increased and suddenly I felt an orgasm form in that deep spot where massive ones begin the long ascent to climax. I wailed “Ofuckmefuckmefuckme!” like an actress in a cheesy porn movie. Hot shimmering electric spasms racked my body. My cock sprayed a stream of cum into the mossy stones. It was so powerful it reached the threshold of pain and it held me at the peak so terribly long I ached desperately for it to end.

Dave pulled out and fell on his ass. “Thank you, thank you,” he roared, laughing joyously with release. George giggled, “Wasn’t it good? I told you it was good!”

I remained sagged over the wall, legs spread, unable to move. “You okay?” Dave asked. Maybe he thought he had fucked me to death. If so, he would be almost right. I felt like I had nearly drowned. I released the air he had pumped into me in a long, gurgling fart, sending both of them into a fit of laughter. I trembled as little waves of bliss formed in my pelvis and washed over me. I struggled to stand on wobbling legs. “I’m okay,” I said. Then I nearly fell stepping into my shorts. I pulled them up to my sore ass and felt the cloth cling to the lube slipping down between my thighs. “Sore but satisfied.”

They studied me for several seconds. Finally Dave said, “That really was great.”

George looked at me and asked, obviously facetiously, “Was it good for you?” and we all laughed.

“I have to admit, nobody ever fucked me like that before,” I said. “Dave, that may have been the greatest fuck of my life. George it was a pleasure to have you too.” It was out of character for me, but I felt close to them then.

Dave didn’t respond. He removed the rubber from his half-hard cock. Full of cum, it hung in his fingers like a huge teardrop. It hit the ground with a solid plop. A strand of cum hung from his cock. “My pleasure,” he said. “When you asked me if that was all I had, I knew you were still in the game. You didn’t punk out. I admire that.”

I guess bonded that day. That’s what men do. We bond. One way or another.

Despite my raw burning ass, I was a happy slut.