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Pleasure Boy

My beginning as a Pleasure Boy
Many, many years ago I had joined the military and my first and only duty station was San Diego, Ca and while stationed there I became a person who was hungry for cock. The excitement of having a man approach me, knowing that in a very few minutes he was going to possess my body for his sexual enjoyment sent tiny bolts of electricity through me and I have always wondered why that was.

The commanding way he puts his cock in my mouth, making me take it. Not that I didn't want to, just the way he did it. The tingles and feeling that made me open wide and let him put it in. The thrill of feeling that hard shaft covered in that velvety skin surrounding what feels like a hard muscle core. The way my lips eagerly attach to it and my tongue wanting to tease it. The feel of it as the man grabs my head around the ears and begins to make those pumping motions, wanting every inch of his cock in my mouth. The power he exudes as he knows he can use my mouth for his pleasure, not mine but his even though deep down the pleasure is mine also. And then the wonderful feeling of bending over, legs spread, back arched with my ass pointing up and waiting for the insertion of a big cock as it pushed into me. The way my body reacts to it, first in a little pain, then a sense of fullness and then fulfillment as his cock takes complete possession of me. The way the man holds my hips, driving his cock in and out of me as I arch my back pushing my ass so his cock slides in deeper. The thrill of his cock as it scrapes my prostate, bringing joy to my body both inside and out. The way the man controls it, sliding in and out, back and forth, at first slow and easy and then hard and fast as he begins to pound me and to fill me completely as he lets me know that he owns my body.

The thrill of submitting to him, wanting it, begging for more, moaning and screaming out in utter want as he takes me. Oh man, the feel of his body as I feel him laying on me, whether hairy or smooth, the smell of him, his sweat as it drips on to my naked flesh and all the while his cock is possessing me, controlling me, making me feel that I want him there forever. Or if I was real lucky having two men, one rutting my male pussy while the second one stuffs my mouth and throat with his cock.

Maybe that is why I am such a slut for cock. I love the way a man, any man, takes control of me, uses me, makes me do those things he might never do, but knowing that I will. You see, I loved to have men dominate me. Oh not the usual S&M stuff, that's for other guys. But to know that I am on my knees, naked, shaking and shivering in want, my need for a man on top of me, that's what excites me. To know that I am what he wants right then, what he needs and that he will take me, use me and let me know that I am there for his pleasure.

Hi, my name is Al and during those 4 years I spent in San Diego I was a cock whore, a slut and I loved every minute. I didn't wanted to stay with any one man because I enjoyed the variety of many different men because they all used my naked body differently and each and every time a man used me it evoked many different pleasures deep inside me and I was always ready for some stranger to make me his own for the next half hour or so, to provide him with the sexual pleasure that he desired, to make me his whore, because that is what I was.

My story begins upon my arrival at my first and only duty station in the Navy at San Diego, Ca. I had just finished basic training and school and was on a 30 day leave. I arrived on a Wednesday and didn't have to report for duty until Monday so I got a room at the YMCA. After checking in I went to my room and since my body was pretty sore after 3 days on a train I decided to take a hot shower. My room was small and the bathroom only had a toilet and a sink so I had to use the community shower at the end of the hall. My room was about 3 doors away from the shower so I stripped naked, wrapped a towel around me and headed down to the showers.

When I got there, there was already one man taking a shower who was in his 40's I would guess. I hung my towel up and stepped into the shower room, turned the water on and began massaging my shoulders and groaning a little from the stiffness of my muscles. The man asked me what was wrong and I told him about the 3 day train trip and that I was pretty sore and he suggested that maybe he could help since he gave a pretty good massage. I walked over to him and I turned my back and he began rubbing my shoulders which felt really good. After rubbing my shoulders for a few minutes he began to work on my back muscles and he was right. He did give a very good massage. He then told me to lean back against him and he began to massage my chest and stomach muscles. I had gotten an erection at his very first touch and when I leaned back against him I noticed that his cock was hard also and was rubbing against my lower back. After rubbing my chest for a few minutes his hands were going lower and lower until they brushed against the sides of my cock and one hand grasped my cock and began to massage that muscle also. When he did that my hands, which were by my sides moved around behind me and I took hold of his cock and began to rub him. After a few minutes of each us rubbing each other he suggested that we go to his room to finish the massage. I told him that my room was only up about 3 doors and that we could go there so we turned the showers off, dried our own bodies, wrapped the towels around our waist and walked to my room.

I opened the door, tossed the key onto the dresser, dropped my towel onto the floor and walked naked over to the bed. When I turned around to sit down his cock was staring at my face so I reached up and took it in one hand and leaned forward and began to lick it. After only a few seconds I slipped the head of his cock into my mouth and began sucking. He was only about 6 inches long so I could suck the entire cock inside my mouth. I moved my hands so I could grab the cheeks of his ass and I tightened my mouth around his hard muscle and began bobbing my head up and down. His hands went to my head and held it tightly so that he began to fuck my mouth. It didn't take long before I felt the head of his cock began to swell and I knew I was going to have my first taste of California man cum and he didn't disappoint me. His hands held my head tighter and I heard him say "here it cums boy" and he let out a loud moan and my mouth was filled with hot nectar. I swallowed as fast as I could but I still felt some of it leak out of the corners of my mouth, slide down my chin and drop onto my chest. He stopped moving but I continued to suck his cock until it grew soft and he pulled it from my mouth.

He then wrapped his towel around his waist while I still sat on the bed naked. He asked me a lot of questions and I ended up telling him how when I was a teenager this man seduced me and then taught me how to suck cock and how to enjoy getting fucked and how I posed for nude pics for him alone and with some of his friends and I also told him how much I enjoyed satisfying older men sexually. He told me that he might have a good surprise for me later on that evening if I was willing but that he would have to check with his friends. He left but came back about an hour later and asked me if I would like to come to come to his room around 7PM for some more fun. He explained what would happen with him and 3 of his friends and it sounded very exciting so I agreed.

At 7PM I walked down to this man's room and he told me to wait in the bathroom until he called me out. His friends arrived and I could hear him tell them that he had a surprise for them and that they were going to play a new game called reward poker. He opened the bathroom door and told me to come out and he introduced me to his friends which were all in their 40's and 50's. He told everyone that the rules of Reward Poker were very simple. He said that the winner of each hand would get a reward and at first that reward would be one article of my clothing which either I would take off or the winner would take off me. After I was naked the reward would be that the winner could touch me where ever they wanted for 30 seconds. He then added that after a suitable time they would play another game called Round Robin which he would explain fully later.

And so the game began and I very slowly had my clothes removed one item at a time until I was finally standing there completely naked in front of 4 men who were old enough to be my father. I found this to be very exciting and my cock was standing there at attention. The first man to win after that decided that he just wanted to stroke my naked flesh from the waist up to my neck, remarking as he did so that my skin was sooooo smooth. He was only allowed 30 seconds to touch me and when the time was up he left me standing there in a high state of arousal but it wasn't long before another man had won and he was touching me. I really can't explain how I felt to be naked and stroked all over by one man while 3 other men watched but I can say that the feeling was incredible. This went on for a while until one man wanted me to suck his cock and it was at that point that the host said it was time for them to play Round Robin. I didn't know what he meant but I was instructed to lie on my back on the bed while the four men undressed.

When they were naked they all walked over to the bed and situated themselves around me. One man was kneeling between my legs, one man was kneeling over my face and the other two were kneeling on either side of me. The rules were very simple. When the host said begin, each man would use my body part that he was closest to as a means to provide him with sexual pleasure which meant that I would have a cock in my ass, a cock in my mouth and one in each of my hands. When the host said "Rotate" each man would move one position to his left so I would end up with a new cock in each one of my holes and in my hands. I had no idea how long this continued but I do know that I was having the time of my life and at one point I got so excited that my cock erupted showering everyone with my hot cum. Shortly after that the host wanted to know where every one wanted to cum and they all opted to cum in my pussy and three of them wanted me to clean their cocks off afterwords. After I had sexually satisfied all 4 men and was lying on the bed completely exhausted, 3 of them dressed and left. I got up, dressed and left also and went back to my room where I slept until noon the following day. I fell asleep with a smile on my face knowing that I was going to enjoy my stay in this town. Little did I know how much fun I was going to have.

That was my first night in San Diego and in future stories, if anyone is interested, I will describe other nights that I enjoyed. I will tell you how I found a perfect street to walk down where men would pick me up in their cars, of parties that I was taken to, of how men would pimp me out to other men just so they could watch, how I was used by the manager of the Adult Movie Theater to provide enjoyment to his patrons and how I became a whore at a local motel.


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