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Pieter's drinkathon

Pieter decides to have a drinking contest
My names Richard and I’m going to tell you about the time me and my friend Pieter had our first gay experience together. First I’ll tell you a bit about us. We both live in Berkshire in the UK. At the time Pieter and I were in our last year at school and were 17 when it happened.

I’m quite a short guy and have the build of an amateur rugby player. I have brownish-blondish hair and blue eyes. I have an average size penis as does Pieter, but it's good all the same. Pieter’s a little taller than me but not much. He is extremely skinny, has green eyes and has brown hair. The event happened when we decided one night to have a small drinkathon between the two of us at his house.

I arrived at his house at around half seven, as his house is like a two minute walk from my house. I chose to wear some dark jeans and beige top (the one I'm wearing in one of my pictures on my profile). He was wearing a red top and some light jeans. When I arrived we played a bit of Xbox and then watched an episode of family guy. Then it was time for the fun to begin.

Pi went to the kitchen to get the crate of beer his mum had bought us. He came back and handed me one while taking two for himself.

“I see you're planning on getting drunk first!” I laughed.

“Hey, I'm not wasting any time on this. I just wanna get plastered,” he replied.

We then began to down them while making small talk. After a few beers we began to feel the effects and then Pieter had an idea. He went into the kitchen and came back with a bottle of Smirnoff.

“This will definitely get me wasted quick!” he slurred.

“Can't argue with that. I'm in the mood to just forget all the problems and shit” I slurred back.

Pi began by taking a huge swig before passing it to me. By now he was wasted and was finding it hard to actually drink without spilling any. He then spilled it all down his front, so I said he should probably go and change. He tried to get up but failed epically, falling flat on his face. Me being not quite so far gone gave him a hand and helped him up the stairs, to his room and helped him sit down on his bed.

Then out of the blue he asked me if I'd ever done anything sexual. I told him that I was very amateurish on that front and he told me that he was too. I then walked over to him and placed my hand on his knee and began to spread my hand over it, before retracting it back to a fist, to stimulate and excite him. It certainly worked as I could see a bulge beginning to form in his jeans. I then decided to play the “are you nervous yet?” game with him.

I placed my hand on the inside of his leg and asked him if he was nervous. Each time he replied 'no' I would move my hand a little farther up his leg before asking him again. I got to right next his crotch when he told me he wasn't’t again, and then I placed my hand firmly on his bulge, moved next to him, and planted my lips over his.

I then pushed him over onto his back and got on top of him, all the while maintaining the kiss. I then slipped my hand inside his waistband and felt his hard member. He moaned into my mouth as I caressed it. I then broke the kiss and pulled his shirt over his head, before he did the same to me. I kissed my way down his skinny torso, until I reached the top of his jeans. I then undid the belt and the zip, and began to pull them down leaving him in just his boxers.

He was now fully erect, and as I slipped his cock out of his pants and into my hand. I saw a small amount of precum forming on the end. I caressed him for another minute before licking the precum of the end of his uncut penis. I then sucked the head into my mouth as he moaned in pleasure. I slowly began to move my hand up and down his shaft while all the while sucking on his bell.

Like me, Pieter was inexperienced in sex so it didn’t take long for him to climax. As I felt his cock begin to pulse, he lifted his hips and ejaculated his seed into my mouth. He came long and hard, and as he finished cumming in my mouth, I swallowed every last drop. I then licked the remainder off of his rod and played with his pubes. Pieter was now panting quite hard and was out of breath, but beckoned me onto him.

We kissed again before I laid on my back as he repeated the procedure on me. He moved down my body to my cock and then wrapped his long slender fingers around it and began a slow steady pumping movement. Then he sucked me into his mouth and used one hand to wank me off in his mouth, while using the other to massage my balls. It took me a little longer to cum and about 10 minutes later I felt my balls tingle and my white hot semen shot up my shaft and shot out into the back of his throat.

Like me, he swallowed it and then finished cleaning my uncut cock. Then he asked me to bend over leaning onto the bed. I did so and as he went and got some Vaseline and rubbed it onto my asshole and his cock, I began to get extremely excited. He wrapped his arms around me and I felt his cock ease into my hole.

When it was in, he stayed motionless for a minute to prevent him from cumming immediately and allowed himself to adjust. Then he began to move in and out in a slow steady movement, and it felt so good to have his member poking so far inside me. After a short while he thrust as far in as he could and I felt his warm jizz splash against my insides. It was an amazing feeling. Pieter, seeing the look on my face wanted a go as well.

So he bent over the bed while I lubed my cock up, and then slowly slide myself into him. I had never felt anything so tight in my entire life. I slipped my arms under his and grabbed his shoulders at the front. Then I began to pump myself in and out of his tight ass. As I began to climax I reached one hand around to wank him off while I pumped his ass.

As I came in his butt hole, he jizzed at the same time and shot his cum all over my hand and the side of the bed, while he cried out in orgasm. I cried out as well, as I shot stream after stream into his ass. We just lay there for about quarter of an hour before I pulled out of his gaping asshole and went to have a shower. During the shower Pieter came into the bathroom and the whole event started over again.

A few months on and we still occasionally meet up for the occasional experimentation, and it is very good still.

I hope you enjoyed this true account of my first gay experience, and I should point out that me and Pieter aren’t in love, we just enjoy experimenting. We aren’t gay, if anything we’re bi, as we both have feelings for two particular girls at school, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fool around in our teen years. Please comment your opinion and tips for this story.

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