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Pleasure Boy 2

My first costume pary and being pimped out
You have heard about my first day in San Diego and how much fun I had allowing 4 men to use my body for their sexual enjoyment. Now we fast forward to 4 months later, when I attended my first costume party.

Normally when I go into town on Liberty, I would change out of my uniform and into civilian clothes and then walk down this certain street which I called my "walk of pleasure." I called it that because even though men would pick me up in their cars and then use me for their sexual enjoyment, I also received a great deal pleasure by offering my body to them.

On this particular Friday evening I had no sooner turned the corner than one of my regulars stopped and asked me to hop in his car. I was happy to see him because he was, as I termed it, "a quickie" which was a man who just wanted me to suck his cock to completion. As he drove off he asked me if I wanted to go to a costume party that evening. I told him that I would be glad to go but I did not have a costume. He informed me that he had my costume in the back seat.

He parked the car and told me to get out. He removed a small bag from the back seat and told me that what was inside was my costume. He told me to strip naked and he would prepare me for my costume.

First he applied bright red lipstick to my lips and then with the tube of lipstick he began writing things on my forehead, my chest and my naked back. When he was finished he gave me my costume which consisted of just a very small loin cloth. It wasn't much of a loin cloth since it was only 2 pieces of cloth; about 3 inches wide and 12 inches long held together with a piece of string which tied together at my side. It just barely covered my cock and my ass.

When I asked him what he had written on me, he handed me a piece of paper to read. On my forehead he had written "Rent Boy" and on my chest and my back he had written "Price List" and the following was written.

Handjob 1 cent

Blowjob 2 cents

AssFuck 3 cents

AssFuck and clean up 5 cents

He was dressed in a purple vest and a purple hat with a big feather in it and he told me he was going as my pimp. We got back into the car and he drove us to this party which was being held at someones home.

He parked the car in a driveway and we walked up to the front door. Once we were inside, he introduced me to the host who was dressed up with leather straps crisscrossing his body plus some chaps. When we walked into the living room, there were about 7 or 8 men there all dressed up in costumes ranging from dresses to cowboys and when we walked in he announced that he had brought the entertainment and he led me to the center of the room and made me stand there while everyone read what was written on me.

The host handed me a tray that had snacks on it and told me to walk around to see if anyone wanted something to eat and while I did that I could feel hands playing with my naked flesh. Some just stroked my legs or back, some reached under the loin cloth to squeeze my ass while others would draw me to them, press my body against theirs and kiss me. I enjoyed the attention a great deal but was looking forward to making some money.

A man sitting on the couch spoke up and said, "I have 2 cents to spare for the cock sucker" and I felt someone push me to my knees and I crawled over to the man on the couch and took his soft cock into my mouth.

I started to reach up with one of my hands to take hold of it but I heard my pimp yell out "He only paid for a blowjob and not a handjob" so I took my hand away.

Two men were sitting on either side of him and they reached for my hands which they placed on their cocks. The first man's cock was getting harder and harder inside my mouth and it became easier to suck him. Someones hand on my hip untied my loin cloth and that fell away leaving me naked in a room full of men. The man I was sucking placed his hands on my head holding it steady while he fucked my mouth and at the same time I felt some hands spreading my ass cheeks apart and without warning a hard cock was slammed into my ass burying its length inside me.

I had been at this party less than 5 minutes and I had a hard cock in my mouth, a cock in each of my hands and a cock deep inside my ass and was loving every minute. From that moment on the party was a blur to me and all I could see and feel were cocks, one after another.

At one point, I was sitting on one cock facing the room and I heard the men chanting "fuck him, fuck him, fuck him." I felt his cock getting a little bigger inside me and I knew that I was going to get rewarded with an big load of hot cum when he suddenly pulled his cock from my ass, turned me around and forced my head down to his cock. His cock was real slimy looking having been just pulled from my ass and was covered with my ass juices and other mens cum and it tasted fantastic. My tongue swirled around his cock gathering in all of those succulent flavors while I applied suction and within minutes his hot cum was flooding my mouth and I swallowed as much as I could but there was so much that I felt some of it leaking out the corners of my mouth and dripping down to my chest.

At the same time another cock was forced deep inside my pussy and I felt his hairy chest rubbing against my back. My cock was so hard that it hurt and I couldn't help myself and at that point I came so hard that my cum splashed all over me and the couch. The man in my pussy came and since he was about the 4th man inside that particular hole that evening I could feel his or someones else's cum leaking out and begin to slide down my legs which wasn't an unpleasant feeling.

I finally got up off the floor where I was kneeling onto legs that felt kind of rubber like. I looked around but everyone had gone back to their conversation with each other and I was left alone so I got a glass of wine and stood off by myself relaxing.

I found the loin cloth that was removed from me earlier and put it back on. Not because I was modest because I really enjoyed being naked in front of all those men but because I didn't want to lose it. I discovered that there was a small pocket on the front piece of the loin cloth and inside the pocket was some pieces of paper. When I read the pieces of paper I discovered that some men had written down their names and phone numbers and I knew that I was going to call them the next time I was in town.

A few minutes later the man who brought me to the party came up to me and said that it was time to go. When we got back into the car he handed me a bunch of coins and said that they were what I had earned that evening. I discovered that I had made 53 cents and that was the very first time I ever made money doing what I enjoyed doing the most. While we sat in the driveway he produced a wet washcloth and proceeded to wash off my body of every thing he had written before and on the way back to town I gave him a very slow and wet blow job and after I had dressed he dropped me off in front of the Locker Club where I took a very hot and long shower and then went back to the base..

I didn't go into town for about 3 days mainly because I was pulling duty and I was recuperating from my previous visit.

When I did go I called one of the men who left their name and phone number in my loin cloth. I explained who I was and where I was and he told me that he would be there in about 15 minutes. When he arrived I climbed into his car thinking that he would drive some place and we would have sex. That did happen but not the way I was thinking. His name was Joe and he told me that he was a voyeur and that he really enjoy watching men have sex with each other and at the party he mostly just watched me satisfy all those men. He then explained what he wanted to do that evening.

He said that he knew a lot of different places where men went to have sex with each other in their cars and he wanted to take me there and bring back men to the car so he could watch. He explained further what he wanted me do which was pretty simple. I was to sit in the back seat naked while he went over to one of the cars to talk to the man. After he explained things to the man and if he was willing he would shine a flashlight at the car and I would turn on the dome light to show the man that there really was a naked boy in the back seat ready to have sex. He would then walk back to his car with the man who would climb into the back seat with me while he sat in the front seat watching.

I agreed with him and he drove off while I removed all of my clothing and climbed into the back seat. He pulled into this parking spot and I noticed that there were two or three cars already parked there.

He pulled his car into a spot and got out and walked over to one of the cars. I could see him talking to someone and after a few minutes he shined his flashlight back to his car which was my cue to turn on the dome light for 5 seconds exposing myself. After 5 seconds I turned the light off and I noticed that both men were walking toward my car.

Joe got into the front seat while the stranger climbed into the back seat with me. After he closed the door he turned to me and said that all he wanted was a blow job and for me to begin. I reached over and unfastened his belt, unzipped his pants and removed his soft cock from inside. I took it in my hand and began to lick it until it began to harden and then I slipped it inside my mouth. I felt one of his hand sliding up and down my back and he placed his other hand on top of my head which he used to force my mouth deeper onto his cock. He had a rather large cock so I put one hand around the base so I wouldn't gag and I began to suck him harder and faster.

After about 5 minutes or so I felt the head of his cock get a little bigger and I knew he was about to cum. He put both of his hands on the top of my head and pressed down and at the same time he raised his hips upward forcing me to take his entire cock into my mouth. His cock erupted and it seemed like a gallon of hot cum flooded my mouth. It tasted kind of bitter but I managed to swallow all of it without gagging and I continued to hold his cock in my mouth until he had finished cumming. I finally raised my head and thanked him for his load. He didn't say anything. He just put his cock away, zipped his pants back up and left the car.

There were no other cars in the parking area so Joe said that he knew of another place that we could have more fun.

He drove while I still sat in the back seat, naked as the day I was born until he pulled into another parking area. There was only one car there so Joe pulled up along side of it so he could talk to the driver. He asked the driver if he wanted to enjoy the pleasure boy in the backseat and when the driver asked Joe what the boy was willing to do, Joe replied that I would suck his off and he could fuck him if he wanted.

Since the two cars were parked door handle to door handle the man suggested that Joe move his car a little ways and that he send his pleasure boy over to his car.

Joe did as he suggested and the stranger opened up his car door and swung around so that his feet were on the ground. Joe told me to go over and "entertain" the gentleman so without even thinking about it I opened the car door, got out and walked over to the strangers car. I knelt down between his legs, unfastened his pants and pulled them down so I could go after that delicious piece of man meat.

I didn't even take into consideration that if someone had driven into that site I would have been exposed to their headlights but even if I had considered that I would not have cared.

I took his cock in my hands and licked up one side and down the other side. I also decided to lick and suck on his balls while my hand gently began to stroke his cock. I finally licked up the length of his cock and placed the head into my mouth. He wasn't to big so I was able to slide the entire cock deep inside my mouth while my tongue began to swirl around the head. He finally had enough of me sucking him so he pulled my head up and told me to bend over the trunk of his car and spread my ass.

I did as he told me and within seconds he had his cock planted as deep as it would go. His hands grabbed my hips and he began to fuck my pussy as hard and as fast as he could. It didn't take long before I felt his hands tighten on my hips and he gave one more thrust and sprayed his hot cum deep inside my pussy. He held me tight for a few minutes while he finished cumming and then he pulled out, pulled his pants up and got back into his car. I could feel his cum running down the inside of my legs as he drove off and I walked back to Joe's car, got in and sat down on the towel that Joe provided for me.

Joe and I visited two other places but there were no other cars available so I climbed over the seat to sit in the front and while Joe drove back to San Diego I got dressed. I offered to suck Joe off on the drive back but he told me that he had already cum twice while he watched me with those other men.

In other stories to come I will tell you about the owner of the Adult Movie Theater that had a unique way of providing sexual pleasure to his patrons and of the two men that dressed me up as a teenage girl so I could go on a "date" with another man where they took me to a drive in movie and I will tell you about the motel owner that I worked for as a prostitute.

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