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Playing Games

I take extreme measures in an attempt to win a game with a friend.

The Set Up

Not that long ago I was out for lunch with a friend of mine, Ana. She and I had bonded quickly, and had become closer friends than anyone else we knew. We were both very promiscuous and would often end up sharing stories about our naughty adventures. She was straight for the most part, only fooling around with girls when drunk.

One day when swapping stories Ana had a great idea, why not make a bet? That's exactly what we did, we decided that whoever could perform the sluttiest action and provide photographic proof would win, and the other person would have to be completely submissive to the other for a year.

We had one month to get a photo of us doing the sluttiest thing possible. Ana started off strong, sending me a picture a week later of her with a man between her legs on the beach. She was ahead. I needed something better, so I went to dating apps, and I managed to close the gap by taking a photo of myself giving a blowjob in a public park. This went on and on, it was a game of one-upsmanship, all until we had a few days left and we were doing the most depraved things we could imagine to win. It was the last day of the contest and I was ahead, until Ana sent me another photo.

The photo was of her dressed up as a sexy nurse, cum fresh on her face as she was being spitroasted by two men in a nightclub bathroom. I was flabbergasted, I thought I had her beaten for sure, but now I needed to go big, and I had just the plan that would win.

The Plan

For this to work, I needed an outfit sluttier than Ana's, and I went to the local sex shop to find the perfect one. After looking around I spotted the one for me, a catholic schoolgirl outfit, high heels and all. It came with a small buttplug, which I gladly took and inserted as soon as I got home. I tried on the outfit and was very happy with it.

So I placed it in a backpack, along with a cheap camera that I had picked up on my way back, one of the ones with the SD card. I got dressed into normal clothes and made my way into town, bag full of schoolgirl clothing, and ready to win.

I stood outside the dirtiest gay bar I could find, but when I walked in it was like walking into the dirtiest biker bar you can imagine, large bearded men sat around drinking and dancing, there was a single nerdy looking guy sitting at the bar. I walked up and sat beside him, ordering a drink.

We started to chat an when I eventually finished my drink I asked him if he wanted to help me. I asked him to come in with me so I could explain. I lead him into the bathroom, which is already full of butch, hairy, chubby guys, and my cock instantly hardened. The largest of the men is in the corner, getting a blowjob from a tiny little guy, and I decide that he will be first.

When one of the cubicles open up, me and the nerdy guy, who I found out was named Chris, stepped in and I told him my plan. I was going to put on the outfit and step out into the middle of the room, after that, I was simply going to be myself. Chris agreed as long as he could use me too, and I readily agreed.

I pulled out the camera and handed it to him, starting to take all of my clothes off. I quickly put on the panties and stockings, sliding the miniskirt up over my ass. Next was the blouse and tie, and the high heels followed. Finally, a long black wig to complete the look of a true slut. I sat Chris down on the toilet and told him to take a picture of me as I stroked both of our cocks. Chris didn't have a particularly large cock, but I would have more than enough of those soon. 

The Execution

Click. The first picture of my slutty escapade. I stood up and opened up the cubicle door, the nerves running through me, nearly shaking as all of the men turned to look at me. I took a deep breath as the large man getting a blowjob in the corner pulled away, making a bee-line for me.

I smiled as he came close and dropped to my knees submissively, reaching up to grip his hard cock as he stood there judging my next move. I slipped the tip of his cock into my mouth and began to suck, it didn't taste great, it was musky and sweaty, and he obviously didn't shave often, but I kept going. Click. One more photo to add to the pile.

As I kept sucking I felt the man shudder and he pulled his cock from my mouth, shooting a load right across my slutty face. When he stepped back I saw one of the other men move in, sliding down his pants to reveal a long, black cock, not even hard yet as he slapped it on to my chin.

Greedily I sucked his flaccid cock into my mouth, not noticing Chris come up behind me. As I sucked the second man's cock, Chris pulled my panties aside and with one swift motion, pulled the buttplug out of me. The sensation nearly drove me to orgasm, but my moaning had an effect, the man in my mouth started to stiffen up.

As I lapped at his cock, wetting the entire length with my tongue, Chris spat on his own cock and slid it in to me, It wasn't stretching me, or hurting, the size felt nice as a warm up.

At this point another man came over, lifting my hand to his crotch and opening his fly to take out his cock. I stroked him as Chris and the man in my mouth found a rhythm. As Chris thrust in, the man pushed back, sandwiching me between them. ClickThe man was now pressing into my throat, gagging me, with one good push he popped into my throat, choking me as he started to use my face more roughly.

My vision went blurry and I teared up, but just as I felt myself going limp, he came, jolting me back to life. His cum coated my throat and I coughed a lot of it up onto the floor when he removed his now softening cock. Chris came a moment later, shooting cum into and around my tender hole. The man I was stroking stepped behind and used Chris' cum as lube to slip his cock into me.

I let out a loud moan as he slid in. Click.

The tiny guy from the corner came over and sat on the floor in front of me, forcing me to lean down to suck his cock. The guy in my ass took the opportunity to go as deep as he could, making me groan around the small guy's growing cock. The small guy came very quickly, shooting a load into the wig. Click. 

Chris wanted more, he pulled down his pants to his ankles and handed the camera to a guy I hadn't seen until now, he was a behemoth of a man, a giant black destroyer of sorts. I knew he would be going in my ass, and as Chris knelt on all fours in front of me I saw the giant take out his cock, and part of me was scared. It was huge, it was like a wine bottle or something similar. I would need a taxi to get home for sure.

Chris backed his ass up towards my face, obviously wanting me to give him a rimjob. As I began to lick his tight little asshole the guy in my ass pulled out, shooting cum all over my back. I was sad for a moment before I remembered the giant man, I felt him kneel behind me pushing his cock against my hole. Click. 

With one mighty shove, he buried himself in my ass, making me scream out in pleasure as my tongue slid up Chris' asshole. He wasn't slow or gentle. He used my poor asshole like it owed him money. Click. I didn't know if I could take it much longer, but I just focused on my tongue and sliding it up inside Chris.

Chris pulled away and turned around, and I happily sucked his cock, drunk on pleasure and pain from the man still pummeling my ass. He moaned loud, and so did I as waves of pleasure ran through my body. Chris came in my mouth standing back up and taking back the camera. I was so focused on the cock in my ass I forgot to swallow. Click. 

A picture was taken of me drooling cum while my ass was destroyed. Not long after Chris came, the giant started to speed up, slamming against me harder and harder. I reached down and tug at my own cock as I moaned like a bitch in heat. With a groan like a battlecry, the giant came, slamming so far into me that I lost balance and fell heaped on the floor. He slid his cock from my pained hole and gave my ass a slap. After a moment, I watched him leave. 

I just lay there on the floor, used up and sore, lying in a puddle of cum from the gangbang that I had just featured in. I lifted my leg slightly and stroked my own cock, desperate to cum. I moaned and whimpered like a whore as I finally reached a climax, bucking my hips on the bathroom floor, shooting ropes of my own cum across the floor. Click. Click. Click.

I smiled as I remembered the game, certain that Ana would be my submissive slut for the year after this. Chris stepped behind me. Click. A lovely picture of my asshole gaped wider than ever, cum streaming out. He helped me to my feet, and helped me clean up and get dressed into normal clothes again.

I sat on the toilet seat and called myself a taxi. Chris handed me the camera and showed me the pictures, I was ecstatic. He helped me back out to the bar, jotting down his number on a napkin for me. I took it with a smile. The guys who had just brutally used me were spread around the room, the giant was by the door. As I waddled out to my taxi I slipped him a napkin with my own number on it before leaving.

Sitting in the taxi, cum still in my used up ass, I called Ana, told her to get to my place as soon as possible.

I had something to show her.

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